Hi. Joe from the Web series "Joe Goes." I do fun interviews with people at events and cities in other countries.

Just did a 35 day trip, where I made 18 episodes in various cities in THE PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND AND HAWAII. (As an American, I believe Hawaii is a country.)

YouTube page: http://www.YouTube.com/JoeGoes

Joe Goes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEEC5C055DCC425BE

It cost $14,000, $8,300 of which came from a fundraiser. I travelled alone, and hired strangers to film for me, some off Reddit! Let's do this!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/BadgeofShame/status/637388949275545600 https://www.facebook.com/badgeofshame/photos/a.298686350171220.81697.171188979587625/1022512094455305/?type=1&theater

EDIT: It's been fun, guys, but I gotta go. Thanks for all your questions, and support! It means a lot. Keeps me going. Let's do this again sometime! WU-TANG FOREVER. AND RELEASE THE ALBUM, CILVARINGZ! COME ON!

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kja_ZOU484 karma

Winning the Juggalo rap battle: Greatest moment of your life or greatest moment of anyone's life ever?

BadgeofShame588 karma

Where's Jay-Z's plaque? Where's Eminem's plaque? Where's Kendrick Lamar's plaque?

Enough said.

Shoutout to /r/HipHopHeads!

BadgeofShame174 karma

Well, guys, it's been fun, but I have to go.

Thank you so much for your questions, and for the support! It's been a while since the last AMA. I'll have to do this more often.

One thing to add, before I go: When you're traveling, don't go down the wormhole of reading bad shit about the countries! When I was researching the Philippines, I read all these stories about people getting mugged and kidnapped. When I was researching Thailand, I was reading all these stories about how the cops would arrest Americans for filming on videocameras. These were my first two stops - Manila and Bangkok. I was really worried I was going to get mugged or kidnapped or arrested. I almost cancelled the Southeast Asia portion of my trip. Some family members were telling me to, as well. But guess what? I went, and it was AWESOME. The shoots went without a hitch, totally fine. Nothing bad happened at all. I just used basic common sense - like not filming in Manila at night, or in sketchy areas, etc. People are quick to write about bad experiences on the Internet, not about positive ones. I cringe when I think about how I almost cut Southeast Asia from the trip; would've missed on so many great experiences.

That's it. Thanks again! Keep watching! Lot of new Joe Goes coming up! (After a couple weeks of classics. Need a break from editing!)

DAJ1142 karma

Be honest, did you bang Tanya Tate?

BadgeofShame502 karma

See for yourself - the video's coming out soon!

On Vine.

morewaffles122 karma


Youre one of the only channels i like enough to actually subscribe to! Also, your videos are some of the only ones i can show people and not have the awkward "this is a lot less funny to you than it is to me but now we have to watch the rest of the video even though youre not laughing at all" situations.

Anyway, how does it feel to be getting some of the recognition you deserve? I have been watching your stuff for a little while now and it seems like youre landing some decent gigs. Thanks dude and long live!

Quick edit: also i forgot to ask, are there any times where you werent able to handle the direction an interview went? As in it was too awkward or the interviewee got too pissed or anything?

BadgeofShame99 karma

Thanks! It feels great! Some really amazing opportunities have happened because of the videos, like "Joe Goes To JAPAN," which was a collaboration with Japan Tourism. Also, in May, I shot a host reel / sizzle reel for a TV pilot for the Travel Channel. They didn't pick it up, which is too bad, because it was awesome. We shot for a few days in Butte, Montana. It happened directly because they liked my new trip videos. Maybe they'll let me put the reel on YouTube one day.

I feel terrible when interviewees get upset. It doesn't happen often. In the past ten years, I can count the times on my fingers. In pretty much every case, they ask for their release back, and I don't use the video. Which isn't a big loss - obviously it wasn't a good interview anyway.

LowInFat12 karma

Do you have to ask them for permission to use the video before interviewing them? Or can it be after?

BadgeofShame10 karma

BEFORE. Always before.

  1. 99% of people say yes.

  2. If you do an interview and they don't sign after, it's a waste of time. My time is preciousssss.

WholeGrn109 karma

What do you usually say when you approach people for interviews?

BadgeofShame338 karma

FREEZE! (whips out gun) This'll only take a minute.

No, it's pretty boring. "Hi, I make a show called Joe Goes where I do fun interviews with people. Do you have a few minutes for an interview? No? (starts crying) PLEASE?! I JUST WANT TO BE A YOUTUBE STAR

WarpVorp102 karma

Have you hooked up with any of the girls you've interviewed?

BadgeofShame315 karma

Just Olivia Wilde.

SerDom96 karma

How do you have the guts to come up with these at times extremely awkward questions in your interviews?

BadgeofShame168 karma

The guts! Give me a Purple Heart for these videos!

I don't approach it like that. My only goal is to have fun in the interviews and have funny interactions. I don't want to offend people. I know there are some people out there who make videos just "trying to be awkward," but that isn't my main goal.

Xylight71 karma

Whens your rap album out?

BadgeofShame263 karma

Same day as Frank Ocean's.

jac7779456 karma

Hi Joe,

I think you mentioned you had a day job writing, but who do you write for?

P.S. Love the channel.

BadgeofShame308 karma

Well, I recently wrote the voiceover for the hottest show on TV: TruTV's Top Funniest! http://www.trutv.com/shows/trutv-top-funniest/index.html

If you loved Parks & Recreation...

...and you loved Arrested Development...

..this is also a TV show.

kevin_ste46 karma

So you spend $14.000,- to make those jokes?

BadgeofShame74 karma


Dabee62537 karma

Have you ever considered doing more dangerous episodes of Joe Goes? I'm thinking along the lines of Joe Goes Ferguson, Joe Goes ISIS, Joe Goes North Korea, etc. What would be your limit?

BadgeofShame84 karma

Probably not, since just reading your question has me sitting in a puddle of warm urine.

The other customers in Starbucks are looking at me funny.

Sewidd37 karma

Hi Joe!

Thanks for doing this AMA and thanks for creating all of the content you have. I have watched every one of your videos on YouTube and am a huge fan. I have directed many friends to your channel.

I have many questions I would like to ask you, mostly about your personal story and personal life, but I’ll just ask if you’ve made any good friends from the people you’ve interviewed and if you still keep in touch with them(besides Tanya Tate, of course)?

Thanks for all of the hours of entertainment. I appreciate your dedication.

Wu-Tang forever

BadgeofShame41 karma

Thanks the support! I have, actually. When you go to comic book conventions, you often see the same people. We're convention friends, at least! Raychul Moore. Jenny (who always dresses up like Snow White). Jennifer Vos, who does Twitch...you might've seen her in my my E3 or Gaming episodes.

mfalsett31 karma

Hey Joe!

I just wanted to know what strategies or approach you use to be so comfortable in front of the camera interviewing people. Are you even comfortable while doing that? Because you could sure fool me! I ask because I found out not too long ago that you were on Beauty and Geek in 2005, and you seem to have made significant strides in crafting your television persona and again, just seem really at home doing what you do. Really enjoy all the content you put out, keep it up!

Thanks for coming through with the AMA, curse you Time Warner!

BadgeofShame50 karma

Well, I've been making field pieces for ten years. Isn't that how long it takes to get good at something? 1,000 hours, or whatever? Confidence comes with time. You can see in the "classic" videos, from 2005 to 2008, I'm more nervous.

The reality show is overrated, lol. It was like 5 days of my life; it wasn't life-changing. Plus Aaron Sorkin wrote everything.

Gubischubi30 karma

Hi Joe, thanks for this AMA!

My question: Are you statisfied with your publicity and your viewcount? I think you are one of the most funniest and innovative YouTubers out there!

Greetings from Germany!

BadgeofShame123 karma

Danke! I'm hoping to make to Germany for Oktoberfest in 2016.

Honestly? Yeah, I wish I had more views. Sometimes I feel stressed out, like I'm doing too much work for too little ad revenue. So I call up Ronda Rousey, and we fight for a few rounds. Then I feel better. Also, in the past year or so I've just been focusing on content that I really want to do, and I've been trying not worry about how many views it gets. I'd rather make low-viewed videos I'm proud than high-viewed videos I'm ashamed of!

PixelatedPunk27 karma

Hey Joe, who is your favorite mainstream comedian? Favorite comedian in genral? Movies, etc?

BadgeofShame56 karma

Colbert, Norm, Conan, Louis CK.

I like TV shows more than movies. Favorite sitcoms are Parks & Rec, Newsradio, It's Always Sunny, The Simpsons, Community...I really liked the Wet Hot American Summer prequel series. And the movie. There, that's a movie!

MichaelSchirtzer6 karma

And who is your favorite up and coming comedian?

BadgeofShame7 karma

Why, Michael Schirtzer, of course!

CoolVidsFTW23 karma

Hey Joe!

What's next for the future of "Joe Goes"? Are you going to keep going to local events? Or plan for something even larger in the upcoming future?

Also, when you're not filming "Joe Goes" episodes, what else do you do on the side?

BadgeofShame63 karma

I've been filming Joe Goes episodes over the past few months, so there will be like eight more, at least, before the end of the year. Cool local events like Star Wars Celebration, DragCon and WonderCon. Then there's some cool stuff coming up, like ElvisFest and the Great Gatsby party.

I'd like to do a fundraiser in 2016 for Oktoberfest in Germany.

Or a fundraiser next week to make "Joe Goes To The Starbucks Around The Corner." I will need $400,000. Please donate.

On the side? I've started doing the Escape Rooms in LA, which are fun. I read a lot (finished Yes Please, on The World Of Ice & Fire). And I play the hottest Playstation 3 games of five years ago. (about to start Skyrim!)

Motanum8 karma

I want you to travel more. Dont wait so long for the next fundraiser. Also, I could swear you already did an octoberfest video. At least I remember some chicks in octoberfest costumes with beer.

BadgeofShame18 karma

I did, but that was by LA

docker16119 karma

Joe Goes to ISIS? Can you confirm or deny. Anyway;

Hey Joe! Massive fan and love you and your awkwardness and comedic brilliance. Donating for your trips is something I will never regret. Quick question, when you go up to some of the women with their partners, have they ever reacted when you said something of a sexual manner which they didn't like and the alpha male kicks in and the start to get aggressive? Love from Australia unfortunately I couldnt get over to Melbourne to see you .^

BadgeofShame59 karma

Confirmed. Love hanging with Archer and Lana. Dr. Krieger's my mentor.

I just approach the interviews as being fun. DO I say things of sexual manners to girls with boyfriends? Maybe it seems jarring in the edit but in the context of the interview, it doesn't feel like that weird. Most of the time we end up having a pretty sweet three-way.

radius121419 karma

Hi Joe!

Why hasn't YouTube sponsored your stuff yet?

EDIT: Also, what do we have to look forward to now that the trip is over? Any conventions you've been to lately?

BadgeofShame31 karma

Yeah, I've been filming new episodes over the past few months as I've been editing the trip videos. I think I have like six or seven shot. I'll tell ya three: Star Wars Celebration, DragCon and WonderCon (which will be the 100th episode of Joe Goes!)

junesheep18 karma

Joe!!! Would you say being on 'Beauty and the Geek' helped shape you to become who you are today? You were my favorite on that show. Also what's your favorite food?

BadgeofShame84 karma

No, not at all. That show was like five days of my life. We were edited into characters and often told what to say by the writers, David Simon and Judd Apatow. I was shaped to become who I am today by all of my experiences - growing up in small town Minnesota, going to college in Chicago, making videos for Current TV, and winning the 2011 Hunger Games.

parkachu17 karma

Hi Joe!

How did you lose all that weight? And which was your favorite place to visit?

BadgeofShame67 karma

  1. Gym 5 days a week.
  2. Diet.
  3. Less drinking.
  4. Only eating five sticks of butter every morning, instead of six.

_mountainwater16 karma

bork bork! how did you end up in beauty & the nerd? also, with all the hot girl's you've interviewed in your videos, how would you rate your 'real life' picking-up skills?

BadgeofShame57 karma

Bork, bork! I thought it was a game show. It didn't even have a title. We were swindled! I sued Ashton Kutcher in court, and the judge sentenced him to star in "Two And A Half Men."

My "picking up" skills are pretty great. I show them a screengrab of me getting 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto V.

setzRFD15 karma

In your Hawaii videos, it looks like you have a huge scratch on your neck, did that happen in one of the Australia videos? I haven't yet watched them.

BadgeofShame55 karma

I think it's just sunblock that hadn't blended in.

Then again, the AirB&B I stayed at was run by a velociraptor.

kapanyanyimonyok15 karma

Hi Joe, is Cordwood Pete really no longer on display like the guy said in Joe Goes To HAWAII Part 1? And if it's true how do you feel about that?

BadgeofShame26 karma


It is a TRAGEDY and we need to start a White House petition.

I'm writing a Cordwood Pete movie. Cordwood will be played by Charlie Day and Tamarack (the donkey) will be played by Morgan Freeman.

justlikebuddyholly14 karma

Hey Joe. I just so happened to bump into you while you were filming at St Kilda beach in Melbourne early this year. I notice that you switch between on screen and off screen personality. That is, your character is only on screen, and off camera you appear shy.

When someone like me comes to you to say hello after you finish shootinf, are you tired of meeting us? are you pissed off usually? Hope I didn't stress you out. Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and show my support.

BadgeofShame25 karma

Always happy to meet fans!

But remember, shoot days are long. That day in Melbourne we started filming at 8AM, 9AM. And we were still going at 6PM. So I was pretty tired. Also earlier in the day we almost got killed by a meth head on the tram. There was a lot of shit going down.

Motanum12 karma

Well, you have to expand on that meth head close experience.

BadgeofShame10 karma

Started interviewing him on the tram, jokingly asking if he was the crazy one on the train. And it turned he was. He just got out of jail for "allegedly" beating someone. Watch Melbourne Part 3, at the end, where I put all the random lines, before the stare shots...I put in some quick bytes of his story.

VinnyCent1114 karma

Hey Joe, what's your height?

BadgeofShame75 karma

Not tall enough to ride.

thehuffington14 karma

Hi Joe!

What would be the place you would love to do a Joe Goes episode that you haven't been to?

BadgeofShame31 karma

  1. Oktoberfest in Munich

  2. The Wu-Mansion

LesBFrank13 karma

Hi Joe- I used to edit/post produce at Current TV and loved all your stuff then as a co-worker ... and now as a regular human being after Al's sale to the Royal Family of Qatar. Your mind is a creative bear trap and I have a ton of respect for your skills!

One time, in the time before Uber, we were texting about going to a party in L.A. I couldn't drive to pick you up and you didn't have a car. We didn't make it to that party. I often wonder how my life would be different if we had made it to that party and you had epically rap-battled some of the party-goers and I had backed you on beatbox.

Let's be frank, fixating on the past is a waste of energy, but what is one significant moment that changed your life (either for the better, or a possible missed opportunity)?

Cheers man!

BadgeofShame17 karma

Whoa! I'm trying to remember this. Time flies...

Email me, maybe we can find another party! binowhite(@)gmail.com

Scottzkee12 karma

What up Joe! Any more rap videos planned? I donated to your last kickstarter so you're welcome. Any more big trips planned?

Love the show though.

BadgeofShame27 karma

Man, the rap videos take so much work...I don't know. If I get inspired again. Those take so much work.

I was really inspired to do the last one, Game of Thrones Rap. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5lC5dWVDh0)

I read A Song Of Ice of Fire (finally) and binge-watched the show (finally) and spent a shameful weekend reading fan theories on message boards and was thinking of all these GoT punchlines.

Maybe if I do another trip I'll do a Walking Dead one. Or maybe if I ever 500,000 subs, I'll do a rap for that.

damsterick11 karma

Hi Joe! Loving your show. I got three questions for you:

  1. What was your personal favorite place you did interviews (where did you have the most fun)?

  2. Do you play any videogames? Which?

  3. Will you ever come to Prague when you're on a trip to europe?

BadgeofShame23 karma

  1. Comikaze, Renn Faire, WonderCon 2015 (not out yet!), Melbourne, Outback Experience, Hawaii...

  2. I don't have much time, or extra $, so I'm behind. I finished GTAV on PS3 and am about to Skyrim. I know, I know. I don't have a PC. Get off my back!

  3. I was in Prague for a few days, when I was studying abroad, in 2004. It was an awesome city. Liked that you could walk everywhere. Saw The Matrix 3, which was pretty bad, lol. Had abstinthe, but not the hallucination Hemingway kind. Thanks for surrendering in WW2 so your cool architecture didn't get bombed! Maybe I'll make it back there. You ever see me wearing a gray hat when I rap? I got it in Prague. It has a little red "Praha" insignia on it.

saucey_cow5 karma

If you don't have a PC then what do you use to edit/upload your videos?

BadgeofShame15 karma

Final Cut Pro 7 on Mac

ErnestScaredStupid10 karma

Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?

And when is Bino White gonna join the Wu Tang Clan?

BadgeofShame24 karma

It looks like the Wu-Tang Clan might be kind of done.

I'm trying to get into A$AP Mob.


Roccstah8 karma

Hey Joe, Thanks for doing this AMA. Did any MCN approach you to join them. If yes, why did you reject the offer? If no, would you like to join one?

BadgeofShame18 karma

I get like five emails every day from MCN's. They were copied and pasted with a lot of love. And they offer exciting deals, like taking a 20% cut of your ad revenue for doing nothing. I'm signing with all of them. We're going to be very happy.

(Real answer: I used to be with Big Frame for three years. They were great and the best MCN, but we grew apart. Now I'm independent.)

oldzealand8 karma

Which location has been the most friendliest? Which has been the most difficult to find an interview? Any place you'd like to "redo?"

BadgeofShame19 karma

Most people across the world are really friendly.

It was hard to get interviews with local Thai people in Bangkok, because they're so shy, and think they're not good enough at English.

It was the most difficult to get interviews at the Red Light District in Bangkok. When I asked people what they wanted to see in Bangkok, 90% of people said "interview ladyboys in the Red Light District." I think they thought it would be fun like a Gay Pride Parade. But it wasn't. It was kind of a sad place. Nobody wanted to be interviewed. Nobody even wanted to be on camera. We spent all night on a Saturday walking around Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza trying to get interviews. We ended getting up three. Two were with ladyboys who barely spoke English, so most of the interactions were unusable. One was with a drunk British guy with a super strong accent in a loud bar, and I couldn't understand half of what he said, so most of the interactions were unusable. I put the video out, but I ended up taking it down, because it just wasn't very good. The Red Light District areas are bad for interviews.

Disgustipated28 karma

How do you deal with the stress and jet lag that comes with travel? I'd go insane having to deal with all the airports and customs. Do you really love us that much?

BadgeofShame34 karma

Oh, man, I forgot to tell you a story! It involves getting on the wrong plane.

Originally I planned my trip to spend three full shooting days in Alice Springs, a town in the middle of the Australian Outback. Then I realized I was going to be so close to Uluru, a big ass rock, one of the most iconic sites in Australia, and the world. (Google it). It would make an awesome backdrop for the Game of Thrones rap, and a stare shot. So I decided to change my plans. I cancelled my third day of shooting in Alice Springs, and booked a flight to fly from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock, to catch sunset at Uluru, and sunrise at Uluru. Then I would fly back to Alice Springs immediately to catch my connecting flight to Brisbane.

When I was watching sunrise at Uluru, I was about to head back to the hotel. But the tour guide said, really? You're not going to check out Uluru, after you came this way? I told him my flight time, and he said, you could spend like an hour and a half here. Then I'll drive you back myself. I said, okay. Why not, right? I came all this way.

So it's 7AM. My flight to Alice Springs leaves at 10:30AM. My hotel shuttle is supposed to take me to the airport at 8:30AM. He says he'll pick me up at 8:30AM and personally take me the airport. So I have an hour and a half at Uluru.

Here is where my jetlag started to do me in. I started walking around Uluru and was having a good time looking at all the symbols and thinking about life. I decided I would walk around Uluru. And it would time out perfectly so I would get to the other side. I was running on very little sleep and making poor decisions.

So I started walking around Uluru and there were frequent maps showing how far you were around the rock. Then the maps stopped for a while. A long while. And the sun started coming out more and more. And I didn't have any water. And everything started getting fuzzy. And I realized there were no longer any other tourists around me. And I was just walking by myself around this giant rock. And I was not making the progress I think I was making. And there was no shade anywhere, I was directly in the sun. And then finally I came across a map showing my progress. I was halfway around Uluru, and it took an hour. It was 8AM. My shuttle was meeting me in a half hour, at 8:30AM.

So I had a decision to make. Keep going forward, in the sun. Or go back the way I came, where, around one side, I knew there would be shade. I chose the latter.

However, I had to make double the time. So I started running.

In the sun. In the Australian Outback.

I am pretty sure I got heatstroke.

Luckily, I ran into tourists who gave me some water. And luckily, I found shade. But unluckily, I went right past the parking lot and got lost anyway, due to jetlag, and heatstroke. I checked my watch. It was 8:45AM. My flight leaves at 10:30AM. So I panicked and ended up calling one of those Emergency phones. I talked to them. They said my tour guide who offered the ride to the hotel left, and will come back for me. And someone will come for me now. I hang up, but get impatient. Some friendly tourists offer to give me a ride to the parking lot. I said yes.

They drop me off at the parking lot. It's 9AM. I'm looking for my tour guide to take me to the hotel. The clock is ticking. I panic, and ask everyone near me for a ride. Three surfer dudes in a van pick me up. We go down the highway and pass my tour guide. (I recognize his bus). I call the tour guide on their cell phone and we pull a Uey and I get in the tour bus. I tis now 9:15AM and we are heading to my hotel.

My stuff is not packed yet.

We arrive at the hotel at 9:30AM and I quickly pack and check out and we're off at 9:45AM. We get to the airport at 10AM and I make the flight to Alice Springs! I am so exhausted from this day already. When we land, I get a big breakfast at the Alice Springs airport.

But I'm still super jetlagged and heatstroke. Instead of getting onto the flight to Brisbane, I get on the flight to Adelaide.

I don't notice this until mid-flight.

They scan my ticket and everything. I'm so loopy I think I'm going to Brisbane. I get on the plane and read Lord of the Rings and drifted in and out of sleep then I look at the map. It says we're halfway to Adelaide.

I think the map is wrong.

I go up to the flight attendant and say, excuse me, when do we get to Brisbane? The map says Adelaide for some reason.

She thinks I'm joking. I am not.

I got onto the wrong plane, and they let me and they are teary-eyed and angry because they are in trouble. One of them says, "How could you do this? We announced we were going to Adelaide three times on the intercom."

I said, "It's been a long day."

They were super nice to me and let me sit in first class and gave me free drinks. I felt bad about getting them in trouble, but what can you do? They hooked me up with the first flight to Brisbane to Adelaide. Unfortunately I had to change the time of the fan meetup from 8PM to 10PM, which fucked things up for a few people.

But I arrived in Brisbane and STILL like 40 people showed up to the meetup! It was a rush of adrenaline. Which I needed since it was 10PM and at 5AM that morning I was at Uluru filming the sunrise. I'm proud to say I stayed out until 2AM drinking with the fans and slept in my Brisbane hostel for a grand total of 3 or 4 hours before meeting up with a random fan to get a ride to the airport to fly to Auckland.

So there was one point of the trip where my jetlag broke me. I will be more careful in the future.

I will only sell the movie rights of this story to Quentin Tarantino.

BadgeofShame24 karma

I've learned you shouldn't try to do too much. Let travel days be breaks. I planned it so it would go travel day, three full shoot days, travel day. That helped.

Even that schedule was a little rough, though, with one person. People don't realize all the work that goes into these trips. I'm traveling alone, so I'm a one-man crew - writer, producer, PA, editor. I'm researching 12 cities I've never been to, hiring cameraguys off the Internet, creating a day-to-day-schedule for 35 days, researching and writing material, I'm responsible for all the footage, the equipment...there were definitely times where I got stressed out. In Melbourne, I got stressed out because I lost my razor charger and I was really mad I had to buy a new razor because you can't just buy a charger, lol. (Not quite badass enough with a machete) Plus stuff always goes wrong. For example, we were supposed to shoot in Bondi Beach on Australia Day in Sydney, and it was raining! So we had to change the whole schedule. I've learned to be flexible and keep a positive attitude and hire cameraguys who are the same.

Khanecz697 karma

Hey Joe. Did you really spend $ 12,000 to make that joke?

BadgeofShame18 karma

No, $14,000.

Prospect-Two7 karma

JOE! Pretty big fan. Watched all your videos. Yes all of them. God I can feel you judging me already. Stop that.

My question is, would you come back to the UK? I'm pretty sure my life's goal is to feature in one of your videos. I'd never seen your stuff when you came last time and so I'd love the chance to rectify that!

I love badge of shame. You should really come and look it... at it.

BadgeofShame8 karma

Haha, maybe! Depends on how much we raise on the next fundraiser!

ReymondT6 karma

What is the last picture you took with your phone?

BadgeofShame29 karma

Good question!

Me with an AMA sign to plug this Reddit.

Before that: at a bar with my friend Amber Ruffin, who writes for Seth Meyers, and used to beat me in rap battles at Second City!

Before that: At Escape Room LA, with some friends. We died.

Before that: a picture of you sleeping

benzinonapoloni6 karma

Hey Joe! Thanks for the AMA, what happened to your other channel (Network Notes) will you release more videos in the future?

BadgeofShame7 karma

Whoa! You've seen Network Notes?! Awesome.

They didn't get enough views to keep putting the time in...also I don't have time to run two YouTube channels. Really happy with the videos we made though

DAJ16 karma

Will you ever do another tour of Europe?

BadgeofShame19 karma

Maybe in 2016!

I'll be opening for Iggy Azalea.

You won't like our show.

Luutamo5 karma

Hi Joe! From all the countries you have visited (when making the webserie) , what has been your favorite so far? Did you know that after you visited Finland our major tabloid newspapers wrote articles about you?

BadgeofShame9 karma

lol I think I saw that! The headline was something like "American Baffled By Naked Saunas."

I don't have a favorite. I was very surprised by how awesome Finland was, though. I like all the countries I've been to in different ways - the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand....

iklegemma5 karma

Which of the places you've visited was the weirdest?

BadgeofShame18 karma

Probably the Philippines, but I liked all the weirdness. The barrel man / woman, the jeepneys, the food - balut, chicken intestines. My cameraguy Jason Moll pretty much spent the whole telling me interesting stuff about the Philippines. It's a whole other world out there.

Lexonir5 karma

I love your show, thanks for it. What was your favorite Joes date? And any hint about where you will go next?

BadgeofShame11 karma


Going to Elvis Fest this weekend?

Deadghosty5 karma

Hey Joe, how come you didn't come visit me when you where in Hawaii?

BadgeofShame17 karma

I had a thing.

seanwalsh7474 karma

How annoying is it when people walk in front of the camera and mess up the interviews?

BadgeofShame10 karma

I hate it. Often I don't use it.

"Fuck her right in the pussy" is the worst. I will never put that in a video.

It's in "JUGGALO" because at the time, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a Juggalo catchphrase.

basez4 karma

We know your favorite Wu-Tang member, So Joe, what is your favorite Wu-Tang album?

(Liquid swords waddup)

BadgeofShame16 karma

Hmm. We counting solos? We're counting solos.


  1. Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele
  2. GZA - Liquid Swords
  3. Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx
  4. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever
  5. Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers
  6. Ghostface Killah - Ironman
  7. RZA as Bobby Digital - In Stereo
  8. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers
  9. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale

Honorable mention: Cuban Linx 2

Jeremy_Alberts4 karma

Hi Joe, do any comedians inspire your work? Or what comedians do you enjoy in general? In terms of stand up, I much prefer our British Comedians and style of Comedy Panel shows.

Bill Bailey is my favourite comedian - you should come and, look it -at it

BadgeofShame8 karma

Never heard of him! But I love Extras, Flight of the Conchords, British office & John Oliver

Eslov4 karma

Hey Joe!

How are you comming up with these sick rhymes when you ask people if you can rap for them? I can barely think of something to say sometimes but you are like a wizard with words!

Keep on doing your thing!

BadgeofShame45 karma

I guess when I rhyme I get better with time At coming up with words off the top of my mind I'm doing just fine, and I never get stuck Until I do it online, then I...


captaineggsalad4 karma

Hey Joe, firstly thank you for the content. It makes my day whenever I'm not feeling the best. Just curious, have you experienced a sort of creative burn out from constantly creating content and if so, how do you overcome or remedy this?

BadgeofShame15 karma

Thanks for watching!

There was a period where I was getting creative burnout. It was before the Sweden & Finland trip. I was pushing myself too hard to try to do new videos every week. It went from being fun to being work. I was using "go to" jokes a lot.

I had to take a step back, and and realize I couldn't do new vids every week, because I didn't have time, and it was driving me crazy. So I quit new videos every week and used Deleted Scenes / "classic" videos / etc to fill the weeks between.

Then I started getting way more inspired to make "Joe Goes" and I think overall the new content got a lot better. I'm really proud of the episodes I made in 2014 (Comikaze, Juggalos, Fashion Week, Blizzcon 2) and 2015 (trip videos). I think my best stuff is still to come out this year (DragCon, WonderCon 2015, Star Wars Celebration).

jaybustah4 karma

Hey Joe, I love your videos.

What's the craziest thing to happen during one of your interviews? Was it the homeless guy in Sweden saying he was gonna kill you?

Also, would you consider going back to England, Scotland, Amsterdam, and all the other countries you went to early on and making more videos there?

BadgeofShame12 karma

Probably the creepy baby thing coming out of nowhere at the Wellington Sevens. Or the guy flashing his ass at the Wellington Sevens. Probably everything at the Wellington Sevens.

Maybe, I don't know. Those videos were shorter because that was a vacation I turned into work...the main focus wasn't making content, I was just filming a little on the side. If we do a fundraiser and raise more than we need and people want me to go back, sure.

tehnoko4 karma

Finnish Salute Why heellllloooo there, Joe! What was your favorite place you have visited? What's your fondest memory doing Joe Goes?

BadgeofShame9 karma


aitchrjay3 karma

Hey Joe! Do you script yourself at all, or are you just purely improvising your questions?

Also, for the Juggalo rap - how much was off the dome? :P

BadgeofShame8 karma

For trips, I write about 10 lines, so I don't go in with nothing.

For regular Joe Goes, I might have 5 lines or more in my head, but I don't do any serious writing.

Juggalo rap was all off the dome.

ChiefStickybags3 karma

Joe! Big supporter and long-time fan of your work.

What is/was badge of shame? It seems like you've been pretty focused on Joe Goes eps for the last 3 or 4 years. Why did the name of the channel only recently change?

BadgeofShame13 karma

I changed the name last year.

I noticed people were thinking Badge of Shame had meaning. Like the meaning of the channel was to "shame" people. That's not true at all! The name was meaningless, and meant to be random, like a sketch comedy team name, or improv team name, or production company name. It was like - is anyone using badge of shame? Nope. Okay, I'll use that.

Also, when the started, I was thinking it was going to be a sketch comedy channel. Then it became mostly Joe Goes. So that's a better name.

SandS50003 karma

Why didn't you take your cameraman buddy around the world with you?

BadgeofShame5 karma

Because then I could only visit half as many places!

I use several cameraguys (and girls) these days

fosticle3 karma

A video I recently saw on your fb page inspires this question:

Are you hyped for Cleganebowl?

BadgeofShame6 karma



MOOttenani3 karma

Hiya, Joe. What's your most cherished possession? Your precious, if you will?

BadgeofShame12 karma

Plaque from winning the Rap Battle in Juggalos

isteinvids3 karma

Hi, I'm that one person who asked you on Twitter a few weeks ago about that one video that you took down. Will you ever make it public again? I'm one of the few that really liked that video :(

PS: Love your raps

BadgeofShame2 karma

Email me at binowhite(at)gmail.com and maybe I'll send a private link.

nickbead3 karma

Hey Joe, I love the channel, ever think about going to the Calgary Stampede ?

BadgeofShame3 karma

I thought about it during my Canada trip. But we didn't raise enough money to add any extra places. And I didn't have time to expand the trip any longer that summer...maybe in the future

Thaddeus_T_Third_III3 karma

Hey Joe! Who is the best rap group of all time, and why is it Blackstreet?

BadgeofShame7 karma

We all know the best rap group is the St. Lunatics.

City Spud is the G.O.A.T.

itsgreater90003 karma

Is there anywhere in the US that you really want to visit and make a Joe Goes, but haven't had the time/funds to do it? (Come to Massachusetts :D, just kidding it's boring here).

BadgeofShame19 karma

Maybe UFC Fest in Las Vegas? Redneck Games in Georgia? Do they still do that?

I'd rather film at an event, because it's easier to get interviews and the interviews are better.

I've already done a bunch in the "classic" "Joe Gets" videos - Sturgis in South Dakota, a lumberjack festival in Alabama, auditioning for Avenue Q on Broadway in New York City (I'll put this out in 2016 sometime.)

I can't afford to film anything outside of LA unless there's a fundraiser...and I base those on fan suggestions...like Juggalos, that came from the fans. You have any ideas?

akthestarkid3 karma

How's Tanya Tate? And why does she appear in so many of your videos? Btw, love your stuff. Wish you would do more cosplay-related cons though.

BadgeofShame4 karma

Some good shit coming up! Star Wars Celebration & WonderCon 2015! Stay tuned! New vids every Wednesday! (cough, some might be classics, cough)

raoulduke002 karma

Have you kept contact with any of the interviewees? P.S: Congrats on the impressive weight loss dude!

BadgeofShame4 karma



It took me fifteen minutes to come up with that response.

zmanvii2 karma

Joe! Big fan and I'd like to think some of my Kickstarter dollars were used on a ladyboy. Who is your ideal celebrity interviewee? Also, when are you coming to Boston?

BadgeofShame3 karma

ALL of your dollars were used on a ladyboy.

Ideal celebrity interviewee: The RZA.

You'll know when I come to Boston. Because I will bring a megaphone and say "Wicked pisser" over and over again.

GoldenFetus_2 karma

Smoked a J with you at the Atmosphere show in LA! Thanks for being so awesome!

Have you had any close encounters with danger while filming any videos?

BadgeofShame4 karma

Hahaha I remember that! Good times! Thanks!!!

And no! All positive!

wurzelmolch2 karma

Are you planning to go to germany any time soon? Me and my friends are big fans and would love to watch a video about our country..

BadgeofShame3 karma

Maybe Oktoberfest in Munich in 2016

iwishmydickwasnormal2 karma

What is it like to have ginger hair?

BadgeofShame12 karma




(screams, turns into Hulk, having trouble typingaosdadsifasdofiadsighr

Penguin6192 karma

Hey Joe, I have a couple of questions; how do you maintain such a blank face for your closing shots? What surprised you the most upon learning about it when visiting the countries you've visited? And do you regret not spending the kickstarter money on Once Upon a Time in Shaolin instead of a trip to Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii?

Also favorite strain of weed?

BadgeofShame9 karma

Hahaha, I hate what happened with Cilvaringz' Once Upon a Time in Shaolin project. It should've been a great throwback Wu album that maybe had a run in museums, then was available to buy a few years later. Now it's a one copy only album that won't be available to buy - or hear - for 88 years? It's dumb. I'm with Method Man. I'm with Method Man on most issues, actually.

For the stares, I just imagine I'm watching The Phantom Menace.


The Philippines: People speak English! Balut tastes good! I'm the only white person, and the jeepney drivers at the airport are fighting over me! Thailand: It's not just the Red Light District! Temples are everywhere, like McDonalds! Everything is so cheap!

This is getting long-winded, I'll maybe add more later

SuperSlam641 karma

Hey Joe, first I would like to say that your videos are great! A lot of time clearly goes into the production and specifically the editing of your videos. A few questions:

  1. What made you decide you wanted to run a youtube channel?

  2. What is the process like of producing a Joe Goes video (e.g. what do you use to edit and how does it all happen behind the scenes)?

  3. What is your favourite past Joe Goes and are there any projects you are looking forward to shooting/releasing in the future?

Wu Tang Forever.

BadgeofShame3 karma

  1. I used to have a TV show with Current TV, when I based in Chicago. (The "claaaaasics.") This ended. Then I moved to LA, thinking I could easily get another one. I was wrong. I really wanted to make content, so I decided to just do it. People watched it, and liked it, and I liked making it, so I kept going.

  2. Behind the scenes is mostly me looking stressed out, lol. The typical process is, I research events to film at, contact them to get permission, hire a cameraguy, shoot for a full day, and edit a couple hours of footage to a 5-10 episode. For trips, it's different, and wayyy more work. More research - to make I cover the best parts of the city, and to write material - and three times as much footage to edit. Oh, and I use FCP7.

  3. Personal favorites: Comikaze, Outback Experience, Election 2012, Wellington Sevens, Renn Faire. I'm really looking forward to releasing these episodes we just shot - DragCon, Books 2015, Star Wars Celebration, WonderCon 2015 (the 100th episode)...coming out soon! September!

Frijid1 karma

Joe! I love you! Thanks for making videos. I've literally seen every single one. >:D

What do you think you'd be doing for a living if you weren't doing the web series?

BadgeofShame4 karma

I don't do the Web series for a living. I work full-time jobs in writing and production. My only time to do YouTube vids is on weeknights and weekends.

But to answer your question: gigolo

raoulduke001 karma

Hi Joe, First of all, i'm a big fan of your work! My question: what's your personal relation with the music of the Wu-Tang Clan? What do you especially like about their work?

BadgeofShame3 karma

I like how they rap abstractly, and with so many references. It's more like poetry. Wu-Tang Forever and Supreme Clientele are amazing.

I also like the cinematic hypnotic haunted house beats, that morph and transform in unexpected ways. Like on 4th Chamber. That's probably my favorite Wu-Tang song.