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I love your show, thanks for it. What was your favorite Joes date? And any hint about where you will go next?

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I watched "The Kings of Summer" with my friend recently.

It was really an amazing movie.

Did you like doing, working with younger actors, the parent/child relationship with Nick Robinson in the movie was it hard to get in the role?

Also when you were the age of them in the movie (not in real life) do you think you could have managed to do a better house or hunt food?

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Since your dad work as the prop master, did you helped him on other lego related stuff?

Any future project in the show, like a real size replicate of someone made in Lego?

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Hi there! I work in the gaming industrie right now but I did learn programming in school (Comp Sci degree). I want to start creating games on my own but what's a good starting point? Also one thing I was always wondering, I'm a bad artist and when I see those indie game, did you do all the art yourself? Song and music or you contract someone later on when the game start to be mire develloped.

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What's the best time to go to get the new batch of donuts?

Every time I go, the only one left are the carrousel and the nature one. I'm not going to Tim for my Grandparents gosh!

Also I think the BLT for breakfast should have more stuff in it. I mean I really like it compared to other food chains but the amount of food (like 4 slices of bacon and 3 slices of tomato) is just saddening.

But I still love it.