My short bio: I work at a restaurant called Chuck E Cheese where I have "woken Chuck E up" i.e put on the suit, delivered pizzas, bussed tables, ran the merchandise table, and just about everything else. My Proof:

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merck890104 karma

How often do you want to sucker punch a kid, while you're in the suit?

hedgehoger122 karma

Not too often. Most of the parents control their kids. I remeber one time, a kid almost ripped the head off and the family was escorted out

BigOlRick69 karma

How many times have you been followed around the arcade by someone dressed in a cat suit? That's always been a dream of mine, curious as to how common it is..

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notjonahbutnoah69 karma

Obligatory: What's the craziest thing that ever happened while you were working?

hedgehoger100 karma

Aforementioned kid tried to rip my head off.. OR when a family dropped their entire birthday cake on the ground in anger. Guess who had to scape cake out if the floor at 9pm..

firesofpompeii5 karma

But can't you eat it?

hedgehoger13 karma

Nope. They dropped the cake at about 12.. nastyyy

beardedgreg9 karma

So it took 9 hours for you to clean up the cake?

hedgehoger9 karma

No I was roo busy and we had roped off that section of the place

batzumaru62 karma

Have kids bugged you about Five Nights at Freddys?

hedgehoger98 karma

In addition to the suit, we have an actual animatronic and most kids are wary of it, just in case...

PointMan52849149 karma

Is wearing that suit all day as miserable as I imagine it is?

hedgehoger85 karma

Well it doesn't smell which is good. The only reason being with the new "cute" mascot, we got a new suit so its not horrible. It does get extremely hot in there though. You wear an oversized longsleeved shirt, a pair of fur gloves, a pair of thick Jean pants, and a head. So all the layers get super hot over the uniform

foxesforsale26 karma

If the suit starts to smell, spray inside it with some vodka, it'll kill the bacteria making it smell. Then again, getting vodka into a CEC is probably not a great idea...

hedgehoger13 karma

Probably not. Although we do see alcohol

eeisner47 karma

I just want to let you know that you're fellow Chuck E Cheese costume wearers terrified the living shit out of me as a young child. One day, I was so scared that I got taken back into the changing room with my mom and Chuck E so that I could see that there is just some teenage girl under there. Looking back, that's much creepier than it seemed.

Anyways... What do you usually do when kids are freaking the fuck out in front of you?

hedgehoger54 karma

We have to look sad an bacj away slowly ...

EggrollsForever44 karma

How many diseases are contained within the ball-pit?

hedgehoger47 karma

We actually don't have a ball pit D:

MineWiz56 karma

I... I... I don't know how to react...

hedgehoger15 karma

I know it's the worst...

hellomarvelousthings5 karma

My grandparents used to take me to CEC and I would spend an hour in the ball pit and then leave. The year they got rid of the ball pit, 6 year old me swore I would never go back.

hedgehoger4 karma

We do have bumper cars now

Jbasco37 karma

Has a kid every gotten really attached to you? As in they just follow you around all day/don't want to leave you alone.

hedgehoger53 karma

Totally. Everyone loves chuck e. The closet we store the costume in is next to where we do parties and this little girl almost followed me in

ConradShokner35 karma

How often do you see fights break out amongst parents?

hedgehoger60 karma

I've seen 4 in the 2 years I've worked

PeeledPancake27 karma

Use to work at chuck e cheese, was curious, did all the Chuck E Cheeses get the pipes removed? The one I worked at moved and they took out the tubes.

hedgehoger18 karma

Yep D:

PeeledPancake10 karma

WHAT! Thats lame wonder if they got sued or something.

hedgehoger11 karma

Probably :(

Blazeforthecamera27 karma

Have you ever got laid in the suit or hooked up with a mom you met at the Chuck E. Cheese?

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firesofpompeii49 karma

What about a dad?

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OnlyLarose24 karma

Do you receive any discounts or special benefits for working there?

hedgehoger31 karma

I get 50% of all meals and also I'm entered in drawings to get free tokens or tickets, etc

cXem13 karma

So you don't have unlimited freedom of tokens? When my brother used to work at one like 8 years ago, he used to get all the tokens he wanted, and got to play games for around a hour after closing during cleanup. Was slightly more towards knowing the token collector though, even though the manager clearly knew.

hedgehoger15 karma

We get some extra tokens sometimes if we find them, and if we want to stry after we could.. blegh

gill615110 karma

My mother used to work there, the managers would let us use unlimited tokens. Just couldnt keep the tickets.

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gill61514 karma

which as a kid, we would go to work with her. & play games for 9 hours. eat pizza, tbh we did it because we were so broke at the time. couldnt afford baby sitting. (Dad out of the picture, 6 kids.)

hedgehoger2 karma

Sound's like a blast :)

firesofpompeii23 karma

What's the best thing about being able to walk around in the suit?

hedgehoger40 karma

Seeing kids happy (that was cheesy)

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JDNS21 karma

What is the most embarrasing situation you have faced at work?

hedgehoger36 karma

I dropped a pizza right in front of the guests hahaahahah

JDNS21 karma

hahah how many toppings we talking?

hedgehoger35 karma

A solid 2 toppings

huhwhatweird20 karma

Is the Chuck E Cheese creepy pasta storey true?

hedgehoger42 karma

Maybeeee. Ooooooo

lol203419 karma

Ayyy, I work at one right now. Been here for three years. Overall, how do you feel about working at CEC? I absolutely loved my job for a while, but over these three years, I don't really enjoy it anymore.

hedgehoger15 karma

I'm more chill with it honestly. It makes good pay

Chassius17 karma

What's the worst thing to eat on the menu?

hedgehoger26 karma

The churros. They taste like shit

lol20343 karma

Try running the churros through the oven halfway. They do suck when put in the oven full pass, but halfway is perfect. Slightly crunchy exterior, nice and chewy interior.

hedgehoger12 karma

I'll make sure to tell the kitchen so I can get punched :)

SheWitnessedMe15 karma

Anyone ever shit in the suit?

hedgehoger30 karma

Not the new one!

SheWitnessedMe14 karma

The old one!?

hedgehoger36 karma

Probably. Lord knows what happened in that thing

SheWitnessedMe13 karma

ಠ_ಠ I was expecting you to know

hedgehoger10 karma

Nah they changed them before I started working here

jakeWolfe8714 karma

How many kids that you've approached were utterly terrified by you? I know when I was little the person actually walking around in the suit scared the hell out of me more then the animatronics on stage ever did

hedgehoger20 karma

About 30% are shy or scared

Mega_Goodra14 karma

Are you annoyed by Five Nights at Freddy's fans? I know a lot of them go to Chuck E Cheese and usually harass the employees. So have you had any bad experiences with them? Just wondering, as I am a pretty big FNaF fan myself, and I'm just wondering if any fans have done stupid shit at Chuck E Cheese.

hedgehoger13 karma

I've seen people ask me about fnaf but I've never been harassed or anything thankfully.

Pepe_leprawn14 karma

Have you ever let a kid see you without the mask on? I remember vividly seeing the guy wearing the costume through a side door and it ruined me.

hedgehoger13 karma

We try not to. There's a tiny closet where we store the suit. I've had kids try to see me though.

trogdor14714 karma

Can adults have birthday parties too?

hedgehoger14 karma

Yep :)

Scwne14 karma

Have you ever had to deal with any wild kids while you've worked there? Have you seen any?

hedgehoger15 karma

I had a kid once jump on the merch counter..

Helyqy13 karma

Have sales for Chuck E Cheese soared since the release of "Five Nights at Freddy's"?

hedgehoger12 karma

Definitely. It is difficult because we can't allow people under 18 without adults so a lot of kids try to sneak in

optionsquare12 karma

As a non-american person, I first became aware of Chuck E. Cheese's existence through Dexter's Lab's spoof, Chubby Cheese. Sounds like a great place to hang out, as a kid. How long have you been working for them?

hedgehoger8 karma

About 2 years :)

MineWiz12 karma

How many fights have you witnessed? Could you describe a few?

hedgehoger23 karma

There was a time where 2 dad's got to the merch counter at the same time and got into a huge argument and even brought the children into it calling them all "stupid annoying spoiled etc.) We had to call a manager and eventually the police.

tiamdi10 karma

How many times a day is someone hit in the balls?

hedgehoger19 karma

Not very often actually :) I've had a kid hit me though. We are supposed to use a "time out signal" to tell the coworker who is escorting us to tell them to stop

seriouswoody10 karma

How long are you in the suit for on any given day?

hedgehoger13 karma

We stay in the suit any time between 20 or 30 minutes 3 times a day. We only suit up for birthday parties or ticket splashes which we are required to do at least once a day

ThatOneGuyInTX11 karma

Once a day? Wow the Chuck E Cheese I worked at required us to do it every hour. Guess who had to do it 6 times a shift :)

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cosmo19872 karma

what's a ticket splash?

hedgehoger5 karma

Basically we (we being chuck e and amln escort) throw tickets into the crowd

hedgehoger12 karma


joshmanzors9 karma

I'm an arcade technician operating independently right now. Who fixes the games?

hedgehoger8 karma

We have game technicians or managers

viceroynutegunray8 karma

If you could have any prize from behind the counter what would it be?

hedgehoger30 karma

The justin bieber singing doll. So I could burn it.

31theories8 karma

Oh wow! CEC Entertainment was my first job! I miss the old breadsticks they use to make....way better than the new ones. Do you guys still have an employee of the month program or did that get cut?

hedgehoger9 karma

That got cut :(

revanon6 karma

What goes into the pizza that makes it so genuinely impressively mediocre? How many folks will go there just to eat the pizza?

hedgehoger12 karma

Most people go to play games and buy pizza. And the pizzas are actually homemade, but that might just be us

SockDraw3r6 karma

Can you give us any exciting stories?

hedgehoger41 karma

So this actually happened the other day. We usually have at least 2 parties everyday.someone read the reservation sheet wrong that says either princess or super hero depending on the kid. The host coworker accidentally put out a princess crown and party stuff instead of the superhero for a boys party and the mom got so offended claiming that if he "became gay" it would be our fault.

Kanjarwalla22 karma

if he "became gay" it would be our fault.

Hahaha. Is that even possible?

hedgehoger17 karma

According to her... yes

Dean_Craig_Pelton5 karma

How many times a day do you have to hear the Chuck E song? Also how many times a day do you actually sing along to the Chuck E song?

hedgehoger11 karma

Well for birthdays I sing it once, but in the suit we cannot talk

Tucana665 karma

Does the suit in your store ever get cleaned? (How is it cleaned?) Inside and out?

hedgehoger10 karma

We brush the fur and spray deodorant

Hermiesterberger5 karma

Ever have to rescue a kid trapped in the crane game or skiball?

hedgehoger9 karma

Nah but once a girl got her hand caught in a game

olafrozen3 karma

How bad does the suit smell?

hedgehoger19 karma

Well its not a field of roses, but we do clean it And by clean it we mean spray it with deodorizer. It's not really a suit as it is a costume.. There's a head and a bunch of novelty sized clothing

cilantroisevil3 karma

Do you get to make it rain tickets on the kids? I bet that would make you feel very God-esque in the moment.

hedgehoger3 karma

I do :) we throw about 500 tickets at a time

BOX_OF_CATS3 karma

Did you want kids before you started working there? Have you changed your mind since then?

hedgehoger8 karma

I personally don't want kids l, especially don't want them now because there are some spoiled kids there

costinmatei982 karma

I'm more curious about the animatronics. First off what kind of stage do you have there? (3 stage, road show...). Secondly, do they still work off of the old vhs or of dvd? And finally how often do they get maintenence, cus most i have seen are really sqeaky. Sory for the many questiones, i'm into robotics...

hedgehoger3 karma

We have 1 animatronic now of chucke that routinely does dances and songs every hour. We also oil the joints and use dvds

Grambam362 karma

At the location I go at I see kids cheating/breaking games, messing with the mascot, or scared to death(Of Chuck E.), Sometimes I see kids enjoying there time(Sometimes I'm happy to see them because I know I'm not the only sane one there.). Is this what you see in your location?

hedgehoger2 karma

Most of the kids at our location are pretty relaxed and ha0py. We do get some troublemakers thougb

tdavidr12 karma

How old is the oldest person who works there?

hedgehoger3 karma

Our manager is 55

randomredditorreturn2 karma

How many people came up and asked something involving FNAF?

hedgehoger4 karma

Too many.

TNCN002 karma

Are you biologically male or female?

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BlazeDP0 karma

Hiya, Random question but oh well, If you where a sandwich what would be your filling and why?

hedgehoger5 karma

Turkey and tomato on rye

recreationalspace-3 karma

TIL Chuck E Cheese is boring as shit?

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