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cakeslol1830 karma

how much sex?

zac85star2324 karma

all above board i'm afraid, no sex while working! been on a couple of dates with girls i've met at parties tho, thats a different story

taestylobster1615 karma

Ever get a boner on the job? Whether it be being aroused by a guest or the ever haunting random one?

zac85star1773 karma

I try my absolute best not to, even with some pretty serious provocation at times, try and keep my mind off it!

Asks_Politely1162 karma

Out of curiosity, why do you try not to? In this line of work, I always imagined something like that to be a bonus for the party. Do the women get offended or something?

zac85star1174 karma

its not what they're booking me for, i try and keep it all professional, if it start walking around with an erection it crosses a line, who knows what it would lead to - i'm not that sort of guy and the girls who book me aren't looking for that sort of thing

jackster_577 karma


zac85star422 karma

not sure i could keep it up for 2 or 3 hours tho, probably not your man!

Asks_Politely213 karma

Alright I guess that makes sense. Still seems a bit silly to me the women wouldn't expect that to happen really, especially with the ones you mention being super grabby.

zac85star438 karma

I guess, but it means i'm still in control, creates a bit of a barrier for them

Crowedog7495 karma

so you don't tape or tuck or anything?

zac85star145 karma

I'm constantly up and about so would be pretty difficult to hide it, if i get the chance to do this absolutley tho - i take it!

RedditsLittleSecret117 karma

If you're constantly up, tape or tuck sounds like exactly what you need.

zac85star61 karma

tape could be an option!

AlmightySkoob161 karma

Soo... Is that a yay or nay to the boners?

zac85star270 karma

that's a nay, but came close a few times!

evilcounsel876 karma

Ever stir a drink with your dong?

zac85star487 karma

no sadly!

Tanimal15851 karma

Worst treatment you've ever gotten in the line of duty?

zac85star1464 karma

I'm pretty laid back tbh so I tend not to let myself get annoyed or carried away with things, Of course some of what goes on you need a thick skin for and the ability to laugh and joke things away. Some groups of girls see it as a gropefest, constantly pinching and grabbing at me, lifting my apron as I pass - that does get tired pretty quickly and if they're drunk and rowdy it can be a long shift

MaxFreedomMoussa1323 karma

I used to date a stripper (female) and she told me male customers are usually pretty respectful and aren't allowed to touch but females with male strippers are like packs of monkeys and grope constantly. She told me this when I joked about being a male stripper, tbh didn't put me off much... but sadly I never did it haha

zac85star1068 karma

I think there is a discrepency between the 2 when it comes to sexual equality, I guess thats just how it is!

raunchymailman674 karma

I read this as naked butter. Do you often serve buttery treats at these parties?

zac85star481 karma

yes i do actually!

reddithatesmee615 karma

Do you have any regulars or is it different people every time? I could see myself scheduling a regular sesh with a naked butler, like very Thursday you have to come over and make me popcorn while I watch Dance Moms or something.

zac85star560 karma

I have a few girls I've done parties for their group of friends a few times, always good when someone asks you back. nothing as regular as that tho!

YBZ507 karma

Do you do barmitzvahs?

zac85star236 karma

never been asked!

celbydylan476 karma

How much money do you make doing this?

zac85star748 karma

Normal rate is about €80-90 per hour, all depends how long and how big the group is. Some weekends between a few gigs I can clear €1000 over 2 days

celbydylan359 karma

That's pretty impressive, what's the worst thing (if any) about the job?

zac85star698 karma

Sometimes you don't feel like it I suppose, especially after a couple of late parties having to get up and do a lunch event or something - obviously they're paying money so want a bubbly and fresh character, sometimes I just cba! That and the ladies who don't let up trying to untie my apron or catch a feel underneath, most are pretty well behaved but some dont respect that little bit of privacy I try and keep!

Huskatta273 karma


Edit: thank you all :)

zac85star441 karma

*can't be arsed

bozobozo471 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

zac85star498 karma

never thought about it, liked the flying ones from jurassic park!

DrStrangelove69er456 karma

Have you ever been asked to do work for a male party?

zac85star869 karma

never been asked, I'm not gay but would consider doing a gay party for a group if the job came up - i meant to be professional so it shouldn't matter to me if its guys or girls booking me

naraic42938 karma

Plus you wouldn't get the boner problem.

zac85star715 karma


nate1983347 karma

I've done something similar myself, how do you handle the women if they get too intrusive of your body - if you get what I mean?

zac85star373 karma

A lot of women do try, normally I'll try and laugh it off, or just try and keep my distance from them!

forktech287 karma

Are the older ladies more apt to try and get you into bed?

zac85star400 karma

some of the older ladies are a bit less shy put it that way, but you can never tell really, all ages/appearances, sometimes they just burst out their shell

391iady272 karma

What's the best thing about the job?

zac85star456 karma

I enjoy the parties, I love meeting people and totally get a kick out of some of the attention from the girls. Because its always for a special occasion you get to make people's day, initially just getting them to raise a smile but by being friendly and attentive you give them something to remember.

wheredoiputmypenis230 karma

How does one get into the naked butler business?

zac85star359 karma

I noticed a few companies doing it and applied, but quickly figured out there was no reason not to just start up on my own - so I put up adverts online and locally and got some gigs, word of mouth spread and that was that really

Shangheli281 karma

And not be unattractive.

zac85star296 karma

it helps, but i've said before having a good personality is the main thing, being able to talk to people and make them laugh counts for much more the longer the party goes on

thezaynthe215 karma

btw, how rich are you? and how frequently do people hire you?

zac85star349 karma

During peak times, like the summer or christmas I'll have maybe 3 or 4 jobs each weekend, maybe 1 or 2 during the week. At other times maybe only 1 or 2 over the whole week. I make a living off this but have other part time work too to top it up - I'm certainly wouldn't call myself rich!

cwwmbm156 karma

Does you part time job knows about naked butler thing? What do they think about it (if they do know)?

zac85star567 karma

I'm a freelance IT trainer, so am my own boss, I wouldn't have a problem with me!

qazpl145192 karma

What type of looks do you need for a gig like this? Also what type of area is best for the business.

zac85star261 karma

I think personality is equally as important, you need to be able to mingle and chat with strangers for a couple of hours, even if your the nicest looking guy in the world you can still be boring if you've no charisma - obviously looks help as an entree tho!

celbydylan188 karma

Do the women at these parties try to get you aroused? I imagine that would be quite uncomfortable given your attire?!?

zac85star244 karma

Yes some of them do, with some of them it goes beyond a simple touch or grope and is definitely attempted as something a bit more sensual. Also when we're playing games or things, they'll maybe try and cross that line, gotta try and stay focused - as you say given the attire there's nowhere to hide!

cry_wolf2386 karma

When we're playing games

You play games with them? What kind of games?

zac85star146 karma

the classics - toilet paper wedding dress, pass the balloon, pantyhose relay, dares, occasionally a bit of twister or charades

BrobearBerbil131 karma

What's something you learned about women in this job that you didn't know before?

zac85star254 karma

great question, in my experience, they're just like guys - when their with their friends and drinking and comfortable with each other, the kind of things they talk about and the the kind of antics is so similar to myself and my mates

pball2110 karma

Do you ever fart on the job? Any cropdusting? Do you check your crack for dingleberries or paper before a party?

zac85star97 karma

thats a bit of a nightmare thought tbh! thankfully its never happened (to my knowledge)..

PimpedKoala95 karma

What does your family think of your profession?

zac85star215 karma

they're pretty supportive - my mum thinks its a laugh, as does my sister - most of my mates too just think its a big gag, at first they cracked jokes but soon realised i wasn't getting embarassed so what the point

nate198385 karma

Do you get involved in any antics at parties other than waiting on the women?

zac85star120 karma

Yeah I do, most of the time the girls will involve me in any games or things thats going on - more so in the bridal showers/hen parties type of event. It's always pretty fun, sometimes a bit scary!

strangef867 karma

Story time?

zac85star111 karma

all the general games - balloon popping, twister, kissing cards - all fun but a bit scary if your naked, a couple of the groups did a pantyhose race game which was a bit weird, basically theres two teams and its a really for how quick your team can put on and pull off a pair of pantyhose - not exactly my strong point, tho was fun watching the girls do it!

Shaysdays83 karma

Are you actually naked under the apron? Is the apron because of morality laws or just because it is (pardon the pun) cheekier that way?

zac85star114 karma

Absolutely naked, you can see on the pics (from behind) only a small bit of material covering me and yes its mostly for modesty, tho i guess it does give a cheeky look!

nza8976 karma

What happened to your clothes bro?

zac85star83 karma

stored away safely, don't worry

yookgaejang70 karma

Most awkward situation?

zac85star160 karma

definitely whenever there's a hot tub, and especially if its a busy hot tub with girls. The apron doesn't cover a thing in these circumstances as it just floats about - the girls always find it hillariious, and inevtiably this leads to a bit of touching, always a bit of footsie from the girls across from me

Hemske73 karma

"always a bit of footsie from the girls across from me"

You have it pretty rough mate...

edit: And you seriously never got an erection in such situations?

zac85star173 karma

When you're trying to be cool and professional having toes flicking at your cock can be off-putting!

hypnogoad68 karma

Are they always womens parties? Does your employer allow you to decline if a mens party wants to hire you?

zac85star96 karma

There are some men who come along, I've no problem with that at all, birthday parties sometimes can be 50/50 most of the guys have no problem with me so I dont with them - always women who make bookings tho

StickmanDrawing60 karma

Have you ever met a friend at one of the party's? If so, did it change your friendship in any way?

zac85star96 karma

i have, its a bit weird at first, mostly for them especially if they didnt know i did this, never been too awkward tho

seductiveflamingo49 karma

What lead you to getting involved in this line of work. Also was it easy to find a company and get hired?

zac85star76 karma

I wanted to make a bit of extra cash and loved the idea of being the centre of attention at womens parties! There are companies who do it but I just decided to go out on my own, why bother paying someone else, its my gig at the end of the day

cwoodups145 karma

Do you wax your butt?

zac85star68 karma

I have done on occasion yes, well not me personally but I've had it done

drogo_41 karma

do you enjoy it?

zac85star96 karma

Absolutely, 9 times out of 10 its great fun and the girls are lovely, the cash is just a bonus

FinalStealth36 karma

What's the weirdest experience you ever had at a party?

zac85star75 karma

I've been used as a naked dessert platter - had allsorts of cream, pastries, sweets laid over me and served as a platter for the ladies to help themselves - this was a bit crazy. Beyond that, god knows, some of the girls have been doing poledancing and burlesque workshops and I've been a pretty enthralled spectator!

sexbeef35 karma

You look English. Are you English?

zac85star94 karma

Irish, some of my countrymen take that as an insult! I'm not one of them tho, love England but 100% Irish!

chrismilk29 karma

Do any of the older women call you grandson or nephew?

Do you find it creepy?

zac85star51 karma

some of them do make quips about my age and the age and generation gap, I dont find it creepy but I guess if roles were reversed people would - ie old man, young girl

Crowedog7412 karma

What's your favorite music to listen to?

zac85star33 karma

classic rock - nothing too contemporary i'm afraid!

danielmilutin6 karma

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

zac85star10 karma

time travel, definitely

jokygabble6 karma

Hey! Didn't you do an AMA a while back? I think I remember you! Cool.

Does it pay well? Can you describe the most awkward job situation?

zac85star9 karma

i've not done one before no, maybe someone else It does pay well thanks, As for most awkward situation, theres been a few - i did an ann summers night which was abit crazy with some of the outfits, also been in a couple of hot tubs with girls - that can get a bit close at times!

thezaynthe4 karma

how did you start doing this?

(submitted this two times before but automoderator removed it b/c I asked "how did you get into this.... profession" -_-)

zac85star7 karma

I kinda took a chance in it I suppose, I'd seen companies advertising and saw pictures of other guys at parties and I though it looked like a pretty good way to earn some extra money, I'm comfortable with big crowds of strangers, and with my body/appearance so thought why not? Turned out best thing I ever did

codifier4 karma

What plans, if any have you made for preparing for a time in your career where age might reduce demand for your services? Do older performers receive enough work to continue as a profession or is it "a young man's game" and those engaged in the industry make plans for a new career down the road?

zac85star5 karma

i guess starting a business or a franchise model for it, you're right i know i can't do this forever

Kazumara4 karma

Have you ever attempted to grow your business? Get some more butlers on board? That could be a cool opportunity

zac85star5 karma

thought about it yeah, i've brought in other butlers at time when parties have requested more than just me so there probably is a business in it, probably something i will do in the future

wellrom3 karma

I understand that having a good physical appearance is important for the job, but how important would you say the package size is?

zac85star3 karma

I dont show it off, (well not on purpose!) you could keep it hidden if you really tried so not overly important

LiterallyKnowsNothin3 karma

How does a typical event go for you?

And do you show up in just the apron already? Or do you wear a butler outfit and strip down to just the apron?

zac85star3 karma

if i can show up at the door like this then i try to, sometimes not always possible - i'll just ask for a room to change - i certainly don't try and strip or anything, not got the moves for that!

FetusFondler2 karma

Are you a shower or a grower? I can't imagine this line of work is the best for growers based off of this:

its not what they're booking me for, i try and keep it all professional, if it start walking around with an erection it crosses a line, who knows what it would lead to - i'm not that sort of guy and the girls who book me aren't looking for that sort of thing

zac85star1 karma

probably not! you need to be able to control things!

triple3s1 karma

What car do you drive? Modded?

zac85star4 karma

nothing flash, a vm golf

thisiscotty1 karma

never had any random boners on the job ? :P

zac85star1 karma

i try not to, not always easy of course!