Hey guys, I'm Son of Havoc. I've wrestled in 20 countries, and now I'm here to answer your questions!

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Lonelypimp41 karma

How was your relation with Ivelisse on tough enough and how has it changed now you're a team with her and Angelico?

SonOfHavoc71 karma

My relationship with Ivelisse has been really interesting. We've both been around for quite some time and in a way, our careers parallel one another. We met on the indy circuit pre-Tough Enough and it was really exciting to have a friendly face on set of that show. We got pretty close over those days because its a somewhat traumatic experience and really forces people together. For one reason or another we've been overlooked in the past and are both just ecstatic to have such an awesome home in Lucha Underground. We're two people, passionate about professional wrestling, and it's pretty awesome to be living our dream out together....now if she'd just be a little quieter :)

naimnotname30 karma

How the hell did you come up with "MDogg20?"

SonOfHavoc55 karma

In high school, some friends and I got really into breakdancing. With my Gymnastics background, it seemed to come naturally to me. When I first started wrestling I called myself the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) because I was, and am, Straight Edge. My buddy decided to call himself "Josh Prohibition" and we were always feuding. I thought to myself, "so, we're presenting to the people, The 18th Amendment (Prohibition) vs. Josh Prohibition...nobody is gonna care! (or be able to relate for that matter!)". To make things more interesting, I decided to take my breakdancing skills/persona and apply it to my wrestling....I didn't however, think of a name, haha. The ring announcer, at my first show asked me, "what's your name"....I panicked, and said "MDogg20"...I guess 18 year old me thought it sounded cool. The best explanation every given to me was that I'm following in the footsteps of the 19 great MDogg's before me. Abraham Lincoln for example....MDogg3...little known fact.

cybercuzco4 karma

With my Gymnastics background

Can we see you do an Iron cross?

SonOfHavoc7 karma

At some point I posted one on my facebook page if you wanna do some digging: www.facebook.com/mdoggmattcross

abelg9928 karma

Who at Lucha Underground would you like to have a match with that you haven't had one with yet?

SonOfHavoc50 karma

That's easy, the champ, Prince Puma. When I started with Lucha Underground a lot of people thought I was a joke. I made opportunities when they weren't there, scratched, clawed, and let my passion for this business shine through. People can see through fake, and when they caught on that I was a guy leaving it all in the ring every single time, the support came in droves. I believe my rise to prominence in this first season of Lucha Underground has been unprecedented and a match against the champ would cement that memorable climb, and all the blood, sweat, and tears I've poured into this.

DrSmite27 karma

How long did it take you to grow that sweet, sweet beard?

SonOfHavoc49 karma

I haven't touched a razor in 3 years:

Step 1: Throw away razor Step 2: Wait Step 3: Soak in the real ultimate power!!

XxImaginati0nxX23 karma

What is the most memorable moment in your career? Can you visit us at /r/SquaredCircle

SonOfHavoc42 karma

I'm very luck that my 14 years in professional wrestling have taken me all over the world. Touring Australia with Hulk Hogan was an extremely memorable 2 weeks, being on the Ultimate Warrior's last show ever in Barcelona, Spain..and wrestling in front of 16,000 people that night also jumps out at me. I've had 13 matches against Ultimo Dragon, rode a crappy little razor scooter down a parking garage with RVD in Ireland...pro Wrestling has been a wild ride and it's difficult to single out any one moment to define my time in it thus far. I've embraced the journey and can't wait to see what the future holds!

LuxReflexio20 karma

Will we ever see Son of Havoc in a certain American Legion post in Reseda?

SonOfHavoc29 karma

People forget that I was not only on their first show EVER, but also their first show at that particular building. I would LOVE to return, hit em up and lets make it happen!

cagrimm3tt20 karma

What daily habits/routines do you have and how have they added to your success?

SonOfHavoc72 karma

This is a great question because I'm often asked for advice by people wanting the "secret", or easy way, to success.

I feel that hard work can't be denied forever and you have to be disciplined, focused, and passionate.

I hit the gym at least 5 days a week. I don't post about it, I don't brag about it, I don't tweet about it, and I don't have my phone on me when I'm there. I'm there to do a job, and that job is kill myself for something I love. I can't tell you how many Friday night's I've spent alone at a gym repeating to myself after every single rep, "I'm a professional wrestler, I'm a professional wrestler, I'm a...." I'm readying my body for the abuse it takes (and dishes out) and aware that the higher your aspirations, the more aesthetics come into play.

I also eat 30 grams of quality protein, roughly 30 grams of complex carbs, and 10 grams of good fats every 2 and a half hours....no excuses.

This is my dream. I will make it happen.

cybercuzco5 karma

That makes a lot of sense. If your job is a Doctor, you study mediciene, if you are an engineer you design stuff. If you are a professional wrestler you train. Thats your job. Also designing fabulous outfits.

SonOfHavoc9 karma

One can never, and should never, forget the fabulous outfits!

anubhavnidhi100920 karma

How was your experience working with Steve Austin and others on tough enough? Are you still in touch with them?

SonOfHavoc44 karma

Steve Austin was, is, and most likely always will be a stand up guy. He cares deeply about this business and respects the grind. He reached out to me post Tough Enough (easily the biggest perk of being a part of the program) and has been extremely personable and helpful. He hand delivered my stuff to WWE when he obviously didn't need to and attached his name to me which is an insane honor. I'm grateful to still be in touch with him and hoping to get on his podcast sooner than later! Being on the phone with him is admittedly hilarious because if/when he says "what", you can't help but chuckle. It's awesome he's a fan of Lucha Underground too!

thenotoriousmjs19 karma

Will there be a 2nd season of Lucha Underground?

SonOfHavoc48 karma

All hands are on deck to ensure that the best hour in professional wrestling returns.

FSBlueApocalypse19 karma

How were you pitched to sign on with Lucha Underground?

SonOfHavoc28 karma

I got an exciting call from one of Mark Burnett's people explaining that I'd been put on a "dream list" of talent for a potential television show. Names like John Morrison were being considered so I knew it had legitimacy right from the start. They were interested in guys who had an understanding and respect for Lucha Libre. The show was pitched to me, and of course, sounded way too good to be true, haha. Fast forward a year and every promise I've been made has been kept and then some. Lucha Underground is far and away the best thing I've ever been a part of. The perfect showcase for what I bring to the table.

LessThanNate17 karma

Matt, you doing American Ninja Warrior again? Good to see you last year at the 15 year HS reunion.

SonOfHavoc26 karma

I hope to compete again next year! I loved being the first professional wrestler to ever attempt the course and really took it upon myself to show that we're real, legitimate athletes. I'm proud of my performance and I know I can go even further...people haven't seen anything yet

LeMuffinManHonHonHon8 karma

THAT WAS YOU. I thought I recognized that beard!

beardead2 karma

Was it the most recent season? I want to see this!

SonOfHavoc5 karma

it's on my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/mdoggmattcross

JeffreyJackoff17 karma

How do you feel about your large following in the gay community?

SonOfHavoc10 karma

A pro wrestling fan is a pro wrestling fan. Welcome aboard, spread the word, and thanks for the support!

torresjose11_2616 karma

Love watching you as Son of Havoc

What do you enjoy doing on your down time? & what music do you enjoy?

SonOfHavoc34 karma

Thanks! Ironically enough, those two questions are quite intertwined for me. I'm a punk rocker through and through and most of my free time is devoted to my passion for music. I love going to shows, picking up punk rock shirts, discovering new bands, having bands crash at my place, etc. I saw the Ramones and the Sex Pistols both in 1996 and never looked back. To me, professional wrestling is my punk rock, and it enables me to stick to my ideals and live the DIY lifestyle I've always wanted to live.

JuliusJex0113 karma

What is your favorite match you were in so far in Lucha Underground?

SonOfHavoc29 karma

Winning the Trios Titles Tournament was pretty incredible. They had to edit it out due to time constraints, but our celebration was literally 10 minutes long. Ten straight minutes of pure (and I must note mutual) appreciation from rabid fans. Professional wrestling, at its best is about creating moments, from the feedback I've received from that match, I think we created just such a moment. It was amazing to get messages from people around the world saying they'd been brought to tears over the match. It was the culmination of literally years of hard work, long drives, hospital stays, and hope.

XOridianX13 karma

What was going through your mind when Angelico dived off Dario Cueto's office?

SonOfHavoc32 karma

True story...I was sorta beneath him so I just briefly caught this shadow fly overhead. At first I thought somebody threw a trash can and I was all, "WHOA! SWEET!! The atmosphere in the temple is soo good! They're rioting!!! YES!!". Then, I realized it wasn't a trash can and I had this moment where I thought somebody (ie a fan) jumped off the balcony (ie committed suicide) and I was all, ":(". THEN, I realized it was my crazy partner (who I've known since 2008) committing suicide,but in a good way....the best way, and then I just wanted to party.

drsfmd12 karma

Prior to LU did you have any experience with the lucha style? If not, how steep was the learning curve?

Love the show, and your role in it... and you've come a long way since WSX (my first exposure to you).

SonOfHavoc22 karma

My first trip to Mexico City (specifically for professional wrestling) was in 2003 so I'm no stranger to the Lucha game. That said, it's an absolute honor to be working alongside living Lucha legends like Konnan, Alberto El Patron, Blue Demon Jr, and all the talented AAA men and women.

cbartholomew12 karma

Hi Havoc, big fan, I'm glad to see after a number of years on the circuit that you ended up at LU. I'm a wrestler in training myself, and my dream is to do a Shooting Star Press, but It's so scary. Can you explain the feeling before and after when you completed the shooting star press for the first time?

SonOfHavoc23 karma

I probably sound like a broken record but I'm thrilled to have the perfect home in Lucha Underground. It's both creatively, and professionally rewarding.

The Shooting Star Press is insane, your body is doing a backflip while traveling forward. It's counter-intuitive, unnatural, dangerous, and AWESOME. If I didn't have an 11 year background in high level competitive Gymnastics I wouldn't have ever even dreamed of it, haha.

The_Orsum_One11 karma

What has been your relationship with Angelico while teaming up? On the show you guys look like great friends, how true is that outside of the show?

SonOfHavoc14 karma

BFF's <3

Coldcoffees10 karma

Who is your favourite wrestler of all time?

SonOfHavoc31 karma

Dynamite Kid. So ahead of his time it's insane. I hope I bring even a touch of that intensity, style, out of the box thinking, and unorthodox maneuvers with me to the ring.

oldfat10 karma

Hi Son of Havoc. I have two questions:

You've been wrestling a good while. How are you holding up?

How much ya bench?

SonOfHavoc24 karma

Feeling good! Eating right, exercising regularly, I'm literally fired up with how well I feel right now. Lucha Underground has lit a fire of motivation under me and I'm excited to continue to press on forever onward and upward!

325...on a bad day

BooRoxAlot10 karma

Matt, I was the guy at the LU show in the SoH mask the night you won the Trios Championship. When you were celebrating, you came over to me and we celebrated with the belt together (floor seats on the aisle). My question, who marked out more in that moment? Me or you?

2nd question, if I may, what are the chances we can get Danzig to be your ring manager for a night?

SonOfHavoc19 karma

I loved the SOH mask dude. I'm hoping as the show progresses, we get the opportunity to really explore some different merch. In the meantime, I think it's awesome guys like you are creating your own stuff...that's passion!

As the world's biggest Danzig-era Misfits fan, I'm 100% interested in Danzig accompanying me to the ring. Maybe Mark Burnett or Robert Rodriquez can make some phone calls??

MarylandBlue9 karma

How long does it take you to get from "The Open Road" to Boyle Heights?

SonOfHavoc14 karma

It took me 14 years.

Like Stone Cold Steve Austin told me, "it took me 10 years to be an overnight success". That drives me forward each and every day.

JamesMayOwnsMySoul9 karma

Your beard vs Daniel Bryan's. Whose facial hair wins?

SonOfHavoc21 karma

Though I respect all beards, and consider Daniel Bryan a friend, we ALL know the answer to that one now don't we??

Kaemdar4 karma

No we don't. this is why we need to see a fully sanctioned beard off in a canadian forest sometime soon.

SonOfHavoc12 karma

true...perhaps this video of us both beardless will blow some minds? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gH827x51vw

Linkhare8 karma

Who do you think are the most talented guys/gals?

And who are your best friends in wrestling?

SonOfHavoc26 karma

We're in a crazy time in professional wrestling right now where there are just tons of talented men and women out there.

My best friends in wrestling are Sami Zayn (we've spent time in Russia, Greece, Miami, Germany, and Hawaii together, awww), Adrian Neville (we've wrestled one another in England, off the coast of Africa, France, Spain, etc), and a guy named Ricochet...he's pretty awesome.

Coldcoffees8 karma

Describe your short tenure at WWE with 5 words?

SonOfHavoc31 karma

I've never been in WWE. (nailed it!)

MattLDN227 karma

What's the locker room like in Lucia underground, and is there any news of it coming to the UK? Thanks!

SonOfHavoc20 karma

The Lucha Underground locker room is incredible. It's full of professionals who are keenly aware of the opportunity they've been given. If you're involved in professional wrestling, you're ultimately a fan (or at least should be), and as fans we've clamored for change for so very long. It feels amazing to be an integral part OF that change that I've wanted to see for years. Finally we have something fresh, something different, something genuinely new to call our own.

reddititan6 karma

How much input did you get with your Son of Havoc persona/costume etc?

I'm a huge fan of Lucha and the Trios title has been the highlight of the year!

SonOfHavoc7 karma

Thank you for the support!

My hat is off to the creative team at Lucha Underground. They have helped create an amazing atmosphere backstage. Creatively it's a very rewarding environment. The team is willing to take risks, and actually listen to their fans (crazy huh?!). I'm not only able to give feedback, but I'm encouraged to be an active part of the process. I think when professionals get together, and the leash is taken off, incredible things, like Lucha Underground, can happen.

nakamura-noodles6 karma

What advice do you have for upincoming female wrestlers that want to be as considered just as good as the boys?

SonOfHavoc9 karma

Believe in yourself and do it because you love it.

When I started 14 years ago there were essentially zero opportunities for guys like me. I never let that stop me.

Best of luck!

MainAntagonist6 karma

Since you're Son of Havoc is Havoc your mom or dad and will they ever make an appearance in the Temple?

BlueVelvet9015 karma

What if it's the concept of havoc?

SonOfHavoc32 karma

finally, somebody go it.

Armedinar5 karma

When did you decide that Pro-Wrestling was going to be your lifestyle ?

SonOfHavoc9 karma

Professional Wrestling is my personal punk rock journey. My friends don't really play any instruments so I had to look elsewhere to ensure I could see the world, sleep on floors, meet crazy (often very accommodating people) and live life on my own terms, going to sleep with a smile on my face every night. I think I was always attracted to an ever-on-the-move lifestyle. It's a pirates life for me!

xfocalinx4 karma

How much did it rule being front row for Danzig at Riotfest?

top 5 artist currently on your ipod.

SonOfHavoc4 karma

Front row for Danzig = 10/10

I'll also be at Riotfest Chicago again this year for the almighty Rancid!

Top 5 Current (in no particular order) 1) Antarctigo Vespucci (Leavin La Vida Loca) 2)Left Alone (Harbor Area) 3) PUP (self-titled) 4)Disfear (Misanthropic Generation) 5)Modern Life is War (Witness)

Adt19114 karma

Is there kind of a corporate and familiar atmosphere in the LU locker room or do you all just arrive for the tapings and leave after them without much interaction?

SonOfHavoc7 karma

Everyone arrives, laughs, jokes, prepares, pushes each another, kills it, congratulates one another, hangs out, goes out, then does it again with a smile.

It's cliche but we're all on the same team, and living the dream

CurtBaboon4 karma

Have any of the Americans learned a bit of Spanish, or viceversa?

SonOfHavoc5 karma

un poco

Jazzman36454 karma

What music do you jam too whilst on the road?

SonOfHavoc14 karma

Punk Rock in all its forms and glory. Drove a thousand miles this past weekend and was on a big Chris Farren kick. I also made time for Modern Life is War, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Against Me!, Amebix, and Disfear.

ThinkLikeCarbon4 karma

Hello! I watch Lucha Underground every week and I would be lier if I didn't say that I love you! You're very good in the ring and I think that this is the most important thing in LU.

I have three questions:

1) Would you ever return to WWE? We miss you. :p

2) Your favourite opponent ever? Could you describe match with him?

3) Do you know that you have big fanbase in Poland? :D Will you ever visit us?

Sorry for my english by the way... Greetings!

SonOfHavoc6 karma

Thanks for the support! It's always good to hear from people overseas. How awesome is it that we're all connected through our love of wrestling?! 1) I've never been in the WWE 2)I'm pretty honored to have had 13 matches against Ultimo Dragon. He's a true pro through and through and I loved earning his respect and friendship over time. 3)I spent all of last July wrestling in Germany and was lucky enough to take a little side trip to Woodstock Poland. It was incredible and I would love to return! Travel is what fuels my passion for pro wrestling!

RobinVanDutch3 karma

Why did you shave your beard? It was so majestic!

SonOfHavoc6 karma

I didn't!

No1WillEverBelieveU3 karma

Do you think its time for a team name? Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

SonOfHavoc7 karma

Team Havoc! FTW!

KearneyZzyzwicz2 karma

Any chance you'd let Cleveland punk band The Sidekicks write you a theme song?

SonOfHavoc3 karma


MyLoveHammer2 karma

Do you, Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, and Marty the Moth have a kliq-style Tough Enough group going on?

SonOfHavoc3 karma

Hmm, no...which begs the question...why not?! This is priority number one when Season 2 gets the green light. Look out.

redditbutblueit2 karma

Have you ever been to San Marino? Also, do you think your Communications studies in college has helped you out in wrestling? Thanks!

SonOfHavoc3 karma

I have been to San Marino yes! My Grandfather was born there and it's a beautiful country. I hope I get the chance to return sooner than later. I also got the opportunity to wrestle across Italy in 2006 and it was incredible. I spent most nights wrestling Ultimo Dragon and then on days off I got to explore places like Rome and Pompeii....both unbelievable in their own way and no doubt two of my favorite spots that I've gotten to experience.

I think my honors degree in Communications has helped me indirectly in the pro wrestling business, much in the same way it helps me in life. I'm comfortable speaking, and understand the importance of language, communication, word choice, and context. I think I have a knack for telling a good story, which works well in this crazy pro wrestling life.

mac_und_cheese2 karma

Can I have a hug?

SonOfHavoc3 karma


TheKingOfBadgerHill2 karma

Did you enjoy your time in Singapore?

SonOfHavoc4 karma


The fans were incredible and really truly made me feel special. It was an absolute treat performing for them and I hope I get the chance to return sooner than later.

I enjoyed my time at the zoo (especially the Pandas!), and the views from the Singapore Flyer were awesome. If I'm lucky enough to get to return, my only request is one night at the Marina Bay Sands!

QB00gie2 karma

How can one submit art work for possible to shirt designs?

SonOfHavoc2 karma

Connect with me at www.facebook.com/mdoggmattcross

I love when people share their talents. Some of the artists, photographers, and writers I've met through professional wrestling have really blown my mind. I'd love to see what you come up with.