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This is a great question because I'm often asked for advice by people wanting the "secret", or easy way, to success.

I feel that hard work can't be denied forever and you have to be disciplined, focused, and passionate.

I hit the gym at least 5 days a week. I don't post about it, I don't brag about it, I don't tweet about it, and I don't have my phone on me when I'm there. I'm there to do a job, and that job is kill myself for something I love. I can't tell you how many Friday night's I've spent alone at a gym repeating to myself after every single rep, "I'm a professional wrestler, I'm a professional wrestler, I'm a...." I'm readying my body for the abuse it takes (and dishes out) and aware that the higher your aspirations, the more aesthetics come into play.

I also eat 30 grams of quality protein, roughly 30 grams of complex carbs, and 10 grams of good fats every 2 and a half hours....no excuses.

This is my dream. I will make it happen.

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My relationship with Ivelisse has been really interesting. We've both been around for quite some time and in a way, our careers parallel one another. We met on the indy circuit pre-Tough Enough and it was really exciting to have a friendly face on set of that show. We got pretty close over those days because its a somewhat traumatic experience and really forces people together. For one reason or another we've been overlooked in the past and are both just ecstatic to have such an awesome home in Lucha Underground. We're two people, passionate about professional wrestling, and it's pretty awesome to be living our dream out together....now if she'd just be a little quieter :)

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In high school, some friends and I got really into breakdancing. With my Gymnastics background, it seemed to come naturally to me. When I first started wrestling I called myself the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) because I was, and am, Straight Edge. My buddy decided to call himself "Josh Prohibition" and we were always feuding. I thought to myself, "so, we're presenting to the people, The 18th Amendment (Prohibition) vs. Josh Prohibition...nobody is gonna care! (or be able to relate for that matter!)". To make things more interesting, I decided to take my breakdancing skills/persona and apply it to my wrestling....I didn't however, think of a name, haha. The ring announcer, at my first show asked me, "what's your name"....I panicked, and said "MDogg20"...I guess 18 year old me thought it sounded cool. The best explanation every given to me was that I'm following in the footsteps of the 19 great MDogg's before me. Abraham Lincoln for example....MDogg3...little known fact.

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That's easy, the champ, Prince Puma. When I started with Lucha Underground a lot of people thought I was a joke. I made opportunities when they weren't there, scratched, clawed, and let my passion for this business shine through. People can see through fake, and when they caught on that I was a guy leaving it all in the ring every single time, the support came in droves. I believe my rise to prominence in this first season of Lucha Underground has been unprecedented and a match against the champ would cement that memorable climb, and all the blood, sweat, and tears I've poured into this.

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I haven't touched a razor in 3 years:

Step 1: Throw away razor Step 2: Wait Step 3: Soak in the real ultimate power!!