Hi, I'm Noelle Hannibal. You may have seen me as the First Female Vulcan on Earth in Star Trek: First Contact, as a Teresian woman in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Favorite Son, as a member of the Sisterhood of Jhe in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or on stage in Los Angeles, New York or Montreal!

I have been working on a fun web series called The Singing Vulcan, which will debut on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. You can find all the details at www.facebook.com/TheSingingVulcan We have a lot of ideas for future episodes, but right now we are hoping you like the first one!

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook at /NoelleHannibal or on Twitter @NoelleHannibal

Please also feel free to ask me anything! One of my greatest joys is participating in Comic Cons so I can meet the fans. You guys have been so amazing to me! Now I am venturing slowly into the world of Reddit! Hope to talk to you soon!

My Proof: www.facebook.com/NoelleHannibal

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bearmstro181 karma

Would you rather fight 100 tribble-sized gorns or 1 gorn-sized tribble?

NoelleHannibal207 karma

Tribbles are cute. I'd rather not fight them at all.

AlmostButNotQuit86 karma

I applaud your lateral thinking

NoelleHannibal41 karma

Thank you :)

Notmyrealname39 karma

They seem like a lot of trouble to me.

NoelleHannibal25 karma


MrWoohoo21 karma

Gorns are kinda cute too when they are action figure-sized. Like little grumpy iguanas.

NoelleHannibal25 karma

I love iguanas!

WillQuoteASOIAF93 karma

What's it like being a woman in Science Fiction? Do you think the way women are represented in scifi and fantasy has improved since you started? What would you change about female representation in these genres these days, if you could?

Thanks for the AMA!

NoelleHannibal203 karma

Sci fi women are badass. I have loved watching as more and more female characters come to the forefront. It's also important the female writers have been getting a lot of attention. It is still, most definitely, a male dominated genre, but I'm hoping this recent surge will continue to grow. What would I change? I wish I could crawl inside people's brains sometimes and change their way of thinking. Someone once said to me that Underworld would have been better if the main character was male. I said, "that movie is called Blade." Thanks for your questions!

GreggCee64 karma

I dont know if i would want to see wesley snipes in that skin tight latex suit.

NoelleHannibal35 karma

Me neither! haha!

zakats37 karma

that movie is called Blade.

it's obvious now that you mention it but I'd never considered it that way. I didn't count on having an epiphany when reading an AMA, good on you. LLaP

NoelleHannibal25 karma

Happy to oblige :)

concretebox21 karma

As a long-time Sci-fi viewer, I've come to expect that a new sexy female character that seduces the male lead in the first act, will betray him in the last act. Have you noticed this as an actor in Sci-fi or am I just imagining it?

NoelleHannibal46 karma

I haven't really thought about it, but I can see where you are coming from. I would love it if female characters didn't have to resort to sex to be powerful.

spacester5 karma

Buffy didn't, as far as I remember.

Buffy wasn't about Vampires. Buffy was about Girl Power. Great stuff.

serume3 karma

Girl power. Boy power. People power. Embracing what makes you different-power. Heart power. Brain power. Group power.

Buffy is the shit.

NoelleHannibal3 karma

I agree!!!

Forgetfulsub89 karma

Are the actors you worked with from TNG as awesome as they seem?

NoelleHannibal133 karma

Absolutely!! I reconnected with Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn at a con a few years back and it was awesome. I really enjoyed my experience and everyone made me feel welcome.

cuteman36 karma

Was Michael Dorn with the Tick making fun of and harassing nerds?

NoelleHannibal34 karma

Not that I know of.

aurthurallan77 karma

Were you a fan of Star Trek before getting an acting role on the film? How has it changed your life since?

NoelleHannibal111 karma

I watched TNG, but my mom was a major Star Trek fan from TOS. I got the bit on Voyager directly from working on First Contact after meeting Brannon Braga. I have also had the pleasure of doing Comic Cons all across North America! I am hoping with the 50th Anniversary coming up, that I will be able to get out to more cities and countries!

aurthurallan31 karma

Awesome! My parents got me into sci fi as well. :)

NoelleHannibal75 karma

My mom used to force me to watch with her. She's so cool, though. I went to all the greatest action films when I was growing up. She embedded in me a deep love of James Bond too!

aurthurallan11 karma

Moms are the best.

NoelleHannibal16 karma

Indeed, they are!

geo121354 karma

Did you witness tension or full on drama between Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew?

NoelleHannibal69 karma

Sadly, I didn't work with either Jeri or Kate. My scenes were all with Garret Wang

Jynx347 karma

Do you feel appearing on Star Trek makes it harder to get other roles in tv and film?

NoelleHannibal73 karma

At the time it was a bit challenging as I think I was typecast as tall alien/demon girl. Those were all the offers that I was getting. It's kind of how I found my way back to my first love, which is theatre.

Glarbluk38 karma

How do you like the way the new Star Trek movies are going?

NoelleHannibal87 karma

I am a big fan! I met Zachary Quinto on the street in NYC a couple of years ago and my lead in was that we were the same species. It was the best I could come up with! I love all of the actors and I think JJ Abrams has done a wonderful job bringing back the franchise.

Jerrits20 karma

You just ran into him on the street? How crazy is that.

NoelleHannibal48 karma

I was walking down 54th Street and there he was, on the corner talking to a friend. New York is like that. Everybody walks, so you can run into all sorts of performers.

MisterMeanMustard27 karma

What is the best movie you have seen recently?

NoelleHannibal89 karma

Mad Max!

DubiumGuy47 karma

This is the correct answer.

NoelleHannibal39 karma

Do I win a prize?

wildwolfdj24 karma

So, is it true what they say about girl with pointy ears?

NoelleHannibal93 karma

Yes. We hear better than girls with normal ears.

PaxAmarria11 karma

You made me laugh. Thank you.

NoelleHannibal13 karma

My pleasure.

Precursor255223 karma

What was it like working with Anthony Stewart Head?

NoelleHannibal37 karma

Tony is an absolute dream! I met him prior to working on Buffy, so when I got to set, he kindly showed me around and introduced me to the other cast members. My appearance agents recently signed him, so I am hoping to reconnect with him at a con! Maybe even sing together at a panel!

UCgirl19 karma

You seem to act with various levels of make-up and prosthetics (vulcan to ...well...completely covered). Which type of acting do you find more challenging? Do you have a preference?

NoelleHannibal28 karma

I love being in make-up, but having full prosthetic, contacts, fangs and claws is challenging from a movement standpoint. I have always been a fan of changing my look. Even in theatrical productions, I have been lucky enough that the directors I have worked with are willing to take suggestions and usually on my part, that means a wig of some sort! Having make-up, wigs, glasses, costuming, etc. helps me to develop my character.

misterlegato19 karma

How did you get into character for Favorite Son? Did you ever wonder exactly how the males died given how quickly they seemed to get mummified?

NoelleHannibal25 karma

It was so much fun shooting that episode. I mean, honestly, we sucked the dna (and the life) out of men to survive! As far as getting into character, I had one thought in my head. "Get him."

iamadogand13 karma

I've been watching all the Star Trek series, and I'm currently halfway through voyager. I actually just watched a Favorite Son a couple days ago, and noted the presence of the female Vulcan! 20 years later and you still turn heads!

NoelleHannibal12 karma

Thank you so much!

Prius_For_Life18 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! What is your favorite Pizza Topping?

NoelleHannibal38 karma

My pleasure! My favorite pizza topping is cheese, cheese and more cheese!

thenetkraken16 karma

You'd be welcome in Wisconsin.

NoelleHannibal10 karma

Thank you!

lostpatrol14 karma

Would you want to star in Hannibal if there is a season 4? Perhaps to get eaten by Mads Mikkelsen?

NoelleHannibal27 karma


theelectricmessiah14 karma

A lot of former trek actors are doing fan films now, like Tim Russ and Chase Masterson. Have you been approached for something like that? Also, are you going to be at the con in Las Vegas?

NoelleHannibal21 karma

I have been watching a lot of the current fan films. My friend Vic Mignona does Star Trek Continues and we have talked about my making an appearance at some point. It's all about timing. It hasn't happened yet, but it will. Tim Russ and I are now repped by the same convention agents, so I am hoping we will get to connect. Sadly, I won't be in Las Vegas this year as I am working, but hopefully next year for the 50th Anniversary.

ademnus7 karma

Are there any legal / copyright hurdles to making a star trek fan film?

NoelleHannibal10 karma

Interesting question. I have done a lot of research into that. In fact, I originally thought of the idea for my web series over a year ago, but hesitated because of copyright concerns. It is a parody show, which leaves a little more room. I guess I'll see if I get served!

ademnus5 karma

Oh, well I hope you don't! I'm considering making my own as well and would really like to learn the right way to go about it so as to avoid the whole serving thing hehe. Was hoping you could fill me in.

NoelleHannibal6 karma

I figure that with the amount of Star Trek fan series on YouTube that haven't been shut down, I should be ok. Sorry I can't be more help!

NorbitGorbit13 karma

what are the differences in makeup application for movie vs tv?

NoelleHannibal21 karma

Absolutely none! It took over 3 hours to turn me into a Vulcan on First Contact and 4 to turn me into a demon on Buffy (with full prosthetics) I have spent A LOT of time in the make-up chair!

SDparty12 karma

Grannies, boy shorts, thongs, or commando?

NoelleHannibal22 karma

Boy shorts.

Rawl_Bloodstar11 karma

If you had to serve as a crew member, which captain from the shows or movies would you choose to join?

NoelleHannibal15 karma

That's a tough one! To be honest, I really only watched TNG and the films. And of course, Star Trek Continues. I think I would have to say Captain Picard, because I am most familiar with them.

Rawl_Bloodstar11 karma

Good choice. Best leader out of the bunch and a great Shakespearean actor as a bonus. Good luck with your web series, I'll be sure to watch.

NoelleHannibal7 karma

Thank you so much!

Prince2w10 karma

Vulcan sing?

exitpursuedbybear18 karma

Tuvok sang and so did spock...silly.

NoelleHannibal26 karma

Some Vulcans have talent. I guess it's the same in any species.

OutInTheBlack19 karma

It seems logical.

NoelleHannibal17 karma

Indeed, it does!

NoelleHannibal9 karma

Yes, indeed!

orchidnecromancer9 karma

Hey Noelle, my name is also Noelle.

Do people call you Nicole on a daily basis?

NoelleHannibal8 karma

Hi Noelle! Pretty much!! Or Noel (you know, the boy pronunciation?)

BornTradition9 karma

What was your favorite set as part of the production?

NoelleHannibal11 karma

I loved the bar set in First Contact. The jukebox was real and we had a lot of fun dancing once the music started. Sadly, most of that footage got cut.

theskepticalidealist8 karma

What's it like having a first name that sounds like Christmas and a last name that sounds like the coolest serial killer we love to hate?

NoelleHannibal15 karma

It used to bug me, especially when I was a kid. The Christmas thing still kind of bugs me. How many times do I have to hear someone sing The First Noel to me? I have embraced the Hannibal part. I especially like to quote the fava beans bit from Silence of the Lambs.

Makuto8 karma

Do you think a new star trek series has a chance of taking off? It seems like every time a new series comes out, by the time it gets passed its growing pains and finds its niche... boom, it gets cancelled. I think at one point in the 90's there were 3 star trek shows filming at once. Wha happen?

NoelleHannibal10 karma

I'm not sure what happened, but now seems to be a time when everything that was old is new again. I mean, we have got a reboot of the X-Files coming up! I definitely think a new Star Trek series would fly, with the right person at the helm, the right premise and the right cast.

piercet_3dPrint8 karma

Do you like Wombats?

NoelleHannibal14 karma

I love all animals. Especially furry ones!

JemLover8 karma

How tall are you?

NoelleHannibal12 karma

Just under 6'

Thejorge07 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! It's great to see actors from different franchises give out their thoughts. When you were doing first contact, was the Vulcan ship a real set piece or was it a green screen? Also what's your favorite voyager episode? Again thanks!

NoelleHannibal16 karma

My pleasure! The Vulcan ship was a real set piece! We were in the middle of the Angeles National Forest in California. The bar was also built just opposite the ship. Filming that scene coming out of the ship FELT important. I loved it. I didn't really watch Voyager, so I'll have to say my favourite episode is the one I was in, Favorite Son :)

ylurt7 karma

Don't care if it has been asked yet but how do you keep a straight face on set?

NoelleHannibal6 karma

Sometimes it's hard. I worked on Ellen Degeneres' sitcom and we would crack up all the time. I have got a great (VHS) gag real.

aebelsky7 karma

Can you talk a little bit about the web series?

NoelleHannibal16 karma

I really can't say too much. The first episode introduces the Singing Vulcan and sets up the second episode. Once the first episode is released, I will be able to talk a little more about it. I hope you will watch it!

Keica6 karma

If you could have your dream role in the next Star Trek movie who would you play?

NoelleHannibal5 karma

I'd like to be a villain. They always look like they're so much fun to play!

avaseyrockz6 karma

Is it true that star trek film has nothing to do with star?

NoelleHannibal19 karma

I cannot confirm or deny. But aren't stars pretty?

Prof_Falconer6 karma

What inspired you to create The Singing Vulcan?

NoelleHannibal9 karma

I sing all the time. Seriously, all the time. I was over at my friend's place and threw an idea out to him. We kept building on that initial idea of this Vulcan that sings. It's a definitely a comedy series. I hope you like it!

Bearrunner446 karma

What was the feeling on set? The main cast of TNG was/is very close-knit, and Frakes has a reputation for being efficient and easy to work with, so I'd imagine it was a positive experience.

NoelleHannibal12 karma

Jonathan Frakes was fantastic to work with. Everyone was really friendly. No attitudes. It was definitely one of my favourite sets to work on. Except for that we were in the middle of the forest and there were bears!

FlowersbyIrine6 karma

What's the craziest thing that ever happened on set?

NoelleHannibal7 karma

Nothing crazy happened in my week on set, but when I was driving back down the mountain after shooting, a bear ran across the road in front of me. I will never forget that. A BEAR.

Davillamaster6 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

Few questions for you.

How important do you think your role in the Star Trek series was to further the women's movement?

Also, did you experience any hate related to your role in the show on or off the set?

NoelleHannibal12 karma

I don't think my role had any impact on the women's movement, but I am so proud to be the first female Vulcan on Earth. No, I didn't experience anything negative related to the role. Thanks for your questions!

musical_throat_punch6 karma

Who is the best captain ever and why is it Kirk?

NoelleHannibal5 karma

I haven't seen all of the series', so that's hard to answer. Who do you think is the best? I'm thinking Kirk, based on your question :)

RomeoDog3d5 karma

Who do you think is the best star trek captain ?

NoelleHannibal6 karma

That's tough. I haven't watched all the series'. Who do you think is best?

zomething5 karma

Need any actors for the web series? 😉

NoelleHannibal6 karma

You never know!! :)

zomething5 karma

I'll keep an eye out on Twitter! Rock on lady!

NoelleHannibal9 karma

Thank you!!

madhi195 karma

Picard or kirk?

NoelleHannibal6 karma

That is so tough. Shatner Kirk, Pine Kirk or Mignona Kirk?

sh1tbr1cks4 karma

Would you ever appear nude in a movie or tv show?

NoelleHannibal13 karma

No, but when I was much younger, I did the musical Hair which has a nude scene.

Daggerbeard4 karma

Have you ever danced so hard your donkey died?

NoelleHannibal12 karma

I don't have a donkey, but I love to dance!

nigger20142 karma

The singing vulcan

Good christ that sounds gay!?

NoelleHannibal5 karma

Yes, I hope it brings happiness.

mongorian_beeef-2 karma

If you had to choose between singing "sexy back" by Justin Timberlake every time you see someone attractive, or "Africa" by Toto every time you see a black person, which would you pick?

NoelleHannibal5 karma

Sexy back, hands down.

mongorian_beeef-1 karma

Nice. You busy later?

NoelleHannibal5 karma

Haha! I am. Birthday celebrations!