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HI we are live!!!!

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Thank you Reddit for the Opportunity!!! I am done for this time... Tried to answer 100+ questions... Make sure to tune in in 10 minutes, I will be there live, you can also call in to the show and speak with me directly!!

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Hey Chris!

First off, thanks for knocking out Terry Martin. One of my favorite all time fights.

Second, I could have sworn, at one time, that your nickname was "The Cat Smasher". Was I dreaming about that or is that true? If so, why did you change it? It's because of PETA, wasn't it?

Chris_Leben72 karma

HAHAH thats funny... nobody picks their nickname... I didnt pick catsmasher or crippler, or change it.... My first fight in the UFC they called me catsmasher, my next fight Cote, GOldberg announced me as Crippler.

I guess it stucked!!

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What is your favorite dinosaur?

Also, it's been a pleasure watching you get punched in the face while punching other people in their face.

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Randy Couture or Dan henderson!!!!

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What's your overall impression for what TUF did for you and your career?

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Not only did it help my career, it also made the UFC to what it is today!


Hey man, Love your work. Just a few things here, what have you been up to and how have you been health wise?

And your fight with Yoshihiro Akiyama was fucking epic

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Thanks to Akiyama fight, it was epic.

I am drinking and eating candy all day- Just kidding!!! HEHE Well my health, I kind of stopped taking care of my self few months ago due to my break-up. Now that the grief is over, I am back on track, starting to coach in a week, back grinding!

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Dont miss my radio show today at 2pm PT, on Now I just did 20 questions!!! next 20 :)

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Hi mr leben i have two questions if that's ok, been watching your fights since day 1, you always came to fight and i loved it.

1) If you could change one thing that happened in your fight career what would it be?

2) is Fifteen to old to start mma with the influx of people who have been training their whole life?


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  1. biggest regret MY brian stann fight! I wish I would have cut the drugs earlier so I wouldnt been that sick to fight... One thing I could change, realize how short a MMA career is! taking care of my body. Eat right, stretch, mind etc

  2. 15 is not too old at all. Start as a hobby, fun first, if you make it, then you make it, if you dont make it, you will still enjoy the jurney!

CortaUnhas27 karma

Hey Chris, just curious: who do you have, Aldo or Mcgregor?

Chris_Leben88 karma

Gym fight ALDO!!! But during a UFC fight Mcgregor; he has it during fights!!! He got the mental game dialed in!!!! very important!

DemonsAtTheMetropol24 karma

Chris, sorry to bring up a bad memory, but I was at UFC 168 to see your last fight against Uriah Hall. What was going through your mind after you took that shot from him in the first round? As a fan of yours, I know not coming out for the second must have been tough as hell for you.

Chris_Leben62 karma

the funny thing about that, my life was going soo good leading up that fight... fuck it.

I was happy married, sober, I was living good at that moment. I didnt have that fire, I wasnt pissed off. I would have done better.... I was too content, toooo relaxed,.,,, to prepared

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As a fan of yours, watching you stop Wanderlei Silva was awesome! Fighting a legend of that stature, what is your mindset entering that fight?

Congrats on the amazing career, it was a pleasure to watch throughout!

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WanderLey Silva --- Oh god!!!! I hope I don't die!! Only fight that I was really scared; Legit!!!

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Thank you Reddit for the Opportunity!!! I am done for this time... Tried to answer 100+ questions... Make sure to tune in in 10 minutes, I will be there live, you can also call in to the show and speak with me directly!!

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Chris, was always a big fan of yours. Is there any funny incidents that happened to you while fighting in the UFC.Also, how is life in Hawaii treating you?

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funny incident.... from TUF, during a fight... Kenny florian. He switched over to my team, we started to work with each other, he used one of my favorite moves... to this today!! 2nd round, overhand fake overhand and then uppercut. landed perfectly.... so funny, it hurt, but we both dropped the hands and started to laughing... I still teach this move to my students... I showed Ken Flo, then he used it on me!!! :)

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What do u think about the Diaz bros?

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awesome!!! You know, when I went out to No Cal to train with Jake Shields, they are super helpful and nice people, Not dicks! Great training partners!!

Misunderstood sometimes, you love to hate them. That shit the bros do is genius, it sells tickets...

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Hi Chris,

First off thanks for a great career and some amazing fights whether you were on the winning or losing end of them. My question is in regards to the Reebok deal: as a tenured fighter you'd have likely benefited from it due to the amount of fights you've had with the UFC but now that you're out of the game and have some perspective what do you think of it?

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actually no beacuse of the amount of the fights I have, I would make then most of the people. with that deal I would make less. Prior the Sponsor Tax UFC implemented, I was making good money. Close to 100grand per fight in sponsorships. I dont think Reebok is giving any athlete that much money.

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little bit of bummer, seems like the sport is growing and UFC is getting bigger and bigger, but the fighers are still broke .. or getting broker

SerioC13 karma

Afternoon Chris, first off thanks for a great career. I really enjoyed the video of you cheering on Wanderlei against Stann. What other fighters or former oppnents do you like to see do well?

Chris_Leben23 karma

My friends; I always want to see them do well. Ed Herman example

TriCity84 karma

Ed Herman. Another SISU Mouthguard guy. Do those things work?

Chris_Leben16 karma

Heck yes, sisu guard is good.

Facerless11 karma

What do you believe is the most negative thing impacting the UFC's public image? How do you feel that problem is viewed within the UFC?

Chris_Leben31 karma

fighters pay! the way UFC doesnt do anything helping fighters after their careers are over. Honestly, I think within the UFC everybody are too scared to say anything to Dana-

So fighters compensation over the course of the careers and after their career, no support

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Chris! Let me start by saying I'm a big fan. Your slugfests were always entertaining as hell to watch and your fight vs. Sexyama is one of my favorite MMA memories.

My question is, how bad did your fists hurt after murdering Wanderlei in 30 seconds?

BONUS EDIT QUESTION: Are you a member of the Crips gang?

Chris_Leben16 karma

believe it or not, no pain with wanderley, I usally break my hands. But that punch with Wanderley it just hit the sweet spots.. home run. when the guy falls down, no pain. I caught him with the knuckles, great wraps By HOUSE...

Mas-11 karma

Hey Chris! Long time fan, can you recount your experiences leading up to a fight and what would you typically think about (or emotions) right before you stepped into the cage?

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when I step into a cage.... well emotions right before the fight... I dont have time for it. Leading up to the fight, I continue to reassure my self that I trained harder than ever, I am going to work, I am better than the guy, until I will get my hand raised..

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Chris you are one of my favorite fighters. Thanks for being a pioneer and for giving us everything you had. My favorite moment of your career was when you tapped out Sexyama after stepping up on short notice. Not enough fighters do that.

My question to you, sir, is: what is your favorite hangover remedy?

Hope life is treating you well!

Chris_Leben18 karma

over the years I had a few of them hehe Early to mid 20ths , my favorite method was to wake up pound to big glass of water, sprint as fast I could until I would throw up... Then I was good!!! Get it all out!

mdr4life8 karma

Oh man that brings up another great memory from your career, when you partied your ass off the night before that big cardio exercise on TUF. Everyone thought you were going to die and you ended up kicking ass.

You are the man Chris. Thanks for being you and for answering my question.

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Zzzax10 karma

if you came out of retirement, who would you want to fight?

Chris_Leben41 karma

I would mind getting that rematch with Koshcheck. know alot of people want to see it.

Excretia10 karma

Hey Chris! My question is: what was your mindset going into the Anderson Silva fight? And what were your thoughts on how far he went in the UFC?

Chris_Leben28 karma

My coach was familiar with A. Silva, so we knew what we were getting into... we had a good game plan. Of course when I got in to the cage, I thought everybody thought he was tuf, So I saif, F that, I will go after him and KO him, totally VITO the game plan.... HEHEH not the smartest move LOL

FYI!!!! Fighting Wanderley WanderLey Silva --- Oh god!!!! I hope I don't die!! Only fight that I was really scared; Legit

I-Am-Work10 karma

were the injuries worth the money and the fame?

Chris_Leben23 karma

its worth it, even without the money and fame it would have. Martial Arts saved my life. fighting saved my life

foolin9 karma

Always been curious about the painted nails, any particular reason or just like the style?

Chris_Leben20 karma

before I started doing my nails, only 1 or two guys did it. I did it as a way of fans and promoters to remember me, a gimic... so they would want me back...

Kurbits8 karma

Hey Chris! I'm happy to see you do this AMA, i've been a fan since i saw you on the first seaso of TUF.

Why question is, what do you think of the current state of the unified rules of MMA? Is there any rule that you would like to get rid of, or a rule that you would like to add to it? Also, do you have any idea of how to improve the judging of MMA fights? Cheers!

Chris_Leben21 karma

good questions... more people should be asking. you know, one rule I think should be changed is, for example Who remembers wanderley silva jumping up and soccer kicks opponents in the head... back in pride now, how many fights that we paid good money for, excited to see. but they are stopped, fighters get stuck on the cage, one tiny elbow cuts the face, doctors comes and waives the fight is over..

I say we trade elbows with Soccer kicks!!!!!!

rhabdoe7 karma

Hey Chris been a huge fan of you ever since TUF, followed your career through the ups and downs and just wanted to say I'm proud of you for getting back up when you were down - I know what it feels like to be so far down a rabbit hole that it's hard to see a way out.

My question is do you still roll? Actively train at all? I was just curious if you still practice bjj as rolling has been a huge asset for my sobriety and continued sanity

Chris_Leben13 karma

Yes, of course!!! I will never stop grappling, even when I cant walk anymore I will still play guard game..

I will never stop learning, will always grow and get better in training.

PowerfulAP77 karma

Were there any fixed fights that you know of in the UFC or other organizations?

Chris_Leben12 karma

not that I know for sure.... there has been one or two that have been questionable when watching... outside the UFC in smaller org, yes for sure.

Tufflaw7 karma

Hey Chris, I remember enjoying watching you back on TUF. Do you feel you were portrayed fairly on the show? Would you change anything about the way you acted when you were a contestant? How would you say you're different now (if you feel you are) from the way you were back then?

Thanks, and I always enjoyed watching your fights!

Chris_Leben13 karma

funny!!! they film you 24h of day, to make 40 minutes of tv per week. They can portray you they way they want, saint or complete asshole. They filmed me to look asshole. Especially beginning of the show, then nicer

beggen57 karma

Who is one fighter who you admire?

And which fighter you would have liked to fight?

Chris_Leben15 karma

weidman looks amazing. I think style makes fight. Sometimes I make the idea of fighting him in my head. Would have been fun to know how the fight would have gone..

MrKaney6 karma

Chris, my man!

You were one of the toughest fighters in UFC and also one of the most exciting ones, just getting this out there for people that might not know you well.

Now, for my questions:

1) What did you think of the Lawler/MacDonald fight?

2) What are you up to nowadays?

3) Who is the most exciting young prospect currently in UFC in your opinion?

4) What do you think about Anderson Silva being on PED's? Did it surprise you anyhow?

5) Did MMA left some "scars"(worse remembering/thinking, headaches etc.) on you, or you feel the same as you were before entering MMA world?

Chris_Leben7 karma

  1. I caught the highlights. AMAZING FIGHT. Fights like that, that we live for.

  2. Busy as ever, coaching full time, radio show ESPN RADIO UNFILTEREDMMA.COM, about to release my bio book (epic stories).

  3. last week I saw UFC in San Diego, there are soo many young amazing fighters popping up, there are many, I coudnt tell ya!

TibetanLesbian6 karma

How's your relationship with Bobby Southworth?

Chris_Leben26 karma

I dont know man,,, is he still alive???? I thought he fell of the face of the earth.

Chris_Leben6 karma

30 min, give me the best questions!!

TheLapHog5 karma

What was your weight cut like? How much did you cut, and what was your diet like say 8 weeks out and how did it change 1 week out? What did you like to eat after weigh ins/before your fights?

Chris_Leben5 karma

you know early in my ufc career

Chris_Leben7 karma

My weight cut was ridiculous, nut because I am the biggest guy in the 185lb division, it was because of my other hobbies. Getting drunk eating bar food. My biggest weigh cut was against J Riveria, I showed up in vegas at 212Lb, just days prior the fight!!

Chris_Leben7 karma

Since then, 2nd half of my career I started do things smarter. As far as week of the fights, most people cut out the water too early. 3 days prior the weigh I switch to distilled water, drink 3 gallons a day. I cut salt completely!

My trick is I pound water exactly 24h before I am getting on the scale. You can cut all the water withing the short time frame. you trick the body, pound as much as possible, then no more fluids until scale. So it tricks the body to dump all the water...

calpolkid5 karma

What was it like when you KO'd Wandy?

Chris_Leben19 karma

Surreal, Words cant explain it!! My team filmed a cool video, from backstage UFC all the way to my hotel room... UNCUT.....

stecahill5 karma

Hey, Chris! Whats your ideal pizza?

Chris_Leben28 karma

people think Im crazy when I say this. 90% are shitty dough, shitty cheese, b grade peperoni. My ideal pizza is made of steak :) with A1 for sauce, lobster for topings!!

Detroiter175 karma

What got you into fighting, did you have a bully incident or did you just enjoy the sport?

Chris_Leben13 karma

Get my book end of this year for full story!! short story, my bro was a asshole growing up, I wrestled in highschool, after I wanted to competing, and at that time I was a giant fan of the sport!

Chris_Leben5 karma

30 minutes more to go. I will be live on, feel free to call in and chat me in the studio on top the hour!! 2pm PT

NoDecoy4 karma

Wow, just wanted to say what an honor it was watching your fights and your balls to the wall style. Regarding your buddy Short Fuse, I was at a bar in Vegas winning some serious $ off of Serra V GSP and Kos V Diego when I saw Mr. Herman with his girlfriend. I was gonna buy them a round and say hi but he looked, as usual, very pissed. Should I have gone up and said hi? Big fan of his as well, oh well...

Chris_Leben14 karma

hahaha Absolutely you should have gone up to him and say: "Chris Leben I am your biggest fan!!"


TrademarkMMA4 karma

Hey Chris! When can we expect your highly anticipated book to hit the shelves?

Miss watching you in the cage, man!

Chris_Leben7 karma

December 2015!!!! Keep eye on my social media !

SuperiorJazzHands4 karma

What was your greatest moment in the octagon, Chris?

Chris_Leben8 karma

I have alot of them. Everyfight, is always the greatest while you are in it. I cant just pick one

of-maus-and-men4 karma

Are you still doing well financially? All the fans want to see you not broke and successful outside of MMA fighting.

Chris_Leben12 karma

lol when was I ever doing well financially :) retiring from fighting, it was tuf ,the transition period. I have a great new job coaching, radio show with ESPN RADIO called couple of interesting gigs end of 2015 and the release of my book. I will do good..

Brandunn05114 karma


What has been the hardest adjustment you have had to make after retiring?

Chris_Leben11 karma

financially was a big adjustment. second, as much as I love coaching, not being my own boss in the gym....

IFLSciencePhil4 karma

Hey Mr. Leben!! Huge fan here...What was the worst situation you ever put yourself in with regards to preparing for a fight?

(I ask this question as someone who used to indulge in drugs and often questioned my own reason for putting myself in such shitty situations so frequently)

Chris_Leben7 karma

my book is coming out end of 2015, I have done alot of them. Youwill find some good stories there, being dope sick and fighting, hangover etc. Check out my book for sure!!

Mikey1ee73 karma

Hey Chris!

What fight of yours do you think was the best? And who would you rematch given the chance?

Chris_Leben11 karma

best fight; Otto Olson and Benji Radach, great fights. I love a good rocky story.

Rematch; Brian Stann!!! I was sick going into this fight, and funny he knew exactly what my game plan was ;)) lol

uamma2 karma

Hi Chris,

I wanted to know your thoughts on training under Matt Hume. What was he like as a coach? How would you rank him in the current landscape of top level MMA coaches?

Chris_Leben8 karma

blessed with great coaches in my life, Not taking anything away from any coaches: but in my opinion Hume is the best coach to walk the earth.

FISHneedWATER2 karma

Fellow Portlandian here! Big fan! I always enjoyed watching your fights as you always came forward and always fought for the KO. (If you haven't seen him fight, check this out ((shitty quality but it's the only one))

  1. What was it like fighting Anderson Silva!?
  2. You still stomping around Portland?

Thanks for the time man.

Chris_Leben6 karma

  1. Check my previous answers.

  2. Im up there somethings, last time was 2 months ago for my sisters wedding. In Seattle last weekend for some fights. North West is the most beautiful place in the world; 3 months out of the year LOL!!