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Well what a coincidence, my family is going to Yellowstone Park next month..

We uhm.... we still have a seat left in our car .. you know ... just saying...

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Sucks you didn't get noticed, one of the actually original and more interesting questions :-(

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This is the difference between powerful people and celebrities - celebrities have the players of the club as friends, powerful people have the owners as friends...

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Hi Serj, fellow Armenian here (:) ), i just wanted to know what sports do you like and if so what clubs/sportsmen are you a fan of?

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Hello Mr. Pascal. First of all, i just want to thank you for portraying Oberyn so brilliantly, as I'm not a book reader, I did not know anything about Oberyn, but when I saw the first ep. of this season and the new uber-badass character, I knew I'm in love(I am and always have been a straight man, but you hear this phrase often I imagine), so thank you for being a badass, i guess.

And I would also like to ask a few questions:

  • Who is your biggest friend from the cast, and why is it Lena Headey?

  • Are you going to be in any new Tv shows?

  • Is there going to be anything in the next episode that even book readers wouldn't expect?

  • Did you actually laugh a little bit in the 'I will be your champion' scene, when you said to Tyrion 'Just a little pink cock.'? :D

  • Who will be the one true king in the end?

And thank you again for being awesome!