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What do you think is the biggest misconception about your father or his image?

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How big is the rivalry between your house and the local PD? Is this mostly played up on TV/movies or is it a real thing?

How good is your house's cook?

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Are there any home vacs that could function as a light duty shop vac?

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It's actually hard for upper management to find out about problems before they become critical. There's such an ingrained mindset in middle management to never be the guy who brings up a problem that upsets the boss that a lot gets swept under the rug. I rely heavily on a few key people I know will be honest and call a clusterfuck for what it is and not sugarcoat it.

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How much influence do countries participating in the world cup have with FIFA? It seems like an organization with this level of perceived corruption could be reigned in by a major world power given the national interest involved in the competition.