Aloha, Reddit! I’m Nick Woodman.

In 2002, I had an idea for a 35mm waterproof wrist camera that would enable me to shoot photos of my friends while we surfed. My homemade prototype worked so well I decided to turn it into a business...and GoPro was born.

And today, thirteen years later (!), our purpose remains the same - to help people self-capture and share incredible footage of their favorite experiences. GoPro has become a global brand and a global movement thanks to the millions of people around the world who are capturing and sharing their lives with their GoPros. And as rad as this is, we're just getting started. With even more capable cameras, editing tools, VR capture solutions and flying machines on the way, GoPro is about to get even mucho mas rad.

Thanks for having me on Reddit for this AMA, let's have some fun with it! I'll start answering at 3pm (PST).

Hi5 - Nick

PS - we just launched our smallest and lightest camera ever, HERO4 Session. Check it out here and then you can grill me about it on the AMA:

Proof: EDIT: I'm here and ready to take your questions!

EDIT: Out of time for now, but it's been awesome. Thanks everyone for the questions and check out our community over at /r/GoPro!

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RUCensored692 karma

Hey Nick, have you ever used a Go PRO in the bedroom?

NickWoodman1024 karma

uhhhh...hehehee...good one.

NickWoodman1094 karma

Take a guess.

BWet00687 karma

How have your investments on 'Shark Tank' panned out?

NickWoodman1410 karma


aaronwrubel554 karma

Hey Nick, After being a gopro owner for many years I've noticed that the customer service isn't very good. I'm saying this because I've had a few cameras get damaged or broken due to housings or attachments failing while using them and not having the luxury of a warranty is kind of annoying. Yes, you do offer a discount off your next gopro but money adds up over time. Have you ever thought of introducing a payed protection plan in which if the camera breaks you could trade it for a new one?

NickWoodman694 karma

I'm bummed to hear our customer service has left you short, Aaron. CS is something we take super seriously. We respect that you've chosen GoPro and because it's a GoPro S#!& often happens and we work hard to be the company that takes care of its customers...we only exist because of you guys. A payed protection program is something we are'd be an awesome thing to offer. But if you feel like we aren't even covering the basics then we want to know. Consumer brands live and die by their customer experience and service.

chambee315 karma

How many prototype did you destroyed in order to find the good one that was not taking in water?

NickWoodman365 karma


NickWoodman308 karma

And test days are awesome :-)

givemypantsback287 karma

Hello Nick, If GoPro never existed, what would you be doing right now as a career?

NickWoodman562 karma

I've never thought about that...! Weird! Hmmm...probably failing at something creative. I got incredibly lucky with GoPro. I combined my passion for surfing and photography and BOOM. Without GoPro I think I'd be a mess. Probably surfing more...but a mess!

dubloon9732282 karma

Why is GoPro's slogan "Be a hero"? Where did the idea come from?

NickWoodman638 karma

Originally, GoPro was just supposed to be a company that made wrist cameras for surfers. When trying to come up with an idea for the company name I asked myself, "What do my friends and I all want to do most?" And the answer was "Go pro...we all want to be pro surfers." As I thought about it more I realized that GoPro was a great name in that it meant "attack it full on" no matter what your passion or interest is...get after it and live life to the fullest. 'Be a HERO' came out of the name of our first product, the HERO Camera. The idea was that our camera could help you capture photos (and eventually video) that made you look like a HERO. Be a HERO similarly inspires you to do your best at what ever you do. For example...being a HERO as a dad means dragging myself out of bed too early every morning to play "the wall game" beanbag battle with my kids. Not quite the same as what Be a HERO means to Kelly Slater...but I'm older than he is.

Oh wait...

hehehehe...sorry Kelly.

magic-cross4fun250 karma

Is the GoPro 5 coming out this year?

NickWoodman395 karma

Quien sabe?

oyamac568 karma


NickWoodman650 karma

Good point.

Cookie_For_ME209 karma

What was the early design of the GoPro like?

NickWoodman525 karma

Clunky and analog (35mm film). Check it out...all for just $19.99 back in 2004:

NickWoodman495 karma

But that said...that wonderful brick got us where we are today! GoPro's early days are a great lesson the potential of a humble beginning. You don't have to start of with a bang or a big just have to START.

(and then stick with it)

MarPDX190 karma

What kinda music are you into? I see all these bands having gopros all over the stage do you guys sponsor them or do they just go out and buy them?

NickWoodman366 karma

Our media production team sources my favorite music these good. I love dubstep, good roots reggae, jazz, and Middle Eastern remixes. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook collaborations...look 'em up. I developed GoPro listening to that stuff. Good Stevie Wonder, too...I'm very superstitious.

richmao185 karma

Hey Nick,

Will the future GoPro models follow the Session's design or will it remain with the traditional design? Keep up the great work!

NickWoodman207 karma

Only time will tell. What do you think? You dig Session?

mranonymousone180 karma

Hi Nick,

Wow, Im one of the first to ask a question.

As the CEO of an extremely successful company, how would you describe your day to day activities? Enlighten us to a day in the life of a CEO.

Thank you

NickWoodman305 karma

Mornings start early with my little boys waking me up to play "the wall game" which is a multi-beanbag battlefest in their playroom. I protect my mornings as often as possible for family time and take them to school whenever I can 'cause once I am at work it's full on and often hard for me to get home in time for dinner. At work, I'm lucky that I get to focus mainly on things I enjoy: product, marketing and overall business vision and strategy. My days at work are awesome because I get to sit down with crazy smart and passionate people that help turn our ideas for GoPro into reality. Product days are my favorite...sitting down and imagining the future with engineers and designers that can make it happen is like a dream for me. By the end of the day I'm completely zonked...head home for a snooze and then wake up and repeat!

ChicaliDude133 karma

Do you think that GoPro will ever develop a camera more focused in the "typical" photographer? Just like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc...

NickWoodman208 karma

GoPro already is a killer camera for typical photographers...! It's just a different take on how to capture our world. Some of the best photo content we've seen is when typical photogs put down the DSLR and let it rip with their GoPro. I love hearing people tell me they grab their big camera(s) less once they own a GoPro.

But I know what you mean...and above is all I can say about that!

mickmickkenny123 karma

Hey Nick! I’ve gotten a few drones that carry GoPros — their awesome but how’s the gopro drone going to crush them? all the best!

NickWoodman189 karma

For starters, it'll be developed by GoPro! Our baby has some serious passion behind well as expectations. We understand you all expect us to kill it and that's what we're focused on...both for you and us. We are frothing for this to come out.

stoicka118 karma

Well, that took some time haha! I requested this a year ago:

What can you tell us about the drone plans?

And what is your favorite non-GoPro GoPro accessory?

Was the PM I sent to your account a few hours ago the first, haha?

Thanks for the awesomeness!

NickWoodman149 karma

We're so excited for our's a labor of love. I've been an RC nerd since I was a kid and my first business idea out of college was actually for a small live feed video camera that people could put into RC cars and planes so that they could control them from a first person perspective. After a couple of months of hacking at it, I totally failed at making that concept happen and I gave up. It's cosmic to see that idea come full circle now with GoPro being the small camera that most people put in their RC vehicles! I guess it wasn't such a bad idea after all. I cannot wait to see what people do with their GoPro's going to be a childhood dream come true for me.

My favorite non-GoPro accessory is my surfboard ;-)

ericbensoussan96 karma

Have you ever thought of integrating solar energy into a GoPro product?

NickWoodman186 karma


cangoprohearme189 karma

Hey Nick, How did you like the surfboard I sent you a few weeks ago?

NickWoodman117 karma

I love it. You are nails creative and persistent...impressive! THANK YOU.

Authoritah_72 karma

Hey Nick, whats your favorite video filmed with a GoPro?

NickWoodman162 karma

The first one that comes to mind is THE SKI MOVIE which was the video we launched the original HD HERO with back in 2009. Abe Kislevitz and Chris Farro were in college at USC at the time and we asked them if they'd rip up to Mt. Hood and shoot it for us. We gae them full creative license (as they're way cooler than we are ;-) and they nailed it. Check it out:

I cried when I first watched this video as it became clear to me how big GoPro was about to blow up. Thank you Abe and Chris!!!! It still holds up today.

konrad-iturbe64 karma

Hi, If you were told you are invited to go on a trip at a unknown location to do a sport/activity (also not told), what GoPro would you bring and what mounts?

Also, what kind of people is the HERO4 Session aimed at?

Congrats for making such an awesome camera!

NickWoodman63 karma

Konrad! Good from hear from you.

I'd bring 3-Way (love the name btw) and a bag of adhesive mounts. Straight forward versatility. I can get most shots done MacGyver-style with those mounts.

HERO4 Session is aimed at everyone. For GoPro power-users it's the perfect additional perspective-grabber to have in the bag. It's so fast and so easy to use that you end up falling in love using it whenever you don't need 2.7K or 4K. And for new customers I think it's the way to go in terms of ease of's just so freaking easy to use. Finally there's a GoPro I can give to a newb and they can understand it in 3 seconds.

And the more housing means epic sound. Lots of use cases for this thing. Think of it as an additional "lens" for your GoPro bag of tricks.

killer954762 karma

Do you have any plans or talks for more deals/partnerships for sports leagues similar to the one with the NHL?

korpzy8 karma


NickWoodman155 karma

The NHL is extremely innovative and aggressive in their adoption of new tech that can improve the game and viewing experience. The Commissioner, Gary Bettman, is a total stud. He gets it. While these things take time because of all of the parties involved within the NHL (and any sports league) Gary and the NHL are making it happen faster than anyone else in sports, so hang tight. You're going to be stoked.

BribedTacos47 karma

Hiya Nick! What was the moment when you realised that GoPro had really hit the big time?

NickWoodman111 karma

I first felt it coming when I used the first HD HERO proto in the summer of 2009. I took it longboarding just north of Santa Cruz and I teared up when I watched the footage at home. I called my gf, now wife, in to watch it with me and we both knew...the HD HERO was going to change everything.

I KNEW it was going to change everything when I watched our HD HERO launch video, THE SKI MOVIE. Link elsewhere in this thread. That was the 'Oh shit..." moment.

1phil2phil3phil25 karma

Do you have any other business ventures (other then messing around on shark tank ;D) that you wish to pursue?

NickWoodman44 karma

Absolutely, but not anytime soon. I'm not a great multi-tasker and between GoPro and family I'm tapped!

stats118 karma

What type of spread(fruit based or otherwise) do you like with your peanut butter and bread?

NickWoodman23 karma

Strawberry jam and bananas!

steveCharlie14 karma

Hi Nick! First of all, thanks a lot for doing this AMA.

Now.. This might be a hard question, Goku or Superman?

NickWoodman51 karma

Goku...anime rocks and never underestimate the power of the little guy.

Brotherostrich11 karma

Is there any plans on making a mouth mount, or a mount that could get a better first person point of view?

korpzy20 karma

not sure what more you want from a forehead or chest mount...

NickWoodman41 karma

Mouth mounts are awesome for sports like surfing and snowboarding where a chest mount can be challenging. I regularly stick my GoPro (and foot) in my mouth with or without a mount to capture "on the fly" first person POV when I don't have a mount handy. Session makes this WAAAAAAY easier. That said, I apologize for the overabundance of "camera in the mouth" photos of me...I find them annoying, too!

whistlerite8 karma

Huge fan!

On a personal level, what's one thing you would have done differently along your journey and why?

On a GoPro level, can you tell us more about what's happening with the media business?

Mahalo Nick!

NickWoodman18 karma

I would have sought out professional help earlier on. It took me 8 years to realize that I didn't need to 'make it up as I went' and that there are other people out there with experience that could help me. Duh...but I didn't know where to look, sooooo...that said...given where we are now I wouldn't change a thing!

sickofdisplays5 karma

Hi Nick,

Love your products! I'm sick of all the poor quality LCD/phone-based HMD solutions out there. Are you looking at high quality mobile solutions for viewing your content (regular GoPro or Jump 360º) and for drone FPV?

NickWoodman2 karma

I feel you. The tech is going to be insane soon. Don't worry. Where we are in a few years is going to be mind blowing! Many thanks to Zuck and FB for instigating the revolution.