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Is any agency of the US government expressing interest to purchase systems that have the ability to match faces even with a face covering? specifically to combat flaws in existing systems. Not too long ago there was a Recode article saying SenseTime, a leader in the field, was looking at selling a solution to this. Panasonic also had a demo.

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HERO4 Session, so small so stoked :)

BTW do you like GoPro hacks? These are files you put in the SD card to make a GoPro even more versatile, here's a link with what is it all about: https://github.com/KonradIT/autoexechack

For instance, The HERO3/3+ now have long exposures!

I am the original creator of these

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Hi, If you were told you are invited to go on a trip at a unknown location to do a sport/activity (also not told), what GoPro would you bring and what mounts?

Also, what kind of people is the HERO4 Session aimed at?

Congrats for making such an awesome camera!

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Tabs or spaces?

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Let's say he was... A penetration tester ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)