Steve Zahn Comparison;

My butt (Look for it in theater's Friday!)

There is a movie coming out this week titled "Trainwreck." I'll have you know there is a crucial scene at which they possibly kiss for the first time in a punk club (WOAH, kissing in a rom-com? ALMOST-SPOILERS!). During that exact moment, my butt comes into the picture (in film, it's called a 'Dirty Shot'). Yes, my badonkadonk leaves it's mark on millions of unsuspecting viewers. You've been warned, or graced, depending on how you see it. Good luck, and godspeed. #ButtingIn #WheresWaldo #TheAcademyGoesTo

More about my adventures; Proof (for the mods) it's really me;

My last AMA:

Edit; If anyone wants to put me in contact with Steve, I'd be totally down. Maybe we could play brothers... or clones? Who knows.

Edit; What I wore the day of the shoot.

Edit; Sources confirm. I am "chillin in bar behind Hader." Going to see it tomorrow. Will update.

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SharpieShark526 karma

Are you aware that "F-List" is a fetish based roleplaying website and do you have any regrets about the title of this AMA?

EricOrman530 karma

Now that you put it that way....Eh. Not really.

MewtwoStruckBack106 karma

So...when will you be signing up and posting a link to your profile on F-List?

EricOrman177 karma

Who says I already havent? ;)

TheoQi300 karma

How does it feel to be a look a like to an actor that nobody really knows or cares about? Question two: which set that you've worked on had the best craft services?

EricOrman366 karma

Priceless. Uhh... Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Jon Hamm and I exchanged awkward eye contact while getting coffee. Keep the buzz alive.

shiftyskies159 karma

LOVE THAT SHOW, and love you in it! you were the gay black guy, right?

EricOrman49 karma

Ding Ding Ding We have a winner! You win. Winning. Win-a-ma-win-sauce.

Srozbun35 karma

What was role in UKS?

EricOrman107 karma

Photographerヽ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )ノ

chumblebumble171 karma

What has been the defining role of your career, and why was it playing a brother in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat?

EricOrman133 karma

Because Donny Osmond. Need I say more?

Lululemonparty_161 karma

You mind if I ass you a question?

EricOrman138 karma

Ass away ;)

Bentumbo115 karma

how much did you make filming your butt in the movie?

EricOrman114 karma


AMistress47 karma

Which is? Inquiring minds want to know.

EricOrman33 karma

Google "Day-rates for actors."

AMistress49 karma

But I'm so laaaaaaazy

EricOrman72 karma


leggs5105 karma

How did you get cast to play a butt?

EricOrman351 karma

It's all in the hips. Also, learned from your mom.

madchains12 karma

Hey i really wanna know the answer to this

EricOrman6 karma

Casting calls. Registering with Central Casting, Casting Networks, Actors Access, Backstage. Mail everyone your Headshot and resume. Showcase for agents and managers. Meet and network with industry. Anything with the word Actor on it, pay attention and see if it's worth your time. I answered this, and many like it in my previous AMA. Check it out! Thanks, and break legs! :)

DownTrunk96 karma

By "exactly like Steve Zahn" do you mean you both have glasses? Because that's about the only resemblance.

EricOrman82 karma

Tomato, tomoto. I also usually get David Anders, Billy Magnussen or Neil Patrick Harris.

DownTrunk113 karma

The fuck is a tomoto?

EricOrman336 karma

I know, right? I pronounce it Tomato.

[deleted]-10 karma


EricOrman1 karma

Oh, I agree. But, agents, managers, and people assimilate to what they're familiar with. I use their names to help paint the picture, not piggyback. It's kinda "industry speak."

Aaronsaurus89 karma

So is the film going to be a train wreck?

EricOrman127 karma


OneManWolfpack3772 karma

Do you think the appearance in Trainwreck will open up opportunities for your ass to further its film career?

EricOrman107 karma

I hope so! Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

ProductofUnreality62 karma

What you think you're some sort of big shot now?

EricOrman120 karma

I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time.

Dickdude900039 karma

How does it feel to get an F all your life ?

EricOrman105 karma

Pretty F'in great.

montani36 karma

What is your real job?

EricOrman90 karma

"Professional pretender"

SoemthingFunny24 karma

What everyone looks up to and can't stop praising, quoting, stalking, and then demonizing... Professional. Fucking. Pretenders.

EricOrman23 karma

Somebody's gotta do it.

Millergenuine35 karma

What's it like being the real life Joey Triviani?

EricOrman47 karma

How you doin'?

alternativeoxygen29 karma

I'm trying to find a question that hasn't been asked in your previous AMA, but I can't think of one. So I'll ask how are you doing right now? Where are you at in your head?

edit: i think i finished reading all your previous AMA and you sound like a cool person :)

EricOrman34 karma

I'm great! Thanks for asking. How are you? In my head? I'm not sure your context, but yeah. Just gig'in around. Enjoying life.

liamquane25 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set?

EricOrman41 karma

Really great question. Lead. They delegate many different areas. Even if the ship's sinking, a professional etiquette can work wonders at keeping things afloat.

ldamron22 karma

Hey I saw you once. What's your favorite kind of donut? Also, I think I'd beat you at settlers of Catan.

EricOrman37 karma

Hey, whaddup! Challenge accepted. I like cinnamon cake donuts. Om nom nom

nousabyss20 karma

So you get paid to be an asshole?

EricOrman27 karma

My asshole was paid to be in proximity of other assholes. Yes. A "congrgation" of sorts. A "unity" of assholes. A room, filled with all different shapes and sizes. Varying levels, control. You get the picture.

DarrSwan12 karma

Can we see your and Steve Zahn's butts so we can compare?

EricOrman25 karma

alc030712 karma

Hey Eric! I am the guy who bought your motorcycle from you. Any chance on getting a new bike up there?

EricOrman10 karma

Awesome! What's up bro! How are you? Yeah, I don't know yet. I wanna try a Triumph, Cafe Racer or Harley 883 next. If I move to LA this winter, I might pick one up. Sucks only having 6-8 months of rideable weather in NY. Idk. I miss it. Ride safe!

alc03076 karma

Doing great man! Definitely can't go wrong with a Triumph or Harley. My sister-in-law owns a street triple and it is a sick bike. Anyway, awesome as hell to see you on doing an AMA. Have to brag to my friends about the famous Eric Orman I bought my bike from. Keep up the good work man.

EricOrman4 karma

Thank you

prodromic10 karma

Was that really uou doing that yoga pose in saving Silverman?

EricOrman21 karma

Uou? Haven't heard of him. Maybe?

bobfmbuf10 karma


EricOrman14 karma

Google Day-rate for Non-Union Actor and Day Rate for SAG-AFTRA. It's somewhere along those lines.

YouTypeTooSlow10 karma

Did you fart during the scene?

EricOrman13 karma


ThaHolyGhost9 karma

Hey, I am out in LA right now Trying to create a acting career. I' m 20 with a few connections how did you start your career?

EricOrman29 karma

Hey! I started out doing Theater in High school. After, I picked up a degree. Then, I moved to LA. I took a lot of classes, auditioned, and tried to be the best version of myself. I currently reside in NY, but luckily I'm a phone call away from any project - so who knows what's next. They need me, I find ways to make it happen. There's a thousand ways to 'make it' just depends on what that means to you. Generally, you aim to please, set yourself up for success and find a way to give back to your audience. Good luck! See you at the red carpet. :)

jerpod8 karma

I watched that movie in a pre-screening a few weeks back. It was absolutely hilarious. Although the ending needs a new line ;D

Is Amy Shumer really as hilarious in person?

EricOrman13 karma


Ass_Dragon5 karma

What did you think of the Brandon Saad trade?

EricOrman38 karma

I really hope Tony Romo shoots a hole in one. That Michael Jordan guy really knows how to pitch the puck into the field goal. Brandon Saads backhand might just even rally the 1080 this year. I hope he bowls a perfect Messi.

bagon5 karma

What's the biggest role that you've come close to getting (if any)?

EricOrman11 karma

Buffalo Wild Wings commercial 2nd round. Which is funny, because I worked there at the time. Commercials pay well, but are incredibly hard to book. Uh, I did a short Film with the director Michael Steves called "Rebound." His next project titled "Clinger" just recieved major distribution this fall. The short film I was in titled "7 Day gig" won best short at LA film fest...which is how many actors get 'noticed.' I did a gig for MTV and Burger King. Check out my website or IMDB. I like to work, apply to new projects, and act. Anything can happen. I'm ready and excited for the future, while living in the now. Thanks for asking.

liamquane4 karma

Thank you very much for doing this Mr. Orman. Can I ask; What was it like working with Judd Apatow? :~)

EricOrman11 karma

Yeah! Of course. I'm grateful for the opportunity. Actually, the day I was there, no joke, they had a guy fill in as Director. For whatever reason, Judd couldn't be there. But, there was enough knowledge and structure that there wasn't reason for concern. Everyone knew what they were doing and was expected of them - a real solid team. Also, the scene was pretty straightforward. "Dude on date with girl intends to kiss her"

peaceshark3 karma

How were you able to slide in to your role? Secondly, if you could create your own ice-cream flavor, what would it be?

EricOrman5 karma

I played in a pop-punk band 07-09(First Class Fever). There's a new shop in the Lower East Side serving Bacon Ice Cream. I really want to try it.

ItsaMe_Rapio2 karma

How's it feel to finally crack your way into show business?

EricOrman2 karma

I feel silent.....but deadly. :P

Juniuss2 karma

What else is on your resume?

EricOrman13 karma

Can freestyle rap poorly. The Macarena. I once poked a squirrel eating pizza in Bed-Stuy.

UserIsInto2 karma

Hey Erik, I have one for 'ya. If honesty is the best policy, then is dishonesty the second best policy?

EricOrman4 karma

Oh jee. I don't know the best policy. I just know me. Isn't that what makes the world interesting? So many avenues.

swedishfalk1 karma

Do you hang out other "F" actors? or any "D" ator? Is it like high school where you hang out with your own crowd and hopefully maybe one day you get to hang out with the "cooler" kids?

EricOrman9 karma

I see people as people. We're all in different walks of life. I don't think the ranking thing is an appropriate way to handle things. But, marketable name recognition is important as it is show 'business.' Also depends how far you want to grow, adapt and expand, and how it all plays out. I knew a guy who was lined up to be the next Ashton Kutcher. He choose helping his passing father and teaching school instead. He still acts too. You can buy attention but you can't buy respect. All different walks of life. It's interesting how it all works. People come and go. Some change, some stay the same. I hoped I answered you question. It's hard to pinpoint an exact response.

BIGFO0OT1 karma

Do you think Amy Schumer is remotely funny, no or no?

EricOrman6 karma

She's great. I mean. When it comes down to it, it's all subjective, right? Diversity is the spice of life.

GoofMaster1 karma

What does your butt smell like?

EricOrman1 karma

Smells like... victory.

ThatChickFromReddit1 karma

What is Amy Schumer like in real life?

EricOrman3 karma

A mythical dragon of epic proportions. She has tentacles, and spots, a voice of a thousand sirens, looming with a towering fiercity. Did I mention X-Ray vision? Cause she also sees in naked.

weylspinor-1 karma


EricOrman3 karma

I didn't read up too much on it. Just as any business drama, I wish them all a peaceful resolve.

krazymofo421-13 karma

hey, are you really gay? or just unsuccessful with women?

EricOrman16 karma

Sounds like the start of any great conversation. I identify with heterosexuality, although I've worn drag and played a gay man in a Theatrical Scene from Angels In America. My success with women? I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Thank you for your Trainwreck question. Tips hat