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I watched that movie in a pre-screening a few weeks back. It was absolutely hilarious. Although the ending needs a new line ;D

Is Amy Shumer really as hilarious in person?

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I read this earlier but had no questions and I was laying in bed thinking about it and has to come back and find it because I actually thought of questions I'm pretty curious about that I guess I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to ask..

So you had your testes removed.. does that mean that they take the skin off too and just close it all off and you're left with just a penis? Do you still get erections? And do they happen the same way they did before or has it changed since you had your testes removed? I've only know one trans person personally but he is F2M. He was super cool with sharing everything because he wanted people to be more understanding and not feel shy. He's had his top surgery but I think that's as far as he is going.