My short bio: Hi everyone. I would like to get you to listen to my podcast - The Hooray Show - but I welcome all questions on any and all topics. Keep in mind I don't ever badmouth my friends or their projects. Why? Well… because they're my fucking friends. "F R I E N D special…you are my friend…you're special to me"- Mr. Fred Rogers

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cryptogrammar33 karma

One of my favorite jokes I've ever heard anybody say was said by you on an episode of Comedy Bang Bang --

"I once went and saw American Idiot on Broadway, and it was just a room with a mirror in it!"

So now that I'm done suckin yer dick, I gotta ask -- what's one of your favorite jokes you've ever heard anybody say?

HoorayShow_Sanz42 karma

My pal Eddie Driscoll is here and he wants to share. Close talking, ask "what's the difference between a Ferrari and a hardon? I don't have a Ferrari."

HoorayShow_Sanz17 karma

I don't tell jokes. I think I'm bad at it. But I can speak funny shit.

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

my pal Eddie Driscoll is here and would like to share:

chris_comfort31 karma

Has anyone ever called you Fellatio Sanz?

HoorayShow_Sanz65 karma

Oh yeah. It happened a lot when I was a high priced gigolo.

Scourch28 karma

Hey Horatio!

My question isn't so much for me but my little brother. He's got CF (cystic fibrosis) and I was wondering as part of our deal to help me keep him motivated in doing his meds??

If you'd be able to say/write "Nolan! Do your meds!" He'd absolutely love it, and it'd make both of our days. Thanks! Keep being hilarious.

HoorayShow_Sanz49 karma

Nolan. Come on, dude. Take your meds. I DO!

thejjar21 karma

How much of Ben Schwartz's success is owed to you?

HoorayShow_Sanz35 karma


mattisafriend19 karma

Who is your favorite CBB character to do and why is it Coco Marx?

The End

HoorayShow_Sanz34 karma

People seem to like Shelly Driftwood. Coco is great cuz I get to do my bad groucho.

im_the_general18 karma

I can only assume how much work and fun it was to do, but were there any negatives that came from your run on SNL?

HoorayShow_Sanz61 karma

It's like loosing your virginity to Jennifer Lawrence. You get spoiled by the magic.

Frajer18 karma

Hey Rick how is Kaitlin doing?

HoorayShow_Sanz29 karma

I always played it with a secret in my head. That was that Kaitlin's mom was drug addict . Luckily Rick found Kaitlin and the other way around.

-dudeomfgstfux-17 karma

Can I call you comic Sanz?

HoorayShow_Sanz25 karma

Better than Sans comedy

justawhale16 karma

How wild was the SNL 40 afterparty?

HoorayShow_Sanz38 karma

I think I had a solid shot with Deborah Harry.

PaletoBayPlayboy16 karma

You walking with french toast in your whities was the saving grace of Road Trip. Thank you.

Only reason I still consider watching that movie...

Question: Who was your favorite person to work with on SNL?

HoorayShow_Sanz21 karma

Jimmy and I became best friends while doing the coolest show on earth. That was mostly timing. My fellow cast members were incredible.

TheTank12314 karma

I'm trying to get to Canter's. Any chance you could help me out with some directions?

HoorayShow_Sanz20 karma

where are you?

TheTank12314 karma

Over by where Mezzaluna used to be

HoorayShow_Sanz47 karma

Go up Brighton, make a right on Santa Monica, right on Doheney, left on 3rd, left on Fairfax. It's a few blocks past Beverly on your left. Pastrami's a little too fatty but matzo ball soup is pretty on fleek.

ReliableSource14 karma

Will Cum Tissue Carl ever see the light of day?

HoorayShow_Sanz20 karma

Actual Apatow wants to do a mini series on his adventures.

Conchobair14 karma

Hey Rick. Rickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrick.

What is that thing you play in the Christmas Time is Here song called? Do you still play it?

HoorayShow_Sanz10 karma

It's a backpaker guitar. But since they never sent me one...I usually use a speedster traveler guitar.

rmt9210 karma


Do you have a favorite sketch from SNL season 40?

I'd also like to add that I watch one of your Christmas songs with Fallon, Kattan, and Morgan every other day and it's always a fantastic mood lifter. Thanks for the awesome entertainment!

HoorayShow_Sanz19 karma

I think a big reason we did that as a recurring sketch is because Lorne's dentist liked it.

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

Here is a link to the show where we do the song with Ben Schwartz -ck-

jbiresq10 karma

Why do people call you Rog?

HoorayShow_Sanz15 karma

As a tiny child I had a lot of "white" nicknames to help integrate myself in to society. For a time I was TONY.

projimo879 karma

When did you lose all that weight??

HoorayShow_Sanz23 karma

2010 ish. I stopped drinking.

hardgeeklife8 karma

What's your one best piece of life advice?

HoorayShow_Sanz36 karma

You don't win the race by looking at the other horses.

RedFrogMario7 karma


I met you briefly in Chicago after a Comedy Bang! Bang! Live show and you were very nice and took pictures with me and my friends. In the pictures, you can see yourself go from happy to uninterested. I love it. Here's an album of it.

Being from Chicago myself, I'm wondering what the difference is between doing a show here vs. doing a show in LA or New York?

HoorayShow_Sanz11 karma

Chicago is tougher. But I have more in common with people that have taken the Donner pass to LA or NYC.

bill_gee6 karma

Who has made you break the worst on stage?

HoorayShow_Sanz11 karma

not on stage but I hung out with Artie Lang once and he murdered me with funny.

wadecalder5 karma

Hey Horatio, what's your favorite movie?

HoorayShow_Sanz10 karma

I watched Spinal Tap again a few week ago. That's tough to beat for comedies.

thejjar5 karma

How much do you have planned before hand for your podcast appearances? It seems to always go of the rails so quickly which I love.

HoorayShow_Sanz15 karma

usually about 5 or 6 quirks. I really feel I can just go in swinging.

kandykane15 karma

Who is your favorite current comedian?

HoorayShow_Sanz22 karma

I move around. I can tell you this. Neil Casey and Zach Woods are probably the best improvisors out there.

zzachw5 karma

What advice would you give to a young improviser?

HoorayShow_Sanz15 karma

Listen to PHIL HENDRIE. And gravitate towards the great ones. They'll make you good.

Slymerrr5 karma

Was there any advice that got you through the deep shit in your life? Life has given me a rough deal the past few weeks and I just want to continue to make people laugh. Any advice would be appreciated.

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

There's always someone more fucked up than you. Make bold strokes.

NelsonVelazquez4 karma

What's the best way to get you to guest in my improv set?

HoorayShow_Sanz18 karma

Text me a time and a place. If I'm just driving around listening to Sufjan Stevens... i might drop in. Twitter me that.

Memphish_Boognish4 karma

Was the recent Live at DCM Hooray Show taped for the podcast?

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

It was. But the audio is bad but we might have saved some of it on video.

lenniejane4 karma

Did you have a favorite sketch that never made it to the live show? If so, what was it?

HoorayShow_Sanz14 karma

Too many to mention. They're all my baby turtles.


Hey, I just watched your episode of Kevin Pollak's chat show.

For those who don't know, Kevin was out of town and so Sam Levine filled in as host. Shenanigans ensued.

Did you shit yourself when Kevin walked in, and told you he'd been listening to the show?

Also, did Sam get his ass chewed out for that show, or did Kevin actually like it?

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

Not to spoil the fun. But we were informed he was on the way. I HOPE Samm got chewed out. That little fucker.

billstein224 karma

Hey Horatio! When people recognize you on the street, what's the most common quote you'll hear?

Ps do more periscopes!

HoorayShow_Sanz12 karma

give me back my wallet.

HoorayShow_Sanz11 karma

"You lost weight, hu?"

gtasitd4 karma

How did you become friends with David Bazan?

HoorayShow_Sanz6 karma

I loved his HEADPHONES record. I went to see him in Philly during a show week. We drank and cried and I gave him a fake rolex.

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

More of the origin story and a full episode with Bazan is here in episode 10 of The Hooray Show - Trouble With Boys - ck-

GIFyaLater4 karma

Why did you select David Bazan for the podcast opening?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

That was me. (This is Chad answering). David composed the original closing theme you hear at the end of every show so we felt it was appropriate to open with him as well. If you see the basement we record in - "Bless This Mess" seemed quite appropriate.

JustAvgJoe4 karma

What was it like being around for the big reunion show? How disappointed were you that Eddie didn't do Cosby?

HoorayShow_Sanz12 karma

I think I share the same disappointment that Eddie just doesn't go out there and fucking kill it.

skipkr3 karma

Hi Horatio, thanks for doing the AMA (also, Hi Chad and Brian.) I'm a huge fan (I even rate the podcast like a true patriot.) I love the format, and it's a great display of how funny you are just shooting the shit, even if you get into real stuff. The eps with you and Jerry are solid gold, and the Fogelnest episode is a 2015 GOAT.

I just moved from Seattle to Chicago a couple of months ago, and fell in love with the food here. What's a good place you like to go that's not a typical Beef/Redhot/Pizza joint?

Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

HoorayShow_Sanz8 karma

Chad here. Thanks for rating the podcast on iTunes! That is yeoman's work! Take note everyone!

Horatio will be back with an answer shortly. He said something about burritos and then walked upstairs. If you like the occasional vegetarian/vegan cuisine I highly recommend Chicago Diner. -ck

wild_cosmia3 karma


HoorayShow_Sanz3 karma

Not much. Tonight might be a good night to binge watch forensic files.

nattyj032 karma

TIL murder porn is not just for chicks!

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

It's not just for psychos anymore!

jakjg3 karma

What did you normally order at Derek Jeters Taco Hole?

HoorayShow_Sanz3 karma

At the taco Hole or any mexican establishment I like to order carne aside burritos.

LTownGetDown3 karma

If you weren't doing comedy, do you have another career you'd pursue?

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

Fighting Isis.

billstein223 karma

Did Kanye ever reach out to you after that joke about his mom at SXSW? Assuming YES, what did he say?? Was he all pissed or did he snarl for a tense second followed by agreeable laughter?

HoorayShow_Sanz16 karma

I think when that guy looks at anything that isn't him, he just sees keleidoscopes.

traunks3 karma

You are one of my favorites. Whenever I see your name on cbb or improv4humans, I get excited. I'm very interested in getting into improv and you are one of my biggest inspirations.

I wrote this a little while ago:

What I love about him is the unpredictability. He'll be doing an improv scene that's going well and is already funny, and then he'll just blindside you with something absolutely ridiculous and make it work in the scene. That to me is what separates a good improviser from a great one, the willingness to just throw a curve ball into the mix even when things are already going great.

Would you agree? What are some things you think makes for a great improviser?

Also, how would you compare doing a character on something like cbb to doing an improv scene?

Seriously thanks for all the hard laughs.

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

Improv for radio you get a spotlight. And it comes back to you. Especially if you get laughs. In an improv scene I am more generous and my input in the show might not be as heavy, if I feel the show is going well.

HoorayShow_Sanz9 karma

Doing a bit show is like being a DH in baseball. Swing BIG: HOMERUN or strike out. No in-betweens. : )

HoorayShow_Sanz6 karma

and thank you.

clamsPIANOS2 karma

Hey Horatio!

Huge fan of the podcast, I really enjoy the fake ads that you guys put in sometimes.

Can we expect more in the future? (and where can I get some Uncle Eugene's Caffeinated Mustache Wax?!)

HoorayShow_Sanz4 karma

We will happily continue to do fake ads as long as the fake money keeps rolling in. If you have a suggestion for fake products you would like to hear fake ads for, please post them on the Hooray Show Podcast Page on facebook. -ck-

alikidisciple2 karma

Hey Horatio! Ok, be honest, how shocked were you that Jimmy got the Tonight Show?

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

I would be shocked if any of my friends got the tonight show. But he kicks ass at it and works his balls off. So Good on ya, James!

dischargingfoul2 karma

Did the name BroBro Studios come from the SNL department store sketch, & was that line improv'd?

HoorayShow_Sanz4 karma

There term BRO BRO came from Adam Mckay. We used it a lot in sketches. Later when it came time to name a corporation and a studio ...I chose BRO-BRO (INDUSTRIES).

eric_stockholm2 karma

What is the best advice you could give someone who is considering pursuing comedy?

HoorayShow_Sanz12 karma

Prepare to fail a lot . Some people don't have the heart for it. Watch watch watch do do do.

HoorayShow_Sanz10 karma

Being funny is not good enough. Find what makes it art. Is there art in breaking? If it's not fake, I think yes. Let's step back and ponder this.

thombudsman2 karma

What's your funniest memory from childhood?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

Unfortunately what I've chosen to remember is usually pretty sad. My family was great though.

HoorayShow_Sanz9 karma

Armchair psychology tells us we make funny to cover up the sadness. Sadness and anger are the gunpowder.

wisertime072 karma

Hey - so, in your Jarrett's room skit, your Gobi character looks and acts EXACTLY like a good smoking buddy of mine.

Unfortunately, I now live several hundred miles away from him, and he no longer partakes. So, I was wondering, if you ever find yourself in Charleston, SC - would you mind coming over and filling in for my buddy? It'll be just like old times!

HoorayShow_Sanz12 karma

Yeah man. Just take down that flag.

duckalucka2 karma are amazing. Loved you in Kimmy Schmidt! My question is...what's your fave place in NYC for pizza?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

Joe's on Carmine off of bleaker. And iof course Difara's is worthy of all the hype.

skullhair2 karma

Hey man, what was it like in the founding days of UCB? Did you carry over any sketches from that troupe to SNL? And do you still see the UCB guys around/perform with them on occasion?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

The best thing about my involvement with the UCB is that I see those guys all the time. And they're still my homies.

funnymann32 karma

Hey Horatio! SNL 40 must have been a blast. What was the craziest thing that happened to you that night?

HoorayShow_Sanz13 karma

I smoked a joint with Keith Richards. I have the roach saved.

im_always_fapping2 karma

I loved when you guest hosted on Attack of the Show.

How was it hosting that? Did you have any idea what the show was before you singed on?

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

I did. I thought it would be fun to enter into that world. I'm not too much into video games and other than that stuff. Attack was great fun.

bill_gee2 karma

What is the full story of your interaction with phish at SNL that you alluded to a few episodes back on the hoorayshoow?

HoorayShow_Sanz7 karma

Jimmy and I and Chad ran head on to phish. The results I can barely remember. GOOD TIMES!

nidokingman552 karma

Are you going to the post the DCM episode of the Hooray Show? I was there and it was fantastic.

HoorayShow_Sanz3 karma

We had major audio issues, we are trying to salvage what we can from a video recording. It's in the archives for now. - ck -

buffalo_born2 karma

Hello Rog,

I love your podcast, and look forward to your show every Wednesday. My favorite show so far was the episode with Jerry Minor, talking about religion and his experiences with the Jehovah's Witnesses and all the fucked up things they did to him. Jerry is a very cool guy, and it would be awesome if he started a podcast.

My question has to do with your and Chad's relationship. Are you dudes roomates? Does Chad live in the Bro-Bro studios?

Osama Bin Wankin

HoorayShow_Sanz3 karma

We are roommates. He lives in the house and spends much time crafting the wonderful

ImRichieDagger2 karma

Hi Horatio! I'm a big fan of your work and love your appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! I haven't listened to the Hooray Show yet, but I'm planning on it. What is the format of the show like?

HoorayShow_Sanz8 karma

there is no format other than to start and stop. I would like you to feel like you're in my basement. For FUN hangs not torture.

trothfeld2 karma

Are you a fan of cats?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

I love cats but only mine. Other people's cats are Jagoffs.

OrionMessier2 karma

Thank you for all the fantastic media you've helped create, just by being you. I grew up watching you on SNL, loved your appearance on You Made it Weird, and am presently losing my mind over your Improv4humans appearances (all those poor submissives; stuck in hot cars, neglected by their owners!)

I wonder, back in the good old days of SNL, did you and Ferrell write that "I just died in your arms tonight" wedding band sketch together? If so, what was the inspiration for that hilarious shit?

HoorayShow_Sanz5 karma

Will and I tried to do a ZZ Top wedding band sketch. I think Will and McKay wrote this and I threw in some bits. "Must have been something you saaaaaaaaaiiiid".

-dudeomfgstfux-1 karma

Why didn't you dress like Osama and go to the Bean in Chicago like you said you would?

HoorayShow_Sanz3 karma

I forgot. But It's still on my bucket list.

agoia1 karma

Do you still believe that Kmart is for looosers?

My brother and I taped that episode as kids and watched it many times

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

You tell me. Looks like Walking dead up in that motherfucka!

nattyj031 karma

I wanted to let you know that I watch the SNL skit "Christmas time is here" at least once a day in December to get psyched up for Christmas.
Question: Why is Tracy Morgan in the skit? Everyone else has a job and he barely dances. Me and my friends assume that it is a requirement by SNL to have a black guy on the set for something AKA token black guy... Also I love you on Getting Doug With High.

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

Tracy Morgan asked me if he could be in it, and I was delighted to put him in. Xmas song.

dischargingfoul1 karma

Who's got the best herb in Chicago?

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

Sterlin Castro.

antfamy1 karma

I remember you being really effed up backstage one year at the UCB marathon screaming "I am king aids". I really hope you are doing better in life.
Do you ever get scared that carlos mencia eclipsed you?

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

No because you'll never see Mencia stealing my quality stuff like the " I am King Aids" bit.

gilMOAR1 karma


I always wanted to ask you, do you sing for fun or a hobby? You're pretty good!

Because I will never forget your performance in Step Brothers, comedic gold!

HoorayShow_Sanz2 karma

I guess I love singing but I'm too scared to do it seriously. So doing it in comedy is always fun.