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My dad is a very serious and stern man. I am an adult now, I can only remember him laughing twice in my life. Once at the fart scene in Blazing Saddles, and the second time at the Smelly cat song. So, my question is, how did that come about? Was it written for you, or did you have any input to it?

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Real booze in the drinks? It was the 70s.....

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Hello Ted!

I loved you as a kid, by far my favorite character on Love Boat. As I have to ask a question, I'm gonna go with: Did you ever get to shack up with Julie?

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Ah, one more reason to love Chryssie Hynde! That just makes it all the better! Thanks for the response, best wishes in your future endeavors!

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Wow, that's amazing! Good for you, and best wishes for your future.

I can relate, I am married to a man with almost no brain at all.