I have had manboobs since the age of 12.. after many years of doing sports and losing weight I decided to have them removed.

Before & after: http://i.imgur.com/2RqQhb4.jpg

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fapperboy271157 karma

I'm about 90% sure I have gynecomastia and it sucks. How much did it cost to get it removed?

Wulfgar1888 karma

I had to pay 2000 euro, the insurance did not cover it.

mar10wright2232 karma

You look great, but honestly, you had some pretty nice tits.

Wulfgar11390 karma

Thanks mate.

AmerikanInfidel48 karma

Did you get to keep them?

Wulfgar143 karma

No :(

FedoraRepublic389 karma

Should've kept them. You could have posted them on the gonewild subreddits and gotten lots of karma.

Wulfgar1321 karma

Hahahaha that is aweful

Pajke186 karma

I got mine removed a couple months ago, my insurance covered the whole thing, nipples still growing in but overall im happy with the results

EDIT: For those asking, no I've never used steroids, I'm 17, I work out 3-4x a week and eat healthy.

After pic:


Wulfgar1145 karma

Is that a photo of your manboobs? You should share an after results picture.

Pajke106 karma

Yeah. Unfortunately I can't get a quality picture right now cause I gotta head off to work, maybe after that.

Short description: I still have some fat left on my chest, but I also work out a lot so you don't notice, honestly the remaning fat just makes it look like im a bodybuilder who overtrains his pecs. And the nipples are still healing.

Wulfgar1104 karma

The surgeon pushed some of the fat from the manboobs higher into my chest, so now it looks like Im buff lol. I didn't ask him to do that so I was kinda.. conflicted.. but I guess its ok.

Wulfgar138 karma

A lil bit fat is no problem right :)

advt122 karma

Damn mine was about 4,000 But my bitch tits could touch the ground when i did a pushup lol!. PLUS mine was the most aggressive they could do so i have a fairly large scar going from one side of my chest clear to the other. Plus the nipples are BEYOND touchy because they had to completely remove them and replace them.... I wish i had your doc lol.

Wulfgar167 karma

Ah man that sucks, 4000 euro!

atrajicheroine85 karma

I've talked to a platic surgeon here in the States and was quoted $4500. Insurance win't cover shit because it's an elective surgery. I guess I'll just continue to be self conscious for the rest of my life and continue to be made fun of.

Wulfgar1124 karma

You could try the old "I have nightmares and psychological problems" excuse.. maybe the insurance will cover it..

atrajicheroine122 karma

I've contemplated that. Also read up on a story of a guy that told his doctor that they gave him extreme pain. He continued to go to the doc and push that the pain kept getting worse until the doc ok'd it. It's either that or sign up for one of the plastic surgeon's payment plans or max out my credit card. The worst part is living in Florida where all my friends are beachy people and live with only tank tops and super thin tshirts. The first place I start sweating is underneath my fucking moobs. The only thing that has saved me a little my whole life is being a ginger. That way i dont have to take off my shirt at the beach. It's insane but still to this day (29 yrs old) some of my asshole guy friends will pinch my nipples in a joking way. Then I consider just fucking killing myself.

Wulfgar178 karma

Wow that is horrible, that is really not cool.. You should tell them to stop... If you get the chance to do this surgery then I advice you to do it.. it makes such a difference..

atrajicheroine72 karma

I choked the last one that did it to me. Now everyone thinks I'm overstressed and going to snap at them. They didn't even think it was because I was self conscious. The worst part is that no one but us who have this shit understand what it is and the mental torture it brings. I've grown to hate people because of their genetics.

Wulfgar137 karma

Man I feel for you.. hate is never good though..

advt20 karma

Was very expensive and the scars are almost a half inch thick all across my chest.

Wulfgar140 karma

Damn... at least you can wear t-shirts now!

username_redacted71 karma

My insurance specifically doesn't cover it, the assholes.

Wulfgar143 karma

Bunch of pricks, how much money does it cost?

Bflya785 karma

From the photos, there appears to be little, or at least, very limited scarring. How did you accomplish this?

Wulfgar1860 karma

Not sure, the surgeon said he knew what he was doing. I have two small scars, thats it.

Bflya249 karma

So you haven't used any products? I had an op some time ago, my scars are quite different

Wulfgar1273 karma

No nothing, they are still very dark and the same as after the operation, just small. I have a problem though maybe you can help.. they are still dark coloured.. and I am going on holiday in a few weeks.. how am I going to hide them :( ?

Bflya251 karma

I wouldn't worry if I were you, they are very very minimal! Just protect them from sun damage, and use vitamin e. I

Wulfgar1132 karma

Sun damage? What can happen?

heytheredelilahTOR311 karma

The sun is brutal on healthy skin at the best of times. Scars can be more negatively effected than healthy skin. It can cause discolouration (darkening of the scar) or it can cause them to develop keloids (a thickening of the tissue). The best thing you can do is to wear sunscreen and keep them covered. If you do get a burn, it will be important to use aloe and vitamin e containing products to mitigate damage. That all being said, if you just take proper precautions, you shouldn't have any issues. I've not taken very good care of my scars and do have some darkening but I'm fair so it's not too bad. The discolouration is always worse on darker skinned people.

Wulfgar198 karma

Alright, thanks mate!

dmgdispenser71 karma

Hey op, just wanted to share some stuff, very proud of you for losing weight, it's hard, but always doable. Secondly in terms of scar tissue, I have a scar from a motorcycle accident, tl:dr - hit by bad driver, and the asphalt basically ate my shoulder skin off to the bone almost. But this trick helps a lot on scar tissue, go to Walgreen or a pharmacy and buy vitamin E gel capsules, puncture a hole with a small needle and squeeze the vitamin E on the scar tissue, it'll definitely speed up the healing process, you will also need extra sun screen for that area fyi, the scar tissues have very little dead skin to protect the inside layer of skin.

Wulfgar123 karma

I did not realise that about the dead skin, I am going on holiday in a few weeks and will definitely remember to put alot of sunscreen on it thanks friend :).

IWannaLolly55 karma

Buy some foundation matched to your skin tone. It's makeup designed to cover up scars, "blemishes", tattoos, etc.

Wulfgar136 karma

Ill look into that thanks :)

im_twelve_50 karma

There's a concealer called Glamoflauge. It's at walmart and it's the cheapest full-coverage concealer I've found. Just pick a shade darker than you think you'll need, because in my experience, it goes on a lighter shade than it looks. After you put it on, put a light coating of powder over it; even baby powder will work! Otherwise, it'll come off if you swim, sweat, etc.

Sorry im on mobile, but this stuff. http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/Hard-Candy-Glamoflauge-Heavy-Duty-Concealer-With-Concealer-Pencil-Medium-313/15599852?type=search

Wulfgar117 karma

I am in Europe though :( but thanks

OneNationUnderGroot386 karma

I have the same thing man.

It sucks. It's like a deformity, except one that no one understands, and you almost feel like it shouldn't overpower you as much as it does.

It has been a torment all my life since puberty.

I couldn't tell you the last time I went to a pool, and it's a big reason I have become reclusive and had little to no interaction with women.

When I was 17 I was anorexic, barely ate for over a year, and they were still there. It got so bad that I even wrapped two or three layers of duct tape around them and wore no less than two t-shirts.

Go to the gym!They would turn to mad pecks! I've constantly screamed at myself. And I have worked out. It helps some for a while, but the only time I felt I was getting results was when I was working out 5 or 6 days a week, pushing to the limit, and honestly, fuck that.

Now I'm legitimately overweight, though I still carry very odd proportions, and I'm in dread of entering the summer months.

Has it been like an awakening for you? Did you shed your insecurities as much as you thought you would? Have you struggled at all to really drop the baggage?

Wulfgar1280 karma

I feel for you man, what you just described.. thats how I felt most of the times.. I forced myself to interact with girls and go to the pool and wear t-shirts.. I said fuck them all... But it didn't help at all, I still felt like shit. This surgery changed everything for me.. I can actually walk around in a t-shirt and feel good about myself, its such a great feeling. Sometimes I get scared because Im afraid people will see my manboobs, but then I realise they are gone.

If you can get the surgery then do it.. it really is the best decision in my life.

OneNationUnderGroot43 karma

Did you ever do anything really weird to conceal them? Like duct tape I mean? I haven't done it for a very long time, but for a while I was doing it daily.

These days I just thank the universe for ultra-thick black t-shirts.

It must be amazing to be able to walk straight and tall with any shirt on and not feel like girls at best just feel sorry for you.

Wulfgar130 karma

Walking around with just a t-shirt feels really great. I am sorry for you mate.. good to hear the black shirts help. I never used duct tape or anything.. I always wore sweaters and stuff even when it was hot to hide them though..

XxJ33VZxX301 karma

How old where you when you got them removed?

Wulfgar1290 karma

21 years old.

XxJ33VZxX183 karma

did they not just go when you lose weight, what's your advice for losing weight?

Wulfgar1600 karma

I lost 66 lbs (30kilo) in three years, it did not make any difference on my manboobs. It looked better when I was still fat, because the manboobs were part of the whole 'fat guy look'. After I lost so much weight the manboobs had only become a little bit smaller.. They became really visible.. Thats why I choose to have them removed with surgery.

I lost the 30 kilo (66lbs) of fat by buying one of these > http://i.imgur.com/aR4lezT.jpg and placing them in front of a tv.. then I would use it for 90 minutes a day...

JakkuScavenger242 karma

But... it doesn't have a cup holder!

Wulfgar1218 karma

Haha yes that was a bummer.

matter131723 karma

Do you have a link to that product?

matter131716 karma

Thanks mate!

Wulfgar157 karma

This really was a great way of losing fat.. Just watch series like LOST which has many seasons.. and cycle away..

Alic3_10 karma

What if I already saw LOST, would I have to watch it again as part of your recommended work-out system?

Wulfgar130 karma

Watching LOST is mandatory.

TorinoCobra070237 karma

Did you get to keep the stuff they removed in a jar?

Wulfgar1131 karma

Haha no, I did not ask them.

lucid_throw226 karma

Your pecs have hair on them now. Why were your manboobs hairless and silky smooth? Were you trying to create confused boners?

Wulfgar1340 karma

Hahaha, I don't know, when I lost the manboobs I became a man and grew some hair lol.

I_likethings51 karma

I'm still trying to learn how to grow chest hair. I'm 34.

Wulfgar115 karma

Well its kinda funny how after my manboobs were removed I suddenly grew chesthair.. perhaps thats the key

Indydegrees2157 karma

Have people noticed that you have had surgery?

Wulfgar1362 karma

No, they all think I have been working out.

LorneArmstrong128 karma

what size bed do you have?

Wulfgar1146 karma

What? why?

Slayer1973227 karma

It's an AMA, answer the question! We need answers!


Wulfgar1152 karma

You are right! It is a bed for 1 person.

electrogamerman119 karma

Would you rather lick the floor or have your manboobs back?

Wulfgar1257 karma

lick the floor

Abraxas21253 karma

If you did not exist, what would you be doing right now?

Wulfgar1420 karma

The_Lion_Queen104 karma

Is there any likely hood of them growing back?

Wulfgar1181 karma

According to the surgeon it is very unlikely that they will grow back. He said that it could only happen if I became a very fat guy again, but even then it would be unlikely.

ManBearPaul90 karma

Was there outside pressure effecting your choice? Were people bullying you at all because of it?

Wulfgar1168 karma

Well no, no bullying. I was very insecure though, between the age of 12 and 21 I never wore a t-shirt, thats how insecure I was. Same for going to a swimming pool, I went.. but I did not feel happy. I never felt very comfortable when I was with a girl either.

CodingGorp50 karma

Soo were you ever with a girl which had smaller tits than you?

Wulfgar1253 karma

No, one who had the same size.. I grabber hers and she grabbed mine during sex.. That broke my confidence.

LIGHTSpoxleitner210 karma

I'm sorry but...LOL

Wulfgar1117 karma

Lol dick :P

ATyp3117 karma

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Wulfgar168 karma


assfrog34 karma

kind of hot though

Wulfgar158 karma

Lol no

_ihateeverything73 karma

Any pics from before surgery, after you lost weight?

Wulfgar157 karma

No, I am afraid not, they were a lil smaller then the ones in the picture in the opening post but still the same. Since the operation I haven't lost any weight though.

Crimson554 karma

How long was the recovery? Was it over bearingly painful? Could you still go to work?

I'm just wondering since I reaaaaly want to get this surgery as well. Started when I was 12-13 and confidence jumped out of a window, been a shell ever since.

Wulfgar190 karma

I had morfine for the first night and day. The two weeks after.. ye it hurt, but I still went to work, it was ok. Then for like two months I would have sharp pains occasionally, but really, it wasn't that bad. This surgery is great, do it, it was really worth it. Man I love wearing t-shirts now lol.

Crimson533 karma

Thanks man I'm definitely going to , I have 3 drawers full of awesome T shirts I can't wear but people keep giving to me T-T

Last question, do you have to wear some kind of compression shirt around your chest for a while after surgery?

Wulfgar130 karma

Not a shirt but some kind of compression bandage... after two weeks I could take it of.

Elemetrix48 karma

I did this for a mild amount but I can't see your scars. Mine was two horizontal slits either side of the nipple and then a U under the nipple so it could lift it.

You can't see it until I tan.

What incisions did they make for you?

Wulfgar150 karma

Two horizontal slits under the nipple (not on it), thats it. My father had the same surgery many years ago.

Elemetrix22 karma

Looks much better. I had a dead nipple for a while, was weird.

Wulfgar136 karma

My father said he never got the feeling in his nipples again after the surgery.

Ryvan15 karma

Your dad had to get the surgery too? Is the condition genetic?

Wulfgar126 karma

It can be, it has many different causes.

AdseyV44 karma

Hello friend thanks for sharing your experience. Do you have any regrets regarding the man boobs?

Wulfgar1112 karma

I regret not getting surgery earlier.. I forced myself to lose all the weight before I choose surgery, this was because I thought I could lose them if I would just work hard enough. But that didn't turn out to be true.

barcode155576 karma

If you were fat and now you're a healthy weight, that's a good thing.

Wulfgar150 karma

  • Im going to the gym now

nptstorm19 karma

Did you try any sort of medication before the surgery?

Wulfgar122 karma

No never any medication.

jWalkerFTW30 karma

I'm going to my doctor to get tested for this. I really don't want to go under again if I do have it (I hate the feeling), but I also don't want to live with this all my life. Is there anything about the surgery you can tell me that will ease my mind?

Wulfgar154 karma

The surgery was the best decision I have ever made in my life. The doctors told me that once they removed the manboobs they would not come back unless I would gain 50 kilo of fat (or something like that).

Maskeregen29 karma

What's your favorite Pokémon?

Wulfgar161 karma


tatteredemalion26 karma

Do your friends know?

Wulfgar168 karma

Nope. In a few weeks I will go on holiday with some friends.. there will be a pool.. I am sure they will see the difference..

electrogamerman59 karma

Did you ever trick your friend showing a pic of your manboobs?

Wulfgar144 karma

hahahhahaha no I haven't

WhenDisasterStruck11 karma

Time to cram more gym sessions into your week :) God I love the summer

Wulfgar118 karma

Going three times a week now :)

SilentlyCrying21 karma

Did having this condition affect your social life and your self image growing up?

Wulfgar187 karma

Social life.. no.. Even though I looked like a sack of potatoes nobody ever bullied me, I had enough friends. When it comes to my self image, yes, it has damaged me.. I felt ugly and never felt comfortable when I was with other people, especially with girls. The manboobs have actually benefited me a lot.. I forced myself to fight my insecurities and go swimming for example and talk to girls at the pool with my shirt off.. It felt horrible doing that, but I did not show it.. I learned to fake confidence...

Willpower, I really developed that thanks to the manboobs.

jazzloverjazzlover19 karma

Congratulations. I have the same issue and it sucks sometimes. What caused you to get surgery? Was it some kind of an event, general dislike of them, or a different issue altogether?

Wulfgar159 karma

I worked very hard and lost 30 kilo.. instead of being rewarded with a flat chest, the manboobs just became more visible. Then one night I was having fun with a girl and she grabbed my manboobs and played with them, it was all fun for her but it crushed my confidence... so yea.. that was the day I decided to save money for surgery.

yyc_guy13 karma

How did you conceal them after you lost the weight, but before the surgery? Sports bra, tensor bandage, large sweaters?

Wulfgar120 karma

Sweaters and clothing which was very wide.

secretlywatchingyou13 karma

Did you do push ups before? Would growth be effected by the surgery if you were to start lifting weights?

Wulfgar139 karma

No I didn't. According to the doctor it would not have the desired effect. He said that If I would lift weights and gain muscles it would all be under the fat. All it would do is make the manboobs look even bigger.

Akael12 karma

Have you had your prolactin levels checked?

Wulfgar116 karma

Yes, everything was normal, but the doctor said the growth happened when I was 12-14 and that the levels were ok now.

45681828182811 karma

im a trans lady with smaller boobs than that. whats your secret??

Wulfgar121 karma

Eating three bags of chips a day and some chocolate.

_palebluedot__10 karma

Congratulations! I am a trans man (FTM) and I had C cup boobs for 10 years. I bound them with a compression chest. It was incredibly uncomfortable and restricting. The day I had my tits chopped off was day I got my life back. That being said, having had the same surgery that many transgender men undergo, how have your views of the transgender community changed, if at all? Edit: Here's a post op photo progression--slightly NSFW

Wulfgar15 karma

Ahh.. good question but in all fairness my view hasn't really changed. I think I met only 1 transgender person in my life and it was a fun conversation, so yea.

sublimemongrel10 karma

Was this caused by risperdal? It's known to cause this condition. Thanks for being brave and sharing. Many young boys struggle for years because they don't know what's happening to their bodies and feel ashamed. Of course there's nothing to be ashamed about, it's a medical condition

Wulfgar112 karma

No not by risperdal. I became fat very fast when I was 12 years old this was most likely combined with low levels of testosterone. The manboobs became bigger then they should have according to the doctor.

beemparthiban6 karma

What's your age?

Wulfgar19 karma


isayx36 karma

Was the procedure painful? How long was the recovery?

Wulfgar18 karma

During the procedure I was unconscious so that wasn't that bad. First night and the following day I had morfine so no pain.. The two weeks after, it was painful, especially during the nights.. The recovery took like two months.

CHERNO-B1LL6 karma

Did you try working out? You seem generally slimmer in the second picture on top of the surgery.

Wulfgar116 karma

Yes, I lost 30 kilo (66lbs). The manboobs stayed the same size, thats why I choose for surgery.

NESpahtenJosh5 karma

Do you resent your parents for not making you eat healthier and turning you into a portly pie?

Wulfgar112 karma

Yes and they are doing it to my siblings aswell.

King_Nidge5 karma

How can you tell if you have man boobs or you're just fat?

Wulfgar113 karma

Good question.. I asked myself that many times.. I had some friends who were even fatter then I was.. and they did not have the manboobs, that really felt unfair.. Then after I lost 30 kilo (66 lbs) and my manboobs were only a little bit smaller I realised surgery was the way to go.

endowdly5 karma

Since I'm not well read on the condition, maybe you have some insight. You claim obesity or fatness did you in. Out of curiosity, can you get man boobs from another cause? I'm assuming some type of hormone imbalance?

Edit, I understand your hormone levels were checked and were normal. Which is why I am curious about other causes.

Wulfgar16 karma

Doctors told me it can happen because of hormone inbalances but also when you get very fat, very fast.. Like when you gain many kilo's in just a few months.. In my case, it was most likely combined. Between the age of 12-14 I became very fat very fast and the doctor also thinks I had a hormone inbalance at that age.

Marsmonkey125 karma

I had mine removed around 7 years ago because no matter how much weight I lost they stuck around and I caught a lot of grief about them. Recently I found out I have low testosterone of which gynecomastia is a symptom. Have you been tested for low testosterone?

Wulfgar17 karma

Yes, but my testosterone was normal. Doctor said that it is likely that it was out of balance when I was younger.

dtatge4 karma

Hello! This is tremendous timing as I'm about to have that procedure in a couple weeks.

Could you speak on the recovery period and how long it took before you were back to 100%? Did you have to wear a binder? Was your ability to walk and move comprised at all?

Thank in advance.

Wulfgar15 karma

After the surgery I could walk etc.. but don't do it to fast (I fainted lol). The first two weeks will be painful, especially at night. I was able to go back to work on day #3 after the surgery (deskjob). I still had occasional pain for three months.. I wore a bandage for a week.

Awesome that you are going to have the procedure. You should make before&after pictures.

StackShitThatHigh4 karma

Hello, it seems like I have a lot of loose skin around my chest area. If I get the surgery done, what will be done with the loose skin?

Wulfgar16 karma

Ah.. not sure.. I did not have any loose skin, I did ask them what would happen to the skin if they removed the manboobs.. the surgeon said it would not be visible. I think thats a question you should ask a doctor mate.

bugcatcher_billy4 karma

How long did it take to recover? Did you miss work?

Wulfgar15 karma

I went back to work on day 3, I had to recover for three months, first two weeks were very painful after that it became less painful, more annoying really.

Uriopass3 karma

Do you have a wife or something ?

Wulfgar18 karma

Nope, single.

Mega153 karma

I don't know if you're still doing this, but I'm gonna ask away anyway. When you went to the doctor, did they say that regular exercise was another solution? I feel like I have this, but can't afford the surgery unfortunately.

Wulfgar15 karma

Doctor told me I can exercise all I want, but the manboobs will NOT go away. He told me I was pretty much doomed (not sure if he was speaking the truth cuz this doctor was a real prick).

person25673 karma

Did you think about getting testosterone injections to reverse the man boobs, or is that no longer effective at your age?

Wulfgar17 karma

Doctor said it did not work like that, surgery was the only option.

OffalAutopsy3 karma

Why would you regret it?

Wulfgar15 karma

Could go wrong

Steelsoldier772 karma

Is fight club really as fun as it sounds?

Wulfgar14 karma


Qatari941 karma

How was is it like after the surgery? Did you have stay at the hospital for some time? Did it affect your productivity?

Wulfgar11 karma

Few hours in the hospital.. two days at home... then back to work.. It hurt for a few weeks but I could still do work (deskjob)


Did you try any medicines such as Tamoxifen or Raloxifene before resulting to surgery? I've gynecomastia as well, and I'm going to see if my doctor will prescribe those to try to help. I've seen several studies that support their usefulness, but some people insist that it won't work if you have had it for years (although I've never seen a source for that).

It's pretty much my last resort since I can't afford the surgery.

Wulfgar11 karma

I never tried any medicine.. don't really trust that.. How much money is the surgery?

bboven861 karma

There was a commercial running not long ago about a class action lawsuit about a drug or something that caused gynecomastia. Everything it came on, I laughed, and my sister called me a terrible person.

Am I a terrible person?

Wulfgar13 karma

No because it sounds funny.. but the same kind of funny as watching a video of people falling etc..

lilbittygoddamnman1 karma

What was your cup size before? I know you know.

Wulfgar11 karma

Never measured it.

______DEADPOOL______0 karma

I would've kept the moobs. :(


Btw, do you have pics of thinner you before the surgery? The before was like, fat you, and the after was like, thinner you. It's kinda not fair to compare those...

Wulfgar11 karma

Well I did not take many pictures, sorry. I can say that the manboobs barely changed even after I lost weight.. that was the main reason for me to get surgery.

YesManBryan0 karma

Why is your chest completely flat?

Wulfgar12 karma

Its not, maybe its the picture.

[deleted]-2 karma


Wulfgar12 karma


TorinoCobra0701 karma

I think he is trying to describe "motor boating". Google it, with safe search off.

Wulfgar11 karma

Ahhh.... lol no I haven't.

Ferl74-3 karma

Did you have it done because your girlfriend was jealous yours were bigger?

Wulfgar13 karma

Hahaha... No, I am single. I had one girl who played with my boobs during sex though.. that was kinda sad...

my_hunt-4 karma

How do you feel about not having help from Victoria on this AMA?

Wulfgar114 karma

Very sad, I miss her very much... I don't miss my manboobs though.

rivalcoarrival-8 karma

How come gynecomastia isn't considered cosmetic surgery and a mental illness in which you must accept your body for what it is because youll always be less than a man if you have breasts but sexual corrective surgery for us is considered a mental disorder who are justmen or women who need to accept their body and get no help from the medical community whatsoever?

Wulfgar14 karma

Well where I live gynecomastia IS considered cosmetic surgery, I had to pay for it myself.