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Buoy guy here. Can concur. Once you start scraping that shit off and things start crawling around you and dripping down your neck you have got to question the honesty of your recruiter. Also, the deck gets slippery. Add to that your in 5-10 foot swells and you and half the other guys where out drinking until up to an hour or so before the ship cast off makes for a hell of a day.

Please tell me they let you use the "happy hooker".

Edit: here is a video of the happy hooker. Skip to about 1:50 for the one that we used.


Edit 2: /U/lazishere posted a great video that shows everything I am poorly trying to describe and answers a lot of questions below.


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Can you help me find my wife's?

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Um, I was told too? But all that growth weighs them down more and it can fuck up the paint leading to rust?

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how much further down do you have to go before you can safely bury NickleBack?

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Yeah, it had its ups and downs.