Since Magic Mike XXL came out yesterday, I figured I'd do one of these to give an inside scoop of the industry. I strip for bachelorette parties on the weekends, while working a professional job during the week. I've been stripping on and off for more than 12 years now, and absolutely love it. Very few people who know me in person know that I do this on the side.

I've written a memoir of the crazy things I've experienced on the job:

It's also available as an ebook at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, etc.


My Proof:

I also submitted extra proof to the mods.

Edit: It's been fun! Thanks for the interest and the questions, everyone! If you still have questions, feel free to continue asking, and I'll try and answer them all.

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TellsYouIfHeLikesIt93 karma

I strip for bachelorette parties on the weekends

How often do you get blown by the bride to be?

MaleStripperDion60 karma

I've had a few brides jerk me off during my performance. Most brides aren't simply going to blow me in front of all her friends. A few have tried to hook up on the side, though.

CanadianGun37 karma

And this right here is why if I get married someday. I refuse to let my wife-to-be get a stripper for her bachelorette party. Heard too many shitty stories like this about male strippers at such parties, bunch of alcohol, cheering women, peer pressure, etc... yeeeeeah, no. (No offense to you of course!) And no I ain't a hypocrite. If she can't have a stripper, I won't be getting a stripper at my own bachelor party.

Just have zero interest of my bride to be playing with another man's junk. I'm monogamous like that lol. This is all hypothetical though, not planning a marriage anytime soon!

magus67854 karma

Real talk, she would figure out another way to touch a different dick if she wants to.

Women are offered sex practically every day. You can't block all those cocks.

CanadianGun10 karma

I get that. But there's a difference between blocking cock everyday when you're alone and not under the influence of anything, if she doesn't want to touch a different dick no problem won't happen.

But even if she doesn't want to touch a different dick. Well being drunk at a party, with friends cheering on and a naked dick swinging around inches from your face, who knows. Peer pressure, alcohol and it being shoved directly at you. I just rather not have the extra risk is all.

Not everyone feels the way I do, but I've some pretty bad trust issues. So it's not something I'd be comfortable with.

mon_dieu6 karma

It's not just you. Social/situational pressure can have a huge impact on people's behavior. For evidence, see: Asch's conformity studies, Zimbardo's prison study, etc. Some 75% of people will do something they inwardly disagree with and know is wrong if everyone around them is putting pressure on them, even if it's subtle/indirect pressure.

MaleStripperDion8 karma

I've noticed this to be true from firsthand experience.

atwork36623 karma

So you wouldn't trust your soon to be wife? Why would you marry someone you don't trust implicitly?

CanadianGun9 karma

I've huge trust issues. Been stabbed in the back a few times by women. So probably won't be able to ever 100% trust a partner fully again. So yeah, even if I was to marry, I'd probably still have latent trust issues.

Eh, it's weird I know but well my issues.

MaleStripperDion47 karma

I'm just going to throw this out there. I've stripped for thousands of women throughout the years and met all sorts. Some were trustworthy. Some were not.

That said, having trust issues with women (or men) because of something a partner did to you in the past is very unfair to a future partner. Basically, you're making your future partner pay for something somebody else did.

sexydeathtime52 karma

Have you ever felt unsafe while working?

MaleStripperDion66 karma

Only a few times and never from the girls. Believe it or not, it's usually the young straight guys who cause the problems. Perhaps my presence makes them feel threatened, or they have something to prove.

At one party, one of the girl's brother and his redneck friends crashed in on the party and started firing whistling bottle rockets at me in the living room.

I stripped at a country bar for a birthday girl and several of her friends. One of the girls got frisky with me. Little did I know that she was married and her husband was in the crowd (the bar was opened to the public). He waited outside to fight me in the parking lot, but he never approached me when I walked out and went to my car.

ButHurtToast49 karma

Simply out of curiosity, have you ever performed for other guys? And if so was the experience awkward and or how did that go down.

MaleStripperDion64 karma

A few times. Occasionally, a group of girls will bring their gay friend. Most of the time, the experience isn't awkward at all. They usually just watch. At a recent party, one guy even encouraged the girls to get "slutty" with me.

Then there are husbands who hire me for their wives. Some of them get off on seeing a guy straddle their wife.

Kaiserhawk55 karma

Cuck a doodle doo!

thecacti13 karma

Any cock will doo!

MaleStripperDion14 karma

Y'all are cracking me up here.

crak-a-lakin47 karma

how many brides to be have gone beyond a simple strip show?

MaleStripperDion75 karma

There's been several, although it doesn't happen as much as some guys fear. Most brides just want to have fun.

The worst culprit was one bride who wanted to have sex with me. I didn't want to have sex with her, but didn't want to hurt her feelings with outright rejection (she was a customer after all), so I told her that I didn't have any condoms. Her reply: "It's okay, I'm on the pill."

I did not sleep with her. I also felt sorry for her soon-to-be-husband.

wacks09643 karma

What's the best stripper move you have?

MaleStripperDion72 karma

I can twerk pretty well!

Lately, some girls request "The Helicopter." For those of you that don't know, that's swinging your penis around in a circle.

terp_nation77120 karma


MaleStripperDion37 karma

lol. I'm going to have to use that term from now on.

MaleStripperDion1 karma

I also call this move the "male stripper's version of a lap dance:"

HidingFromThoughts39 karma

How fine is the line between stripping and prostitution? Would you go home after the party with a party-goer (guy/girl, whatever your sexual preference) if they paid you enough?

MaleStripperDion58 karma

Well, that's depends on the stripper. Some male strippers get involved in the escort service or gay-for-pay.

Then there are guys who hire male strippers for muscle worship sessions. The male stripper strips privately for the client and flexes his muscles while the client watches (or touches the stripper) and masturbates).

As for me, I'd definitely go home with a pretty girl after a party if she paid me! ;) However, that'd never happen. She'd expect it for free.

HidingFromThoughts39 karma

I'd definitely go home with a pretty girl after a party if she paid me

What about an ugly fat housewife?

MaleStripperDion64 karma

How much are we talking about here?

fireh0use28 karma

Bout tree fiddy

MaleStripperDion20 karma

k. I need tree fiddy!

WitheredSedge38 karma

Has your job made it hard to pursue a long term relationship? also, how has your job affected your relationships, if at all

MaleStripperDion53 karma

Great question!

Not really! I've dated several women who were open-minded about it.

However, it has caused some conflict with a few relationships. Some girls became uncomfortable with me stripping that they wanted me to quit. A few became insecure and would go out of their way to demonstrate how popular they were with guys. Then there's this typical question: "Would you have dated me if I were a stripper?"

However, I don't think stripping is an obstacle as long as you have the right mindset to build a good relationship.

Ramza_Claus36 karma

Begs the follow-up:

Would you date a female stripper, or would your experience in the industry make you uncomfortable?

MaleStripperDion40 karma

I wouldn't be opposed to it as long as she shared similar hobbies, lifestyle, outlook on finances, and family values as I did.

However, I tend to date girls who are shy and nerdy.

callmesquirms75 karma

Hi, yes, you rang?

MaleStripperDion29 karma


HoopHooted37 karma

What's the creepiest thing that's happened to you while on the job?

MaleStripperDion78 karma

Creepiest thing was when I worked at a gay club, and one of the guys tried to offer me cash if I would go to the bathroom with him. I refused, and he followed me around the club all night, offering more and more money. When I brought this incident to the owner's attention, he didn't care and thought it was funny. I quit the club after that.

TFA1337 karma

Do people look down upon your work and/or think less of you because of what you do?

MaleStripperDion40 karma

Not as much as you'd think! The girls at my party treat me very respectfully.

Beyond the parties, few people know that I strip -- Maybe like 3 or 4 people who are close to me. Some people who know me in person may think that I'm a boring prude!

123choji35 karma

Any misconceptions about your work?

MaleStripperDion68 karma

There are plenty of misconceptions. One being the assumption that all male strippers are gay. Most of the guys that perform for women are straight. There may be a few who are gay or bi here and there.

Guys who don't know much about this industry often assume that penis size and showing it off is important. However, many male revues won't allow full nudity.

Another misconception is that women don't tip well. I find that women can be quite generous with money.

andrewonreddit34 karma

How did you get into the industry? Is this the kind of thing you ease in to or did you wake up one day and decide this is it?

MaleStripperDion48 karma

Great question! I started back in 2003 when I walked into a lingerie shop with a classmate. The lingerie shop was hiring male and female strippers for private parties. I was a student at the University of Florida at the time and making minimum wage. With the insistence of my classmate, I applied and got the job.

My memoir covers this in a more details:

drumsdeadlifts15 karma

Go Gators!!! haha

MaleStripperDion9 karma

current student or alumni?

drumsdeadlifts8 karma

Current student. I'm going into my senior year in a few weeks! Love it here

MaleStripperDion1 karma

I highly recommend these two restaurants if you haven't tried them already: Mi Apa, which is a Cuban cafe ; Reggae Shack, a Jamaican restaurant.

They were there when I was a student at UF back in 2003, and they're still there today. I know I've spent many stripper dollars at both.

adamsandleryabish34 karma

On average how much do you make on a good crowded night?

MaleStripperDion59 karma

I strip at private parties instead of clubs. For each one-hour parties, I average about $250. This adds up if I have multiple parties a night.

Gingersnapp2433 karma

My friends got me a stripster (hipster stripper) for my 21st birthday a couple years ago. When he arrived at the house, he also came with a woman. She did not perform with him, but more so acted as a body guard and made sure we didn't get too out of hand with him. Do you also have someone who comes along with you to do the same thing?

MaleStripperDion51 karma

That's funny! Stripster. I never heard that before!

That woman who showed up was probably his girlfriend, not his bodyguard. I mean, think about it: If you were going to bring a bodyguard, wouldn't you bring a big guy along instead?

I show up to my parties solo. If my agent found out I was bringing a girl along, he wouldn't be too happy. That's a good way to make the crowd feel uncomfortable. :/


If you were going to bring a bodyguard, wouldn't you bring a big guy along instead?

Can you imagine how the cops would handle a man hitting a woman?

MaleStripperDion19 karma

I find it ironic that your name is "IPUNCHFLOWERS."

Anyway, I don't bring an escort. I heard of a group of girls turning one male stripper away because he brought a friend along and that creeped the whole party out.

andyman49228 karma

What does a typical night look like for you on the job? How long are you usually with a group?

Have you ever slept with a client and how often is that proposed?

Do you ever dress like a Hot Cop?

MaleStripperDion31 karma

A typical night usually has one or two parties. A busy night consists of three or four. I'm usually with a group for an hour and a half. Sometimes two hours, sometimes thirty minutes. It really depends on the vibe of the crowd.

I've slept with quite a few girls at these parties. I've even had threesomes, multiple blowjobs, etc., stuff that you'd only imagine happens in porn. I'd say that about 1 in every 4 party presents an opportunity to hook up with someone.

My cop outfit resembles more of an actual police officer in order to "scare" the bride. When this goes off well, the girls love it. It's a great way to start off a show.

J_dajao25 karma

So how realistic is a movie like Magic Mike? Also about how much a year can a male stripper pull in?

MaleStripperDion25 karma

Well, it does have the Hollywood flare to it. The choreographed dancing is much better than you'll see at your typical revue or male strip club. But the movie really touched well on a few stereotypes. I thought Kevin Nash looked a bit out of place in that line-up.

The income for male strippers vary from person to person. Like female strippers, no two guys earn the same. Some get more work than others. However, the top guys can pull anywhere from $150,000 to $300,000 a year.

charlie-beech24 karma

Do men in this industry have to be "showers"? Or are "growers" accepted too?

MaleStripperDion21 karma

Growers are accepted too.

Exiting224 karma

Do you have a favorite memory of a show? If so, what is it?

MaleStripperDion41 karma

Yes! Stripping for Ambyr Childers on the movie set of "Vice." Her husband hired me to surprise her. I dressed up as the Metro Police from the movie and got into the passenger seat of one of the cop cars, which was driven by a stuntman. The whole film crew pretended like they were filming a scene with Childers, having the cop car with me inside pull up. I exited the car, and someone started playing music, and that was when I began stripping for Ambyr.

A makeup artist painted this on my back prior to the performance:

SilentlyCrying20 karma

Are male strippers treated differently than female strippers?

MaleStripperDion47 karma

Yes! We're more likely to get tips if the girls like our personality, smiles, etc. On top of that, many girls pack me food and drink on my way out the door.

One female stripper said this about her male clients: "Guys are more likely to tip me if I say that I'm using the money to buy sex toys and lingerie instead of raising my child."

I'd say the opposite goes for women.

Shaeos23 karma

That's fucking interesting as hell, and a little sad. I know I fall in those lines. You'd end up with a plateful of food and beer I've made... and prolly homemade cookies. ..

Wtf. When did I become domestic.

MaleStripperDion13 karma

I'm not complaining! ;) I find it flattering, actually.

Montauket17 karma

What is your workout routine? How about your diet?

MaleStripperDion12 karma

I workout similar to a bodybuilder. I train each muscle group: Chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. I usually aim for 8 to 12 reps, and do multiple sets for each muscle group. This is to build a symmetrical Adonis-like form.

For a guide on working out, I highly recommend Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Encyclopedia to Modern Bodybuilding." However, Arnold suggests training each muscle group 2 to 3 times a week. Unless you're cycling steroids, I would highly advise against this because you'll definitely overtrain.

MaleStripperDion8 karma

For diet, I try to consume at least 1 gram of protein for each pound I weigh. This involves sources from whey powder, eggs, fish, chicken, steak, and nuts (especially almonds).

I consume carbs mainly from vegetables or oatmeal. My vegetables of choice are cucumbers, green peas, asparagus, spinach, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

My fat intake comes from the meat, fish, and peanut oil I mentioned from above.

iusedtobeasheep15 karma

What's the most uncomfortable thing you've ever been asked to do?

MaleStripperDion23 karma

Probably when this older guy wanted me to flirt with his 40-year-old wife. She was pretty hot! He paid me $500, and wanted me to flirt with her at the pool. Then he wanted me to meet her at the bar later and see "where things went." I flirted with her and got along, but she was unaware that her husband set the whole thing up, and she wasn't interested in doing anything else.

A few weeks later, he called me saying that he mentioned me to his wife and she seemed open to the idea of sleeping with me. He offered me an additional $500 if I would do it. I never was able to follow up on that offer, because my phone stopped working, and didn't have his contact info.

Bloop-da-doop13 karma

I'm a 21 year old girl living in LA, very close to Hollywood. I have been a dancer since age 6, and I'm looking into stripping. Only concerns are working terrible hours (during the night), how do I pick what club to try out for, and how do try outs work? Any recommendations would help!

MaleStripperDion13 karma

Google "Stripper Notes." I believe she has a Tumblr page. She's basically the female version of my blog.

Klaxonwang5 karma

I've started reading your blog and it is so interesting to read.

MaleStripperDion5 karma

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Bloop-da-doop5 karma

Awesome! Thank you!

MaleStripperDion6 karma

You're welcome! Good luck!

McRioT13 karma

How does your life as an American stripper compare to American Sniper or American Psycho?

MaleStripperDion24 karma

There's less killing and more sex involved!

locotxwork4 karma

You haven't seen American Me then

MaleStripperDion2 karma

I had not. Is it good?

JenWarr12 karma

Hi! After going out with lady friends to a club (gay nightclub with skimpy clad go go dancers) one girl kept insisting to me to "touch the penis" I was kinda horrified that she had so little respect for the performers because I KNOW plenty of strip clubs and other dance venues have a no-touch policy to female dancers.

So set me straight here: is touching the performer acceptable? Does it vary from venue to venue? How can you tell if a performer likes that or not?

MaleStripperDion19 karma

Girls can usually touch. I allow all girls to touch me, as long as they don't flog me with a belt or something, leave marks, or harm me in any way.

Girls don't share the "creep" factor that is often associated with male patrons at strip clubs. It can vary from venue to venue, performer to performer, but touching is often okay to do.

6F6A9O98 karma

Where's Victoria?

hnastywich8 karma

I'll be going away to college soon and have always said that if I get lean enough that I would become a stripper to pay for college. Would you recommend it as a job during college?

MaleStripperDion16 karma

Hell yeah! That's what I did in college.

It's not consistent work, though. Sometimes you're drowning in it, but other times you're dying of thirst.

hnastywich3 karma

Great! I figured it could be something I do on the side if anything. Any advice on learning how to dance and move like a stripper?

MaleStripperDion4 karma

Take dance lessons, watch good dancers, and practice, practice, practice. Also, relax and loosen up. Most people can't dance because they're stiff.

hnastywich2 karma

Thanks, man! I really appreciate it. I think I would enjoy it because it just seems so fun and energetic.

MaleStripperDion1 karma

It is! That's why I'm still doing it at 34. Most days at work are great.

TerryGond7 karma

Is there such a thing of strippers that are not in shape? Like fat strippers. Just curious if there is a market for something like that. I met a good amount of girls that find muscle guys repulsive which was a big shocker for me

MaleStripperDion28 karma

There may be some dadbod type strippers at a smaller company, but the major companies require visible abs and good muscularity. Now you don't have to be like Mr. Olympia injected full of steroids and human growth hormone, but don't be skinny as a rail, or pudgy.

Basically, women pay on average $200 an hour (not including tips) for a guy to show up. Your look has to justify that price tag.

TheDandyWarhol4 karma

Chris Farley or Patrick Swayze?

MaleStripperDion3 karma

Oh man. That's a tough decision!

brockharvey4 karma

Has there been an increase in demand since the Magic Mike films? Also, is there a constant flow flow of work? or do you get more around holiday season for example?

MaleStripperDion9 karma

There definitely has been a significant increase in bookings since the Magic Mike films. They have brought the industry to the mainstream.

I don't get a constant flow of work in my area. Usually the spring and late summer are the busy seasons. Holidays are usually dead, because people tend to spend that time with their families. (Not always, though).

mattyshoes3 karma

What is the worst experience you've had stripping, like have drunk people at a party gotten out of hand, or start asking for a little too much?

BigDirtyBeefOnes3 karma

Any tips on how to helicopter faster?

MaleStripperDion4 karma

It's all in the hips!

darrerdian3 karma

I'm not sure if this is in your book but two quick questions from someone who might like to do this.

One: How did you get into this industry?

Two: What are some things required for the job?

MaleStripperDion7 karma

Question one is in the book. I started at a lingerie store, then eventually expanded to work for an online company.

Two: A gregarious personality, charisma, good muscularity, visible abs, and a decent look. Dancing and showmanship can be taught later.

petrapav2 karma

Have you ever encountered a situation where the women have been an extreme turn on and you just have to explode or something? I mean stripping doesn't involve any direct contact, right? And where did you learn your moves???

MaleStripperDion2 karma

A male stripper often has very close direct contact. If a girl is wearing a dress or skirt, then sometimes I'm rubbing myself against her panties. Yes, some girls get turned on by this.

I learned my moves by watching other dancers, experimenting on my own, and practice.

DayOfDingus2 karma

What does it take to be a stripper? I've seriously thought about it a few times but I'm not exactly the type of guy who loves to dance, and I'm not super outgoing. I've worked as a cam model quite a bit and done well, but thats basically me just standing there flexing and jerking off. I assume stripping takes much more confidence and showmanship, but I wonder if you kinda get a good routine going its possible to just fake it till you make it?

gregguzman2 karma

Would a male stripper be down to go to my friends house dressed like a police man handcuff him read him his rights and then start dancing?

MaleStripperDion3 karma

It depends on the guy. Some would.

stazib142 karma

Hi, my boyfriend read your memoir. It was an interesting read and I picked it up soon after. Anyways, my question is, what do you wish more people understood about stripping?

MaleStripperDion3 karma

Thank you for reading!

One thing I wish more people understood is that it's a business. Many guys who e-mail me wanting to get into the profession think that because they sleep with many women, they're the perfect candidate for the job. A good male stripper is one who is reliable, charismatic, a good showman, and decent-looking.

sullisaur1002 karma

I know I'm late to the party but call me intrigued.

One or two questions

How old were you when you started stripping?

How often do you work out?

How do you find the confidence to do what you do everynight and are you just as confident outside of your job.

MaleStripperDion2 karma

No problem! I couldn't get back on yesterday because IamA was down for maintenance. So here's the answer to your questions:

  1. I started at 21 for a small company. Now I work for two different nationwide companies.

  2. I work out about 3 to 5 times a week, depending on my work schedule.

  3. After doing this a while, confidence comes naturally. It's pretty much like that with anything you do. When I first started, I just had to take the plunge and do it. I was very nervous about taking my clothes off for a bunch of women. You're exposing yourself to be judged.

Schnoobs692 karma

What negative and positive things has stripping done to your life? Do your parents approve of it?

MaleStripperDion3 karma

Positive things: It made me a better public speaker. It enhanced my customer service skills. Definitely more opportunities for wild sexual encounters.

Negative things: It made me more hedonistic. I get off on kinkier sex rather than vanilla. This is bad if you're in a relationship with a partner who only wants vanilla sex.

My mom's exact quote when I was in college: "Do whatever makes you happy, son."

My dad died in a work-related accident when I was really little, but he'd definitely approve.

Socalraver2 karma

How many marriages have you stopped due to poor choices on either party? Have you gotten into any dangerous situations?

MaleStripperDion3 karma

I honestly don't know. During my younger days, I used to go out with the girls whenever they invited me out. Well, I stripped at one house where the bride was doing all sorts of crazy things with me. The girls took pictures of it. Then they invited me out to a club.

While we were at the club, the groom came back to the house and went through the cameras and got pissed. He called the bride and said, "You have some explaining to do about these pictures."

I'm sure that caused quite a scene.

StupidStudentVeteran2 karma

Is your career really sustainable long term?

MaleStripperDion4 karma

No. That's why I have a full-time job. Stripping is a side gig for me.

It's quite sad to see guys in their 40's still trying to make a living from this because they don't know what else to do in life. My advice is to build your professional skills while you can.

alucardu2 karma

How do you feel about the Magic Mike movies?

MaleStripperDion2 karma

As far as plot and character development goes, they're horrible. Yet, I like them because my workload has increased thanks to their success.

Shaeos1 karma

Hey, would you be convinced to come to alaska? We only have girl strip joints. I feel like I need more.

MaleStripperDion3 karma

Alaska is too cold for a Southerner like me! I lived in Wisconsin for two years and couldn't stand it.

magus6781 karma

Realistically, how good a shape do I need to be in to do this?

I don't mean in the "there are lots of niches, anyone can do it" kind of way, I mean in the traditional "what a beefcastle" kind of way.

ih4temirrors1 karma

Hi thanks for doing the ama. Do you think that there is alot of competition in the industry?

MaleStripperDion1 karma

Definitely, but it depends on which area you live in, and whether you do male revues or private parties.

In my region, there are only 3 or 4 other guys. I often get the most work and perform alone, so there's no competition for tips.

In Vegas, you have over a hundred guys. Of course, there's more work in Vegas, but you have a lot more competition. Plus, you have to compete for tips at revues.

And thanks for asking the question!

DistractedIntern1 karma

Does stripping on the side damper your reputation as a professional at your day job and/or has it ever been the reason you weren't hired somewhere else?

MaleStripperDion2 karma

My day job doesn't know about my stripping. I keep a tight lip about the stripping in person to avoid issues in my professional life.

axc861 karma

Would you ever consider leaving the stripping industry and going into another industry where confidence and personality are a required part of your skillset, e.g. radio presenting, for a group like Clear Channel, Bauer Media, UTV Radio, UKRD as examples?

MaleStripperDion1 karma

That's a great question! You know, I never considered those options before, but I'm definitely going to look into it.

Blkdahlia1 karma

What's the least dance-y request you've gotten in the club? For the right money would you it? Lol

MaleStripperDion2 karma

I have only worked a club during the first two years of my stripping career. I mainly only do private bachelorette parties.

That said, I've gotten some off-the-wall requests. One time, a bride asked me to make out with her best friend who had been single for several months. Another party wanted me to take off my thong and masturbate until I got hard. Then there was one bride who asked one of her girlfriends to "suck my dick" because she wanted to see me cum. Surprisingly, her girlfriend did so.

These requests are done in the heat of the moment without a price tag attached to them.

tyson19881 karma

What kind of body do you need to become a male stripper?

E.g. Do you need to be bulky muscly or can you be slim but ripped?

Do you need to be a minimum height?

EDIT: Also, can you refuse certain jobs without it impacting your "reputation"? E.g. can you refuse to interact with males?

MaleStripperDion1 karma

Muscular with visible abs. You don't need to be a hulking bodybuilder... But being slim and ripped and 140 lbs. doesn't cut it either. I'd say the guys in Magic Mike are a good template to go by. Chippendales would be even better.

Minimum height is usually 5'10" (177 cm) to 6'0". Chippendales will not hire anyone under 5'10".

Yes, you can refuse certain jobs. I refuse all work in my hometown. I also refuse to perform in venues open to the general public such as restaurants, bars, and clubs, unless that venue has a private room off to the side.