Hi, my name's Luke. I'm an Australian actor living in LA. I play a character named Sam in a new action / heist movie, 7 Minutes.

You can go watch 7 Minutes HERE or follow the movie on Twitter or Facebook.

Victoria's helping me out. AMA!


Thank you so much for all the questions guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to throw them at me, and I hope I answered them. I'm excited to hear what you guys think about 7 Minutes, and yeah!

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erikalovestodd15 karma

describe chloe in 3 words ?

Luke_Mitchell22 karma




tomorrowmother12 karma

Is it safe to say we all hope for a Lincoln and Deathlok/Mike Peterson bromance next season? The brief time on screen together with you and J. August Richards was perfect.

Also, did someone drop Lincoln back off in Ohio after Jiaying was killed on the ship? He was strangely missing from the end of the finale. :P

Luke_Mitchell14 karma


You know what? I don't know what happened to Lincoln at the end of the season 2, but we'll find out at the beginning of season 3. And I'm all about the bromance - J. August is a legend of a man, and we hang out off-set, so it's cool.

JakeWanstall939 karma

Will your role be any bigger in Season 3 of AOS and if you were an Inhuman yourself- which power would you like?

Luke_Mitchell25 karma


Good question. I would say that - I think my role will be bigger in season 3? I mean, season 2 I was a recurring guest character, and since I've been promoted to series regular, I'm very excited to sink my teeth into some more storylines, so I'm hoping for some big things, but I literally know nothing.

I'm pretty happy with electricity. I was a big fan of Pokemon back in the day, and Pikachu was obviously a favourite. So it's pretty ironic that my powers involve electricity.

LittleJeah9 karma

would you like to have scenes with Hayley Atwell? :)

Luke_Mitchell13 karma

Sure! I met Hayley very briefly at a Marvel event a few weeks back, and she was lovely, so yeah, absolutely!

IKingJeremy8 karma

Had you read any comics before being cast on Agents of Shield?

Luke_Mitchell10 karma

No, I hadn't. But as soon as I was cast, I went straight to the comics store in Los Angeles, and bought a couple of Inhuman comics, and they were great.

thecrazedy7 karma

How did you learn to do the American accent? It always surprises me that a lot of Australian actors can pull off flawless American accents.

Luke_Mitchell10 karma

Well, I'm very flattered that you think my accent is flawless!

I've done a lot of coaching, even before I came to America, in preparation for coming to LA. I hired a private coach, and then when I got to LA, I'd hire a coach for each audition. You just gotta put the work in. It's just practice. The American accent is a lot more muscular than the Australian accent. It's like going to the gym to work out your mouth muscles, and warm up to get in the zone!

allback7 karma

Which is your favourite role you've played?

Luke_Mitchell14 karma

Oooooh! Look, it's gotta be Lincoln. Just because it's a very exciting role. It's got a lot of possibilities. And I don't know the full extent of the character yet. Whereas all my other characters, I know the beginning, middle and end of them.

beernerd7 karma

How does working on a Marvel production compare to other shows you've done?

Luke_Mitchell11 karma

It's just bigger, and more secretive. The size and number of the sets is really quite amazing to see. It's a very large cast. And we also don't find - as most people know about the show now - we don't get any information really until the script comes out for the next episode. You get one script, you start shooting it, and a few days before you finish shooting it, you get the next script. So you're only in the loop for 1-2 episodes at a time.

erikalovestodd6 karma

any advice for who wants to be an actor ?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Sure! Yeah, absolutely. Go for it.

I think it's a really fun thing. Because acting was never part of my plan. I just did it to get out of my comfort zone. And I think it's really great for self-development to do acting classes and acting work. It really teaches you a lot about yourself, and forces you to look inwards. But yeah, I'd say go for it. If you really love it, it will be really rewarding.

bellegaudreau16 karma

Who did you enjoy working with the most during season 2 of AOS?

Luke_Mitchell13 karma

Look, I worked with Chloe 90% of the time, so if I didn't say her, and she reads this, she'll probably slap me, so I do have to say Chloe, because she made it very easy for me to start on the show. She was very welcoming, very warm, and she's a big ball of energy - so she was great!

LKool986 karma

John Young vs. Lincoln: Who would win in a fight?

Luke_Mitchell9 karma

Haha! Well, that's a tough question, because I don't know the full extent of Lincoln just yet! But John Young used to use guns a lot, so I wouldn't want to mess with John Young.

speedreisa5 karma

Hey! I've seen you on The Tomorrow People (which I loved), but I've also been watching H2O: Just Add Water on Netflix and was surprised to see you in the 3rd Season. What did you enjoy most about your experience on that show? (I still haven't finished the season cause I don't want it to end lol.)

Luke_Mitchell7 karma

H2O was amazing. That was my first lead role on anything. So I was very grateful for that role. And I got to ride on a dolphin, so that was fairly rad! And I got to shoot it in my hometown, on the Gold Coast of Queensland, so that was pretty cool.

jmg835 karma

What happened to The Tomorrow People? That was a cool show, and I was looking forward to seeing where the story would go.

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Yes, it was a cool show. And I would've been interested to see where the story went if we'd gone into another season. Unfortunately the show was canceled after the first season. So we'll never know what happens next (unfortunately).

bethhhgf5 karma

What is your favourite thing about the indie film culture like Seven Minutes as opposed to the big films and TV like Agents of Shield?

Luke_Mitchell7 karma

I like that it's a contained project. When you get it, you have a beginning, middle and end of the story. It's almost easier to go after it, it's easier to attack, and approach. Whereas TV is constantly evolving. You don't know everything that's going to happen. And so sometimes in TV, a story might come up where you're like oooh, I'd wish I'd known that information earlier! I might have played that scene differently.

Whereas in a film, it's a more whole story context.

araechl5 karma

Does it ever irk you a bit (as a non-American actor working in American television) that we tend to wash-out a lot of tv shows in the US to have similar accents in well-known diversified cities - ie Why couldn't John Young have an Austrailian accent when New York City is KNOWN for having a vast range of people from all walks of life and lineages?

Luke_Mitchell10 karma

That is a very good question.

I just - for me personally - it's a Standard American Accent, it's as close to "Californian" as you'll hear, and from my perspective as an Australian actor, that's just what we learn as standard for most American auditions. If they wanted a New York accent, I'd have to get coaching for that. I'm not 100% sure why most American actors like to have a very neutral American accent. I'm not sure.

IKingJeremy5 karma

What's your favorite movie?

Luke_Mitchell11 karma

Oooooh! Tough question. I don't know if I have one favorite movie. But i have a couple. FORREST GUMP, UP... WARRIOR, THE DARK KNIGHT. There you go!

tomorrowmother5 karma

Are you ready for 7 Minutes coming out? Are you excited to see what your fans think about this project?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Absolutely, yeah! I'm very proud of it. It's my first movie. I'm just excited that it is being released in cinemas, and there are people who are getting to see it.

erikalovestodd4 karma

if you weren't an actor what would you like to be ?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Oohh, that's such a tough question, because I don't know. I'd probably be a businessman, a small business. I think my mind works in a very business-y kind of way. Which kind of helps being an actor, I suppose, since you have to be your own business as an actor?

CrazyGirlVids4 karma

Why didn't they let you use your real accent on SHIELD?

Luke_Mitchell12 karma

Eh - it was never up for discussion. I auditioned for an American character. And even if the producers knew I was Australian, I go into auditions using my American accent, because I'd rather be known as an actor rather than "that actor who's Australian." It could potentially limit my options down the track (I think).

IKingJeremy3 karma

What made you want to become an actor?

Luke_Mitchell4 karma

Yeah, just personal growth, really. That's how it started. Just forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone. Because I was a really shy kid. I took a class, and it scared the crap out of me, but I felt exhilarated afterwards, and it snowballed. I got bit by the acting bug!

bethhhgf3 karma

Do you ever get nervous on the first day of new sets?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Always. Always have to battle nerves, especially when it's an established show, and you need to fit in quickly and easily. My first day on S.H.I.E.L.D was pretty crazy. We had to shoot in these mountains up in Malibu, and I had ALL this dialogue, and it was just me and Chloe all this long, and I was very jet-lagged.

So yes, I was very nervous!

adriel-wolf2 karma

What would you have wanted John Young to have gone through in season two of TTP? By the way, great work on Agents and I can't wait to watch 7 minutes :3

Luke_Mitchell4 karma

You know what? I'm not sure what I want John Young to go through. He went through so much in season 1.

I mean, I guess I would have liked to have played the bad guy? Even if he comes back to the light at some point.

bellegaudreau12 karma

When you first played the role of Lincoln, did you know that Lincoln would be a popular character?

Luke_Mitchell2 karma

No, you can never tell if a character is going to be popular or not. And I don't think you should play a character for that. I think you should try to play the truth of the character. And if they happen to be popular- that's a bonus.

bellegaudreau12 karma

If you could work with any other marvel star or avengers besides the agents of shield cast, who would t be?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

I'd love to work with Robert Downey Jr. I think he's really great.

Probably RDJ Jr. as Iron Man! Or Mark Ruffalo.

bellegaudreau12 karma

Do you have a favorite villain?

Luke_Mitchell6 karma

Ooh, look - at the moment, it's gotta be - oh, I'm blanking on his name - it's Kingpin in DAREDEVIL! I love Vincent D'Onofrio in that role, I think he's incredible.

Jobcv3142 karma

Hi Luke! What did you do to prepare before playing the character?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Well, if we're talking about Sam, it was about connecting with Zane Holtz and Josh Ritter, kinda hanging out with them and getting to know them so we had a viable connection onscreen.

bellegaudreau12 karma

Can you clarify this being your fanmail?

Luke Mitchell Management 360 9111 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

It's split up as

Luke Mitchell

Management 360

9111 Wilshire Blvd

But the rest should be good!

adriel-wolf2 karma

Since Jamie Alexander (Lady Sif) has been on previous seasons of Agents: Which Avenger would you like to appear on the show for Season 3? And more importantly, which one would you like to interact with Lincoln?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Bruce Banner! I'd love Mark Ruffalo to come on, because he's a nerdy science guy, and Lincoln's a med student, so I think we'd get along well.

LittleJeah2 karma

Are you a Star Wars fan? / Favorite character from Avengers Age Of Ultron? I have to say that you're my favorite actor in this entire world and i hope to meet you one day and i love you keep being awesome ok!

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

I am a STAR WARS fan for sure, I love all those movies. Favourite character from AGE OF ULTRON? I really liked Vision! But if we're going with a classic - I can't go past the Hulk!

ParkerZA2 karma

Any funny behind the scenes stories from Agents of Shield? Did Clark Gregg or Ming-Na play any pranks on you?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

Hahaha! No... Chloe's always playing pranks. If you leave your phone lying around, she'll take it, and if it's unlocked, she'll get into your Twitter account - she did that on one occasion, which is funny looking back on it, and also she'll take selfies on your phone if you leave it lying around, so you come back and you have all these Chloe selfies.

bellegaudreau12 karma

Were you already a comic book fan when you signed up for Agents of SHIELD?

Luke_Mitchell2 karma

Look, I've always been a fan of superheroes. I feel like most boys when they're kids grow up liking Superman or Batman or Spider-Man, so I've always been a fan of fantastical superhero stories.

omfgmonteith2 karma

Would you ever do a second season of the tomorrow people? ps. I love youβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

Luke_Mitchell6 karma

Hahaha! I love you too!

Um... look, I've really had a great time working on TOMORROW PEOPLE, and I made some great friends, but now there's been so much distance between the shooting of the first season, I'm not sure I'd go back.

But never say never!

LittleJeah2 karma

I know you love puppies so if you could have a dog which breed would you want it to be? (that's the dumbest question ever)

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

It's not a dumb question at all. It's a great question.

Well, it would have to be either one of three: A Bernese Mountain Dog, OR a Blonde Border Collie, OR probably a Golden Retriever.

uplawyered9132 karma

What is the biggest difference between Australia and the US? What thing do you miss the most about Australia?

Luke_Mitchell4 karma

Oooh. It's such a tough question because I know Australia so well, and i have such limited knowledge of the US, because I've only been there for two and a half years. I've got to say the beaches, maybe? We have so many beaches here in Australia, especially on the East Coast, and I'm so used to living a beach lifestyle and having the beach so close to you.

indigo152 karma

Hey Luke! What was the most compelling thing about Sam that drew you to the role, and how would you compare him to other characters you've recently played, like Lincoln and John Young?

Luke_Mitchell4 karma

Oooh, good question!

I was initially drawn to the script of 7 Minutes because I really liked the style of the movie, the way it was written. But i really like Sam because he's essentially a good guy that's put between a rock and a hard place, and has a lot of pressure on him to make a decision to get out of a really bad place. And with the people around him, he probably doesn't make the best decision. But i just find it interesting that anything can happen to anyone at any time. It just comes down to your choices.

erikalovestodd2 karma

any possibility of you come to Brasil this year ? I am a huge fan and I really wanna meet you it is my dream

Luke_Mitchell2 karma

I would LOVE to come to Brazil, and it's definitely at the top of my priority list. But I'm not sure if I can fit it into my schedule this year. I'm currently in Australia with family and friends, and as soon as I leave Australia, I go back to LA, then San Diego for Comic-Con, and I believe we're shooting after that, pretty full on until the end of the year, and then continuing on 'til April (hopefully).

seven7ate8nine92 karma

Do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?

Luke_Mitchell4 karma


What about boxer-briefs?

Lilsoniiia2 karma

Hey Luke ❀️ TTP can you miss you ? Peyton and Robbie too ?

Luke_Mitchell2 karma

Yes, I do miss TOMORROW PEOPLE. Peyton and Robbie were awesome to work with.

MusicOfWolves2 karma

What is your ultimate goal as an actor? Is there a certain role you would love to play?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Ehm - I dunno! My ultimate goal as an actor is to keep working and keep pushing myself to try new things.

I don't know if there's a specific role I'd love to play.

There are actors I'd love to work with, and directors I'd love to work with, but it comes down to good stories, really.

tomorrowmother2 karma

What's your favorite quote from 7 Minutes? In or out of context :)

Luke_Mitchell2 karma

deeply intakes breath


Geez. Good question.

I might have to get back to you on that one.

LittleJeah2 karma

Would you like to come to Paris Comic Con in October?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Yes, I would! Haha!

I've never been to Paris. So I would love to go.

CrazyGirlVids2 karma

I reeeeally like making AoS music videos! Can you tell me a song you'd like to see with Lincoln??

(For reference, something I've done with Lincoln: https://youtu.be/0AmQF1dbje0?t=9m3s

PS: I made this reddit account just for this!!!

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Amazing, thank you!

What about the Pokemon theme song?

tomorrowmother2 karma

What do you think would have happened to John Young in the second season of TTP? Do you think he would have served as the main antagonist over Natalie? Or would they both be on an even field as far as bad guys go? (Also it's just told me to try again in 7 minutes and now I'm laughing)

Luke_Mitchell3 karma


Yes, I think season 2 of TOMORROW PEOPLE would've been very interesting, and John Young would've been the main protagonists as he's one of the main good guys. And as anyone who saw the finale knows, he basically got his mind wiped. And so it would've been very interesting to see someone who WAS a good guy be the bad guy, as he's got so many connections to the main characters.

adriel-wolf1 karma

Does this mean that John would've been the Grant Ward of TTP? Or better yet, the Winter Soldier of TTP? :)

Luke_Mitchell6 karma

Hahaha! Very good question.

Maybe a little bit of both.

But probably more The Winter Soldier, because it wasn't a choice that John Young made, really.

LittleJeah2 karma

Can you pinky swear that you'll take a selfie with katie cassidy at SDCC? You're both my favs i'd die !

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Hahahaha! Well, I don't know how to pinky swear over reddit, and I can't guarantee that I'll see her, but if I happen to see her - I'll see what I can do!

bellegaudreau12 karma

What is the best thing about being on AGENTS OF SHIELD? Love that show so much

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

The best thing is - look, it's all good things. I'm still discovering what the best thing is. It's probably the people on it. The cast and the crew. Just a really lovely environment.

bellegaudreau12 karma

Congrats on being Agents of SHIELD's series regular. What is the thing you are looking forward to the most next season?

Luke_Mitchell5 karma

The whole damn thing! I'm very excited to read the first script, and to see what direction the producers are going to take this season. I think it's got SO many possibilities. It really is such a great cast, I think it could be a really good thing.

erikalovestodd2 karma

hey luke I don't know if you remember me I am greenarrowfc\thetomorrowfan on twitter I always send my messages for you I just want you to know that I am a huge fan you are my fav actor my inspiration and I wish the best for you not just in your career but in your personal life too and one day I ll hug you I have faith . love you pls never forget ok ?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Okay. Deal.

Thank you very much.

bellegaudreau12 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

deep intake of breath

OOH! good question!

Look... when I was little, Superman was my guy. I even had a little Superman outfit, and dressed up and jumped off the back of the couch. Much to my dismay, I couldn't fly and hurt myself.

I've really been liking Daredevil on Netflix. I really think it's a great show. He's got some really special abilities. I think he's rad.

bellegaudreau12 karma

When agents of shield start filming again, can I send you fan mail to the set of do you prefer your agency?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

You can send it to the set, but it's probably easier to send it to my management.

CrazyGirlVids2 karma

AHHH You actually saw it!!!!! You have no idea how much that means to me I've put so much effort into those videos!!! Hahaha Pokemon theme it is :D

Also, you're very interactive on your twitter! Is that you or an assistant? (I swear I won't hold it against you if it is!!)

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

I definitely DO NOT have an assistant. It's all me.

CrazyGirlVids2 karma

Do any of the other cast members have assistants for twitter? You're DEFINITELY the best with responding and it is soooooo appreciated.

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

I've no idea if anyone has assistants! I'm pretty sure Chloe doesn't. And I can't really speak for any of the others.

sannifromfinland2 karma

Do you like #FitzSimmons? 😎 Because I just adore them πŸ™ˆ Also, have you ever visited Finland? If not, you should! πŸ˜‹ Thanks for answering my earlier question! You are the sweetest xo

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

You're welcome! Well, look - if I'm going to come to Norway, I'd better stop off at Finland. And I'm all about Fitzsimmons - I think they would make a very cute couple.

sannifromfinland2 karma

Hey Luke! I'm Sanni from Finland (you've actually tweeted me once 😎) and I'm travelling to Australia on September for the first time ever, gonna spend there at least 6 months so my question is; What are the absolute '' must's '' that I have to experience or eat or visit or whatever while being there? 😊 So excited!

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Wow, okay! Well 6 months is a great amount of time to experience Australia, you'll be able to do a LOT in that time.

You definitely want to visit Sydney and Melbourne. But it also depends on what you like. There's SO much to do in Australia. The differences are astronomical. It really comes down to personal taste!

EmmaNyhus1 karma

Hey Luke. Have you ever thought about visiting Norway? If not you should.

Also, do you have any good food recipes and maybe some healthy recipes? Do you have any training tips to a beginner who really need a BIG motivation to get started.

Love Emma. :)

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Yes, I'd love to come to Norway one day. I don't know much about it, but I'd love to come. Here's a food tip, but you probably won't get it because it includes Vegemite - I love having Vegemite and Avocado on toast. It sounds weird, but it's really good. And training tips for someone who finds it tough to get motivated - find something you enjoy doing that involves fitness, and let it grow from there.

[deleted]1 karma


Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Oh! I haven't been to Italy! It is very close to the top of the list of countries to visit. So there's many European countries I want to visit. So I love Italian food, and i love wine, so I think I'll like it there. I love pasta. Pretty much any pasta! Give it to me now!

FanofLukeMitchell1 karma

Luke, how would you describe your experience on 7 Minutes?

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Exhilarating! It was such a great time for me. I'd only been in the country a little while. I'd only JUST shot the pilot for TOMORROW PEOPLE - because we'd shot this back in the beginning of 2013 -we shot it in the town of Everett in Washington, just outside of Seattle. The cast really just came together, we had a month to do this, bonded really quickly, and had a really great time. And it was my first film in a leading role, and there were some really great actors in there. So I had to pull my socks up and put the work in.

linabennet1 karma

luke omg i just created this acc to tell you that youre amazing and that my best friend claire and i love you since h2o just add water, could you please say hi to us? we love you so much β™₯ btw when are you going back to set to continue recording agents of shield? so excited! cant wait to see you guys back!!

Luke_Mitchell3 karma

Awesome, thank you very much!

Hi to both of you. Well, I don't think we have an exact start date yet, but I think it'll be around Mid-July when we go back to shooting.