Hello everyone. I'm an actress, and a stepmom. And I believe that whatever incarnation your family comes in – that’s good enough. It’s about unconditional love and inclusion. Everyone has a place. Everyone matters. I partnered with Tylenol on the campaign How We Family – a program to instill pride and confidence in all the ways in which we do family today. You can learn more about it here: http://howwefamily.com/

I'm here with Victoria to answer your questions. AMAA.


Update: Thanks everybody for your questions. Thank you for making me think (I usually get a lot of dimwit dumb actor questions, so I appreciate the thoughtfulness). And I hope you take time to check out HowWeFamily.com, see my family story, share yours, and join me in the call to action to celebrate all families.

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fortdweller1355 karma

Is Dwyane staying with the Heat?

GabrielleUnion905 karma


ILLnoize646 karma

I have an embarrassing admission to make..I'm a 34 year old guy and in 2001, Bring It On was the reason my Blockbuster membership got revoked. I kept it for 9 months....granted I could have paid the fees and rented again but that was like $350 in 2001 money.

So my question to you is...Can I maybe get a bluray copy from you?

GabrielleUnion859 karma


That's genius.

I don't have my OWN copy of BRING IT ON, so if you still have your VHS copy of BRING IT ON, can I borrow it from you?

Meet me at the corner 7/11. I'll be there at 10.

zenonkar428 karma

i want to ask you something deep and meaningful but, honestly, I've been waiting my entire life to ask you: HOW do you keep your skin so stunningly beautiful?!?

GabrielleUnion623 karma



You know...uh...water. I drink a gallon of water a day.

You pee a lot. But the other side effect is healthy skin, nails and hair.

Frajer307 karma

so can you ever just be whelmed ?

GabrielleUnion423 karma


I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed, but you can, in fact, be whelmed.

I'm whelmed right now!

ocean_spray299 karma

Is Idris Elba as awesome as I imagine him to be?

GabrielleUnion590 karma

Even better.

And that accent...but he's like, a man's man without being chauvinist. He's effortlessly badass. And funny.

lula2488220 karma

What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

GabrielleUnion821 karma

I choked during a soccer shoot-out. I missed the whole goal in a big soccer tournament, a championship. I was the 11th shooter, the goalie shot before me, and I just psyched myself out, and not only did I miss, I missed the entire goal, because I shanked it so far right. We lost, I turned to my dad, and he was making the "choke" sign.

gobigred3562219 karma

What is your best memory of making Bad Boys II? That is still the best car chase I've ever seen.......42 cars and a boat.

GabrielleUnion378 karma

Best memory...hanging out in Puerto Rico when we were shooting the big finale action sequence. Will would do this thing where he would have a spray bottle and then pretend to sneeze on your neck. It worked every time. Because it was so gross, the thought of someone sneezing on you!

gobigred3562115 karma

Also, I forgot to tell you....Go Big Red! It is so cool that your Wikipedia page mentions Cornhusker football.

GabrielleUnion316 karma

I AM A HUGE Cornhusker fan. HUGE. Massive! I have a sports bar in our house, in Miami, and the bulk of it is, I would say 80-90% of it, is Cornhusker related, and then I have a little corner of Heat-stuff. My favorite Cornhusker of all time is Tom Frazier. Natch.

the_dominator12202 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

I just wanted you to know that as a Black woman, you've been such an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. Has your race been a barrier in the industry? If so, how did you overcome it, and do you have any advice for another Black woman in a male-dominated industry?

GabrielleUnion362 karma

I'm sure my race has stopped me, I'm sure. Racism is not always overt, and there's a lot of other code words that are used instead of flat-out saying "We don't want a black woman." But luckily I've been fortunate that there's enough open-minded people that actually believe in diversity, and those people have supported my career and provided jobs. And now that I'm an executive producer with my own production company, I try to provide opportunities for other marginalized people.

But I think having an education, having a college degree, has always given me extra confidence - knowing that I can do all kinds of things.

My advice would be to get as much education as possible. And find a passion outside of the industry that can keep you going, and keep you inspired, when the industry gets you down.

the_dominator1289 karma

Thanks for the reply. I'm just starting in production and it can be tough sometimes living in macho-land. Definitely printing this out and putting it somewhere important!

GabrielleUnion387 karma

Tenacity and adopting the mantra of being allergic to no will be key for you.

Because you're going to hear 1,000 "no's" but there is a yes out there.

So when you get there, kick the door down, but hold it open for the next guy.

lulaalt187 karma

What was the scariest/creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

GabrielleUnion427 karma

Well, people following you into the bathroom, reaching under the stall with all kinds of things... things for you to sign, or a phone, to talk to their mother on the phone... I guess that'd be the creepiest.

Tap_dancing_on_jello165 karma

With all this new hype with super hero movies. If offered would you be in one? And if you got to choose who would it be?

GabrielleUnion359 karma


I've even like, researched black female superheroes! I would LOVE. So give me one I can campaign for! That you guys would like to see me do!

BeautifulBeardy147 karma

Could you give an honest critique of Dwyane's interviewing skills?

GabrielleUnion243 karma

He surprised me! I'm actually VERY Impressed. I've given him a few tips. And all the notes I gave him after the first interview he actually applied to the second. And he's steadily improved with each segment. I'm actually really impressed!

cns187119 karma

Love and basketball has got to be my all time favorite love film. Who would win 1 on 1. You or Dwayne?

GabrielleUnion384 karma

In basketball? Dwyane.

In fake-acting basketball? Me.

IKingJeremy112 karma

What inspired you to become an actress?

GabrielleUnion344 karma

I was working at the bookstore, making $6.16 an hour, and that's after 3 raises and glowing evaluations, and I started an internship at a modeling agency, and I booked my first modeling gig pretty fast, and they paid me $125 for the day. And I thought I think there's something to this whole entertainment business.

tienistien111 karma

Are you watching the finals with DWade, are you guys rooting like heck for Lebron and Co?

Also, what are your thoughts on moving to Cleveland for the next few years?

Also, you were the best cheerleader on Bring It On. Hah. Go get em.

GabrielleUnion214 karma


I haven't actually had the chance to watch WITH him in the finals. We've both been working. Obviously, we're friends with Lebron, it's one of his best friends, if not his best friend, so we're a little biased. And half the Heat team is on the Cavs, so it's like Heat North!

(And clearly, you have some vision problems, I was the worst cheerleader in BRING IT ON, but thank you!)

tienistien41 karma

Ha, great response Gabrielle.

Thanks for doing the AmA, wish you nothing the best with the new family and life!

PS: Message me once you find out where Wade goes, for your sake I hope he stays in Miami :). But I know you wouldn't mind watching him in June the next few years as well!

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duranfanfaye109 karma

What is the most interesting character that you've played, and why?

GabrielleUnion452 karma

Interesting character?

Oh! Well, I did a movie called NEO NED, a little indie with Jeremy Renner, and she was a patient in a mental institution who believed she had the soul of Hitler trapped insider her. And Jeremy was in there for a hate crime, against a black man. And they fall in love, and run off together, and live in a trailer park.

I don't know why it wasn't a smash!

beernerd103 karma

Why Tylenol?

GabrielleUnion173 karma

I actually use the product! So it's an easy brand to get behind, because it's been a part of my life my whole life - headaches, aches and pains... and it's been around a long time. It's been in family medicine cabinets, including my own family's. So it's a really organic relationship for me.

unwrittenglory96 karma

What have you learned from being a stepmom? What is your next film role?

GabrielleUnion230 karma

My next film role is SLEEPLESS NIGHTS with Jamie Foxx, and it's an action movie, and I just wrapped on BIRTH OF A NATION, which is the Nat Turner story, directed by Nate Parker and also starring Nate Parker.

I've learned to be consistent, I've learned to be patient, and I've learned that you can never replace anyone's parents, so don't try - just try to be a reasonable, helpful adult person in their life that supports them.

I_Made_it_All_Up95 karma

How you doin'?

GabrielleUnion300 karma

How YOU doin'?

(said like Joey Tribbiani on FRIENDS)

mthomas58895 karma

How did you and D-Wade meet?

GabrielleUnion176 karma

We met at a Superbowl party!

mmherzog90 karma

Are you coming back for Bad Boys 3?

GabrielleUnion128 karma

If there is one!

anxious-antelope68 karma

I just wanted to ask how do you and Dwayne manage both of your careers and have enough time for each other at the same time?

GabrielleUnion122 karma

A lot of flying! And a lot of sacrifice.

IKingJeremy66 karma

If you were not an actress what would you like to be?

GabrielleUnion168 karma

I used to want to be a lawyer. But after playing lawyers on television, and employing a number of them...I would probably be a social worker. Or a veterinarian.

Divolinon60 karma

So, how're you doing?

GabrielleUnion112 karma

I'm good.

I'm good. I'm here launching the Tylenol How We Family campaign, which celebrates families of all different kinds. The idea that you are golden by birthright, and whatever incarnation of your family is good enough is amazing, and there's no need to explain it.

So after this, I'm going to be headed to Access Hollywood Live today, where I'll be talking more about the campaign.

But for now, I'm here at reddit.

caillait2257 karma

Do you still speak to any of the actors from Bring It On?

GabrielleUnion111 karma

I do! I see Eliza a lot, and Nicole Bilderback, Bianca Kajlich, and I talk to Brandi and Shamari from Blaque.

l0calher057 karma

What was the best moment of your life?

GabrielleUnion164 karma

August 30th, 2014, getting married.

IKingJeremy55 karma

What acting role have you had that was the most difficult, or challenging?

GabrielleUnion109 karma

The most challenging was the one I just filmed for BIRTH OF A NATION. It was by far the most challenging, frightening, and rewarding role I've had to date. I play a married slave whose rape triggers the insurrection. So it's a very powerful film. And it's based on historic events.

fauxpas010151 karma

Do you still support president Obama?

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SummonedSith42 karma

What was your favorite scene to film in Bad Boys 2? And what was is like working with Michael Bay?

GabrielleUnion81 karma

I love Michael Bay. He's actually a Miami guy, a Heat fan, he lives near me.

My favorite scene to film... probably the car chase. It was epic. It took a few days to film, because it was over a few different locations. We shut down the MacArthur Causeway. If i was living in Miami, and they shut down the MacArthur Causeway, I would've hated the movie! I can't believe they gave them permission to do that...

dayofthedead20441 karma

Hi Gabrielle!

Do you watch the HBO series Game of Thrones and if so who's your favorite character?

GabrielleUnion93 karma

I don't watch. I did role-play Daenerys for THINK LIKE A MAN 2. I had a costume with the long blonde hair and everything. Jerry was Khal Drogo. It's all coming back to me now!

therealbillius40 karma

As an African American actress, what's your opinion on the tv show Empire? Would you ever consider guest starring?

GabrielleUnion102 karma

I would guest-star in a hot second if they would have me! I've actually lobbied Lee Daniels for a role. And EMPIRE stars so many people that I'm friends with, and I love that they're employed, and that the show is using people who are under-employed and under-utilized, and certainly under appreciated.

mthomas58837 karma

Hey Gabrielle, I think you are very beautiful and talented, and I've seen every show and every movie you been in and you have always been so strong and powerful, how did you get your start?

GabrielleUnion109 karma

I got my start on SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS. And I was Mistletoe Girl Number 2.

That was literally my first job. And I also did a 1-800-DENTIST commercial. And that's how i got my SAG card.

circonflexe35 karma

You were fantastic playing Renee on Ugly Betty. Thank you for taking that role.

What was it like working on the show? It was such a refreshing and different series than I'd ever seen before.

GabrielleUnion68 karma

I LOVE Vanessa Williams. I've been obsessed with her for 1,000 years. So I was humbled and thrilled to be on the show. And America is as amazing as advertised. So it was a treat to be around those ladies. And Rebecca Romijn is my neighbor, so it was a reunion!

Stoooooooo31 karma

What do you look for when choosing a new role?

GabrielleUnion45 karma

The people I'm working with. The material.

IKingJeremy28 karma

What was your most favorite acting role?

GabrielleUnion66 karma

My favorite?

Probably being Mary Jane in BEING MARY JANE. Because I've had the chance to fail and get it right with her over 3 seasons and a pilot. Usually with a movie you've got one shot at it, pretty much. But with a TV show that we just finished season 3 for, I've had a chance to learn and grow with the character. So that!

S0ny66621 karma

I guess this isn't the sort of question, you would usually get, but what do you think is wrong with the world today and what should be done about it?

GabrielleUnion74 karma

Where do I start and how long do I have?

arod1319 karma

Wade is staying in Miami right?

GabrielleUnion58 karma

That's a great Dwyane question!

ImNosferatu14 karma

What's your best or favourite movie/TV show to have ever been involved in?

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Phyrexian_Starengine7 karma

Good morning Gabrielle. Although I might not like all the movies you are in, I do enjoy your acting. You have elevated the art of acting with your various performances. So thank you for that because it truly is a treat watching you in your profession.

My question is, and my apologize for going off topic here, but what do you think about Dwayne Wade playing for Cleveland next year? I caught his interview with LeBron a few days ago and they do genuinely look like best friends. It would be interesting to see him up there with the Cav's, especially if they manage to win it all this year. Thank you for your time!

GabrielleUnion12 karma

You know, I loved Dwayne and LeBron best playing for the Heat. So we'll have to see what happens! But give me Miami winters any day!