I've been making music almost 40 years. My latest album is Better Than Home. And I'm about to kick off my US summer tour dates before heading back to Europe for more live shows (http://www.bethhart.com/tour/).

Here at reddit NYC to answer your questions. AMA!



Well, number one, I don't think of you as fans.

To me that sounds very pretentious and "surface."

I really do think of you as family and as friends.

Because you've helped me so much.

And because you're so fucking courageous and open with your stuff. Which keeps me ever-reminded to do the same.

So I wanna thank you for being my friends. And allowing my band and I to have our dreams filled every time we take the stage for you.

Huge amounts of hugs and kisses and love.

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ruddagermacguffin34 karma

Do dyslexic people ever confuse you with the wrestler Bret Hart? And what was it like returning to the WWE after your stint in WCW?

BethHart6 karma

Oh, that's so funny! But I have been asked if I was a wrestler more than once.

And there was a girl - I can't remember her name right now - but I don't look that dissimilar from her.


I'm not a wrestler! I don't know what you're talking about, but thank you!

fireonthefloor4 karma

what do you think about when fans is open about our struggles to you? I'm am the one that wrote that note book to you. (miss you) ? Marie

BethHart3 karma

I love that notebook.

I feel very honored that people would be comfortable enough to share with me such personal matters.

And it helps me to feel - which is always my goal in what I do - to not feel alone in my struggles.

kurtehrbar3 karma

As you know Dana Fuchs loves you a ton, any chance of two meeting up in Montreal?

BethHart2 karma


God, I sure hope so. I lovelovelove her. She is one of the kindest and most beautiful people I've ever met. And she's so beautiful it makes me want to shoot her!

headoverheals3 karma

How did the Bonamassa albums come about and any plans for more? So looking forward to seeing you in Toronto later this month.

BethHart2 karma

Yeah! I'm looking forward to being back in Toronto - I LOVED being there for the Montreal Jazz Festival!

Joe asked my husband at a small show I was doing in London if I would do a cover soul record with him.

blue_dreams2 karma

How does it feel being the only two-time King of the Ring pro wrestler?

BethHart1 karma


brandonsbuzz2 karma

Hi Beth, please forgive me if this has been covered already, but can you explain why L.A. Song and Get Your Sh*t Together have been re-recorded for the Spotify version of Screamin' for My Supper? Is it a publishing rights issue that you're allowed to talk about legally?

BethHart2 karma

I wasn't aware that they had been.

I own all my own publishing. I've never sold my publishing. And I've done some different versions of the songs. I'll have to look into it, and thank you for letting me know.

Fireonthefloor882 karma

You are my biggest hero! Is it ok if i write another book to you? I feel ashamed sometimes but it is therapy to write! Love you! Big hug! Marie

BethHart2 karma

No, it would make me feel so wonderful.

And I agree, I think writing is SO therapeutic.

I mean, yeah, you can write it out for yourself, it's so powerful.

But I think there's something that happens even DEEPER when you share it with someone.

There's something about sharing your secrets. And I think one of the things that's so powerful about it specifically is sometimes we think our secrets make us... bad, or weak.

Something we don't want anyone to know. And then when someone reads it and they go "Dude, it's not that bad! I know others who feel the same way!"

Suddenly you're able to go "I'm just human."

I think it's really powerful to share it. And for people who judge you for it - fuck 'em. Who cares?!

emmagurimalla2 karma

Really looking forward to See you again in July!❤️ but can you come back to Hamar soon?:) you was here in 2011! Miss you! - Emma

BethHart1 karma

Well, I am madly in love with Norway. I think it's the most beautiful country I've EVER been to. It's my favorite because of the nature. So we're coming back to Norway, but not to Hamar. We'll be playing in a few other places. All festivals.

Spoonsy2 karma

Who is your dream collaborator?

BethHart6 karma

Tom Waits.

Clo_W2 karma

My favourite song of yours by far is Mama because I interpreted it in a way that was personal for me, but what was your inspiration behind it? I just love the song so much.

Also, will you be performing/touring with Joe Bonamassa anytime soon? I would love to see you guys together as fans of both you separately and together!

BethHart2 karma

Yeah, I was young and it hadn't been that many years since I'd live with her, and I think our relationship at the time was a bit strained, so I was trying to write out specific things that she did for me when I was going through sick phases. Not only as a means to let her know that I was grateful for her, but also to convince myself away from anger, and come into more of a place of love.

It was kind of the prerequisite for "Mamma this one's for you" but MANY years earlier. Going towards that.

Yeah! I would too. I just adore him. I did a short tour with him a few years ago before we did the DVD. And I'm doing a show with him on the Blues Cruise, which I'm really excited about in February.

And then I think I'm making another record with him in 2017.

Clo_W1 karma

I definitely connect with the song! So it's great to hear real music that really expresses how you feel.

Don't Explain and Seesaw are amazing albums so that makes me really happy to hear! Please come to Norwich, UK!! I saw you in Cambridge in May and loved every second of it!

BethHart1 karma

Oh, thank you! I had the most incredible time touring through England this last tour. IT was a different level of connecting to the audience.

I think I was so intimidate by England before, with all the phenomenal artists that have come out of it, and how UNBELIEVABLY cultured everyone is, I kinda felt like "White trash" woman coming in and performing. But this last time, I really felt like I was connecting, and i felt so good there. So I can't wait to come back.

honzikbh232 karma

Hi Beth. First of all I hope you & Scott are well and that you woke up this morning with a smile on your face :)

I can't thank you enough for always brightening up my life with your voice and music that I don't go a day without.

I heard your Mama used to sing to you when you were a little girl and that she has a lovely voice. How special would it be to record a song with your beautiful Mother?! What do you think she'd say if you approached her with the idea?

One more question if I may - Are you planning to make a sophomore live DVD with your incrtedible band? Or film your solo performance in Londson which I cannot wait for?! It'll be magical :)

Lots of love, Honza, the boy from Scotland, who you were surprised to see in LA back in February xx

BethHart2 karma

It would be SO AMAAAAZING if she would do that with me. But she's just way too humble, I think, to even attempt to do something like that. My mom's got SUCH an amazing voice, too. It's so weird that she doesn't want to share her voice with others, but it's just not her style to do that.

A second DVD with my band is definitely something I wanna do. I have a bit of a different band now - the only member I still have is Jon Nichols, my guitar player. But YEAH, i would LOVE to do another DVD with them, and I've talked about it with my manager.

No plans to film anything yet, but plans in the works TO plan it.

DotKomma1 karma

Any chance of a new live-album in the near future? Live At Paradiso is one of my favorite albums.

BethHart1 karma

Yeah! If we do the DVD, which we're hoping to do, yeah that'll be a live album. And we're talking about another surprise type of show - not with my band. Something completely different.

DotKomma1 karma

Great to hear! It's always a treat to hear you and your band live - whether it's at a festival or at a clubshow.

BethHart1 karma

Thank you!!! Thank you so much! We lovelovelove it.

LABound131 karma

Hey girl!!! It's Beth, your favorite person from NY! Haha! We didn't really get to chat too long the last time I saw you so, allow me to start by saying that the new album is f***ing awesome! Killer-Over-The-Top-Job by ALL! Working w/ Rob & Mike must have been simply amazing! My favorite cut from the record...hands down...is 'Mama This Ones For You'. Such a beautiful song!!! And man, it so hits home for me. Guess it's safe to say you wrote this song for YOUR Mom. My one question for you (although I have hundreds!)....is what was the inspiration behind the writing of this song? If any? Thanks for your time and hopefully get to shoot the shit with you in PA! Love me a road trip!!! Take care sweetie...love ya, Beth ❤️

BethHart2 karma

The inspiration was - I'd notice that right around turning 40, I became very aware of how really, really fortunate i was to have my mom. And every part and facet of her person.

And I felt ashamed that I hadn't REALLY let her know that I could see her. And see her love.

So the song - it was less than 5 minutes - it literally wrote itself- and I called in the middle of writing it, and I sang it to her over the phone, and when I got to the second verse, the lyrics were there.

And I was crying when I was singing it, and she was like "Call me later, when you're not freaking out..."

So that's where it came from!

LABound131 karma

What a sweet story! Makes me love it even more now! Thanks! I played it for my Mom on her birthday as part of her birthday present. She too, loved it! The story you tell in it is exactly what I needed to tell my mom, just wasn't quite able to. For many reasons. But since playing it for her, it has opened the door a hell of a lot wider for us, as far as communication goes. Thanks girl! ❤️

BethHart2 karma

Oh, that's so phenomenal.

Well, there you go.

That right there is the WHOLE POINT. For ANY ARTIST to make music, or paint paintings, or make movies. Whatever it is.

The deepest hope is to make the difference for the positive in someone else's live, as the way of paying it forward for the joy you get to do it. Whenever you get to do ANYTHING You love, whether it's considered "Creative" or not.

So to hear that is so wonderful. I feel like i'm going to cry right now. It makes me feel really happy.

horsebackridinggirl1 karma

Hey girl. ....happy to see you here. Wanted to ask you. ....are you planning to play in Spain? Cause i would really like to see Scotty dame in Spain ;) !

BethHart1 karma

Yeah! We were supposed to play in Spain the last tour, but something got in the way of it. But I think in the fall, we're coming. Stay on the website, it'll let you know as soon as we know for sure.

albertodileone1 karma

Hi Beth,first of all a big hug from italy from ,as called me Scott, "the man of Italy". You have many wonderful unreleased songs as Special-Rise Again-Congratulations-Wishes Made Of Sand...have you ever recorded it? You think you will release it sooner or later ? Thank you so much!! Love you

BethHart1 karma

Well "Wishes of Sand" is technically not finished. It's been sitting around in my "vault" for a while. I haven't really finished it. But i trust that songs will be finished when they're ready to be finished. They have a soul of their own.

But I also see what will make it to a record also have its own soul, that will choose if it's either meant to be on a record, or what record it's meant to be on.

"Rise Again" i adore, and it's my best friend Erica's favorite song. And she was just telling me the other day "HELLO! PLEASE put this song on a record!" But it's soul hasn't said yes to it. So we'll have to see.

musicmole941 karma

Hi Beth Hart i am your fan from Poland yes far away maybe this question is too personal if so sorry for that How do you feel while perfoming Tell her you belong to me? For me it's the best song on Better Than Home

BethHart1 karma

It's difficult for me to sing it.

I have a lot of deep-rooted feelings from my father and it really brings up that time.

So above anything that I've ever struggled with, that was the hardest struggle I've had. So it's hard to sing that one. But sometimes it's really wonderful and I'm glad I did. But sometimes I have to force myself to sing it.

princessbunty1 karma

Hi Beth,

I know that you've had issues with self-harm in the past and you are a truly amazing to have came out on the other side! I just wanted to know what your advice would be to someone that is struggling with self-harm would be?

BethHart2 karma

It's so hard to say.

Reveal your struggles to anyone.

Open up about it.

And if you're judged for it - that's okay, because we're judging ourselves anyway. But there will be someone that DOESN'T, and they will give you loving and compassionate advice. And I think that's worth being harmed by others being open about it.

Let's say 9 out of 10 times you get judgment, and that one time out of 10, you'll get compassion. So tell on yourself. Don't keep secrets.

mobeyreddit1 karma

Yeah! .. well it's about time we get the skinny. Great to see you! Welcome back to states!

1) have you ever actually followed a set list ? Song for song.

2) Buddy Guy, was wiping tears away at the Kennedy center, did he just flat out tell you that he wanted you on his new albumn that night?

3) Does reddit know that people can ask you anything, like anytime we see you, and that your answers generally make us all laugh?

BethHart1 karma


You know man, I just don't follow it. I don't know what the frick is wrong with me. My poor band, too! The guitar players - they're giving them guitars for certain songs, and they're like What the frick man!

I dunno, I have ADD around set lists and following them.

2.) No, he did not. It was his producer who saw me - we were doing a thing for Eric Clapton at Crossroads, and the producer backstage said "We'd love to have you on Buddy's next record" and he took me to meet Buddy for the first time.


3.) Oh! But yes, you can ask me friggin anything. And the same questions sometimes will get opposing answers from me, depending on what my mood is. And god knows, that mood is on a rollercoaster BABY! So watch out! But I cannot be offended by a question. It's so rare, and when I am offended, it has nothing to do with the question, it has to dow with my own frame of mind.

PJHart861 karma

As a fellow Hart, who do you think the best Hart is? Bret the Hitman? Doris? Veronica?

BethHart2 karma

Kevin Hart! I just love him! He's so funnyfunnyfunny! I just saw him in GET HARD - he's So good! I loved it!

emmagurimalla1 karma

Going to take my fourth Beth tattoo on Tuesday, what do you think about fans getting tattoos about you? I got you're autograph tattooed, and your logo, and a text, and going to tattoo "might as well smile" on Tuesday! Maybe you get the chance too see it in arendal if we meet each other there<3

BethHart3 karma

So my question back to you is: I hope it's lyrics and not my name anywhere on your body! Because... it's about the work, not about me.

emmagurimalla1 karma

i have one lyric, your autograph and your logo, going to take the lyric " might as well smile" on tuesday:)

BethHart2 karma

Good idea! Wonderful! And I'm honored you're putting some lyrics. That is so nice. I'd be doing the same thing with artists I adore, but my husband won't allow me to get any more tattoos so oh well.

eecreddit1 karma

Hi Beth! When you will come to Brazil again? Maybe I can get a chance to jam with you.

BethHart1 karma

Had the most wonderful time in Brazil. It was a long time ago. And I'm always asking my manager David when we will have the chance to go out again and do some promos. So I'm not sure when.

beernerd1 karma

If you didn't make a career in music, what do you suppose you would be doing right now?

BethHart4 karma

Oh, I'd be in jail. I don't have any doubt about it. But in terms of career choices, number one would be a painter, even though I'd probably be really broke (just as I am now). I would be a chef... I would be a horse trainer or a horse rider, for dressage, be a radio talk show host... there's so many things I'd love to do. Fisherman. So many awesome things to do out there.

beernerd1 karma

Umm... in jail? What for?

BethHart2 karma


The list is so long...

I was so into drugs that I would've done anything to get them, and I did. So I probably would be in jail for that. But who knows, drugs make you so insane you know?

horsebackridinggirl1 karma

Hmmmz can't find my question back. .so I'll ask again maybe i did something wrong. ... are you planning a concert in Spain. ...cause i would really love to see scotty dance in Spain!!!???? . Xx

BethHart1 karma

Awwwww! I love that! So sweet!!!!

Yeah! I'd love to see Scotty dance in Spain too. I think he and I have though. We have this thing that everyone may think is corny, but wherever we are in the world, when we suddenly get that bell of how cool it is to be there, we dance and sing to each other the song "Danke Schoen."

So I thought we had. In Barcelona. SO I wanna see him dance again in Spain.

NaturalisticAsHell1 karma

Do you want to go canoeing on the Brazos River when you travel to Texas? It's really fun.

BethHart1 karma




musicmole941 karma

My second question are there any chances that you will come to Poland in 2016 ?

BethHart1 karma

I'm pretty sure that we will.

I was really sad that this last tour we didn't get to make it through there. Every time I go, I adore it so much.

One of the things I love the most about Poland is how clean & healthy the food is, and everyone is SO super-warm. It's crazy how warm. I love the food so much!

So I hope we get to go back soon, for sure.

But I would assume so.

lula24881 karma

What can't you go a day without doing?

BethHart1 karma

Kissing Gutzkow.

kurtehrbar1 karma

Love your biker boots. Are you still wearing the ones you bought in Amsterdam 5 years ago?

BethHart1 karma

You know what? I'll tell you this right now: favorite shoes I've EVER HAD IN LIFE. SO my husband has helped me wear these new ones. And they're all right but I miss my FAVORITE BOOTS. So I'll probably bring 'em out on the next tour.

lulaalt1 karma

You get to live forever but there is one catch, what is it?

BethHart1 karma

You have to live forever! HAHAHAHA!

That's my husband's quote. It's so good, I had to use it.

princessbunty1 karma

Thank you so much for replying to my last message! Your words of encouragement will go a long way. I'm currently studying for a MEd in Education where I'll be specialising in helping others, like myself, who self-harm. Would it be okay if I were to quote your reply in my work as I think it'll help many others too?

BethHart1 karma

Of course it would! And I think it's so amazing what your goal is to do! GOOD FOR YOU, MAN! That's awesome! And I think it's probably the best medicine any of us self-harmers would be to do what you're doing.

That's awesome. Wow.

LatenightSurfer1 karma

I am a male and 24 now. My heart may get broken in love soon (I know for sure). Did you ever face such a situation? If so, how did you deal with it?

BethHart1 karma

Yeah! My father broke my heart when I was a little girl. And I couldn't deal with it. I turned to self harm as a way to numb myself which is not a good idea. And what really began to help me come up out of that was a combination of getting older, therapy, and faith in God, having faith that it wasn't for no reason, it wasn't for the reason to hurt me or to have my heart broken for no reason.

Sometimes when parts of us get broken and we don't die, we come out stronger on the other side.

I know that my love for my father has gotten deeper.

albertodileone1 karma

Another question from Italy....any plans for another show here??? A winter date ?? Thx.... alberto

BethHart1 karma

I sure hope so! I never know what it is we'll be doing. I try not to get too involved in it, because I'm too involved in other parts of my work. So I don't want to water things down by having my head in everything. But we had the most WONDERFUL time in Milan. My husband says he doesn't think until Spring. So i'm not sure. Always check our website, because it's always being added on to, what the next shows are gonna be.

horsebackridinggirl1 karma

Hey girl thank you for answering my question :) cool you have this thing going on ! Love corny stuff. I'm in the middle of washing butts at work. ..so not that much time 😕. ... can't wait to see you again...counting the days. .... how is your new house. ..all boxes already packed out? Xx

BethHart1 karma

Oh! We have been completely moved in every single little thing hung up in its perfect place, because i'm probably the most neurotic person that's ever lived in the world. So it's fabulous and ready to go! Love it!

coreighm1 karma

Would you ever consider being a guest coach on the Voice? Are you a fan of the show?

BethHart1 karma

I don't watch those shows, but I think it's a very positive thing. If someone asked me to be a guest on the show, i would love it and say yes!

jasamples1 karma

Have you ever watched Californication?

BethHart3 karma

I haven't watched it, but I've had a couple songs on the show. There's only one television show in this ENTIRE world that I like. And it's the NY Real Housewives Show! I love it SO much! Otherwise, I only watch movies.

natasja_rachel-1 karma

Hey gilr..how are you doing?? Any change Bill Ransom will ever join the band again?? XX

BethHart1 karma

Well... he's my favorite drummer in the world. I adore him. Yeah, there's a chance, absolutely.