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I think hype can be manufactured, but not by small labels. You'll need acces to mainstream television, and that is basically impossible for most genres.

I always make the distinction between music lovers and music consumers. Consumers will be happy with what they're presented with and will just as easily switch to the next 'flavor of the day'.

Music lovers will want to know more about bands and styles/genres and will make an effort to find new music. Small labels are usually run by people who are music lovers first and business people second. :-)

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You probably saw it already, but perhaps this is something others might find interesting: the BBC recently aired Freddie Flintoff: Living With Bulimia. Flintoff is a former cricketer and current Top Gear presenter and has lived with bulimia for 20 years now.

Good luck with your book!

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I saw the whole documentary and it was Flintoff talking to other men with eating disorders and a number of professionals. No sensationalist bullshit and no hero worship of Flintoff, just a sympathetic portrayal of several people with eating disorders including Flintoff, and an explaination how these disorders develop and the role of stigma.

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Great to hear! It's always a treat to hear you and your band live - whether it's at a festival or at a clubshow.

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Any chance of a new live-album in the near future? Live At Paradiso is one of my favorite albums.