Thanks to some fortunate circumstances I had the opportunity to travel pretty cheaply. I wanted to do something a little different with my summer so I offered to help redditors in whatever way I could-- mostly small things like weeding gardens and moving couches-- but I also got to go on some awesome adventures along the way (like getting lost in rural thailand and touring Valve headquarters). It was an awesome time, and redditors have continued to PM me questions about the trip since then.

This summer I'm on a road trip across the US with the same mission, but this time I've got a filmmaker friend along for the ride. We've been on the road for a week and are currently driving from Phoenix to Albuquerque.



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Warlizard26 karma

  1. When we were going up run two of the Widowmaker yesterday, how terrified were you?

  2. I just realized we didn't actually ask you to do anything. How did you manage that?

  3. Last, but not least, how awesome are my kids?

Thanks man, we had a blast -- good luck!

Generique26 karma

  1. Only a lot. And only when the jeep was in motion
  2. Years of slacking through school taught me the art of subtly getting away with stuff
  3. So awesome that they're all getting selfie sticks for their birthdays'

hatedheadspace10 karma

This is really awesome. And a great way to spend the summer.

Since you're traveling the U.S. This time, are there any particular places you're looking forward to visiting or hope to visit?

Generique11 karma


I've heard awesome things about it my entire life from a bunch of different and unrelated sources. I may/may have not submitted a mission of my own for Austin.

hatedheadspace3 karma

Have any missions bringing you up to the Minnesota area? 😊

Generique6 karma

Tymanthius8 karma

What is your current/estimated route?

Generique6 karma

We're on the 377 North, should be in the ABQ in about 4 hours!

iam_lee6 karma

What was the most outrageous favor you did or was asked to do?

Generique7 karma

Definitely the guy who wanted to fart in a jar and have me deliver it to a friend. He never did PM me contact info.

im_your_boyfriend5 karma

Did you meet anyone who was rude or unpleasant towards you that contacted you?

What was your strangest request, and what was the strangest request you followed through on?

Any shot you would be coming to Myrtle Beach SC? I'd love to get together and see if I can do a favor for you. PM me if so!

Generique7 karma

I have never net someone downright rude or awful from reddit. A little shy or anti-social, sure, at times-- but never rude.

The strangest request I almost went through with getting these letters. Never gave them out though. I wanted to film it but never had the time nor ability. Still have them at home though. May still complete this one.

tylerjames124 karma

Look forward to watching the film! Is it going to be like a full length documentary film or one of those short Facebook clips you see shared all the time? Lol I'm hoping you make it a full length documentary and submit it to some film festivals!

Generique7 karma

So glad you asked!

So, originally we were thinking of making a web series (15 minute episodes each focused on a city and its internet people)-- but now with the (almost) daily vlogs we've shifted our focus to creating a feature length documentary at the end of the summer.

zach29921 karma

Will there be a Kickstarter later on to help with anything? You'd get my money.

Generique2 karma

There's actually a kickstarter now!

But the video pitch has really cheesy editing because Benson.

lets-start-a-riot4 karma

How is the first time you meet a redditor? Like: hey whats up? Im Generique profesional helper of redditors, do you need my asistance? Or you first say where are you going and if someone needed a hand?

I bet you have meet some awesome people but was someone a dick? ( go nuts and say warlizard hehe)

Generique14 karma

The first time I met a redditor in the wild was the time I got stuck at O'hare Int'l Airport. They were nice and normal but it was funny because I all I knew them by was their username (sexualwalrus) and I kept going up to people on their phones, asking them if they were sexualwalrus.

DaphneManners2 karma

In addition to filming your adventures, do you plan on researching the history or culture of that specific location and then blogging or writing a book (a children's book comes to mind) that documents the connections you make with your fellow human beings?

Generique5 karma

Benson keeps telling me to research places before we go there, but I like surprises. Or I'm lazy. Or both.

Haven't given much thought to writing. I like the idea of it, but it sounds like so much work.

Nerdfighter11741 karma

Aren't you that guy who hangs out with the guy who runs the WarLizard forums? Also on a more serious note, what are your planned roadstops?

Generique3 karma

No set destinations. That's part of the gimmick!

Just arrived at the ABQ and we're thinking of heading east tomorrow night.

FrancisBfoy1 karma

How many states have you hit with your trips?

Generique1 karma

2012: California, Washington, Colorado, New York, Alabama

2014: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas