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I wasn't sure about this thread, but you have made me laugh the entire time. Thanks.

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Hi Matt!!

I am late to the Matt party, but I really appreciate your work on The Good Wife. I will have to try Gilmore Girls (based on all of these great comments).

As a teacher, I often worry I mis-pronounce names of students. Growing up, I went by my middle name (spelled differently than the traditional spelling), so I had to learn to become quite comfortable with a dialogue of what to call me.

Did you have to learn, early on, to be comfortable with correcting adults' pronunciation of your last name, and what implications have come from that level of comfort?

Or, do you have any anecdotes about name pronunciation which define who you have become?

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

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In addition to filming your adventures, do you plan on researching the history or culture of that specific location and then blogging or writing a book (a children's book comes to mind) that documents the connections you make with your fellow human beings?