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First of all thanks for taking your time to talk to us, you're amazing!

Every time I watch Orphan Black I completely forget that Tatiana Maslany is one actress behind all of these very different characters with different personalities. having working with her, do you get that feeling well? Do you get absorbed and forget that you guys are acting?

Also I know Kenzi is team Dyson, but you- Valkubus, Doccubus, or team Dyson?

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What was the most outrageous favor you did or was asked to do?

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Hi Jennifer! I remembered reading that you were also a photographer. I never got a chance to buy that book you released a couple years ago (they were great shots btw)

I was wondering if you still taking photos and if you were planning on releasing anything anytime soon?

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Who do you think killed Jenny Schecter? I personally think she killed herself as a final eff you to everyone.