I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, and I moved to Los Angeles when i was about 19 years old. I got started by taking a theater class in college to get an easy A, and I actually failed the class and had to take it again. And from that moment on, I knew that I had to do this the rest of my life if I possibly could.

The ENTOURAGE movie hits theaters this Wednesday, June 3rd. https://twitter.com/entouragemovie

I'll answer as many of your questions as I can without giving away any spoilers. Victoria's helping me out over the phone. AMA!


Update: I wanna say thank you to everyone who sent in questions. If I haven't answered them, you can try to hit me up on Twitter and I will try to answer them at some point today. And i also want to say if you enjoyed ENTOURAGE as a show - even from afar - this movie is the best of the ENTOURAGE world that we can offer. And I think it's a great time, it's a fun night out, and it's a hysterical R-rated comedy.

And send me your feedback!

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rodmandirect109 karma

What's Jeremy Piven like in real life?

JerryFerrara153 karma

Well, first off, Jeremy Piven is one of the best actors out there, in my opinion.

And as I got to know him in the early years, like the rest of the ENTOURAGE cast, Jeremy just became one of the guys. And he's such a good actor, like, you can't not become better after working with him. And offscreen, he's just a very charismatic guy who will literally make you laugh the whole night.

We all are playing characters. Do we have some of that in ourselves? Maybe - I don't want to speak for anyone. But it wasn't like, wake up, roll out of bed, be yourself. It also wasn't a tricky acting piece where we didn't know who these guys were and had to go do research. But they were designed characters that were fully fleshed out and written by Doug that we were figuring out as we go. Every year, we learn more about these characters, both the audience and we do as actors.

wakingrant35 karma

As someone whose favorite characters are Ari and Turtle, I'm glad you guys get along. I don't know if it's been asked yet, but if you had to play any other character in the show, who would it be?

Before you answer Vince, remember that E gets to be with Sloan.

JerryFerrara157 karma

I'm gonna go in a whole different direction, and say Billy Walsh.

Because he's like a stick of dynamite. He could explode at any time.

h27haque98 karma

You lost a considerable amount of weight since the beginning of Entourage. What was your routine/inspiration?

JerryFerrara222 karma

My inspiration was to get healthy.

Because at the time, you know, I was 200 pounds, and I'm only 5 foot 7 inches.

So my routine just became - I had a pretty simple diet that was calorie-driven, and i remember in the beginning, I could only walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. That was the most exercise I could do. Now, I can run 7 miles, you know, without even breathing heavily.

And it really was about persistence. Dieting, losing weight, getting healthy is all about persistence, and not giving up.

DayGrr88 karma

Is Kevin Dillon as great with one-liners in real life as he is in Entourage?

JerryFerrara149 karma

ABSOLUTELY. He is the king of the walk-off homerun.

Frajer73 karma

How is Saigon doing?

JerryFerrara115 karma


Uh, Saigon's doing really well. I actually think he's either on his way, or flew in yesterday. I believe he's going to be at the LA premiere for the movie, which is tonight! I saw on Twitter that he just landed in LA, I think. And he's doing great. Very, very talented guy. Gonna be good to see him.

benchchch51 karma

Hey Jerry. Just finished going through the whole entourage series again! That’s the 3rd time i’ve watched it through. Because the gang is almost always positive, I’ve always wondered if Mark Wahlberg, or anyone from the entourage group believes in the law of attraction and if that was purposely a theme during the show? Also, whats your favourite Turtle/Drama moment? Thanks man!

JerryFerrara87 karma

Well, you know, I can't really fully speak for Mark, but I do know that Mark is a very, very positive guy. Even in the sense when we wanted to make the ENTOURAGE movie, he was the first one who told Doug Ellin (our writer / director) to write the script for the movie, because he really believed that there was a huge market for ENTOURAGE the movie.

And positive amongst the four guys in ENTOURAGE is always the glue that kept them together. Especially with the Vince character.

Ha ha! There's a lot to choose from. I think that one of the funniest ones was the "Furry" episode. That's one of the funniest. Gosh, my favorite one? I love the Turtle / Drama storyline where they're tracking Mandy Moore's character to see if she's cheating on Vince.

siahbabedblsiah51 karma

Jerry: Thanks for doing this AMA with us! Your acting is superb, and you seem like a really cool guy outside of your career.

My fiance and I sincerely want to invite you and the other three Entourage guys to our wedding September 3rd of 2016. Where can we send your invitations?

We're both huge fans of the show. The wedding is at an art gallery in Rochester, NY. Open bar, art everywhere, music and free food.

I'm sure you're quite too busy to do something like this, but we still would like to send you guys each an invitation.

Side question: I'm a high school teacher, and am curious...what's the worst thing you've ever done in school that got you into trouble?

I can't wait to see what you do next in your film career. Good luck man.


JerryFerrara87 karma

Yeah, sure, send 'em to my publicist! If nothing else, I'll frame the invite and hang it up in my podcast studio!

On one of the last days of school - I forget what grade I was in - I talked to my other classmates, and we snuck in water guns to school, and as the bell sounded for the last class of the year, we started a great, insane water gun fight.

That's the one thing I'm willing to talk about that I did, publicly.

beernerd48 karma

How the hell did you fail theater? And why go back?

JerryFerrara92 karma


I failed theater because the professor wanted me to come back and take the class AGAIN because he thought I had talent (shockingly enough). So he was afraid if he gave me the "A" that he gave everybody else that I would never take another acting class again. So I think this was his way of guaranteeing I'd take the class again.

I was very mad at the time, though.

Metfan71546 karma

Was there a point where it really hit you how huge Entourage had become?

JerryFerrara96 karma

No. I did not enjoy any of the success with ENTOURAGE until it was just about over. Yeah! I never let myself relax enough to allow myself to say it was very successful. I was always afraid it was going to end. It actually took the show ending for me to look back and realize that we'd made something successful, something really special.

imaluckydude41 karma

Hey Jerry, huge Entourage fan here!

Who, in your opinion, was the best celebrity (actor or non-actor) to work with during your run as Turtle on Entourage? Also, did you cry like I did when Jeter played his last game in the MLB?

JerryFerrara96 karma

I'm gonna say James Cameron. Because I'm obviously a HUGE James Cameron fan, but also James Cameron being on the show as a director of the fake Aqua-Man movie legitimized the whole ENTOURAGE universe, you know? Aqua-Man, at the time, sounded like an okay movie, but James Cameron's Aqua-Man is a movie EVERYBODY would want to see. So him playing himself really legitimized the alternate ENTOURAGE Universe we were trying to create.

I didn't cry. But I certainly had to hold 'em back, you know. I remember watching Jeter's first game as a Yankee. And he's the first player that i remember watching his first and his last games, who had a Hall of Fame career.

MrSirHoppus38 karma

Do you have a real life counterpart in Marky Mark's entourage? Have you met him?

JerryFerrara56 karma

Yes and no. Early on, there was always guys who were connected to Mark whom we were supposedly based on. I have met a few of Mark's guys that i know in Mark's mind were some of the inspiration for "Turtle," but Doug Ellin absolutely took the thought of Turtle and ran with it. So there really isn't one guy that made up for all of us.

RyVsWorld37 karma

Where do you get call your kicks? Do you have a guy that waits in line for Jordan releases?

Ps. THere should be a special edition jordan 3 entourage edition.

JerryFerrara64 karma

Yes, I do. It's called ME.

I wait in line like everybody else. I always try to get to the front of the line, if I can. But it's not easy sometimes. So I have to wait like everybody else to get the great kicks.

I go to a place called "Flight Club" a lot. And "Undefeated."

And I think there's going to be? We just did release Entourage CP3 Jordans. You can see it on my instagram or Twitter, pictures of 'em.

BadgerFlame35 karma

What does ronda rousey smell like?

JerryFerrara85 karma

Like a champion.

angelrevington32 karma

Hey Jerry! Besides bending the brim, how is it that you achieve your hat shape?Your brim curve is top 5 in the game. Holla at a playa.

JerryFerrara53 karma

It's something that has taken me years to master. And I will never tell the secrets.

Jmanboiii31 karma

Better ladies man, Adrian Grenier or Vincent Chase?

JerryFerrara49 karma

Ha ha.

They're both two very smooth ladies' men.

I'd say Adrian? I'd go Adrian. But it's really a coin flip.

TheCrewsaders30 karma

Who smokes more weed you or Turtle?

JerryFerrara54 karma

Ha ha. Well, it's a TV show, so I'm gonna have to go with Turtle. I'm an old man now. I think Turtle's a little younger than Jerry. So I've definitely slowed it down.

trefoil197729 karma

How was working with Gary Busey? Crazy as it was on the show?

JerryFerrara69 karma

Gary Busey is a brilliant actor who- let's not forget - was nominated for an Academy Award not that long ago!

He played a crazy version of himself. But Gary also, in real life, is a pretty eccentric guy.

So he's the ultimate ENTOURAGE wild card. You never know what you're going to get from Gary Busey.

But he always - always - entertains.

youreyeahrulz29 karma

Yo! Huge fan, Jerry! My question is - how close is the Entourage universe to real life LA show biz reality?

JerryFerrara51 karma

I think it's really close. All these stories come from somewhere. They don't necessarily happen to one person, like we did it on the show. But yeah, I mean, I could talk about this subject for 20 minutes, but I think if you break it down - ENTOURAGE and real-life Hollywood circumstances have mirrored themselves, in a lot of ways. I learned a lot being an actor from the show. It taught ME a lot of lessons.

DJEricDanger28 karma

Who was your favorite guest celebrity appearance on the show?

JerryFerrara98 karma

What I think is one of the funniest was Matt Damon? He played a version of himself who was bullying the Vince character into donating to his charity, he was very forceful. And Matt was excited to play this version of himself, and when famous actors come on and are willing to poke fun at themselves, not take themselves totally-totally seriously, it usually leads to a great episode for us.

And Matt Damon's episode, he was also sharing the screen with LeBron James, which was a pretty cool pairing.

Interesting, right?

M3ccaB3cca27 karma

Hi Jerry! My brother and a few friends of mine are huge fans of Entourage whereas I haven't sat down to watch it yet. Can you summarize the show in one sentence that'll entice me to watch it?

JerryFerrara125 karma

What would you do if you and your best friend were put in the most extraordinary circumstances where there were no limits to excess?

(wow, that was good! I'm proud of that one. I wanna watch that show)

LoveGuacamole26 karma

What was the best part of being back on the set together?

JerryFerrara70 karma

The best part was being back with the guys. Those guys are my brothers. So, you know, it really was even more than a high school reunion, it was like a family reunion. That's why I wanted to do the movie. And that's why I'd do another one if this movie does well, is that I truly love working with those guys.

O_R23 karma

Which of the movies which are made in ENTOURAGE would you most like to see in real life (Queens Blvd, Aquaman, Medellin, Smoke Jumpers, Ferrari, etc.)?

JerryFerrara37 karma

I would like to see Queens Blvd the most. I'm a New York kid. It seems like that would be a really good movie.

IT5RY4N23 karma

You know where i can get some fukijama's? btw, your podcast >>>

JerryFerrara39 karma


Um... yes. In the vault that i keep locked away under heavy guard. There's only 5 pairs of those in existence.

jsm948720 karma

Does Dom make a return in the movie?

JerryFerrara54 karma

Go see the movie June 3rd.

Let's just say you won't be disappointed with Dom.

Girliex2919 karma

How awesome was it to be on #MondayNightRaw?

JerryFerrara35 karma

It was great. I was a huuuuuge wrestling fan growing up. And I still keep up with it now - not as much as I used to, but getting back into that ring with John Cena, raising his hand with the belt - like, 9 year old Jerry would've fainted if you'd have told him he'd get the chance to do that someday.

Deng_Bang18 karma

Whats up Jerry, thanks for the doing the AMA. My question is will Arnold, the true star of the show, make his return in the movie? Also Fat Sal's in San Diego is my favorite sandwich spot! Fat Jerry on deck.

JerryFerrara32 karma

Yes, Arnold is back in the movie, better than ever!

And thanks for keeping the Fat Jerry the #1 sandwich.

MrGhostlol16 karma

Hello Jerry! Such a huge fan from Sweden. I loved how your character took a turn from being the stoner driver to successful buisness man, did you feel a similarity in your own life? Also what do you think is the best line in the show? My personal favorite has to be Dramas line where he says the meanest thing he's ever done was make Jess mancini(?) bike home after he assfucked her.

Love your work seriously, cant wait for the movie!

JerryFerrara16 karma

I like to think that, you know, because I was 23 when ENTOURAGE started, I think I was starting to achieve success at a young age, whereas it took Turtle a long time to find his direction.

One of my favorite Turtle lines is... where I say "Aqua-Man is gonna make $1 more than Spider-Man, highest-grossing film of all time."

jamiezero14 karma

How was shooting the movie most different from shooting the tv show?

Was there anything you were allowed to do with the movie that you couldn't do with the show, or vice versa?

Were there any jokes or stories that was planned for the script that the network said you guys COULDN'T do?

JerryFerrara24 karma

It wasn't all that different. We always shot the show as a movie? And that's why we made the show into a movie, was because we thought that the show translated well to the big screen.

No, that's the great part of being on an HBO show, is that you don't really have limits. And that's the other great part of doing an R-Rated comedy, especially a summer comedy - there aren't any limits! So we didn't have to go too far away from what we have been doing all these years.

I can't recall anything that was ever taken away by the network. If anything, maybe Doug Ellin cut some stuff because he didn't end up liking it. But there was never a "network moment" where they said "You can't do that."

eheheh12314 karma

Hey Jerry! Cavs or Warriors? How many games?

JerryFerrara29 karma

Cavs in seven!

teev0013 karma

Big fan of the show! Have you ever felt as though Turtle paralleled with your life? For example, in the beginning Turtle was always chastised by the gang and particularly the episode where no one trusted he had things pertaining to his job under control. Were you afraid you would be type-casted as the sidekick that is "never good enough" but sticks around?

JerryFerrara26 karma

Typecasting is always a fear of any actor, especially if you're on a TV show. There were some parallels, because I was the youngest of the group on-screen and off-screen, so I just had the most room to grow, I had to grow up the most.

But that being said, I'm very different than Turtle. I've actually lived through Turtle for quite a few years now, because I'm not nearly as open and up-for-anything as he is. I'm much more shy than Turtle.

safetydance12 karma

Jerry, you rock man. How many pairs of sneakers do you own and what are your favorite? Also, fist bump for Meadow Soprano, my man.

JerryFerrara21 karma

I actually don't know exactly how many I own? I don't collect sneakers the way I used to. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't just collect them, I would wear them.

thatguy1612 karma

What is your favorite piece of dialogue from your time with the Entourage series/movie?

JerryFerrara24 karma

Again, you know... talking about 10 years is tough! It's really hard to pick. I think there was an episode in season 1 where Johnny Drama goes on the Kimmel Show, and after the show, we're all watching the broadcast at our characters' house, and there's a great bit of dialogue where we're talking about what a great night it was.

Girliex2912 karma

What was it like working with Ronda Rousey?

JerryFerrara28 karma

Hehe. It was amazing. I got to know her as a person. And then I got to know her as a fighter. As a person, she's a really sweet, charming, intelligent woman. And then as a fighter, she's absolutely terrifying and intimidating.

JerryFerrara23 karma

And that's why so many people love her, is because it is such a great combination!

NoGoodStory10 karma

Hey jerry!

Are you actually a huge NY sports fan? And if so, please tell me you were actually not as nice to Tom Brady in person.

Thanks man!

JerryFerrara42 karma

I'm a HUGE NY Sports fan.

Knicks, Yankees, Giants, Rangers.

I was very nice to Tom Brady because Tom Brady did us a huge favor by coming onto the show playing himself. And also, the Giants had just beaten them in the Super Bowl not that long ago. So I didn't have any reason to be mean to him in real life.

pighalf10 karma

Is there gonna be a think like a man 3?

JerryFerrara11 karma

You know? I'm not sure. I guess I would say... I don't think so? I think Kevin Hart is booked until 2021! That being said, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat.

epic3110 karma

Whats the best behind the scenes story you can tell from the Entourage set?

JerryFerrara22 karma


There's so many. And I don't know if you can type fast enough.

I mean, God. We're talking about 10 years of - just moments, you know? It's hard to just pick one out of thin air.

When we were doing the Joshua Tree episode, we kinda all had to really sort of camp out. Like the guys were doing on the show. And we spent 2 days in the desert, so people started losing their minds a little bit.

BarneyStinsbro10 karma

Hey man, huge fan of the show and incredibly psyched for the movie. As a Patriots fan, I have to ask, how was it meeting and hanging out with the players and what's your favorite episode of the show? Thanks!

JerryFerrara18 karma

Well, as a sports fan, that's always been the coolest part of the show- and then of course the movie - was getting to meet guys like Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson. My favorite episode?

Again, we did 96 episodes, so it's hard to choose one. But I do love the Sundance Festival episode. Because that was the first time we shot outside of Los Angeles.

rlsN10 karma

You guys have such a great group chemistry. Did you work on it before you started shooting the series or was it just naturally?

JerryFerrara16 karma

It was just natural. I really believe chemistry is something that you can't cast. It either happens, or it doesn't. You know?

I've seen two actors who haven't really liked each other all that much offscreen, yet onscreen, they had AMAZING chemistry. And I've seen the opposite - I've seen two actors who offscreen, got along SO well, and onscreen, there just wasn't much there.

So there's no formula to it. It either happens or it doesn't.

ClearlyClarified9 karma

Hi Turtle! I am and have been a huge fan of yours since the first episode of Entourage. You seem like a genuinely great guy. As a female, I'm curious to know if you are dating anyone? If not, what do you look for in a lady? Hope you have a great day and I can't wait to see the movie tomorrow at midnight!

JerryFerrara33 karma

I do have a girlfriend. And what I look for in a woman are all the things that she has.

Quickzoom9 karma

What is the magic number you need to hit for there to be a sequel?

JerryFerrara20 karma

Ha ha!

Uh, that's a good question. I actually just asked my manager the very same question this morning!

Let's just say for a sequel, we need ALL of the ENTOURAGE fans, and even some new ENTOURAGE fans to show up and support it. And then we will get to do the sequel.

phillyboo691879168 karma

What does Laura London smell like?

JerryFerrara14 karma

Ha ha ha! A lot of these "smelling" questions... as far as I can recall, she smells fantastic!

Jmanboiii8 karma

Love the B4B podcast Jerry. Why was Adrian so convincing as a movie star? What made him perfect for Vincent Chase?

JerryFerrara14 karma

What I think made him perfect was both Adrian and Vince possess this nonchalant-ness, about them, where they just walk into the room and you're just drawn to them. And it's not just appearances, there's this energy that comes from Adrian that when he walks in a room, you just want to talk to that guy. And so with some clever writing, we were able to go even further with that. I truly believe that there's no one else who could've played the Vince character as successfully as Adrian did.

Spoonsy8 karma

What's the best healthy yet delicious sandwich someone can get?

JerryFerrara24 karma

I'm gonna go with the opposite direction, and tell you the most UNHEALTHY and DELICIOUS sandwich someone can get, which is at a deli I started with some friends, called Fat Sal's Deli.

It's a sandwich shop.

And it has - check out the menu online. There's 2 in Los Angeles, one in San Diego, and one in Austin, Texas.


RyVsWorld9 karma

when are you bringing one to new york man?

JerryFerrara13 karma

It's been discussed. We're all from New York, originally. So we just wanna make sure we get that done right. But it is in the works.

trynagetrich7 karma

Turtle! Loved the show man, can't wait to see the movie. Care to share the coolest most badass thing you got to do while filming Entourage, the film or the movie?

JerryFerrara17 karma

Let's just say...one of the coolest things i did was to get in the cage and find (for pretend) Ronda Rousey. It's kinda like playing one-on-one against Michael Jordan in his prime.

O_R7 karma

If you could pick one jersey from Turtle's ENTOURAGE wardrobe, which one would be?

JerryFerrara18 karma

The one from the pilot, which was a Kings jersey.

burghermeister17 karma

Hey Jerry!

What made you want to start doing podcasts?

Currently listening to your most recent one and also planning out seeing the movie with my roommates for tomorrow night. Can't wait for it!

JerryFerrara9 karma

What made me want a podcast was my love for talk radio when I was a kid. I didn't have a TV in my room, so talk radio was my first form of entertainment.

alphagammabeta15486 karma

Jerry/Turtle: How much fun was it getting to drive all of the cars in the show? I'm a big car guy so I have to ask what the Maserati was like.

JerryFerrara16 karma

Ohhh, it was unbelievable.

One of the best things I ever got to do in my LIFE was drive a Ferrari California around a racetrack in an episode.

mauterfaulker6 karma

What sort of roles would you like to take on in the future?

JerryFerrara14 karma

I would love to be a part of a sports movie. Obviously, I'm too small to play an athlete, so maybe as a coach, or a GM.

bsp30766 karma

I know that your really enjoyed Friday Night Lights, what other shows are you watching now?

JerryFerrara22 karma

I just finished watching LAST MAN ON EARTH, which was great. I watch SILICON VALLEY, which is also great. And I like to watch old shows, like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, so I'm going back through CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM again, for like the ninth time.

TheCrewsaders6 karma

Who's winning the Superbowl this year?

JerryFerrara13 karma

The NY Giants. Ha ha.

LucyRoessler6 karma

Jerry, can't wait for the movie! The show was amazing, and this movie is long overdue. I had a personal question though: apart from the usual eat better and workout, was there anything special that really helped you get skinny? And how have you kept off the weight once you lost it?

JerryFerrara19 karma

There really was no "hidden secret." I guess the biggest key is if you have a bad day eating, don't beat yourself up about it. But also, don't do it again tomorrow.

robbykooch6 karma

Hey Jerry, my group of friend's fantasy football league needs one more since someone is dropping out. We'd love to have you. 12 team, 2 QB league. Are you in?

Thanks for the retweet and reply earlier this week. Can't wait to go see the movie Wednesday night!

JerryFerrara13 karma

I'm possibly in?

I do get a lot of requests, because I've been doing Fantasy Football for a very long time. Reach out to me on Twitter, and you never know, maybe I'll join!

PBCG5 karma

Jerry, big fan! Thanks for all the great memories with Entourage throughout the years!

As a fellow Knicks fan, I have to ask you this, Who do you want the Knicks to draft in the upcoming draft?

Also, What's the coolest opportunity that Entourage has opened up for you?

JerryFerrara8 karma

Justise Winslow.

Oh god, SO many. I love all the cool sporting events I've been able to go to!

salmonmaki5 karma

Did anyone on the movie set get thrown by Ronda Rousey? Just how kick ass is she in person?

JerryFerrara9 karma

Me! If you look at the trailer, she throws me around pretty easily.

warfalcon534 karma

Hey Jerry, enjoyed the show, and laughed at your character a lot. This isn't an antagonistic question, but do you personally feel like the Entourage movie was necessary? Did any of you guys feel the show didn't come to an acceptable end and want to add to that or did you just want to get back together with the gang? A lot of recent additions to what seemed like case-closed shows and movies have diluted their legacies, do you fear the movie will do that to what was a great tv show?

JerryFerrara5 karma

No, because we left off with the show sort of intentionally to do a movie. So we knew when we were closing out the series to leave the door open. And honestly, all the ENTOURAGE fans have been asking for a movie for quite awhile. So it's a combination of all those things as to why we did it. And I think the movie's so good, I think it will add to the legacy of ENTOURAGE.

EarthboundCory4 karma

Big fan of the show!

What do you attribute to the success of your weight loss and, more importantly, how have you managed to keep it off (unlike many other celebrities who seem to fall off the wagon)?

JerryFerrara7 karma

The success was determination.

And being able to keep it off was just changing my whole lifestyle. It wasn't just what i ate. It was how I slept, how I spent my spare time, and making exercise a top priority in my life.

J72014 karma

What's your chosen flavor of pizza, ice cream, and soda? I think these questions really show a man's true colours.

JerryFerrara12 karma

Pizza: pepperoni.

Ice cream, I like cookie dough.

And soda, Diet Coke / Dr. Pepper.

Ray___Finkle4 karma

What is the best species of turtle? I'm a big fan of red eared sliders myself.

JerryFerrara25 karma

Well, I'm going to agree with you then.

No wait, I'm gonna say a Ninja Turtle.

SweetLoLa4 karma

Hi Jerry! What's your go to spot to eat in LA?

JerryFerrara11 karma

After Fat Sal's Deli, it's Craig's. And Maestro's steakhouse.

oh_memories4 karma

Hey Jerry! First of all, just wanted to say that you are the man! Turtle is definitely my favorite character on Entourage since I could really relate a lot to him. I am actually looking for some advice. What would you tell someone looking to break into the business whether they want to be an actor or be in more of the production side? I am studying TV and film right now and would love some words of wisdom. Thanks and I am so damn excited about the movie

JerryFerrara4 karma

I would say make SURE You love it. So whether it's taking an acting class, or a film class, really make sure that it's your passion. Because it's such a hard business to break into - it will test your desire quickly. And it's designed to make you quit. And it will take a whole lot of perseverance to succeed.

BUT it is very possible!

Microphone9264 karma

Do you and the cast regularly hangout outside of the show? I haven't watched in years, but I've been meaning to get back into it. Your character was my favorite.

JerryFerrara6 karma

Yes! Of course, we worked together for so many hours - no one realizes, you're working 80 hours a week with these people, so on some downtime, you do need to get away a little bit, but they're my brothers. They're my best friends in real life now. I want to spend my free time with them. So the fact that i got paid to work with them is kind of a joke, in a way! Because I would spend time with them for free!

subparrapbus3 karma

Hey Jerry, love the show.

If you could give the other guys animal names based on their characters, what would their names be?

JerryFerrara8 karma

The E character would be a lion. Drama would be a puma. And the Vince character would be a swan!

emilyk8273 karma

You were on a popular HBO tv show, did you watch any of the other HBO shows?

JerryFerrara5 karma

I sure did. SOPRANOS is my favorite show of all time. I'm watching CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM for the ninth time through. THE WIRE is the most underrated show in the history of television, in my opinion.

epneus13 karma

How often are you walking somewhere and you hear people shout out "Turtle"!! Does it get annoying, or do you cherish each one?

JerryFerrara12 karma

It all depends on where I am and what I'm doing.

I definitely cherish it, 'cuz it means they like the show. But there are some instances where it's not ideal.

bluesbottle3 karma

What nickname would you give Turtle if he was part of your entourage?

JerryFerrara4 karma

One of my favorite movies is GOODFELLAS, and one of the characters in that movie was "Spider." So I'd probably nickname them "Spider."

SamBel283 karma

Hi, Jerry! I'm a huge fan and I can't wait to see the movie. My question is, what surprises you the most about the feedback you have gotten from the movie so far?

JerryFerrara8 karma

The biggest surprise from people who've seen the movie so far is they're saying how surprised they are at how great the movie was? And while that's flattering on one level, it also makes me wonder, like, do people forget that we had a good run? We all worked very hard to make sure the movie was great and lived up to what we did on the show. And I could honestly say I've yet to hear a negative piece of feedback on the movie.

WhosWhosWho3 karma

Hey there, man. How's your day going?

You mentioned you moved from NY to LA...Was there any differences that really stood out to you from East coast versus the West?

JerryFerrara5 karma

Two completely opposite cities. Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Took me a VERY long time to get used to living here. But now, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

hempho3 karma

Have you met the other Turtles from real entourages?

JerryFerrara9 karma

I've met other - whether it's fans of the show, or even another actor - they've introduced me to their Entourage, and they always identify with one of us. So I've met a lot of guys where people have said "Oh, this is our Turtle." It's usually a short guy, with a beard and a baseball cap, so I could see how he gets the "Turtle" label.

LoveGuacamole2 karma

Turtle Outfits--which did you prefer more? Sweatsuits or Prep?

JerryFerrara5 karma

I enjoy the prep NOW, as I've gotten older. But in my early 20's the sweatsuits were great, because they were comfortable and it wasn't a big process getting ready in the morning.

sinisterbaldness2 karma

Hi, Jerry. Grateful to you for taking the time to do this AMA.

Would you say that there was anything that posed a challenge for you while filming the series that you hadn't considered prior to getting the part? If so, what?

Also, if I remember correctly, it seemed like Drama was always driving the Lincoln. Did you ever get any wheel time? (Damn, that car is old-school pimp!)

JerryFerrara2 karma

It was my first real big job? So I don't think any young actor really understands what a commitment it is to being on a show. There's a level of maturity and professionalism that I had to have at a very young age.

Yes, I've driven the Lincoln many times. And we have an even COOLER car in the movie - a concept Cadillac car.