Hey Reddit, Isaac Porter here.

Today from 4PM EST – 6PM EST we will be answering (most) of your questions. And we've brought 4 pornstars along with us!

Joining us today are the following porn-professionals:

  • Ava Addams (@AvaAddams)
  • Tory Lane (@misstorylane)
  • Romi Rain (@Romi_Rain)
  • Phoenix Marie (@PMarizzle)
  • Fabian Cruz (Brazzers Community Manager)
  • Isaac Porter (Brazzers Marketing Coordinator)

These four ladies are competing for 10,000 dollars and the title of “Brazzers House Winner.” Brazzers House, if you haven’t heard, is our first ever porn-reality show where two teams of five pornstars competed against each other in various mental and physical challenges.

The show is wrapping up this weekend with a 2 day double feature GRAND FINALE (sounds like something you’d buy from your favorite overpriced coffee shop). On May 30th, we’ll be broadcasting the final sex challenge (which features some great puns) at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST, followed by LIVE ORGY May 31st at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST. During these two events, members of Brazzers.com can vote to give advantages, and eventually decide the winner of the sweet sweet 10,000 dollars!

Wanna see this all go down? Check it out here: http://www.brazzershouse.com/tour/home/?utm_source=reddit_amaa&utm_medium=reddit&utm_campaign=social_media/

Fabian and myself will be narrating the questions to the 4 lovely pornstars, so let’s get this started!

Ask us ALMOST anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/Brazzers/status/601121958642753537

EDIT: Hey guys, thanks all for the questions! We are officially wrapping it up. GOOD NIGHT, AND WATCH BRAZZERS HOUSE LIVE FINALE THIS WEEKEND!

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harryculero1172 karma

Did you guys purposely name it Brazzers knowing it could be completely typed with the left hand?

brazzersofficial988 karma

Yes, it took our wordsmiths 5 years to develop it to perfection - IP

brazzersofficial1046 karma

Are you the best pornsite ever?

brazzersofficial955 karma

100% - IP

fuckswithducks806 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! I have a more general question about Brazzers. In Wet Dreams! with Dani Jensen (2012), I noticed that you included a rubber duck in the shoot. In Splash Time with Jenna Ross (2013), you used 3 of the same duck. Does Brazzers have its own permanent prop collection? If so, can we get a tour and see some of the interesting things you've collected to use in videos over the years? I'm curious because you reuse the same rubber duck and I have seen other studios reuse other rubber ducks as well (for example, Bangbros reused this one 1 2)

brazzersofficial469 karma

The ducks are the same, but from different timelines as a whole. Our studio comes with a built in time machine, that's why we have such a variety of sets set in different era's.

But seriously, we have one studio in particular that has a buttload of props, that we will reuse on occasion. - IP

FLoppy_McLongsocks448 karma

Are there separate rooms for the buttload of props and the load of butt props?

brazzersofficial431 karma

Little bit of column a, little bit of column b. - IP

Zockman17584 karma

You like ducks don't you? Lol

brazzersofficial165 karma

Well he does fuck them - FC

cdizzledc661 karma

Why don't you have a share button? I have a deep desire to share my browsing adventures with my grandmother on Facebook.

brazzersofficial745 karma

We want to avoid embarassing our older fans when they share gang-bang videos to their FB wall. - IP

Superbeast_71597 karma

I was wondering whenever you shot scenes of women with big breasts, could you have more footage where the guy is fucking the woman in missionary from his POV. That way the fapper can see the woman's breasts bounce? I think its more enjoyable for the watcher imo.

brazzersofficial408 karma

I'll pass it on to our shooters! Thanks for the suggestion - IP

PervertedOldMan543 karma

So I have a pitch for a porn parody: 12 Years an Anal Slave starring Skin Diamond... How soon could you start shooting?

brazzersofficial489 karma

12 years of buttfucking is a lot of buttfucking guy. I'll pitch it anyways! - IP

xxBongiexx480 karma

How much money would /u/doubledickdude make if he fucked a girl with two vaginas on a single video?

brazzersofficial878 karma

Atleast one dogecoin. Atleast one. - IP

Tomcat1108352 karma

You ladies are beautiful and I love watching you perform. My question is what is the worst part of being a porn star?

brazzersofficial647 karma

  • Tory: "People thinking I'm just a sex object"
  • Phoenix: "Being shit on (literally)"
  • Romi: "Not being able to cum when you want to"
  • Ava: "People thinking they can just pick me up"

awesomejack123303 karma

Phoenix, what would be your favorite flavor ice cream to eat out of Ava's butt?

brazzersofficial387 karma

Phoenix - "strawberry"

Zockman175251 karma

Why did you decide to be porn stars?

brazzersofficial561 karma

Phoenix: "I like sex and money" Ava: "Getting to do fantasies in a safe environment, and get paid to have orgasms!" Romi: "Because I hate picking up people in bars, I'd rather just fuck people who know how to fuck" Tory: "Because I belong here, it's my calling"

Superbeast_71233 karma

What are the Ladies ideal Penis size, and what is their cut off limit?

I.e. anything below insert number is a no go for them

brazzersofficial475 karma

I'm afraid of like gigantic cocks like the Mandingos - Ava Addams

Love big dicks! Not in to small dicks like how guys say they're not in to loose pussies - Romi Rain

Anything over 5 inches - Phoenix Marie

If it's small it goes in the butt, average is fun for hours, and too big means big paycheck - Tori Lane

mancubuss219 karma

Ava, do you live in LA? Can I take you on a date?

brazzersofficial326 karma

I live in Houston, TX. If you play your cards right ;) - AA

anothermau5218 karma

Do you ever feel tensed before doing a scene with porn legends like Keiran?

brazzersofficial351 karma

  • Romi: "'Hahahahah - I'm less nervous because they are professionals"
  • Ava: "I only work with the top porn guys, I hate working with newbies"
  • Phoenix: "I only hope they bring enough Viagara to keep their dick hard"
  • Tory: "No, I remember when Keiran started, he was just a baby (with a baby dick)"

anothermau5215 karma

What are the most interesting things in Porn industry besides, err, well the sex?

brazzersofficial414 karma

Hanging out on the pool with cool people like us - TL

Feature magazines, cool parties, and MONEY - RR

Getting to play characters and developping...as an actress? - AA

Getting stared at by people with their girlsfriends - PM

lula2488195 karma

If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

brazzersofficial290 karma

Yes, but only if it's to the tune of Careless Whisper. - FC

brazzersofficial235 karma

Keiran Lee is here too, he said "I would because I'm a spicy sausage"

Senor_Tucan175 karma

Hi Brazzers, who does your advertisements? Please do give them a raise.

Keep doing you, and I’ll keep doing me.

brazzersofficial193 karma

I'll take the raise and give it to me. - IP

brazzersofficial174 karma

The pornstars are gone to do sexy, naked things. Apparently in a pool. Proof is coming. ASK FABIAN AND I MORE PORN STUFF. - IP

cdizzledc155 karma

Do you masturbate to your own work?

brazzersofficial367 karma

I actually only watch my scenes - AA

Hentai and Gay Porn - PM

Only scenes with Keiran Lee... but not really - TL

egglicker142 karma

When you do gloryhole scenes, do the penises belong to random guys, crew, or male porn stars?

brazzersofficial251 karma

The answer to that question is yes - FC

egglicker53 karma

So all of the above?

brazzersofficial132 karma

Yes. I sometimes pop in there for fun - FC

jhurley98125 karma

Do you think the dad bod is in at the moment?

brazzersofficial391 karma

  • Phoenix - "Big strongly men"
  • Ava - "I'm into skinny musicians, they always have big dicks"
  • Romi - "You're fat and you should work out"
  • Tory - "Work out you slobs. I like men who don't sleep on their mothers couch"

ewa406124 karma

What's the worst pickup line/attempt you've gotten from a random fan?

brazzersofficial570 karma

Damn girl, you shit with that ass?

alchupanebra118 karma

first thanks for doing an AMA and i say this with a staunch record of hetero sexuality but your all fabulous, but if you could do anything other than porn what would it be?

brazzersofficial236 karma

I would finish my marine biology degree - RR

I will go back to nursing! - AA

Open up a Harley Davidson retailer? - PM

Uhm... Real estate? - TL

TreeArbitor114 karma

Is it like frowned upon for the directors or camera people to get boners? Does the crew ever say like, "I need to jerk off real quick before I can get to work?"

brazzersofficial188 karma

Never, the crew members who get boners are weird, or get fired. - IP

  • Ava "People sometimes walk around with boners...it's awkward"

awesomejack123112 karma

Ramon you are my spirit animal! how many girls have you given the sausage to over the years do you think?

brazzersofficial208 karma

  • Ramon: "About 2000, at least."

All the girls said "awwww" - they all love him!

kpecc9998 karma

How do you react when people recognize you in public? What do they do when they recognize you?

brazzersofficial484 karma

I once had a man compliment my anal scene with Shyla Styles while I was having dinner with my mother - Keiran Lee

trixrtrit97 karma

Who's your favorite pokemon?

How do you feel about ewoks?

brazzersofficial235 karma

Tori: The little yellow guy. What's an ewok?

Phoenix: Squirtle. Because obviously.

Ava: Not sure about ewoks but would totally fuck Darth Vader

Romi: I prefer Star Trek. Spock is fuckable.

brazzersofficial213 karma

Jigglypuff is a beast in SSBM if you know what you're doing - IP

Danieltck96 karma

What is with Fake Tits?

brazzersofficial230 karma

Dude, it's Brazzers, we're all about fake tits - IP.

brilliantlyInsane92 karma

How often do you receive emails from religious and "moral" associations regarding your "hedonistic" or "deviant" ways, or some bullshit like that? How do/would you respond to such mail, and have you ever returned in a snide or humorous fashion?

Also, what's the most embarrassing thing you remember happening to someone on set? Considering the industry you're discussing, you surely have some splendid stories.

brazzersofficial148 karma

  • Phoenix "Never. Keiran Lee fucking me so badly that I bled...it's okay though, I still love him"
  • Romi "Never. Most embarrassing, did a group scene, fell backwards off a couch during a group scene"
  • Ava "They threaten to kill me, and say I shouldn't have a kid. Nothing embrassing, I try and play everything off cool."
  • Tory "Never. Most embarrassing that has happened was me showing out without my ID"

werealldeadramones84 karma

My wife has expressed interest in a new sex toy. She'd prefer a vibrator as opposed to a dildo. Regardless of it being your own brand, what would you recommend I get for her?


brazzersofficial184 karma

They all screamed HITACHI! and a butt plug - FC

UnknownAdmirer84 karma

What are your favorite positions? Anything innovative?

brazzersofficial149 karma

Missionnary, or cowgirl. Because the guy can go deeper and girl has control - Phoenix Marie

brazzersofficial178 karma

Piledriver on the concrete floor. I'm actually doing it now with Phoenix - Tori Lane

bkinney53279 karma

My question is for any of the performers. Do you ever have fans recognize you while you're out? If so, do you mind if they come say hi and ask for a pic?

brazzersofficial109 karma

None of them mind at all, just don't be creepy - IP

egoisillusion78 karma

On your website you have tags for all types of stuff on videos like "Rimjob" or "POV Blowjob". This is incredibly useful for finding specific stuff. I was wondering if you could add one for "cum covered fucking"? When a girl gets fucked with cum on her face, it's my favorite thing ever, and its prominence on your site is awesome. Thanks.

brazzersofficial111 karma

I'll talk to the head tagger to get this implemented. WE CAN DO THIS. - IP

brazzersofficial54 karma

Hm. We'll bring it up at our next meeting. Thanks! - FC

DamnDavid75 karma

Being a pornstar, does sex ever become just a chore?

brazzersofficial190 karma

Romi : Yes if it's someone that's not good at sex

Everyone else: Nope, we're whores and proud of it!

aldoc569 karma

What would you girls spend the money if you win?

brazzersofficial189 karma

Phoenix - "disneyland trip"

Ava - "go back to disneyland too"

Romi - "go visit my family"

Tory - "Pay the IRS"

brazzersofficial66 karma

Keiran Lee and Ramon are here too for your question needs!

Superbeast_7158 karma

Ask them out of all the women they have worked with, which ones: rides the best, gives head the best and has the nicest ass?

brazzersofficial313 karma

They don't want to answer for fear of their lives.

Infiniverse66 karma


brazzersofficial202 karma

Ava: Same thing over and over: People fucking

Pheonix: It's going to be much more interactive.

Romi: The whole 3D shit

brazzersofficial221 karma

Space porn bitches! - FC

brazzersofficial105 karma

Betamax is going to make a resurgence. It has to. I mean, nostalgia sells right? - IP

AeroRandy61 karma

What kind of background experience is needed to become a cameraman?

brazzersofficial187 karma

Expert boner control. Seriously. Expert. - IP

brazzersofficial243 karma

Also matrix-like cum dodging skills for those stray cumshots - FC

shivan2159 karma

Would you hire Pamela Anderson? Which kind of movie would she best fit in?

brazzersofficial146 karma

Pamela Anderson is the original Kim K. Mad respect for monetizing her assets. - IP

ZAZBZC56 karma

Is it more lucrative for Brazzers to film women who have been surgically enhanced than women who have not been surgically enhanced?

brazzersofficial110 karma

To be honest, it's a bit of both. Brazzers is all about big tits, big asses, butt stuff and MILF's. We don't care if they're fake or real, just as long as they're BIG. - IP

Mikeydoes56 karma

What is the best way for an average bloke to get laid by a porn star?

brazzersofficial225 karma

You don't, they like to keep it with their kind because it's a controlled environment. Unless it's an established musician then Ava will fuck you.

tossAwayGuy55 karma

Who's dick are you scared of most? Ever "noped out" of working with a guy because of it?

brazzersofficial173 karma

Tori: A non tested one is scary to me

Ava: Mandingo, his dick belongs in a museum

gimpisgawd55 karma

To any of you: What's your favorite Cam'Ron CD?

brazzersofficial116 karma

Purple Haze was fire fam - FC

TheDukeofLichendale51 karma

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

brazzersofficial306 karma

Less shots of the man's face during climactic parts of the scenes! - FC

PMimfromNORMALisu33 karma

Thanks for the AMA! I've been spent many hours with you collectively, ha.

In what ways, if any, are your intimate relationships/partnerships affected by your line of work?

brazzersofficial56 karma

From me personally, I tell girls straight up that i work in the porn industry. Most of the time, I get a laugh and a topic of conversation on the date. - FC

dayofthedead20432 karma

Hi Guys, I have a few questions:

Have you faced any personal or even professional stigma being in the pornography business? I mean – is it hard to mingle in a party and tell people you meet “I work for Brazzers – it’s a porn company?”

Who are your favorite female porn stars?

Finally, since you’re based in Montreal – where’s your favorite spot to get a poutine?

brazzersofficial56 karma

It actually sparks a great conversation when I mention it to people. People become genuinely curious about the porn industry. I'm not ashamed of where I work.

My favorite female porn star will always be Asa Akira!

Favorite place to get Poutine: La Banquise

  • FC

egglicker27 karma

What is the weirdest thing you're into?

brazzersofficial121 karma

Pheonix: Watching shemale hentai porn

brazzersofficial25 karma

Hey guys, thanks all for the questions! We are officially wrapping it up. GOOD NIGHT, AND WATCH BRAZZERS HOUSE LIVE FINALE THIS WEEKEND!

2dubs1bro24 karma

Would you rather have sex with 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

brazzersofficial36 karma

Can I just tame the horse sized duck and teach it to do my porn-bidding? - IP

brazzersofficial31 karma

1 horse sized duck, because who has the stamina to fuck 100 of anything in one session?? - FC

jhayz24 karma

Thanks again for doing this AmA. Who do you guys consider to be the best actors and actresses in the industry?

brazzersofficial66 karma

Phoenix: I actually idolized being like Tori Lane going in to the industry

Everyone else: AWWWWWWW

Knight-in-Gale11 karma

What's your retirement plan?

brazzersofficial37 karma

Ava: Going back to france

Phoenix: Getting married and have 3 kids!

Tori: Live FREE! I own properties bitch!

Zall-Klos7 karma

How does Romi feels being a DP virgin(haven't seen/heard about Romi being DP'ed)?

brazzersofficial21 karma

Not a DP virgin...well I am on camera! Wait and see! - Romi Rain

WV_Coalminer_724 karma

What advice do you have to get my wife into watching porn? Maybe one of you could talk to her.

brazzersofficial9 karma

Look for romantic stuff to ease yourself in, then slowly move in to the more hardcore scenes! - FC

FaZe_Crude3 karma

Hey! Would you ever consider one day sponsoring Gaming Youtubers ?

brazzersofficial10 karma

We haven't not considered it, but eSports has our interest more ;) - IP

Danieltck3 karma

Will I go to hell for working at your Company?

brazzersofficial8 karma

I'm sitting next to Satan right now. He says hi. - FC

i555552 karma

Who is your favorite porn star that you don't know personally?

brazzersofficial3 karma

From what I see of Asa Akira, she seems like someone I can legitimately be friends with - FC

FearlessClone2 karma

Do you like/love your job?

brazzersofficial3 karma

Best job I ever had - FC

Zockman1751 karma

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant before?

brazzersofficial5 karma

I did. And I'm a guy. It was like that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. - IP

cliffracerfly1 karma

I know this is a long shot, but is there any way any of you girls could jingle my dingle?

brazzersofficial3 karma

Unfortunately the ladies are gone, but by "jingle my dingle" you mean do your taxes right? We can totally do that. - IP