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Senor_Tucan4469 karma

Will you and Bill O’rielly just kiss already? The sexual tension is palpable.

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CEO with headquarters in three countries. You are a crazy man. Two questions:

1) How much sleep do you get?

2) Are there things you deliberately remove from your routine (or set in stone) in order to conserve your decision-making ability?

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Hi Brazzers, who does your advertisements? Please do give them a raise.

Keep doing you, and I’ll keep doing me.

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After your grandfather passed, did you and your brothers by any chance travel to Munich to fulfill the family tradition of spreading his ashes, only to find a secret beer competition where you were offended by Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen and the German branch of your family who accused your grandfather of stealing an old recipe of the best beer in Germany?

Just curious.

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You can't tell me ED doesn't play a factor. I think I remember Mr. O'rielly saying something like:

"Erection comes in, erection goes out. You can't explain that."

I might be paraphrasing.