<<<<<<<<hi i'm mackenzie davis, on halt and catch fire season 2 premiering sunday may 31!! ask me your questions >>>>>>


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factandfictions726 karma

Hi Mackenzie!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for playing Cameron so brilliantly in Halt and Catch Fire. I'm a female software engineer too and I can identify with some of her struggles.

Here's what I'd like to ask: 1. How did you prepare to play Cameron? Did you do some research or shadow a software engineer? 2. Are there any personality traits you share with Cameron? 3. Is Lee Pace as handsome in real life as he looks on TV? (It had to be asked. :D )

Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

Mackenzie_Davis14 karma

cool i'm so interested in your experiences if you want to share! i spent a lot of time focusing on the technical for the first season (auditing onling courses, trying to pretend i could in any way make up for 27 years of lost knowledge) and for the second season i was more interested in cameron's own peculiar personality at this juncture, how she professes all of these ideals that we all in our early 20's feel and want to fight for, but that those ideals necessarily will have to be forsaken if she wants to also be a capitalist

lee is V V handsome, the tv does him no justice

factandfictions76 karma

Wow. Thanks for answering! :) In my brief career, I've had some nice projects at college (we've programmed simple robots, created android apps from zero and even designed some games). Right now I'm working in a software that allows me to reconstruct 3D models from two or more pictures. Since software engineering is a field in which there are more men than women, sometimes I'm the only girl in a room. However, it's easy to get over the initial awkwardness if you focus in the task at hand.

Mackenzie_Davis8 karma

do you have any particular experiences to share? i was asked recently about women who have shared their experiences in tech with me and i came up empty handed. or rather: why do you think tehre is a dwindling number of women in the field?

factandfictions710 karma

I think the main reason for the lack of women in the field is the way it is presented to them. Software engineers are still seen, in part, as the coder who never leaves the basement or who's always stuck at work. This is actually not true, software engineers are just normal people (albeit sometimes drink far too much coffee in order to spend far too many hours programming). There are also lots of options in the field, so you don't have to be a programmer if you don't want to. For example, you can create 3D characters for a videogame or help design mobile apps. So far I've had really cool experiences (like learning how to program a robot) and I've learned quite a lot. When I chose this field my friends thought I was slightly crazy, because I hadn't written a single line of code in my life and because it was a "field only men chose". I embraced the challenge and now I can't imagine a career without working in software development. EDIT: What's also very nice is the possibility of working from anywhere in the world (all we need is a computer and an internet connection). For women, this makes the job flexible if you have kids and you have to work from home.

Mackenzie_Davis7 karma

well your life sounds very cool and exciting, thanks for answering!

Mackenzie_Davis15 karma

****thanks for asking me anything! bye!! **

IKingJeremy11 karma

What inspired you to become an actress?

Mackenzie_Davis12 karma


Frajer9 karma

What was it like working on The Martian?

Mackenzie_Davis9 karma

so cool. we shot in budapest in this enormous, half occupied mall called the whale, which is this strange marvel of design in the middle of this gorgeous fairty tale city, and they turned it into NASA and it was all very big and cool and exciting to be a part of

Ternarian9 karma

Hi Mackenzie! Thank you for your brilliant efforts on "Halt and Catch Fire." You're amazing!

First question: Will HACF season 2 be even better than season 1 regarding plot, pacing, etc.?

Second question: I'm trying to decide if we need to do this multiplication in order to align on octal boundaries. Now, my gut says, and I'm sure you'd agree, that we can do a shift-left-together three-bit-zero fill to the right, which is faster and gives the same result on the accumulator on the 186, but I don't know, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you think?

Mackenzie_Davis10 karma

1: yes i think season 2 is EVEN BETTER than season 1, it is chaotic and fun and crazy and computers 2: lol

diger448 karma

Hi, I really loved your performance in the first season of Halt And Catch Fire! What can we look forward to in season two? Also how do you think us fans can make HaCF more popular, as most people don't know how awesome it is.

Mackenzie_Davis10 karma

plz get miley to tweet about us

adamyoburger8 karma

Have you ever tossed a prostitute off a bridge?

Mackenzie_Davis11 karma

no but i will if norm macdonald wants me to :(

smh12907 karma

What's your favorite part of your job?

Mackenzie_Davis6 karma

the other actors! i don't know how this show managed to bring together such talented people who are also so humble and committed to working when they don't have to, but i'm very thankful for it. everyone gets together to work on weekends, nights after work, and it feels like boot camp when we're done shooting, but it is very rewarding

cptblumpkins7 karma

Lee Pace played a pretty evil dude in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you had to fight him as one of the Guardians, which would you choose to be?

Bonus points for Raccoon.

Mackenzie_Davis9 karma

hard to ignore bonus points, but i ahve to go with groot. i ahve a real soft spot for anthropomorphism / vin diesel

stanthemanchan7 karma

Who do you think would win in a code-off between Cameron, Acid Burn (Angeline Jolie from Hackers) and Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)? Did you watch any of those movies to prepare for your role?

Mackenzie_Davis9 karma

wow. good question. i think lisbeth would win because she has a vendetta fueling her typing and - while she could get sloppy from her fury - she has teh precision of a ninja. cameron in a verrry close second. and acid burn... i don't think she could keep up. but would love to go to a LAN party with her

Droner797 karma

Serious: How does it feel like when 2 gods work together? (you and lee of course)

Mackenzie_Davis8 karma

it feels dangerous

jasonakinaka7 karma

What's working with Ridley Scott like as an actor?

Mackenzie_Davis6 karma

wonderful, he's very decisive and expert and makes you feel like if he says you got it (the take) you don't need to question him. it is a rare occassion when you don't feel like you wnat to be in control , and so nice when you can trust that someone else is, and doing very well with it.

redraven86 karma

Hi Mackenzie! Love you on HACF! I really enjoyed the female relationship arc between your character and Donna, will it continue on throughout the second season?

Mackenzie_Davis6 karma

donna and cam work togetehr the whole season and it is so great. kerry bishe is an amazong actress (doi) and it was such a gift to work with that bishe every day

BrodyApproved5 karma

Your eyes are so piercing.
What does your ideal breakfast consist of?

Mackenzie_Davis10 karma

i usually cycle through a single breakfast for a year (if i make for myself) and then change it up after i have become sick of it. what i ahve invented for myself lately is something everyone else hates but I KNOW IS DELICIOUS. you get a piece of seaweed, make a little salad of lettuce, avocado, maybe some nuts, put it in the seaweed, then fry and egg and put that on the salad, roll it up, its a seaweed wrap and it's the bomb

zjbird5 karma


I LOVE YOUR CHARACTER and you completely made the show for me.

My question is, how much do you relate to Cameron? What do you admire most about your character?

Mackenzie_Davis7 karma

i admire how cameron is growing up VERY ACTIVELY. empathy, generosity, consideration ahve not been a huge part of her existence as far as her work goes, and she's now in a relationship (donna) where she has to learn how to be those things, and it's hard for her, but she awkwardly tries to b a human.

whowantspizza694205 karma

Hi Mackenzie! First of all, what's the hot gossip in the world of hacking these days?

Mackenzie_Davis4 karma

wow thanks for the question! it's dog eat dog!

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jonemillard5 karma

Hey Mackenzie!

Have you ever had an odd fan encounter?

Mackenzie_Davis8 karma

no they have been very few and very nice!

manticorevault4 karma

One of the top moments for me on Season 1 was when Cameron showed to us that she was a Adventure player. Are you into RPGs or something like that? Also, how is to work with Lee Pace? Is he as fearsome as his recent characters? (Thranduil, Ronan, Joe...)

Mackenzie_Davis9 karma

no i'm not :( does anyone play commander keen? Dos? that's my world

ishaar214 karma

Hey Mackenzie! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Among the many shows and films you've starred in, any of them in particular that have hit close to home? Giving you a special emotional connection through the script that made you connect in ways other scripts did not?

Mackenzie_Davis5 karma

i did a film this fall with SOPHIA TAKAL that was very close to me, it's called ALWAYS SHINE and we were secluded under the redwoods in a house in big sur and had such an intense lovely time making a movie together. plus i am under the impression that redwood dust can make you go psychotic so i liked that element of "what if...?" taht was always hanging in the air

yellowpotion4 karma

Hey Mackenzie - Are you going to watch the premiere on Sunday? What is an exciting thing that I can look forward to this upcoming season? What do you think about Cameron's clothing style? What's the last movie you watched and enjoyed?

Mackenzie_Davis5 karma

i am going to my friend's birthday so i won't see the show on sunday :( but i know what happens! i am excited to see the episode kimberly pierce directed this season, she was so lovely to work with and had amazing ideas for her episode. i watched a bbc documentary on leaf cutter ants the other night that i VERY MUCH RECCOMEND.

Droner794 karma

Hello Mackenzie, congrats on HACF! What was the first day back in set for season 2 like? The energy, the table read, all that stuff, im sure it was great

Mackenzie_Davis4 karma

thanks! i was exciting, but also strange?? i've never worked on a job for so long before, even the initial season was 4X the longest job i've ever had, so i had a bit of groundhog day when we first came back but once we got into the work it was wonderful and familiar and really exciting to work with people who know so much about your own character.

theacidbull4 karma

Hi there! We know that the TV and motion picture industry can be very competitive. Were you ever influenced by this, depression, breakdowns, etc.?

Mackenzie_Davis10 karma

yes. not so much competitiveness as the uncanniness of seeing yourself become other than yourself, disembodied a bit. i struggle with that duality a bit, being myslef but also presenting myself and getting wrapped up in teh impications that. does that make sense? i'm generally anxiosu and confused and worried

AmblinFan263 karma

Hey Mackenzie! First things first, you're the most awesome and beautiful part of Halt And Catch Fire! You're just the best! Now, on to my question!

To get into character, what songs did you have on your playlist?

Mackenzie_Davis5 karma

for some reason phillip glass' DANSE (NOS. 1-5) was huge for me this winter (when we were filming halt). not expected cameron stuff (also 3 years later than when we film) but very punk spirit

nishitd3 karma

I'm huge fan of you and Kerry Bishe. And I'm hearing good things about season 2. So very excited for S2.

How has your experience been on HaCF? And how is it different from other work you've done?

nishitd-4 karma

So today it looks like everyone else is going to get an answer, but me. Sigh.

Mackenzie_Davis5 karma

hi!!! my experience has been great! it's differnet than otehr jobs as it is the first tv show i've done and the work load is constant and amazing, but i enjoy that because at the end of the day you feel exhuasted and like you worked hard. even as an actor, it is possible.

nhexum1 karma

What is the maximum number of whole medium sized dogs that could fit inside a 2009 Toyota sienna, dead or alive?

Mackenzie_Davis8 karma


BoerboelFace-4 karma

Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job?

Mackenzie_Davis13 karma

cool q! getting a haircut this week, V EXCITED