Let’s hug it out, reddit! Hi guys, I’m Doug Ellin and you may know me as the creator of Entourage. With the movie premiere coming up on June 3rd, I thought you all might have some questions about what went on behind the scenes.

Before we start though, I also wanted you guys to know that I’m helping to raise money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation and Mobile Kitchen Classroom through my friends at Omaze. If you join me in supporting these great charities, you could win a trip to Hollywood to walk the red carpet and party with me, Adrian Grenier, and the whole crew at the world premiere of the Entourage movie. We’ll even let you bring a friend. Sound like fun to you? Click here to enter to join us: http://omaze.com/entourage

Proof: http://imgur.com/CLtxH2Y

Edit: Alright guys, thanks so much for letting me do this. Please go see the movie JUNE 3rd. But more importantly, donate to Omaze for a couple great causes! Maybe we will see you at the premiere!

Another edit: Here's a special video message from me and the gang inviting you to the premiere. Do it, or else Ronda Rousey might destroy you!

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mounties123459624 karma

Hi Doug,

Big fan of the show and looking forward to the movie! My one question is are Ari Gold's lines mostly written for him or does Jeremy Piven improv a lot (most?) of his now classic lines?


DougEllin32 karma

99.9% of the words that came outta Ari Gold's mouth were on the page. Very little improv. Check out The Gold Standard Book.

dayofthedead20424 karma

Hi Doug, Thanks for doing this AMA – I’m a big fan of Entourage!

I’ve often heard that Entourage as described as “Sex and the City for guys” do you take offense to this description or as a compliment?

Are you a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and if so who’s your favorite character?

Finally what is the funniest incident you recall dealing with Ari Emanuel (who was the inspiration for Ari Gold)?

Thanks Doug!

DougEllin60 karma

1) Sex and the City was an amazing, groundbreaking show. I didn't set out to be compared to it, but I take it as a compliment! 2) Love GOT. Dragons are my favorite characters. 3) In the first pitch meeting, before I had a chance to speak, Ari said "it's about Mark Wahlberg and his friends. This guy (me) is gonna write it. If it sucks, we are gonna fire him and someone else is gonna rewrite it."

GoddardMike24 karma

Can you give a high five to Scott Vener for me? His music selection was incredible for the show.

DougEllin12 karma

He's a little low energy for a high five, but yes I will do that.

psykomatt24 karma

Who are guest stars you really wanted on the show or in the movie but couldn't get them?

DougEllin36 karma

Jimmy Page. David Gilmour. Russell Crowe.

LouisCKGoatee23 karma

I met Ari Gold (in character at the Barnes and Noble in NYC) and told him that the character inspired me to be doing what I'm doing and how I'm where I am because of the show (I'm a lawyer working in the entertainment business) and he shattered my life by saying that it's fake and making me feel like an idiot.

I ask you this, Doug, am I an idiot?

DougEllin48 karma

No, you are not. Remember the words that Ari speaks on the show were written by someone else. The words he spoke in the bookstore were written by him.

collinse9018 karma

How did getting Eminem on the show happen?

DougEllin51 karma

He called me. He put a Johnny Drama reference in his song, So Bad... "Word to Johnny Drama, keep my entourage with me."

YO_putThatBagBackON18 karma

Hi Doug, I'm so excited about the upcoming Entourage movie!

I have two questions: 1) What made you give E and Sloan the happy ending at the end of the series? 2) How was it hanging with some of the Warriors for the movie screening you did not too long ago? Thank you for doing this AMA!

DougEllin17 karma

1) I like happy endings. 2) And I love the Warriors.

The only thing that would've made me be a bigger fan of Steph Curry is if he was a Knick, like he was suppose to be.

JohnnyNewaza15 karma

Hey Doug, would you ever consider making a spin off of Entourage? Maybe about Billy Walsh??

DougEllin26 karma

I'd do anything with Rhys, he's a genius.

chrisq51815 karma

Hey Doug, Love Entourage. I was wondering, How is Mark Walberg in person? Any stories from him as a producer?

DougEllin33 karma

Mark is amazing. Driven, supportive, and his best story is when Eli Manning bailed on the show, I didn't know where to turn. A week before shooting, Mark said how bout Tom Brady and I do it? As a die hard Giants fan, this was obviously an enormous conflict, but turned out great. Love Tom and love Mark!

DougEllin14 karma

Thanks reddit!

Homeyjosey14 karma

Would Mark Wahlberg play me 1 on 1 in basketball? Not going to lie, he'd lose

DougEllin26 karma

I can't speak for Mark, but I've never seen him lose. He'll beat you up if need be.

Frajer12 karma

how did Turtle get the nickname Turtle?

DougEllin47 karma

Mark had a friend named Donkey and I was looking to differentiate them but still have a 4-legged creature.

GoddardMike12 karma

Have you eaten at Fat Sals?

DougEllin11 karma

Yes, love it.

liamb-12 karma

Is there any chance we might see a similar thing to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, in that Ari Gold has his own spin off show?

DougEllin9 karma


mblumenthal1611 karma

Hi Doug, I've never seen Entourage but have been looking for a new show to get into. Why should I watch it?

GoddardMike43 karma

  • full of cameos
  • incredible writing
  • perfect casting
  • short and to the point

Need any more?

DougEllin33 karma

Nailed it. It's just a fun ride.

KOPITZ10 karma

Hi Doug, awesome of you doing this AmA :)! On many occasion, we could hear about 3 Entourage movies! So is there going to be 2 others movies no matter what or everything will lean on the success of this movie ?

DougEllin20 karma

Lean. Leaning Tower of Pisa! So get out there and go see the movie. Bring everyone you know! Even if you go see Spy, buy a ticket for Entourage. We need the support more than Melissa does.

KoalaKoves7229 karma

Hey Doug, big fan of yours.

Any advice for a group of guys trying to make their own TV show?

DougEllin18 karma

Yeah, go out and do it. With digital cameras and everything now, nothing should be holding you back. When I was younger it cost a fortune, now you can do it for next to nothing. Go write a script and Go!

makharing9 karma

Did you have any influence in the Nike Entourage shoes? Like the Air force 1's and SB Dunks?

What is your story about those?

DougEllin8 karma

That's what I wear.

PouponMacaque9 karma


I love Johnny Drama. In a strange way, as much of a buffoon as he is, he's a kind of role model to me. Did you (and company) intend to give him this depth? Is he based on anybody you can mention?

DougEllin20 karma

Kevin brought so much to it that the character definitely grew the second we cast him.

shayne_manor8 karma

1) Who was the most difficult cameo to schedule (movie or show)? 2) Did anyone on the team try to get Adrian the Aquaman part in the new Batman movies? Because that's my one and only Aquaman. 3) Fuck the squirrel.

DougEllin9 karma

Maybe his agent?

rgill4208 karma

How did you come up with the idea of entourage, or when was the first time you approached Mark with idea and what was his first reaction to it?

DougEllin13 karma

Mark brought it to me.

dropline7 karma

Who is Dramas character based off? Is he truly that hilarious?

Can I come to the premiere? Entourage was a big part of my growing up and holds a special meaning to me and at what was a tumultuous time in life (highschool)

DougEllin13 karma

Drama is based on two people. 1, Mark's cousin Johnny Drama who is absolutely hilarious. 2, one of my closest friends from elementary school who is not quite so hilarious.

And if you want to come to the premiere, how bout you donate to our charities run by Omaze for a chance to be there?! http://omaze.com/entourage

gBudddz5 karma

How much of Drama's awesome one liners are improvised and how much of them are actually based off the script?

DougEllin13 karma


SomeButthole4 karma

Hey Doug, UW Badger here and a huge fan. I almost got a chance to skype with you a couple years back through UW Hollywood Badgers, but it was cancelled last minute.

Anyway, my question is that I've been dying to ask: What words of advice would you give to a fellow filmmaker and actor who is just getting started out in LA? Start making shorts and hope someone notices? Any key advice for writing riveting material? Thanks!

DougEllin6 karma

Write and film something ASAP!


rocker20144 karma

Hi Doug,

I had a chance to see the movie on Wednesday for an Advanced Screening and loved it! I'll be seeing it again opening weekend.

Without giving anything away, do you plan on continuing the story in any way? The movie felt like a rejuvenation.

DougEllin10 karma

Thank you, appreciate that! It's just a story of friendships, so it could go anywhere.

LoukeReed4 karma

Hi Doug, I love Entourage and I'm stoked for the movie!

One thing I noticed when I went back and watched the show again. At the end of the episode "I Love You Too" the boys see U2 live. And you can be seen standing next to them. This brings up a continuity error, since on the show you play a role in casting Drama, on multiple occasions. Since Drama hates your character, it's funny that you both end up standing next to each other at the U2 concert. Did you ever notice this?

I always found that quite interesting. Regardless, love the show!

DougEllin23 karma

Maybe we were both fucked up and just didn't recognize each other?

dgarbs104 karma

What's your favorite Entourage episode?

DougEllin22 karma

The Pilot, because it got us to where we are today.

jrsalvacion3 karma

Hi Doug, who was your favorite guest star cameo on Entourage, and why?

DougEllin13 karma

Mark Teixeira because he got me access to Yankee Stadium, and I fulfilled a childhood dream by shooting on the field with my children and my father present.

DrInternetPhDMD3 karma

How do you respond to criticism that Entourage is just male Mary Sue fantasy in the same way that Sex in The City and Girls are female Mary Sue fantasy?

DougEllin9 karma

I don't.

majeandy4443 karma

Doug, the New York Rangers getting a W tonight? LGR!

DougEllin10 karma

Yes. They saw the movie last night, we are hoping that gives the New Yorkers a little bit of luck.


What's a fun hobby of your's?

DougEllin4 karma

Basketball is my favorite thing on earth, unfortunately I'm getting older by the second.

lonelyryu3 karma

Hi Doug! You changed my life when I was deployed and bought a bootleg of Entourage in Afghanistan back in 2006. I haven't looked back since and moved to Burbank to become a writer. Thank you for everything. Would you ever work on a show that would have kind of the same premise as Entourage, or do you always expand your horizons with different types of plots/stories?

DougEllin4 karma

I'm always up for the best idea. And thanks so much for your service!

DivideAndConker2 karma

Can you shed some light on the origins of your relationship with Russell Wilson, and how close you two are?

You two seem to pop up on one another's instagrams pretty often!

DougEllin8 karma

I met Russell about 5 years ago when he was at Wisconsin, we've been very close friends ever since. We should get Russell to do an AmA!

GoddardMike2 karma

Were there any celebrities that approached you to appear on the show, but you just couldn't make it work?

DougEllin3 karma


AlexMassey12342 karma

What tv show are you going to produce next?

DougEllin10 karma

Working on several things with HBO right now, stay tuned.

iloveanicebutt2 karma

Favorite porn star?

DougEllin28 karma

Sasha Grey, obviously.

spideyade2 karma

What inspired you to direct this movie rather than just producing and writing?

DougEllin2 karma

Whenever scripts were finished, I would direct. Since I had no other episodes that needed to be written, I was obviously going to direct.

AwkwardStarfish12 karma

Hey Doug Ellin! I'm a huge fan! What's your favourite Johnny Drama moment?

DougEllin23 karma

Grand Canyon. VICTORY!

Xalc2 karma


Big fan of the show. A bunch of my friends are going to go see it when it hits theaters.

Is there any chance of another Entourage movie coming out if this turns out well? Or maybe a spin-off?

Edit: Oh yeah, any chance I could be a background character in the next movie if it happens? Maybe raking some leaves or a crazy homeless guy like in The Other Guys? Can't hurt to ask.

DougEllin6 karma

Yes! Absolutely! We need all of your friends to go. Once, twice, three times! Don't forget we are a small movie and need support. Also, why not try and win tickets to the premiere while also helping some good causes!? http://omaze.com/entourage

gBudddz2 karma

Favorite film location for the movie coming out?

DougEllin7 karma

Montage Hotel.

GoddardMike2 karma

I was so happy when I realized you played the Director that Drama hated… Any reason why you wanted to play that specific role (other than the obvious Director / Director reasoning)?

DougEllin14 karma

Least amount of dialogue, so hopefully I wouldn't screw it up.

jesokolov2 karma

Hey Doug,

You're the man...you inspired me to want to get into the business.

As only a 2nd year college student, what advice can you give me to get my foot in the door and gain some experience?

DougEllin4 karma

Try to get a PA (production assistant) job on a set. And if you're a writer, write at night. Write as much as you can, as often as you can, even though I do not.

grassgreen1232 karma

What was the driving factor to create the movie after the show ended?

DougEllin12 karma

We always thought that the show was a very cinematic show, and I always wanted the chance to see it with a large group of people in a theater.

dablakely1 karma

So will the movie basically be a 4 or 5 episode arc minus the week of waiting? That is what I pray it will be, so please let it be true!

Also, can y'all just go ahead and make some of the movies we see in the show come to life while you're at it?

DougEllin1 karma

I don't know, but I guarantee if you see it, you'll enjoy it!

SwellestTunic1 karma

Hi Doug, I am a big fan of entourage and in the trailer it looks like you guys got a lot of well known celebrities. Was it difficult getting them all in the film ad who did you really enjoy working with?

DougEllin1 karma

Yes. And I legitimately enjoyed working with all of them! Maybe you'll see a few if you make it to the premiere. Time's running out, check out http://omaze.com/entourage to enter. It's going to be insane.

bball1niner1 karma

Hey Doug, thanks for doing the AMA.

Is it your life goal to live each day more and more like Vinny Chase (minus the blow)? Because if so you are winning.

DougEllin5 karma

If you are referring to my Instagram, it's all done with filters. I actually live a modest life with my kids and my animals around me most the time.

bball1niner2 karma

Thanks for the reply. Good luck with the premiere, I'll be watching June 3rd!

DougEllin4 karma

Thanks, love the support! Bring lots of friends.

Trionout1 karma

Hey Doug.

Entourage was ever more about the bond between the characters rather than Hollywood itself. Was there any reason why you decided to focus more on the friendship aspect?

DougEllin6 karma

Yes. More people have friends than live in Hollywood.