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everybody gets charged more at the harley dealership

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What do you feel are the easiest ways the prison system could discourage repeat offenses, and why do they fail to do so?

I have always felt that a huge part of the problem with our prison system is that it seems to suck people back in.

Also, what percentage of inmates you knew do you think had serious mental disorders? I'm talking PTSD, hallucinations, delusions, manic episodes, and being so depressed you're in bed for a week?

We seem to like to use prisons as impromptu mental hospitals.

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What negative or pessimistic feelings about life in general, if any, did this create, and how do you cope with them?

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Also, you seem to have an unusually high writing level, do you have some kind of outstanding academic or intellectual background?

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Just out of curiosity - do any of you guys like these drinks? If so, is there a vermouth you like for a manhattan?