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Were you in the same class as your brothers a lot growing up? How did the fact that you were all the same age affect your friendships with the other kids at school?

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From what I remember, there's a bunch of paperwork they need to do because they are technically independent contractors. They also need a clean bill of health then most places have a trial period. Pretty boring actually.

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Translation: Full Orient Last Layer/ Permute Last Layer (make all the same colour then put in the right place). My average is around 40 seconds because I use 2-look OLL (2 steps to make the last layer) and am crappy at First 2 Layer.

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Hey Doug, Love Entourage. I was wondering, How is Mark Walberg in person? Any stories from him as a producer?

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Hi Lou, it's clear that you're comfortable with the nerdiness that comes with being the Hulk. What would you say to those who afraid of getting involved with nerd culture? What would you recommend they start with?