I'm originally from Toledo, Ohio. I began dancing at 3, acting at 7, and singing shortly thereafter. I starred in my super-short show on the Disney channel, and then worked on Cheaper By the Dozen, and danced with Missy Elliott. I was also in Camp Rock and the Step Up movies among other things.

You can check out my new single “Pretty Girls” available now.

And my latest film is "The A-List." I play Lacey, the voice of reason the chaotic jungle we call high school.

Watch The A-List on iTunes, right here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/the-a-list/id986273101

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFkWa3NbsJ8

Ask me your questions! Victoria's helping me get started.

PROOF: http://imgur.com/CSHztsw

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beernerd22 karma

Do you get many remarks about your last name?

Alyson_Stoner82 karma

Surprisingly, I mostly only get people asking if I get people asking about my last name! ;) Where I'm from in Ohio… folks don't really use that term, or they didn't yet. So, I was fortunate. But fun fact: my first initial is A. So I'm literally A. Stoner. xx

Mentoman7220 karma

What do you think of Phineas and Ferb coming to end?

Alyson_Stoner28 karma

Thankfully, we as a cast have known for several months so we are not surprised. We're sad because it's been a near and dear part of our lives and careers, but we're ready to start something new. The bonds we have will last a lifetime.

anotherblackgirl11 karma

Hi Alyson! You seem very well adjusted for a child star compared to some others in the business. How have you stayed so grounded?

Alyson_Stoner25 karma

Well, I appreciate it. Thank you! I suppose my parents did a wonderful job at showing me acting was what I did, but not who I am.. We have many parts - mind, body, soul… work, hobbies, relationships… So faith, family, friends, understanding how limited I am in my human perspective… it's pretty easy to feel veryyyyy normal. haha

surakian11 karma

Do you enjoy playing Xion in the Kingdom Hearts series? How does it feel to belong to such a huge series?

Alyson_Stoner34 karma

It's an honor to have played Kairi/Xion in the Kingdom Hearts series. My favorite part of the process is recording sound effects. One time, the paper said "(gets hit in neck with giant key)", and I had to figure out what noise to make! :)

youcancallmedragon29 karma

what is your best memory while working with Missy Elliot?

Alyson_Stoner44 karma

OMG. Hilarious story: My grandma was on set and Missy and Ludacris asked her to ride the golf cart to where we were shooting. She went home to her bowling friends and said, "I was riding to set with Ridiculous!" Forever, Ludacris will be Ridiculous to Gma. haha

SDJ678 karma

Hi Alyson!

I actually went to the high school you shot The A List at back when you guys filmed it. I was curious what your experience was like shooting up here in Oregon, and what things you did or places you visited in Lake Oswego or Portland during your free time?

I'm excited to watch the movie! Thanks for doing this - I've enjoyed your work since your Zach & Cody/Cheaper by the Dozen days.

Alyson_Stoner9 karma

Hey! Thanks! We loved working in Oregon. I especially loved the hikes and coffee shops. Also, I never made it to VooDoo donuts, but I hear it's the place to be! Hope you're well. Enjoy the film.. xx

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for chatting with me. I feel we covered some great ground. Your questions were so fun! Be sure to check out my new film, The A List, out TODAY on VOD and iTunes! And my new song "Pretty Girls" on iTunes (vid on YouTube). Enjoy your week and talk soon! xo, Alyson

alyssakx3 karma

I know you sometimes dance at complexes or even teach at them, I loved watching you dance. I stopped dancing years ago and I'm always scared to go back cus I won't be as good as everyone else. Do you have any advice for that? I was thinking something slower like ballet which I used to do as well. I know I'm not as flexible as I was, nor can I do a full pirouette anymore. :(

-I was a fan from Hong Kong back when I watched Disney Channel.

Alyson_Stoner9 karma

Hey there. Great question: first of all, dance is free. There are no rules to how you ought to move. Sure, when we study certain techniques, we learn how to comply to that style and find the beauty and expression within it. But, you can always turn music on wherever you are and move freely. Don't forget that. If you'd like to face some fears, I recommend hopping into a few classes. It doesn't matter what you choose. Go with your gut and take the step. The first step is always the hardest. But, perhaps it's a great challenge to overcoming a mental struggle, even beyond the physical component. Best! xx

ForeverAlyson3 karma

If you could work with anyone in Hollywood who would it be and why?

Alyson_Stoner16 karma

Well, I don't watch movies or tv, so I'm unsure I know of many people in Hollywood. To be honest, I actually am most inspired by the underground freestyle dance world and community of hard-working artists who strive daily to pursue their passion while making ends meet. It's in these places I feel we artists are a tribe, working together toward our dream, celebrating the highs and staying together in the lows… I want to work with genuine people who are ready to learn something new. That might be Meryl Streep. It might be a new actress. :)

Mischa221B3 karma

What was it like working with Jonas Brothers?

Alyson_Stoner10 karma

JB is forever the childhood icon to thousands and thousands of people… it was an honor to work with them right as they were taking off. Also, I opened their tour for 48 dates and learned SO much about performing. So thank you, JB! <33

Homeyjosey3 karma

Awhile ago there was a debate who's the better dancer Usher or Justin Timberlake. Who do you pick?

Alyson_Stoner6 karma

Oh man! They're SOOOOOO different. Their choreographers are super stylistic… I suppose I dig Usher's waves.. and JT's subtle-but-strong flare. Toss-up!

ThatSuperNerd3 karma

Good Morning Alyson! Thank you for the AMA! What has been your favorite voiceover work so far? What is it like working on Phineas and Ferb? What was your favorite episode?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

Hey there! Yes, Phineas is by far my favorite cartoon to have worked on because of the camaraderie among the cast and creative team. Dan and Swampy feel like dads, Vincent feels like the brother I never had, Ashley and Mitchel and Maulik and everybody.. we've spent the last decade of our lives building something together. What an exciting journey! My favorite episode is probably City of Love, since I get to geek out over Phineas in Paris! :D xx

youtbuddcody3 karma

How was your experience on House MD? What was it like and anything memorable that you took away from it?

Alyson_Stoner10 karma

I remember Hugh having a stack of books on top of his piano in his trailer.. and that screamed Intellect-meets-Creativity, a combination I strive for… He's brilliant.

filmfreak19862 karma

The A-List looks really good! What make you decide to take on the project?

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

Thank you! We're thrilled with the outcome and can't wait for you all to see it. Honestly, I read the script and felt the humor was similar to the brilliant writing of Mean Girls, but with a softer undertone. So, combining Tina Fey's wit with a story every person could relate to (since it's an ensemble cast) seemed genius! xx

Beastious2 karma

What was it like working with Carmen Electra in Cheaper by the Dozen 2?

Alyson_Stoner1 karma

She's incredibly sweet. She brought me as her guest to the Much Music Awards in.. what year was it, like 1994.. haha

Very fun, professional, easygoing and a bit quiet. :D

SDJ672 karma

Any book reccomendations?

Alyson_Stoner7 karma

For dayzzzzzz… If you're a creative type, I'm currently reading The War of Art.. some neat insights. If you're an intellectual type, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (I don't necessarily agree with the entire worldview proposed, but there are some good scientific insights)… I don't read a lot of fiction, sorry. Mostly psych/self-development.

jedainz1 karma

I am such a big fan of yours since I was a teen until now. Thanks for this AMA.

How different is being a dancer to being a choreographer? Is choreography something you were born with or was it the result of intense training? What's your advice to kids who are into dancing?

Alyson_Stoner2 karma

Actually! I do not consider myself a choreographer by nature. And, there are thousands of dancers who do not exactly fit the typical make-up of a choreographer. Choreography takes a different sort of initiative, creativity, leadership.. It takes someone with vision, someone who doesn't merely want to learn someone else's steps… But, there are no rules to who can and cannot become one. Choreography is not my strength; I think I'm a better dancer. However, many of my choreographer friends inspire me daily to use this as an opportunity to grow in another way. Choreography goes beyond dancing and seeks to create shapes, stories.. connect movements.. I could go on forever.. :)

Jholla291 karma

Was their a time when you became burnt out from dancing?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

Yes! And it was only then that I realized I'd placed all my focus on precision and perfectly learning the steps, when I really didn't love the movement and dance from my heart. So, I stopped taking choreography classes.. took up free styling.. began training under Sho Tyme who teaches pure hip-hop groove.. and discovered I was missing the point before. Now, it's such a passion and love that it fuels itself. I'm grateful for all the life lessons I've gained through dance and movement.

Vettelaw1 karma

Any fun/funny stories about Steve Martin from the CBTD sets?


Alyson_Stoner5 karma

Hey! Steve's really cool. He brought his banjo everywhere… and his dog, Roger… the sweetest pup. He'd play music outside his trailer on his little fake grass pad that they put on the asphalt to make it feel more like home, and we'd pass by and listen between scenes.. He even taught Forest ("FedEx") how to play banjo after we wrapped. I should've taken up banjo.. I would've gotten to go to his sweet house. haha

Green_Bow1 karma

who is the funniest in real life between Ashton Kutcher & Steve Martin and did either play any pranks on set?

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

They're both hysterical. But it was actually us dozen who got into the most trouble. Kevin Schmidt once lifted my entire couch into the doorway of my trailer, so I couldn't get inside. We also TP'd each other's rooms. Oh! And I hung a scary Halloween witch thingy that dropped in your face whenever you opened the door. Good times.

barryton91 karma

Have you had any funny accidents/mishaps during some of the dance moves? Like elbowing someone in the head or something? What were the funnier ones you saw?

Alyson_Stoner7 karma

Funny story.. the take they used in Step Up 3D for Adam's and my dance duet, I hit my head on the ceiling of the taxi and was blacking out for a solid 5 seconds after… but I just kept smiling because I didn't want to ruin the take. And then they used it. -_- haha

timeo901 karma

What 4 things would you do if you could be a guy for a day?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

haha! Well, I'm very casual and easygoing.. I feel that most of my friends are guys and I could live vicariously through them.. But, I suppose I'd eat a lot since they tend to have higher metabolisms. I'd lift some crazy amount of weight that my female body just can't quite support (yet..)… I'd finally learn how to wrestle maybe… And, 4th.. Well, I can tell you what I won't do… wear a V-neck lower than my girlfriend's. :)

Taygr1 karma

Favourite sports teams?

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

Michigan Wolverines. GO BLUE!

ForeverAlyson1 karma

What is your biggest fear that you would like to overcome?

Alyson_Stoner1 karma

The great thing we know is Fear is Afraid of Itself. When I envision Fear, I see a young girl curled up in the corner, knees tucked, hair across her face.. and though her presence is strong in the room, she's actually terrified of even her own being. So, that helps personify Fear and put fear into perspective for me. But, I'd say my current biggest fear is losing the people and things I love the most, and I actually just lost many of them. So, now I get to learn what beauty can rise from loss.

MS14JG-21 karma

What's your favorite performance that you've done?

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

I just played Madison Square Garden with Bruno Mars and Fun! NOW THAT WAS EXCITING! And also so terrifying that I barely remember anything that happened that day. :)

IsaacThePanda1 karma

Next goal in life? IE: learn a new instrument, pick up a new hobby, improve on a current hobby?

PS: you did fantastic playing Xion in Kingdom Hearts. Probably the most emotional role given in the entire series. We, the fans, adore you :)

Alyson_Stoner1 karma

Hey there! Actually, I'm currently entering into the world of producing, directing and writing, and I'm taking the leap as a music artist. So, big year.. but time to push through to new heights.. and I'm sure new valleys. But we embrace all parts of the journey! :D

timelf1 karma

What was the last album you bought?

Alyson_Stoner7 karma

To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar. I'm surprised how beautifully orchestrated his record is. It sounds like a broadway musical. And his topics are much deeper and more informed than I expected. Good on ya, Kendrick!

TheMidgetCrusader1 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

Pterodactyl, of course… who doesn't love the spelling and pronunciation...

winecountrygirl1 karma

Hi Alyson!

What's your Summer Mix Playlist for this summer? Any songs you are absolutely loving right now?

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

Yes! I cannot stop playing Say My Name (Odesza).. all the remixes. "I wanna dance, I wanna dance dance with you.. so take a chance, take a chance OH YEAH" -- repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat

[deleted]1 karma


Alyson_Stoner3 karma

I think if ya like her a whole lot, you should pay close attention to what she likes, what makes her smile… get creative and enjoy the moment. Also, you can do something simple and make an adventure out of it. Showing her that you're mindful of her likes and needs is usually a wonderful starting point.. :) have fun!

Gr33nman4601 karma

If you could do a dance off against any member of the Avengers, who would it be?

Alyson_Stoner10 karma

Absolutely Black Widow, because who doesn't want to say they dance battled Scarlett Johansson.. :)

h3ckt1k1 karma

What movie was the most fun to act in? (Or tv show)

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

My favorite film to work on was Summer Forever, which releases in August this year. It felt like one giant hang-out with your best friends. And I FINALLY had a chance to perform full musical numbers versus being left out of dance and singing scenes like other projects. Can't wait for you to see!

Hipnik1 karma

Hi! What was being on House like? Any good stories?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Alyson_Stoner13 karma

Yes! Hugh Laurie stays in character the entire day, so I've technically only ever met Gregory House.

Frajer1 karma

What got you into dancing?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

My older sister was enrolled in classes and I'm pretty sure I wanted to be just like her. I also was that kid who made our classroom pets at school watch me perform musical numbers during recess. So.. there's that… haha

oliverwauters1 karma

How did you get into the film business?

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

I attended the IMTA convention in NYC in 2000 for modeling, acting and dancing. I surprisingly won several awards and was told to try out the industry in LA for a few months. My family thought it was sort of crazy, but we gave it a go. And again.. surprisingly.. there were several signs that it might be more than a silly hobby. Cut to 15 years later.. :D

TheDutchTank1 karma

Hey! I have to say I've always been a huge fan. How was working with Megan Nicole? Knowing she's completely new to the movie business and all that?

Alyson_Stoner4 karma

Great Q. Megan is so sincere, diligent, poised, and hard-working. She learned incredibly quickly how sets are run, and her performance during the rehearsal period became so grounded and natural so speedily. Just because she hadn't worked on films before, doesn't mean she didn't have an incredible actress dwelling inside her this whole time. Can't wait for you to see her shine. :)

Mischa221B1 karma

At what place in the world would you most like to visit?

Alyson_Stoner2 karma

Oh boy. Endless question. This year I have my eyes set on the Edinburgh Music Festival, although I'm unsure I'll make it due to scheduling. Travel is an incredibly important part of understanding different cultures and sides of humanity (and yourself). So, I highly recommend getting out there however, whenever you can.

TheDuskDragon1 karma

What's up Alyson! Thanks for doing an AMA.

Since you're already considered a triple-threat, what hidden talent do you have that would surprise most people?

Alyson_Stoner11 karma

Hm! Ya know, I'm a bit of a nerd. My nickname is Dictionary Queen. So, it might be that I have a very eccentric vocabulary? For instance… Erinaceous … Of, or pertaining to, a hedgehog. haha

shuoHan1 karma

How do they train you to become an actress? Do you think yourself must be famous?

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

Acting is a very personal journey.. many people take classes from different teachers to gain an understanding of several techniques.. others trust their gut and self-development to inform their character choices.. I do not consider myself famous. I simply go to work and it happens to be on a set for a project that a few people might see. I love what I do, so thankfully I don't have to focus on whether it elevates me in the public eye. The important part is how I treat people and grow as an individual along the way. xx

TheDutchTank1 karma

I remember idolizing over you as a kid as a moviestar, but now I've seen you in several Youtube videos with Kurt Hugo Schneider as well.

Now, what do you actually prefer, music, or acting?

Alyson_Stoner2 karma

Aw, thanks. :) Ya know, music and acting tug at such different parts of me. And neither will go away. I've even tried to give up both at different times. Music allows me to tell my own story as I see it. Acting allows me to see someone else's story and honor it by bringing it to life without passing judgment. Both shed a ton of light on how we work, love, play and experience everything.

AzBrah1 karma

What's your favourite cereal?

Alyson_Stoner7 karma

You're speaking my language! Cereal is my love language, in fact. I'm that kid whose family had 17 (actually 17) boxes of cereal in our pantry. And, instead of choosing one, I mixed about 7-8 at a time. So, SmartStart, Special K, Puffins, some new organic ones… and then also Trix, Pops, Smacks, the goodies.. Cereal for every meal!

TheDutchTank1 karma

What is the best fan-interaction you've ever had? Do kids still come up to you as the girl from camp rock?

Alyson_Stoner2 karma

I wouldn't necessarily call it the besttttttt…. but I was once getting ready to play in my basketball tournament and somebody recognized me, followed me into the bathroom stall and asked me to sign toilet paper.. they were our opponent to boot.. and I think that was also the day one of their players pushed me down and I sprained my wrist… maybe this isn't the happiest answer.. haha but it was comical, for sure.

angelfoxrage1 karma

Do you ever suffer from burnout as you started so young?

Alyson_Stoner3 karma

Great question. Yes. You reach the end of yourself. You feel exhausted, frustrated.. like you've done all you can and you aren't going anywhere new. And at the same time, you're incredibly grateful and enthusiastic and inspired… The important thing to do is address the burn-out, discover if it's merely a matter of changing priorities and rebalancing your life/schedule to incorporate more relationships, family, hobbies, etc., or if you're burned out because the current dream needs to be revised, reshaped, or even changed altogether.

fooke331 karma

Big fan Alyson! Any upcoming roles in movies or TV shows that we should be on the lookout for?

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

Hey! Thanks! Yes, my movie the A List releases TODAY on Video on Demand. Then Sugar Babies will hopefully hit Lifetime in about a month. Summer Forever, the movie musical, will release in August. And Hoovey, a family drama, just came out a month ago.

I also have new music available on iTunes ("Pretty Girls") and will be releasing more shortly! Best!

Mischa221B1 karma

Is there an actor/actress you have wanted to meet and work with but haven't gotten to yet?

Alyson_Stoner2 karma

I was often compared to Jodie Foster growing up, so I'd be very interested to meet her and see what the similarities are, as well as pick her brain on how she approaches and transforms into characters. :D

summerr1 karma

What is Missy Elliott and Channing Tatum like?

Do you ever get tired of doing something you've done everyday since you were 3? How do you keep living the dream?

I think you are pretty cool and just thought you should know! And if you ever want to teach someone to dance who needs some help with their skills let me know :)

<3 a girl who can't dance but loves the it anyway

Alyson_Stoner5 karma

Great Q. Same action, same result. So, if I settle for what I know and stop seeking to grow, I will likely become very comfortable, plateau, and lose the passion and drive to improve. Thankfully, I love to study and learn, so I constantly use every character as an opportunity to learn more about humanity, myself, IQ and EQ, neuroscience, storytelling, communicating, relationships, and a million other things… Really, I feel like I've only scratched the surface. As we get older, our life experience offers us a slightly more expanded view of a matter. So, I hope to reflect that maturity and those insights in all my work, whether it's acting, singing or dancing. Thanks!