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I have many friends and dates, I am very sexy and popular.

Loving this AMA already

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What makes HHH one of your favorites?

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What's your long non-canon story?!

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Hi Alyson!

I actually went to the high school you shot The A List at back when you guys filmed it. I was curious what your experience was like shooting up here in Oregon, and what things you did or places you visited in Lake Oswego or Portland during your free time?

I'm excited to watch the movie! Thanks for doing this - I've enjoyed your work since your Zach & Cody/Cheaper by the Dozen days.

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1) If Kathleen Kennedy had a wild streak and gave you a Star Wars movie to do whatever your heart desired with, what would you make?

2) Goals for 2018?

3) What do you like to do in your free time? How do you decompress after a show?