Hey, this is Matt. Thank you for joining me for this 'Ask me Anything' on reddit. I'm happy to talk about anything from FREAKS & GEEKS to THE GOOD WIFE and anywhere in between.

Victoria's helping me out in person today. AMA!


Update: Thank you to the fans and hopefully I'll be able to connect with you guys again in one way or another sometime in the near future! In the meantime - take care and thank you for all the love and support.

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angsull37129 karma

Hey Matt! Love all your Gilmore Girls thoughts/answers so far! Quick Q, especially since you're going to be at the reunion at ATX. have you heard of the "Gilmore Guys" podcast and is there any chance you'd be willing to go on the show? They've had a couple people from the show on already and it's been amazing! You seem to have a lot of great opinions of the show already. Love your work!!


MattCzuchry75 karma

I have not heard of that.

I'll have to check it out.

42spleens91 karma

I just finished binge-rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix last night and I was reminded again how much I disliked how the show handled Logan's exit. I know it's been 8 years or so for you but what did you think/how did you feel about how your character was written out of the show? Do you think Logan would have come back if the show had continued?

Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm really excited for the GG reunion panel in June! :)

MattCzuchry188 karma

I actually liked how Rory refused Logan's proposal. I feel that the show is about 2 strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show.

And I don't think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was.

Even at the wrap party, there were talks that the show was gonna come back, and that I would have come back to have been a part of that. But nothing was ever set in stone.

And I will be there, at the reunion in June. Hope to see you there!

42spleens40 karma

Thanks for answering! I agree about Rory maybe making the best decision for herself, I just felt like it was out of character for him, to give her the ultimatum and then when she refused he was like "ok bye" and booked it out of there, and that was that. It seemed very abrupt, and they didn't "factor each other in" like they were supposed to! Anyway since I just watched it over again last night I'm probably just sad that the show ended and overthinking it :)

MattCzuchry85 karma

Logan was always about grand gestures and being impulsive. That was one of his strengths (and weaknesses, at the same time). So that's probably what you're feeling as a result.

inanylanguage84 karma

Hi Matt! Are there any regulars/guest actors on The Good Wife that you don't typically work with but hope to next year?

I was too chicken to stand up and say this at TGW Paleyfest, so here it is now: You knocked the first half of S6 out of the park. If someone had told me back in S1 that I would be losing my mind over Cary's fate, I probably would have laughed—but it's a testament to your performance and to the evolution of this character that that arc was so compelling (and so stressful!). Absolutely the best part of this season. Thank you.

MattCzuchry85 karma




Thank you.

I'm glad you got a chance to ask this now. You know - SPOILER ALERT

if you have not seen the last episode of season 6, Michael J. Fox opens the door and says "Want a partner?"

That opens up potential scenes between Cary and Louis, and that would be amazing.

NoFrellingWay78 karma

Thanks Matt for doing this AMA!

Quick question: How are you not aging? You still look like you're 20!

MattCzuchry111 karma


Stay out of the sun. No smoking. And good genes (I got lucky with good genes).

Happy Mother's Day again to my mom!

42spleens73 karma

And a portrait in the attic!

MattCzuchry63 karma

Pfffft! That's funny.

Thank you. I think. Thank you.

beautifulthief53 karma

Hi matt, loved you as Logan in Gilmore Girls. Would you ever consider doing any of the life and death brigades stunts in real life? You Jump, I Jump, Jack is my favourite episode ever

MattCzuchry54 karma

I'm terrified of heights in real life, so I would not have done that stunt you saw in "I Jump, You Jump, Jack."

But in terms of Logan's sense of adventure and grand gestures and spontaneity, those are elements that I try to take from him and apply to my own life.

YO_putThatBagBackON41 karma

Hi Matt, I am a big fan of Gilmore Girls and was super bummed that Rory didn't end up leaving to California with Logan. Are there any special moments about working on that series that stand out to you?

MattCzuchry63 karma

I came into the series in season 5, and the 100th episode (called "Wedding Bell Blues") happened just a couple episodes into my 3-year arc. And to feel so welcomed by the cast that early on was very meaningful for me.

scattered_ideas39 karma

How difficult was it to learn all that dialogue in Gilmore Girls? Were the writers annoyed if you ever changed a word for a synonym or something like that? Who should I contact in The Good Wife's casting department to get Alexis to guest star next season? I need that to happen!

MattCzuchry55 karma

The writers did want the material word-perfect.

And that was a challenge. And the head of casting for THE GOOD WIFE is Mark Saks. So contact him! He's great at his job.

daninickeltom139 karma

I just discovered you when Netflix aired Gilmore Girls and now I watch The Good Wife. I wonder, do you have any other projects coming up besides the reunion and what episode of Freaks and Geeks were you on? I don't remember you and I watched the whole thing.

MattCzuchry116 karma

Probably don't remember me from FREAKS & GEEKS because my character's name was Teenage Boy #1.

I threw water balloons at James Franco, and spray-painted his car, and called somebody "bitch."

It was one of my first jobs. And one of my favorites.

As of now, just returning to THE GOOD WIFE season 7!

Simon_Draws33 karma

Matt, I'm a huge The Good Wife fan. I haven't always liked your character (first season) but Cary Agos really cemented himself in the DA's office and afterward in Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick, Agos & Associates. You are one of my favorite characters still!

My one question for you is Who is your favorite guest star on The Good Wife?

And to thank you for doing this AMA, I drew this portrait of you! Could you show Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi this drawing too?

MattCzuchry34 karma

First, thank you so much for your artwork.

It's fantastic!

I mentioned Michael J. Fox before, so I'll throw another one out there - Renee Goldsberry. She is in a musical right now called HAMILTON, and it is exceptional, and she is exceptional in it. It's not on Broadway yet, but it's going to be on Broadway. It's great.

stacebowbace29 karma

Hi Matt, I have actually been counting down to your AMA for weeks and kept checking all day while I was at work!! Welcome!! Questions:

1- Gilmore Girls: Are you team Dean, Jess or Logan?

2- Gilmore Girls: What was your favorite episode/scene to film?

3- You: What is a role you would like to do in the future/someone you would love to work with?

MattCzuchry44 karma

1.) You gonna really make me choose? Absolutely team Logan.

Because he pushed Rory to seek new adventures in her life.

2.) Some of my favorite episodes to film were "You Jump, I Jump, Jack," "Wedding Bell Blues," and "Hay Bale Maze."

3.) I'd love to work with Christopher Nolan.

Frajer28 karma

What was it like filming Gilmore Girls ?

MattCzuchry52 karma

The pace of the dialogue was what made that show incredibly unique.

And also, incredibly difficult as an actor. To be able to maintain that speed, tone, and at the same time, try to make layered choices was a great experience to have early in my career.

It really challenged me.

avocados_and_bacon27 karma

What was your favorite role, and why was it Logan on Gilmore Girls?

Also, did you actually jump off of the wall in the episode with the Life and Death brigade outing?

Jess rules, Logan drools. :)

MattCzuchry40 karma

Logan was one of my favorite characters. But I also love the character I played in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and I did an episode of an animated show, called JUSTICE LEAGUE, and that was a great job... and there were two levels of the platform, and Alexis and I jumped off the lower level, not the highest level.

I can understand why you like Jess. That was a cool character.

sleuthingninja25 karma

Hey Matt! My girlfriend has forced me to watch gilmore girls and I've realized that there's a strong male population that watches the show too. What do you think about that?

Edit: gilmore not gossip, I'm also a bumbling idiot.

MattCzuchry31 karma

Do you mean Gilmore Girls?

sleuthingninja15 karma

Yeah- my bad!

MattCzuchry33 karma

No worries, that's okay.

The guys who watch Gilmore Girls are probably watching it for girls - either in the show or in their lives. I think it's great.

eatsbabydingos25 karma

I am so in love with Julianna Margulies; what is she like in real life?

MattCzuchry40 karma

Incredibly prepared as an actress, and her work (not only just THE GOOD WIFE) speaks for itself.

Down-but-not-out21 karma

Gah I absolutely love your work - I re-watch Gilmore Girl so often, and I am hooked on The Good Wife!!

Do you have any standout stories/anecdotes about working with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel on GG?

MattCzuchry32 karma

We did an episode "A Vineyard Valentine" and we shot that in Malibu. That episode stands out for me, because all 3 of us just loved being in Malibu, filming on the beach. I remember during one lunch break, I took a walk and there was a sea lion who kept going up and down in the water, following me along the way. So that was a unique episode for me to be a part of with Alexis and Lauren.

onetwofee18 karma

Why are there so many gilmore girls actors who have guested on the good wife?

MattCzuchry22 karma

I wish there were more! And I don't really have a why - if they have been on the show, it's because they're great at their work.

bmkat2118 karma

Hi Matt, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a big fan of yours and have enjoyed watching you in GG, TGW, FNL, and in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (IHTSBIN wouldn't helpful). Cary didn't get closure with Kalinda on the show. Do you think he'll continue to defend her/protect her from Bishop? Also, who are you excited to see again at the GG reunion?

MattCzuchry28 karma

I think now that Kalinda's disappeared in the middle of the night... a lot of the troubles with Bishop go away, too.

I'm excited to see everyone, because it's been so long. But really looking forward to seeing Amy Sherman-Palladino again, and thanking her for creating such a great character, and giving me one of my first big opportunities as an actor.

merkin7117 karma

Congratulations on The Good Wife getting renewed for another season! Any hopes or expectations for your character arc in season 7?

MattCzuchry23 karma

Gaining closure on the loss of Kalinda, and newfound success at the law firm.

Conford16 karma

Hi Matt, I love you on The Good Wife. Got a couple questions for Cary!

1) How cool is Matthew Goode?

2) How come you haven't gotten an Emmy yet?

3) There's a hilarious video online of you and Archie Punjabi doing some kind of sketch where she's wearing sunglasses and you're being fabulous and both of you are drinking wine: explain this please.

4) What do you want to do after The Good Wife?

MattCzuchry15 karma

1.) He is as cool as you imagine.

Very cool.

2.) Every year there's incredible performances in the "Best Supporting" category. Who would you take out?

3.) It's just 2 characters that we came up with. And thought it would be fun to share with the fans.

4.) I've been fortunate to work with great people over the course of my career, so that's what I'll be looking for in the next phase of my career as well.

Conford8 karma

Who would I take out? I'm taking out everybody, and you get all 5 nomination spots. You better win then!

MattCzuchry15 karma

Hahaha! Thank you... thank you very very much.

I did an Emmy photoshoot for the Hollywood Reporter this season, just a couple weeks ago. And to be surrounded by all those great actors was pretty cool. So a nomination would be special.

mahjongwithmamet16 karma

Thanks Matt for taking the time to do this today! I have felt so connected to your characters in Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife because of your ability to tell stories.

I was wondering... How did you see Logan Huntzberger and Cary Agos in the beginning? What did you see in them that you could identify with and felt you could play? And what influence did/do you have in the evolution of these characters?

Also bonus question about Gilmore Girls because I just can't help myself... Don't worry, it's not another GG movie question... What did you want to achieve in your final episode of Gilmore Girls?

MattCzuchry33 karma

Gilmore Girls - I looked at Logan as somebody who would challenge Rory. And push her to new adventures in her life. In terms of Cary, I saw him as somebody who is incredibly passionate about the law and cases and having majored in history and political science, that was something that spoke to me.

There's a lot of influences to mention over the course of both of those series. But the power is really in the choices you make between "action" and "Cut!" as an actor.

And in that subtext, creating layers that go beyond what's on the page.

In the final episode of Gilmore Girls, I wanted to capture that Logan loved Rory, and although they both might not be quite ready to get married, just like in "I Jump, You Jump, Jack" there was that feeling of let's take a leap and see if the net appears.

mahjongwithmamet9 karma

Thanks so much for your response. It helps easy the unrest I have felt about his story arch all these years!

I'd be fascinated to know more about your choices as an actor in filling in between the lines of a script. What do you see in both of these characters that may not have come from the script, but felt natural for you to play out through them?

MattCzuchry17 karma

With Cary in season 1, he was highly competitive, and I wanted to try to find a vulnerable side to him as well. And in season 6, when he was put in prison, I wanted to show in that arc that he was crumbling but at the same time, had strength. So trying to find those layers in the right moments was part of the fun in creating a full performance.

scattered_ideas15 karma

Are you a fan of musicals? And have you ever asked Christine Baranski to sing Sondheim?

While on the subject, what is it like to work with Christine? I hope we get to see Cary and Diane teaming up more in court next season.

MattCzuchry40 karma

Christine Baranski is amazing. I love working with her. I love that relationship between Cary and Diane, and I hope we get to see more of that in season 7! Christine is always singing in the hallways, and at our wrap parties, I actually sang a song with her - it wasn't Sondheim, but I did sing a song with her! And yeah, it was awesome, although my singing left something to be desired.

But Christine was great, as always.

joethetipper14 karma

How does the job change when you portray a real life person as opposed to an invented character on the page? I'm referring to Tucker Max specifically.

MattCzuchry20 karma

With Tucker Max, I interviewed him, i watched the way he walked, the way he dressed, his inflections, his attitudes - so being able to draw on something concrete is certainly different than crafting a character through other means. Both have challenges but completely different challenges.

ohmywow13 karma

Hi Matt, I'm pretty sure I saw you at a Black Keys show at the Troubadour in 2006, but instead of going "oh, hey" I thought, "damn that Logan." Have Gilmore Girls fans ever shown disgust or anger toward you in real life because you played the rich kid who replaced Jess? I'm so sorry.

MattCzuchry26 karma

I think I was at that Black Keys show.

I love that band. And that was a great show.

Fans are passionate about that character. They do come up and express how much they either loved that character, or hated that character. So... you're not alone. Don't be sorry. It's okay.


nkleszcz13 karma

Can you share an anecdote or two about your stint in Friday Night Lights? I'm curious about how you thought of your character and storyline (a born again Christian). Thanks!

MattCzuchry24 karma

Well, I watched that show in season 1, and absolutely loved it.

I would text my friends saying OH MAN, I wish I could be on this show!

And then season 2, an audition came up, and thankfully I got the job, and it's one of the best jobs I had in my 15 year career.

In terms of the character, there is a scene where I had to give a sermon in front of a live church and I had somebody come up to me afterwards and say "We thought you were a guest pastor!" So that was a pretty great compliment.

nkleszcz13 karma

I know acting is a job, but when my wife and I recognized you in The Good Wife, we were slightly taken back; that was how effective your performance in FNL was. (And now we know we weren't the only ones).

MattCzuchry23 karma

Thank you so much for the beautiful compliment.

cornfrontation13 karma

Are you looking forward to the Gilmore Girls reunion at ATX?

MattCzuchry32 karma

I am! The fans have been so passionate about the show for so many years - so to be able to be there, and interact with the fans, is a treat for me. And hopefully for the fans as well.

And I'm also excited to see ALL the cast - and to tell Amy Sherman-Palladino that she created a great character in Logan.

cornfrontation10 karma

Is this going to be the first time you've gotten together with any of them?

MattCzuchry26 karma

I saw Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan on the street in New York probably about 3 years ago? And we had a quick chat and catch-up. But yes, this will be the first time we've been together since we wrapped in 2007, and for some, even longer!

courtiebabe42012 karma

Hi Matt! Thanks for joining us today!

I've been a fan of yours since you played Logan on Gilmore Girls, and you are probably 90% of the reason I started watching The Good Wife.

Can you tell us how working on the two have differed? Any fun behind-the-scenes stories from either set you can share with us today?

MattCzuchry16 karma

Well, GILMORE GIRLS was really early in my career. So it was an incredible learning process in terms of just the basics - hitting your mark, finding your light, and of course, the speed of the dialogue - THE GOOD WIFE I came on from the beginning of the show, so to go through the pilot getting picked up for 13 episodes, and now having done well over 100 episodes, makes those two experiences quite a bit different.

In terms of GILMORE GIRLS, there was an episode called "I Jump, You Jump, Jack" and I was terrified of heights - I am terrified of heights - so that jump, the fear is real.

courtiebabe42035 karma

I got a tattoo based off of this exact scene, because it is so awesome. So - well done. Thanks for answering my question and hanging out with this today!

Edit: Tattoo link since it's been requested.

MattCzuchry18 karma

Ready for All Things is a great way to live!

Nikkiii_66612 karma

Do you remember "The Talking lion" phone (Good wife)? How did you manage to keep a straight face in that scene? Most hilarious thing I've ever seen :-D

MattCzuchry18 karma

That thing was genius.

rubberkeyhole12 karma

Hi! I love watching THE GOOD WIFE and am a big fan of Alan Cumming's; how is it like to work with him?

Also, are you reading anything interesting or fun right now? I'm always looking for a good book recommendation!

MattCzuchry24 karma

I wish I had more scenes with Alan Cumming! I've loved his work for a very long time. Nightcrawler in X-men is one of my favorites.

Good book... I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to reading BATMAN AND PSYCHOLOGY: A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT.

scattered_ideas11 karma

Hi Matt! I find Cary a fascinating character because he's introduced to us as the classic overly entitled ivy leaguer but then we find out his upbringing wasn't really all that great and that his family turned its back on him. That paired with all Cary has been through in the past 6 years, what do you think of how the writers have turned this character on his head? and will Cary ever catch a break?

edit: grammar.

MattCzuchry17 karma

Part of my backstory that I sent to the writers had to do with Cary's family being less supportive than you might think. So I'm happy that the writers have woven that into Cary's arc, over the course of the last 6 seasons. I think oftentimes where Cary shines is in the courtroom, and protecting his clients, and I think he'll continue to catch breaks in that way. But oftentimes, personal lives are muddy, and I think that reflects life.

scattered_ideas10 karma

If you could guest cast an actress to play Cary’s mother, who would it be? I really want to find out more about his family and past before the show. I thought the episodes with his father in season 4 were a great insight into his character.

MattCzuchry22 karma

Here's a great twist: what if Linda Lavin is actually Cary's mother?

jessyunako10 karma

Hi Matt! LOVED you on Gilmore Girls and can't stop watching The Good Wife! :)

EDIT: two people asked both of my questions already!

Do you get to travel a lot? Where would your travel lust/wanderlust take you next? And do you have a favorite place/city/country that you've visited?

MattCzuchry19 karma

I loved Ben Mendelsohn's work on BLOODLINE this year. So I'm not necessarily sure I'd want to follow in his footsteps in terms of playing the character, but for this year, that's probably my favorite character on TV.

sir_sweatervest10 karma

Hi matt. Love your shit. What's your opinion on turtles?

MattCzuchry23 karma

I dated a girl for 6 years and she had a pet turtle. So... I'm a big fan of turtles.

AdonalFoyle9 karma

Would you consider your role as Tucker Max as when you finally became a household name?

MattCzuchry23 karma

Sometimes in the same day, I'll get recognized for Logan in Gilmore Girls, Tucker Max in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and Cary from THE GOOD WIFE.

The fans don't always overlap between those projects, which is exciting for me. Because I know I'm reaching different people through my work.

eatsbabydingos9 karma

How did you get on Young Americans? Did you audition or did they seek you out?

MattCzuchry9 karma

I auditioned for that job.

But there was a casting director named Jason Wood who cast me in a movie prior to YOUNG AMERICANS, and he brought my name to the creators of YOUNG AMERICANS. So thank you Jason! And thank you Steven and Joe.

breakingbadfan939 karma

I really have enjoyed you since Gilmore Girls and I love you on the Good Wife. If you had to describe two words about Alexis Bledel and Julianna Marguiles, what would they be?

Also, what's the best advice that you can give to people that want to get into acting?

MattCzuchry16 karma

Alexis Bledel: sweet heart.

Julianna Margulies: hard worker.

Get into a great acting class with a great acting coach. And watch a lot of movies and television and theater, and go out and shoot movies with your friends.

ChinaShopBully9 karma

Fantastic work on The Good Wife!

Sorry to make the first question about a co-star, but how does it feel to lose Kalinda/Archie from the show?

MattCzuchry16 karma


We would always break down scenes together, over the phone or in person, and I'll miss that collaboration.

ChinaShopBully4 karma

Oops, ask an obvious question. I'm sorry, of course you're sad. I should have been more specific, and asked for an anecdote, and what you think will be the impact on the show and your character.

Thanks for your answer, though.

MattCzuchry18 karma

I mentioned this story on a show called THE TALK: Archie's character, Kalinda, is always so put-together, but in real-life, Archie can't sit still. So when we would do bedroom scenes, we would have challenges with the sheets, because she would move 'em around all the time, and neither of us could get comfortable.

Tiffsutter8 karma

Hey Matt! Thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a huge fan of your work from Gilmore Girls to The Good Wife.

I know you're in the Justice League animated series, so who is your favorite superhero of all time?

And also, (spoiler alert) do you hope to get a new love interest next season now that Kalinda is gone?

MattCzuchry17 karma

God, favorite superhero of all time, that's tough.

But he's not really a superhero, but I think I'd probably have to go with The Hulk / Bruce Banner.

It would be interesting to see Cary try and forget Kalinda by diving into another relationship that he's not ready for.

factandfictions78 karma

Hi Matt! First of all, congratulations for your outstanding work in The Good Wife!

Here's what I'd like to know: 1. In The Good Wife, do you have a favorite case or "client"? 2. Favorite Game of Thrones character? (It had to be asked. :D )

Thank you and keep up the awesome work! :)

MattCzuchry18 karma

2.) That question - Peter Dinklage's character, Tyrion.

1.) I like the episodes that handle the NSA and the question of protection versus privacy.

cs2267 karma

Hi! How was working on Friday night lights and Gilmore girls????? I loved you in both!!! Thanks for doing this ama!

MattCzuchry12 karma

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - there was a lot of creative freedom for the actors, because a lot of the scenes were nearly 100% improv'd. And Gilmore Girls was one of my first big jobs as an actor, so there was always a perpetual excitement that will always stay with me.

weirddness7 karma

Hi Matt, thanks for doing this! Although I didn't really liked Cary in the first two/three seasons of the show I always thought that you were an amazing actor. What is your favorite thing about him and why?

MattCzuchry10 karma

I love that he had the courage to go start his own firm in season 5. I think that says a lot about who he is.

DrunkBigFoot7 karma

Do you have any pets? If so can you tell us about them?

MattCzuchry11 karma

I had a dog when I moved from New Hampshire to Tennessee. My parents got me him as a way to help with the move. I currently do not have any pets.

Homeyjosey7 karma

Are those "be an extra in a tv show or movie" posts on craigslist all scams?

MattCzuchry34 karma

I...do not know.

Exercise caution?

ckt04297 karma

Hey Matt!!

I've loved you in Gilmore Girls & The Good Wife. In the past seasons of The Good Wife which are your favorite scenes to date.

What are your guilty pleasures that no one really knows about you.

What are your favorite cities you would like to visit? Hint: I'm from Seattle.

MattCzuchry10 karma

In terms of THE GOOD WIFE favorite scenes - episode 1 this season, where Cary was in jail, there's a scene where Cary gets his hand sliced open - that was one of my favorites. Also there's an episode called "The Trial" this season and I loved that cliffhanger where Cary says "Yes, your honor, I'd like to plead guilty!"

I love playing video games, that's certainly a guilty pleasure of mine.

I have been to Seattle, and love that city. But in terms of places I have yet to visit - Billings, Montana.

ebeggs6 karma

There has been some pretty great episodes of The Good Wife and you do an amazing job playing Cary! Is there one episode that is you'll say is your favorite or was your favorite to film?

MattCzuchry10 karma

An episode called "The Trial" (episode 10 this year in season 6) this year was one of my most challenging episodes to film, and therefore one of my favorites.

spira_killer6 karma

Matt! Yes!

If you could play any character, who would you choose?

Likewise, has there ever been a role that you've auditioned for a really wanted, but didn't get for some reason or another?

MattCzuchry20 karma

There's been a lot of roles I auditioned for and didn't get. But I only talk about the ones I have gotten.

I'd love to be...in a superhero movie, or Star Wars, all those magical franchises that make you feel like a kid again.

Artemisia886 karma

What are you/would you eat right now? Had a tonsillectomy today and sat eating a sandwich and having a cup of tea. Btw loved you on GG, not seen you in much else, sorry

MattCzuchry35 karma

Sorry you just had a tonsillectomy, I hope you get better soon. Are you sure eating a sandwich is the right choice? Maybe Jell-O or pudding?

Take care, get well soon.


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

MattCzuchry24 karma

Well, there is a sundae at Friendly's called the "Reese's Pieces Sundae." And it has vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, marshmallow creme, whipped cream, and Reese's Pieces on top.

I used to love those as a kid.

And i still love 'em to this day.

atirblow6 karma

Who were you on Freaks & Geeks?

MattCzuchry14 karma

Teenage Boy #1 (see below). True story!

SupriyaLimaye5 karma

Where do you hope Cary ends up at the end of the final season of TGW?

MattCzuchry11 karma

Being still in the middle of the show, I'd rather not say at this point. I think that one of the overarching arcs of all 6 seasons has been that he went from a boy to a man. So certainly there will be a new sense of confidence in him at the end of the series, compared to who he was in the beginning.

JessNo105 karma

Hey Matt, was nice talking to you earlier, even if it was with my bad internet connection.

Is there something specific you look for when you get scripts and decide if want to audition? Like is it more about the actual script or the people involved with the project?

MattCzuchry12 karma

It's about the people involved in the project, AND the script.

Both are of equal importance.

The script is the blueprint for all the characters and storylines, but also, once I read a script, I can usually feel something in my gut if I connect to a character deeply, and that's how I know I want to pursue it.

spongemongler5 karma

Hi Matt, big fan of the good wife and I think you're splendid in it! I'm here to ask you the maybe most important question known to man....

What's your favorite pizza topping?

MattCzuchry14 karma

Gotta go with pepperoni.

jeli134 karma

What do you think is a good amount of seasons for a series?

MattCzuchry10 karma

There's no standard amount of seasons for a series. It depends on the series itself.

kbaileyjava4 karma

Who has been your favorite guest star to work with and who would be a dream guest star?

I have loved you since the Pilot of The Good Wife!

MattCzuchry13 karma

Thank you so much for your compliment.

Michael J. Fox is an incredible actor and person.

I love what he does for his foundation, and I've attended his event several years, called "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's."

And it would probably be one of my friends to be the dream guest star. I'll just leave it at that.

kerwit94 karma

Summer is finally around the corner-do you have any concert/festival plans?

MattCzuchry8 karma

Last year, I saw Dave Matthews two nights in a row. I hope to maybe be able to do that again this summer.