It's Joe. I sing in Knuckle Puck. that's what I do. We have a new album coming out this summer on the Warped Tour.

Here to answer your questions from reddit NYC. Let's go!

This has been a lot of fun, guys. I'll be back to answer some questions a little later, so leave them here. I'll be back!

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Sizzilla15 karma

First off, I want to commend you guys for being the first (and at this point, really the only) band to retract and speak out on the Harry Corrigan situation. Safety and equality in this scene and in general is such a huge problem so thank you guys for that.

SECOND, how'd the Rise signing come about? How is Craig/Rise family treating you?

THIRD, if you could tour with one band (active/inactive) who do you pick and why?

LAST, we'd love to have you over at /r/poppunkers sometime. Lots of fans over there!

KnucklePuckBand10 karma

Hey, Sizzilla. Thanks for the question and statement about what we spoke on the other day. I wholeheartedly believe that issues like these are things that have to be worked through.

Rise reached out to us and expressed interest a little while before the Man Overboard tour. We told them we liked them as a home for us a few months after that, I believe. Everyone is very great and very stoked on the album from my point of view.

This is next part is very hard to answer. Whatever this Crucial Dudes business is... I'd like to tour with them.

Tweet at me and let's set it up.

Ilmagro1611 karma

I've been trying to wrap my head around the lyrics, "I'd never have a home without cutting down your branches." I really love the phrase and have a few ideas about what it means. I was hoping to hear your thoughts?

KnucklePuckBand25 karma

go read the giving tree

castmemberzack7 karma

Why did you break my skateboard? Totally trollin you

KnucklePuckBand13 karma

i didn't even break it, man.

castmemberzack7 karma

I know this one might get personal so I understand if you don’t want to answer it, but who do you write about? I don’t need names or anything, but what set off these emotions?

KnucklePuckBand8 karma

We draw inspiration from events that have happened to us in our lives, usually. I don't think it does any good to go into specifics. All we care about is that people can connect or relate to the music to some capacity. That's what is most amazing about music.

castmemberzack7 karma

Hey Joe!
Big fan. Love your music.

Do you have any training? Do you do any warm ups n’ shit? If so, what do you do? I’ve heard your throat get tired in sets (rightfully so). Have you tried Vocal Zone I’ve heard great things about it.

Edit: Correction. It's only Joe, which i'm totally fine with.

KnucklePuckBand9 karma

I have zero training singing. Nick and I usually warm up every night before we play with some warm-ups that Dan Lambton turned us on to. As tours go on it gets easier. huge supporter of vocal zone!

genniferlaurence7 karma

You guys write some of the best super-sad lyrics ever. Who are your favorite non-genre sad-song writers?

KnucklePuckBand17 karma

Thanks! Not too sure about sad-song writers, but some of my favorite lyricists are Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack), Max Bemis (Say Anything) & Shawn Harris (The Matches)

h3lvtca6 karma

Are you a a fan of the actual movie Home Alone y/n?

KnucklePuckBand15 karma

We quote it daily. We quote most things daily. We speak in quotes.

mygirthis1006 karma

Would you guys ever consider releasing an acoustic EP?

KnucklePuckBand10 karma

Could be really cool! We're planning on beefing up our songs acoustically when we get home.

genniferlaurence6 karma

Hey guys, Huge fan. Why is "But Why Do You Care?" named differently from "Home Alone". Did you feel a need to differentiate them as two songs, rather than two versions of one song?

See you tonight! I'll be the old guy in the front wagging my finger like a big dum-dum.

KnucklePuckBand8 karma

Home Alone was the original draft of what eventually became BWWYC. Nick showed us the early version and we loved it. We had to use it in a full band setting.

Fucknucklepuck6 karma

If you had to recommend one song to someone, what would it be?

KnucklePuckBand11 karma

Bedford Falls. of KP

A Day in the Life by a band that isn't mine.

Cum_Omlette4 karma

What recommendations do you have for getting a relatively new band to the level that you guys are at?

KnucklePuckBand42 karma

Don't name your band anything close to what your reddit username is.

Knucklephuck4 karma

Yo, what's going on Joe. Huge fan. I was planning to go to tonight's show in NYC so I'll see ya guys there! I saw you guys play another time with Modern Baseball in Brooklyn, and it was easily one of the best days of my life. Keep doing you, guys.

Anyway my question would have to be, what's your favorite song to perform live?

ps try to look for a guy crowd surfing with an american bandana on :-)

KnucklePuckBand7 karma

okay! I'll look for ya! Best song to play... Gold Rush

that_is_so_Raven4 karma

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

KnucklePuckBand16 karma

I watched the whole thing. You probably saw this coming, didn't you, Raven?

lndsyhffmn3 karma

Hey guys! Are you stoked to play in Atlanta next week? It'll be my boyfriends first time seeing you guys and you're his favorite band haha

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

very excited! make sure you come by and tell us how you liked the show!

Sadghosts3 karma

What's your favorite place to eat on the road?

KnucklePuckBand7 karma

im gonna take a swing and say... Denny's.

ThomasNassiff3 karma

thoughts on sack sarrillo?

KnucklePuckBand7 karma


AgeOfTheGeek923 karma

Just how sweaty was the show at Fighting Cocks in Kingston? I've never experienced a show quite like it and don't think I ever will again

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

It was definitely one of the sweatiest and most insane shows in a small venue that I've ever been to. Glad you made it!

gatorbait43 karma

Met you guys in toronto the other night, and forgot to ask you this question, what is your best advice for bands when it comes to writing music?

also thanks for being so cool!

KnucklePuckBand11 karma

Write as many songs as possible. Try to write multiple songs a week. Even if they don't go anywhere, you'll get better at the craft. The more you do something, the more you understand it.

Treeaboo3 karma

What's your favorite album to come out this year so far? What's it like to tour with The Maine? What's the future for knuckle puck in the coming years?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

the first part of this question is hard to answer, so i won't. I am however, very excited for Surf. The Maine are some of the best bunch of dudes that we've had the chance to tour with so far. as for the future, I really hope that we're able to continue to play music and travel around.

enyfour53 karma

Hey guys, would like to say that you are a kick ass band, and you've helped my buddies and get through some rough break ups. I am forever thankful for that.

Now onto the question : do you guys have a tentative release date? And will the sound and subject matter be consistent with previous releases?


KnucklePuckBand8 karma

We do have a tentative release date. The sound and subject matter has slightly shifted for this album. We looked at our EPs as a window into what we wanted to do with our band. When you have twice as many songs to do, you have a lot more wiggle room. Our past stuff has been mostly centered around a few central subjects, so at this point in our lives I think we're ready to tackle some areas that we were maybe afraid to go into before.

isamon3 karma

What's the craziest tour story?

KnucklePuckBand12 karma

earlier i saw a man in a wheelchair with a cat that had a dress on in his lap.

vinylandpens3 karma

Has John ever used his high-kicking superpower for evil?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma


FamousAndy3 karma

You guys are awesome, I saw you 3 times in Feb this year - supporting Neck Deep, then at Facedown AND then again at the Fighting Cocks. Truly awesome shows! Thank you for all your hard work.

I'm seeing you at Slam Dunk South and can't wait, you'll be one of the highlights of my day. My question is are you going to play Woodwork and/or Everything Must Go? Those are absolute bangers and would love to hear them again. I'm kinda counting on it...

KnucklePuckBand4 karma

maybe EMG.

genniferlaurence3 karma

The prevailing philosophy of Pop-Punk has always been "Growing up is giving up" (as your pals in Real Friends eloquently put it). Why do you think, then, that almost all pop punk fans turn their back on the music they once loved and listen to stuff like Coldplay?

KnucklePuckBand9 karma

Coldplay is sweet and I still listen to Dude Ranch...

Horizon232 karma

Saw you guys live with Transit, Man-O, & Forever Came Calling and you dudes were the only band I didn't know before the show. You guys put on an awesome performance leaving my friend and I believing you guys were the best performers of the night and that is how we both became fans. My question would be, what are your favorite bands to tour with as well as what bands would you like to tour with in the future?

KnucklePuckBand7 karma

First of all, thank you! As far as who we would like to tour with again, Modern Baseball definitely. We really do love touring with The Maine as well. Motion City Soundtrack for the last one.

hairy_chili_ring2 karma

So I was supposed to go to your show tomorrow in NJ, got tickets and everything before finding out I had to go to a wedding on the same day. When will you be back in NJ so I can finally see you guys live? Cause it's been very upsetting knowing that I have tickets sitting in my inbox but can't go.

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

whaaaat! bummer. AWESOME name. We'll be on warped tour all summer!

throwaway5566112 karma

What music do you guys listen to on tour?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

Happy Particles, Earth, RAP.

nt4ronburgundy2 karma

I noticed in a YouTube video a while back that you have a blink 182 tattoo on your calf. Coming from one huge blink 182 fan, any thoughts on the breakup?

Edit: also saw you guys last Sunday in Syracuse. You guys kicked ass. #1 band

KnucklePuckBand6 karma

i don't want to speak on the blink situation because i don't know nearly as much as i think i do and absolutely not enough to put thoughts into people's heads about the situation.

thanks for being there! had a great time.

nt4ronburgundy2 karma

What's your favorite anchorman quote?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

"i have many leather bound books."

bedf0rdfalls2 karma

Has the band ever fought so hard that you almost broke up? What do you guys usually fight about?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

we honestly don't fight that much. we bicker, but it stays pretty calm.

mushroom1472 karma

Hey! What band do you think inspired you the most to make music?

KnucklePuckBand6 karma


MisterFunktastic2 karma

If provided to you, would you guys be willing to use a converted school bus for tours and travel?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Who wouldn't?

desolatepeaks2 karma

seeing you guys play with downpresser and xibalba was so sick. are you guys always about mixed bills with hardcore bands or of any genre of that matter?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

Yes! We love to hang with bands/groups/artists of different genres. Music is cool because there isn't just ONE style. That's why I'm excited for warped. We get to hang and play with bands we otherwise wouldn't get the chance to.

improbablity2 karma

I already posted a question but I'm bored and excited because I've never seen an AMA from people from my area before. Plus, you guys are awesome. The first time I saw you was at centennial three or four summers ago. Half the audience left when you started playing. I figured you'd be like most of the bands around here and exist halfheartedly for a year or two. Instead you became one of the best local bands I've seen. One of the best pop punk bands around right now, really. It's awesome.

I don't have any questions related to that but what's your favorite thing to do in the suburbs on a beautiful spring day (bonus points if I can bring my dog to this activity)?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Thanks so much! This is really awesome to read. I like to ride my skateboard around usually.

CaptSharpie2 karma

I saw You guys At Walters in Houston when you opened for Modern Baseball and someone went for a stage dive and accidentally kicked you in the face and you managed to keep your composure, have you ever been hit accidentally on stage and had to stop performing because of it?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

I haven't been too injured by anyone. That might've been one of the "worst" ones.

kaoud102 karma

How do you guys feel about the crucial dudes come back? Got any more inside info on that?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

we'll see what happens. my eyes are wide open.

Theaml2 karma

How often do you beat Ben in Fifa?

KnucklePuckBand4 karma

That was all Zach Garza.

mn16_xoxo2 karma

Can you guys tell us the title of the dubut album or the next single?

KnucklePuckBand9 karma


J_Shute8211 karma

I've been a huge fan ever since the release of Don't Come Home before you guys "blew up." As a wannabe musician, you guys have been a huge influence on me for the past few years. I also just caught you two nights ago in Boston, it was killer.

Anyway my question is, what's it like working with Rise? Also is there a certain technique to your songwriting process? I'd love to know. thanks!

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Thank you! Working with Rise has been sick so far. Great people that are really excited about our band. Nick, Kevin or myself usually comes up with a general idea and then we all challenge every second of the song to make it the best we can.

Noonealex1 karma

On a scale of 1 to Saves the Day, how well are you defending pop punk?

KnucklePuckBand4 karma

We just listened to Saves the Day in the van about an hour ago when i realized they weren't on warped this year... bummer.

_unproductive1 karma

Is it true John can kick really tall signs? Also hear he can kick himself in the head... confirm or deny?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma


AverageCup0fJoe1 karma

What song are you most proud of or what one is your personal favorite?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

Very proud of this full length. Outside of that... Bedford Falls / Gold Rush

J00SH21 karma

When you release the new album, will there be any new music videos?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

I think so.

Sherhood1 karma

Other then music do you have any other creative outlets?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

I REALLY like making music. I've been more recently messing around with some stuff that sounds nothing like KP that might never get released (poppy stuff with beats & synth) and I'm working on some other stuff that's kinda chill. you may never hear it.

UnsocialSalmon1 karma

What do you guys think about Philadelphia!? I saw you guys a few months back with MOBO at the Theater of Living Arts and I can't to see you guys again this Saturday at the Electric Factory!

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Philly is sick. The TLA is sick.

mn16_xoxo1 karma

Would you guys ever do a split w/Real Friends? c:

KnucklePuckBand4 karma

I would! will we ever?! who knows??

DrAwesome15041 karma

What can we expect from the new album? Any surprises or guests on any tracks?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma


AntiKnucklePuck1 karma

So yall liked my username?? (I submitted a question to the periscope)

KnucklePuckBand9 karma

I'm Anti-AntiKnucklePuck

bedf0rdfalls1 karma

Was there any commotion between you and another band you're close with when you were signed for rise records?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Not for a moment! Everyone has been very supportive from the beginning.

Mansillystring1 karma

What kind of distortion pedals do you guys use while recording?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

boss ds-1... just kidding. built in distortions.

improbablity1 karma

How many tickets have you gotten on tour? How many tickets have you gotten out of?

KnucklePuckBand1 karma

Too many to count. We were supposed to get one for where we were parked the other day, but we didn't. that's cool. right?

punkamila1 karma

What is the best part of being in a band?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

playing music / hanging out with friends daily.

formated4tv1 karma

What is your favorite type of food buffets? Chinese, pizza, random dinner foods style like Old Country Buffet...

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

only with good friends on thanksgiving.

Mark_is_my_dad1 karma

Hi guys! I'm a huge fan from Spain and we love you here guys :)

  1. Would you like to do a tour in Europe?
  2. Is it hard to go to some countries? eg Spain.
  3. What can you tell us about your new album?

Lots of love!

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

Hey! We'd love to do an EU tour. It's pretty hard to get overseas mainly because of traveling and expenses. Traveling with gear is mostly what makes it hard. That and not having your own vehicle. Our new album is a different side of KP. Hope you enjoy it! Hope to see you soon!

xExpired1 karma

Where did Townsend come from and why wasn't it origanally released on Don't Come Home?

KnucklePuckBand6 karma

Townsend is a very old song that we wrote around the time of DCH. We were 19/20 year olds and didn't have enough money to record the extra track.

mn16_xoxo1 karma

Warped. How excited are you !!!??? I just want to say thank you for Bedford Falls, Alexander Pl., Gold Rush, & every KP song ever. You guys have given me so much strength to keep going through shit as cliche as that may be?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

SO EXCITED. Thank you so much!!

aroguepixel1 karma

Huge fan from the UK, met some of you at the London show with ND, it was an honour! Your music has inspired me to start bands and write my own stuff, so thank you for that.

My question is if you were to headline a UK tour (you should) which bands would you ideally love as supports?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Moose Blood is sick.

sleepwalkinq1 karma

since you're on the american candy tour, what is your favourite candy?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

sour gummy worms.

castmemberzack1 karma

Lyrics first or instrumental?

Also, who runs the tumblr?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

both simultaneously and then we put them together. We all run the tumblr!

heyaniston1 karma

When did you decide that being in a band is what you wanted to do with your life? Do you ever regret the decision?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

we live fast, aniston.

bizarrecookie1 karma

Hey guys. Haven't heard any of your music before but your AMA has inspired me to go check it out.

My question: What show was your first "big" show? When was the moment when you realized you guys were making it big?

Thanks in advance!

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Thank you! The first time I think I realized that this is "real" was our show at the Beat Kitchen with Real Friends.

bedf0rdfalls1 karma

Which came first: getting signed for rise records or writing your new album? Did you start writing a new album because you felt pressured that you got signed by one of the biggest labels in the band industry of our scene?

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

Getting signed came first. We didn't feel pressured mainly because we knew that if we were gonna be a real band, we were gonna have to write music. Pressure came along with writing the music, but I don't think any pressure was placed on us from higher sources. Rise trusted us the entire time we were writing.

carissathorne1 karma

You guys are coming back over to the UK for Slam Dunk this month, what other bands on the lineup are you excited to see?

I'll be there watching you guys!

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, Such Gold, Cartel. See you there!

nexus09871 karma

How are you? :)

KnucklePuckBand3 karma


chavezd1 karma

Hey guys, huge fan of your guys! saw you guys play in seattle last month on the american candy tour.

My question to you guys is where do you get most of the influence or inspiration for your songs? Does it come from experiences that you yourselves in the band go through? Or do you write for other people that you personally know?

KnucklePuckBand2 karma

Thanks! We usually try to get a mixture of a little of both. Lately, it's been a lot of personal struggles that we can draw from.

mistafree1 karma

Hey Joe,

Knowing that this is your first time, how excited are you guys to play all of Warped Tour?

KnucklePuckBand5 karma

So excited! We know it's going to be a lot of work, so we're starting to get in shape for it now. We've heard a lot that it's physically taxing, but one of the best times we'll ever have.

EADGBrennan1 karma

What has been your favorite start on the American candy tour so far? Best crowd response?

Also, just wanted to say you guys really killed it in Portland!

KnucklePuckBand3 karma

House of Blues Chicago was the best set overall in these big venues. El Corazon in Seattle.

ChuckFinley_Burned1 karma

Suppy dooders. Best pizza in Chicago?

KnucklePuckBand6 karma

lou malnati's