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genniferlaurence12 karma

If you could headline a show like tonight's and pick any three bands to open for you, who would you choose?

genniferlaurence11 karma

You're spending a lot of time in vans with Real Friends. Whose farts are worse, Real Friends or KP? (My guess is RF since they're Taco Bell-sponsored)

genniferlaurence7 karma

You guys write some of the best super-sad lyrics ever. Who are your favorite non-genre sad-song writers?

genniferlaurence6 karma

Hey guys, Huge fan. Why is "But Why Do You Care?" named differently from "Home Alone". Did you feel a need to differentiate them as two songs, rather than two versions of one song?

See you tonight! I'll be the old guy in the front wagging my finger like a big dum-dum.

genniferlaurence3 karma

The prevailing philosophy of Pop-Punk has always been "Growing up is giving up" (as your pals in Real Friends eloquently put it). Why do you think, then, that almost all pop punk fans turn their back on the music they once loved and listen to stuff like Coldplay?