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Guys im going into surgery, thanks everyone for the AMA! might do another one once i wake up!

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besides that he is a 27 years old male, no. Apparently they are harvesting a bunch of organs for me which makes me extremely happy that his death will not have been in vain, and many people in my kind of situation will be able to continue to live from it.


edit: i meant from him. a bunch of organs from him.

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Once she gets the phone call, she needs to let herself go with the flow. put trust in her loved ones, take all the love you can from them before you go in, and then let herself go in the hands of destiny. She will wake up a whole new person, it did not just change me on a physical level, i feel richer as a person on every single level now. I kept joking and feeling positive, had a "here goes nothing!" attitude going into the operating room, and i think it's what helped me the most to get through this. "Positive attitude, bro!" is cliche as hell, but it helps.

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all the nurses i've met so far are very professional and know their stuff. if theres one comment i could say is for them to put more trust in cystic fibrosis patients: we're so used to the hospital/treatment life that we know how to do a big part of your job for you, and sometimes that scares nurses (E.G. i can change my IV by myself, etc)

Also, PLEASE, don't let your kids do the same mistakes i've made. i don't know how old they are, but make sure they do their nebs/treatments when they reach their teenage years. (14 to 20 years old). i neglected my treatments and this is where i am right now, if only i could go back i would be doing my neb and flutter every day.

Also, get your kids to become gym rats once they reach about 16 years old. As stupid as it sounds, it will literally save their lives. i've seen friends of mine with CF with 115% FEV1 from going to the gym at a young age.

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like this.

I got this shit.