I am a personal trainer, world champion bench presser, powerlifter, and former boxer. I own a Next Level Training and Mendelson Strength Systems in Sherman Oaks, CA and am launching a new YouTube channel soon!

If you don't know me from my 1,000+ lb bench press, you may know me from a pec tear that blew up the internet!

Currently accepting new clients for local and online training, email [email protected] for more information.

Pec Tear: http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/1zu1am/scott_mendelson_after_he_tore_his_pec_breaking/


https://twitter.com/Dickensian_Ass/status/590252874803773440 https://www.facebook.com/scot.mendelson/posts/10205718859204128?fref=nf

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begintobeginagain165 karma

Do you ever eat while you're on the shitter?

ScotMendelson109 karma


Leotin_120 karma

How did it take for that pec tear to heal? Did you need surgery? And how did effect your daily gym?

ScotMendelson190 karma

A year, no surgery. You don't realize til you hurt yourself, everything you do is pec related.

ScotMendelson102 karma

Just an addendum, this is in association with r/powerlifting! Check them out!

koatwax71 karma

Did it hurt when your titties ripped?

ScotMendelson85 karma

Yeah, but we got over it. ;)

neon70664 karma

Can you take us through your typical bulk cycle?

ScotMendelson169 karma

I eat up to 12,000 calories a day depending on what I need to get to, a lot of yams, 5 lbs of red meat a day, and I drink about 3 gallons of liquid a day. Love me that Crystal Light!

Snarf_Blarf61 karma

What was your reasoning for starting this kind of lifestyle? Was it just a phase that turned into a lifestyle, or did it start out as a long term goal?

ScotMendelson262 karma

I started collecting comic books when I was 6 years old, and Incredible Hulk was my favorite character, and from then on I wanted to be the world's strongest man!!

TahoeTweezer54 karma

Was blood poisoning a concern after the pec tear? Did you have to get it drained?

ScotMendelson150 karma

No. As a matter of fact, they preferred not to drain it. I wish they would have, it was so much blood, my balls swelled up so big that I couldn't sit down on an airplane when I did a seminar.

TahoeTweezer64 karma

WTF?! It drained that far down to make your balls swell?! I tore part of a calf muscle when I was younger and the blood would drain to my foot. Fortunately, they were able to displace it throughout my leg periodically by massaging it up the leg. In hindsight, draining it with a needle might have been less painful.

ScotMendelson83 karma

Yeah, fa show.

alpacaslacka49 karma

Do you ever have lazy days where you don't do anything fitness related?

ScotMendelson65 karma

Of course!

FreddyFeelgood43 karma

Are you going into any other kinds of strength training or just powerlifting?

Huge fan of your powerlifting results, man, I'd kill for an autograph. But I retired out of powerlifting and am looking to do OL and strongman.

ScotMendelson38 karma

No, just powerlifting, and I do online training if you are interested!

FreddyFeelgood21 karma

I abandoned powerlifting years ago - way too hard on my joints and I hated all the gear. But good luck to you, you've been a serious inspiration for years!

ScotMendelson27 karma

Thank you! Glad to have been so inspiring!

BloodlordZ40 karma

When did you start lifting?

ScotMendelson77 karma

When I was in jail at 14.

BloodlordZ21 karma

Ah wow, tough stuff man.

Any advise for younger lifters?

ScotMendelson57 karma

Get with somebody who knows what they are doing early so you don't end up hurt. Get sound advice from the very beginning. People start out doing things wrong and end up like their parents, injured.

You can feel free to reach out at [email protected], I offer online training and have a gym local to the LA area.

ScotMendelson32 karma

Alright guys, thanks for coming out! Gone for now, but any more questions and I'll try to get at them later!

joshSLOLY26 karma

Hey man, just wanted to say that I'm a massive fan of yours and find your demeanour and attitude towards training both practical and motivating. My question is: I believe you mentioned in a video with Rich Piana that you were planning on getting leaner and training some more bodybuilding exercises (accessory) - is this true? Big fan of yours man, keep doing what you do!

ScotMendelson88 karma

I've cut 68 lbs, I'm now down to 290 (dropped an extra pound right now on the throne). And I have done all that, with bodybuilding excercises, and I am getting bigger without gaining weight to break my record and hit over 1100 at 275!

Andmidwinterr23 karma

What are your essential tips for bulking up? And how do you find the motivation to keep going?

ScotMendelson35 karma

For me it's a lifestyle, it's not just that I'm working out, so the goals I am trying to achieve are unique to the lifestyle, I don't look at it as a sport. It's a lifestyle, this enables me to focus and handle my goals.

rabbitsandbunnies20 karma

Hey Scot, a few questions.

what made you decide to be a bench only competitor?

Do you still incorporate deadlifting and squats as heavy accessories for your posterior chain and back ?

What type of shoulder prehab work do you do ? and what do you think has helped the most in keeping them healthy

ScotMendelson27 karma

I squatted 1000 lbs and hit 850 for 6 reps on the deadlift. When people say how much do you lift, they only care about the bench, and I just decided that is what I want to accomplish.

  1. My support work is really really hard, I don't know anyone who trains harder than me. The more you put in, the more you get out, and I'm willing to put in more than anyone else on this planet.

  2. I do partials, my squats consist of the 624 precor machine.

  3. Basically bodybuilding workout, lots or rear delts and front and side delts. Dumbbell work works really well!

rabbitsandbunnies8 karma

Hah, yeah, this is true. I wish people asked about my squat, I've got that honed in. My bench technique is really only finding it's footing now.

ScotMendelson13 karma

Well, I can definitely help you with some online training!

AlbinoHessian17 karma

Hey Scot.

I saw you've done videos with Rich Piana. Have you ever seen Rich's video where he talks about his 8 hour all day arm workout with 16 protein shakes? Everyone who I've talked too about it and a lot of people in the online community seem to think it sounds absolutely insane. What's your take on it? Would you ever do Rich's 8 hour arm workout and drink 16 protein shakes?

ScotMendelson15 karma

No. No take.

SamTheManWithThePlan11 karma

Do big guys like you ever take part in yoga? If so, what modifications do you have to make to the poses in order to compensate for the muscle mass that gets in the way?

ScotMendelson58 karma

I never did yoga, but I did ballet back in the day when I played football, which helped with my hand-eye coordination.

FreddyFeelgood11 karma

What do you do for your joints? My knees are half-ground to powder.

ScotMendelson21 karma

I lift correctly, never lock out except during bench press. I have a specific system I follow, and this is the key.

CptMortos11 karma

What's your favorite pokemon? I imagine it's probably a fighting type.

ScotMendelson63 karma

I don't watch Pokemon. Sorry, can't help you, Snorlax is a good name though.

BloodlordZ10 karma

And what is your weakest lift? :D

ScotMendelson111 karma

I don't follow... I don't have access to that W-word. Not in my vocabulary.

sahkuh9 karma

On days you don't want to go to the gym, what do you tell yourself to get your butt there?

ScotMendelson53 karma

I just get there. I don't listen to what my brain tells me.

Horse_trunk7 karma

What do you think about barbell vs dumbell for bench press in terms of gaining strength and physique development?

ScotMendelson22 karma

Dumbbells for physique and Barbells for strength.

For dumbbells you can't cheat and can build evenly since you are moving the same weight with both hands.

Dancat12387 karma

Are you done competing?

ScotMendelson19 karma

No, I just cut 67 lbs to go to 275, getting shoulder surgery now, but will be competing shortly!

Dancat123811 karma

Holy crap, huge cut. Are you targeting a 275 record? And will you be raw or equipped?

ScotMendelson19 karma

Equipped, and the goal is 1100 at 275!

jtpolo234 karma

Scot, Big fan here. I have a few questions. 1. What are your thoughts on Eric Lilliebridge breaking the world record raw squat with wraps at 1025.1lbs? Have you ever met him? 2. I've noticed more powerlifters are lifting raw than equipped. Have you noticed this too? Any thoughts?

ScotMendelson19 karma

I think Eric is an amazing athlete. I've never met him, but talk to his dad regularly. I think his squat is unbelievable, and I am not political about how somebody lifts. Lifting is lifting, as long as everyone is on the same playing field. I don't care, I like lifting, I don't care how you do it.

It's a fad. There is a huge gear population to.

skorecky2 karma

I'm currently around 215lb but I want to compete in the 198 class. What diet(s) have you done that allows you to cut weight with minimal strength loss? Should I go under then bulk back up a little? Thanks!

ScotMendelson20 karma

There is no diet that will keep your strength on, you either cut or put on. I didn't worry about any specifics, and just focused on cutting the weight and then built my strength back up, you can't have everything.

BloodlordZ2 karma

And Scot, who is your favorite strongman? Can be anyone from the 1850's up to today!

ScotMendelson10 karma

Jouka Ahola. What he accomplished at his size is awesome!

Horse_trunk2 karma

More beneficial for overall muscle growth and physique: squats or deadlifts? Also, what is the ideal rep range for both? Thanks!

ScotMendelson12 karma

Depending on what rep range and how heavy you can do different things. They are both great. If you are a regular person and not competing you shouldn't do squats. They will strengthen the shit out you, but can cause injury much easier than other lifts.

A properly executed deadlift is much better but can also cause injury. When you are under the bar it is just more shit that can go wrong.

In fact, the guy helping me with this AMA, Dan, managed to wrench the shit out his back forcing himself back into a heavy deadlift routine way too soon after a long absence.

Rep range varies depending on what you are trying to train for and accomplish.

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ScotMendelson3 karma

That is really an individual decision for the lifter.