I'm from Pennsylvania, and I started acting post-high school in everything from romantic comedies to cult horror films. I was on MTV's AWKWARD, and SONNY WITH A CHANCE on Disney. I was also used as the model for the character of Liara T'soni in the Mass Effect franchise, and I was the lead in CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO. My latest movie is called THE SQUEEZE (trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91f2vHdkAKc) and it's available on VOD & in theaters this weekend. It's about a gambler who discovers a talented athlete with incredible golf skills, and who decides to develop this talent in a series of high-stakes matches. I play Natalie, who's the romantic interest in the film.

Some fun random facts: I have a hairless dog, and used to race cars.

You can follow me on instagram @JillianMurrayOfficial or on Twitter @JillianMurray.

Victoria's helping me get started.


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brodzilla2420 karma

Is liara in the new mass effect?

Jillian_Murray24 karma

she should be in all of them.

AmblinFan266 karma

If you could pick 3 major movie franchises to be part of, which would they be and why?

Jillian_Murray9 karma

Fast and the Furious for sure! Funny story is I actually read for the new film for the hacker chick that was introduced. I would have loved to be part of that.

Frajer6 karma

What was it like working with Demi Lovato?

Jillian_Murray10 karma

i was actually a huge fan of her music before I started. She's got one of my favorite voices

Jillian_Murray5 karma

Thanks for stopping by guys! Have a great weekend. Bye! xoxo

ttenz265 karma

Hello! We were born around the same time, I was wondering what makes you nostalgic for the 90s? Film, tv show, music? For me, it would be Pulp Fiction, the X-Files, and maybe Wu-Tang.

Jillian_Murray6 karma

loved x-files and the pop music. I dont miss the clothes from the 90s though

airforce204 karma

Whats are the funniest, scariest, and sexiest moments you've seen on film?

Jillian_Murray4 karma

Funniest would be all the scenes in Horrible Bosses. Scariest would be anything from any of the exorcism movies. Sexiest would be the original Wild Things

gio8993 karma

If you could make a movie about anything in the world, unlimited budget, etc what would it be?

Jillian_Murray4 karma

I would probably make a Judd Apatow style romantic comedy.

alexavandebruyn3 karma

Hello , What's your favorite book and who's your favorite author ? 😊

Jillian_Murray4 karma

Huge fan of the Malcolm Gladwell books. From Blink to the tipping point to outliers

lula24883 karma

What cars did you used to race? If given the chance, what car would you want to race/drive (out of any that have been made)?

Jillian_Murray7 karma

Mustang was my first car when i was 16 so i raced that but it was slow so i moved on to the japanese cars... I used to race a supra as well and a acura. I had a 75 shot of nitrous installed as well :)

Mischa221B2 karma

What book is your favorite? And what book inspires you in your life?

Jillian_Murray4 karma

i love self help books actually

Mischa221B2 karma

At what place in the world would you most like to visit?

Jillian_Murray4 karma

bora bora and south africa

Jimi51501 karma

Do you have a favorite genre of movie you like to act in? You look young enough to do high school stuff, but it'd be great to see you as some demented killer.

Jillian_Murray4 karma

well, ive already played a killer. But if I could act in any movie right now I would say a period piece and a good rom com :)

IKingJeremy1 karma

How did you get your start into acting?

Jillian_Murray4 karma

i started auditioning for indie films when i was in high school.

Leoncelli_33881 karma

When are you going to host SNL?

Jillian_Murray6 karma

Soon I hope! I love SNL!

sincewedidthedo0 karma

Can you teach me how to breakdance? I've got popping and locking down, but I'm having trouble with my spins. I'm worried I'll be served soon, and I won't have the chops to defend my honor.

Jillian_Murray3 karma

if only i knew how to breakdance.

Budgiebonkers0 karma

Will there be the graves two?

Jillian_Murray3 karma

Not that I'll be in :)

Briandochery-5 karma

Are you in a sex scene in 'The Squeeze'? A yes would definitely convince me to watch ;)

Jillian_Murray4 karma

you should watch NEVER BACK DOWN 2