If you're on this, then you probably know who I am.

My character, Jim Gordon, is cleaning up the mean streets of Gotham one villain at a time.

The show's back tonight, April 13, at 8/7 central on FOX (http://www.fox.com/gotham).

Here's the trailer for tonight's episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYOE-xGO3BE&feature=youtu.be

Victoria's helping me get started. AMA!


Thanks so much with all the questions guys! Sorry, but we're out of time. Check out Gotham TONIGHT!

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diickbuttt1680 karma

What do you like about rich kids?

Ben-McKenzie2436 karma


PressFrehley950 karma

Southland was THE BOMB! Why don't the suits respect the fans that greatly respect great shows like Southland???

Ben-McKenzie1128 karma

I love the show too, but at the end of the day it's just numbers. If more people had watched, the show would still be on and we would still be kicking ass. Thank YOU for watching though.

blackjackandcoke88892 karma

Does it feel badass to be the only actor ever to play both Batman and Jim Gordon?

Ben-McKenzie1125 karma

Why yes. Yes it does feel badass.

Ben-McKenzie467 karma

possibly. or we may see figures from his past

jamesshimp94676 karma

So who do you personally like more? The sexy doctor? Or that... Barbara lady...

Ben-McKenzie1878 karma

Objection: leading the witness.

Karol27658 karma

What do you do on your day off?

Ben-McKenzie3608 karma

The same thing we do every day Pinky: try and take over the world.

HJ_Harley613 karma

Does it weird you out that people write 'fan fiction' about you??

Ben-McKenzie2719 karma

No. Does it weird you out that I collect it and read it at night?

DTom47480 karma

How do you like working with the younger actors in your current series? Child actors can be hit or miss, but the kids on Gotham seems to be consistently stellar! Do you guys have fun on set?

Ben-McKenzie801 karma

I love them. David, Camren and Claire are just great actors and really nice "young people". I feel so old right now :)

HJ_Harley403 karma

Can you PLEASE make up an ending for SOUTHLAND so I can sleep at night??

Ben-McKenzie891 karma

Sure. Everybody lives. Cooper marries Sammy Bryant and they live happily ever after.

shivan21386 karma

Is Donal Logue that jovial also between the scenes?

Ben-McKenzie634 karma

He is a hoot. A lovely, lovely guy to work with. The yin to my yang

Free_Hat_McCullough371 karma

How much money have you spent on soup in your lifetime?

Ben-McKenzie753 karma


shivan21357 karma

Hi Ben! Do you get all the references that appears in Gotham?

Ben-McKenzie777 karma

100% no. Usually David Mazouz has to explain all of the references to me (and all of the "older" actors)!

Frajer344 karma

do you feel the need to play Jim Gordon like Gary Oldman did ?

Ben-McKenzie750 karma

No, not really. I think each actor interprets his character as he sees fit. It's a mistake to mimic another actor's performance.

pacheco_sara14310 karma

What's one thing u can't live without?

Ben-McKenzie1335 karma


SolomonChen307 karma

When do we get a steamy sex scene with Dr. Thompkins?

Just wondering for, uh, scientific research.

Ben-McKenzie458 karma

Uh huh. You'll have to watch my friend.

MissKreepyTree304 karma

Hi Ben! The show is amazing and everything I ever could have wanted from a TV show about Gotham City. Partly because it's much darker and more violent than I thought it would be. Is going "too dark" ever a concern or have any scenes ever had to be tamed down a bit?

Ben-McKenzie567 karma

Thank you! We have actually gotten full support from Fox to go as dark as we want. And things will get very, very dark starting tonight!!!

fede01_8288 karma

What's with the long ass break?

Ben-McKenzie632 karma

It takes a long time to do post-production on a show like this. Viz effects, editing, color timing, ADR, etc. We needed time to catch up to the airing schedule.

theArnoldFans1261 karma

What would you do to stop Arnold as Mr. Freeze?!

Ben-McKenzie1054 karma

Make him pronounce "California" correctly

platysaur234 karma

Hi Ben!

I've become a big fan of you since watching Gotham. Who has been your favorite villain on the show so far?

Ben-McKenzie464 karma

It's so hard to choose. I love what Robin and Cory are doing with Penguin and Nygma, so they are probably my favs! Plus, sweet guys to boot!

shivan21205 karma

How far to the future do you see with your script?

Ben-McKenzie411 karma

The writers have been great. We usually get the scripts a week before shooting, which is a lot in our profession. It's not unusual to get scripts the day before on other shows.

moki_the_logmaker192 karma

What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

Ben-McKenzie477 karma

Just tried coconut yogurt. Fantastic.

mattypatty4191 karma

If you have watched them, which batman movie is your favourite?

Ben-McKenzie616 karma

I love the Nolan films, but I'm partial to Tim Burton's Batman with Keaton. Loved that as a kid.

HJ_Harley191 karma

First of all been a big fan since the OC. How do you like being in NYC so much?

Ben-McKenzie282 karma

NYC is incredible. I'm enjoying it's cuisine a little too much :)

DrHQ_185 karma

Ben how did you feel when you first received the script for Gotham? Are you a Batman fan?

Ben-McKenzie312 karma

Nervous. It's a lot of responsibility. It was also tremendously exciting of course.

pritikothari162 karma

What is the biggest obstacle you faced getting started in showbiz?

Ben-McKenzie397 karma

Nobody giving a rat's ass about me. Pretty much everybody faces that when they start out.

saharathug135 karma

What differences do you feel working on a show such as Gotham, which exists in a world that audiences already know so much about from comics, past films, etc., versus one where the world being created is unique to the show?

Ben-McKenzie256 karma

Good question. There's more responsibility to the legacy that already exists. It requires some ingenuity and bravery to shape the world as we see fit and not become slavishly devoted to one particular interpretation of the mythology.

P_M_yourboobsplease112 karma

Dijon or regular mustard, Ben? I'm in dire straits at the moment while making a sandwich.

Ben-McKenzie222 karma

Dijon all the way.

Karol27111 karma

Do you have any pets?

Ben-McKenzie406 karma

I had a dog :(

pritikothari109 karma

Hello Ben! What is your favorite episode of Gotham thus far?

Ben-McKenzie242 karma

I'm partial to Ep 7, "Penguin's Umbrella"

Korik7796 karma

Hey Ben, love your work! You have mostly played very interesting and intense characters. Does that intensity carry over into your real person?

Ben-McKenzie356 karma

Nope. Very, very lazy in real life. And shy.

shivan2191 karma

How's the 22 episodes framework working for you?

Ben-McKenzie172 karma

Hard :) but it also allows us to tell more stories, so that's a good thing.

Fastasaurus84 karma

How much do you love the Toronto Blue Jays?

Ben-McKenzie168 karma


Fastasaurus55 karma

Why so little?

Ben-McKenzie291 karma

I'm from Texas. Toronto isn't really my hometown team. Although I am a huge RA Dickey fan. Trying to make a movie about him actually. He has an amazing story.

llouiseborg82 karma

They're showing Gotham on tv here in Sweden. I've been thinking of watching it, but it seems scary! Should I be afraid? ;)

Ben-McKenzie229 karma

Yes, you should be very, very afraid.

PrincessSparkle8779 karma

I am really really really hoping this will be lucky question and it gets answered! Hi Ben!

What / who is on your music playlist right now? What gets you energised for your early mornings to set?

Ben-McKenzie259 karma

Everything from Run the Jewels to James Vincent McMorrow. It's eclectic to say the least.

Jokerang77 karma

What was your audition for the show like?

Ben-McKenzie267 karma

I actually didn't audition. Bruno Heller and I had worked together before. He wrote the part with me in mind.

pritikothari76 karma

What is your favorite food?

Ben-McKenzie284 karma

I eat everything. Growing up in Texas, BBQ and Mexican food are definitely at the top of the list.

MooseOgre71 karma

What Batman comics did you read to research on the character of Jim Gordon?

Ben-McKenzie207 karma

Year One, Gotham Central, Long Halloween, and a lot of others.

spartanburrito70 karma

Who do you miss working with more? Brody or Cudlitz?

Ben-McKenzie181 karma

I miss them both in their own ways. Each is his own unique snowflake.

TheRetroCritic64 karma

What interested you the most about the character of Jim Gordon when you took on the role?

Ben-McKenzie288 karma

He's an old-fashioned hero in an age of anti-heroes. A throwback.

charlequinn_58 karma

What do a dead man, an emu, and a cruise ship have in common?

Ben-McKenzie152 karma


Straelbora55 karma

Were you at all hesitant to take a role in a series that, so far, has tread a very fine line between 'serious' and 'surreal?'

Ben-McKenzie109 karma

Yes. It is a constant battle, but really enjoyable. We are always walking that fine line, and sometimes falling over into it :)

cybercuzco_250 karma

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Ben-McKenzie179 karma

Besides this?

parkourcannibal44 karma

Is there any kind of role that you would immediately turn down?

Ben-McKenzie200 karma

Yes. The sh@#%y kind.

neb_ravers43 karma

In this interview you said you wanted to be the next Liam Neeson — could you talk about your other favorite action stars and what's so appealing to you about the genre?


Ben-McKenzie136 karma

I don't remember saying that, but I'll take it. Love old Eastwood films. Westerns. Steve McQueen.

ClubObiWan41 karma

Have you done any stunts that stand out as particularly dangerous?

Ben-McKenzie157 karma

The one where I got hurt.

Ryugar39 karma

I really liked you on Southland... I wish that show had a few more seasons, it was really very good and different from a typical "cop show".

Any interesting stories from the set there?

Did you ever go on a ride along with a cop, or see the crime/violence firsthand?

What's it like working with Michael Cudlitz?

Ben-McKenzie83 karma

Yeah we did a far number of ridealongs for Southland. We saw some pretty wild stuff.

artisticlife9736 karma

Hi Ben How would you describe Jim and Barbara's relationship?

Ben-McKenzie106 karma


PandoraBlackBox35 karma

Actor, and producer! Which hat do u prefer to wear?

With whom do u wanna work soemday?

Future plans?

Ben-McKenzie88 karma

I like both. Also trying my hand at writing at the moment... so far unsuccessfully. It's really hard.

LuxAgaetes33 karma

Huge fan since the OC, I think you're all kinds of talented dude. I guess my question would be, how do you choose which roles/projects to take on? Do you actively look to diversify your experience, or has that just kinda happened?

Anyway, keep being awesome & I can't wait to see you in more Gotham!!

Ben-McKenzie64 karma

Thanks. Whatever comes my way that seems challenging. And could actually be seen by people.

Cavmo26 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

(Wow, really? I'm such a big fan of this show, and this was the best I could come up with? Damn.)

Ben-McKenzie61 karma

1 horse sized duck. Clearly

DTom4721 karma

What's your favorite movie?

Ben-McKenzie55 karma

Badlands. Terrence Malick. Made me want to be an actor.

Korik7711 karma

If you were an apple what kind would you be?

Ben-McKenzie34 karma


pacheco_sara144 karma

What's one thing u can't live without?

Ben-McKenzie21 karma