My short bio: Hey, reddit. My name is Erin. I was born with a fairly rare skeletal disorder called 'radial club hands.' It affects maybe 1 in 55,000 American kids. Basically, it can mean that the radius bone in the forearm is either deformed or missing on one or both arms. The radius bone lengthens the forearm and gives us our opposable thumbs. In my case, the entire radius bone was missing in both of my arms. I was very symmetrical! I had 12 surgeries over the course of my childhood to give me the use of my hands and to give me thumbs.

My Proof: t rex girl

Edit. Thanks guys for all of the questions and awesome comments. You're all awesome. I'm pretty tired and I've switched to my iPhone and it's super difficult! So I'm going to bed now. Thanks!

Edit: I'm back if you have any more questions! You guys are a lot of fun. Thanks for being honest and curious. Never lose the curiosity.

Edit: I had my figures waaaay off. I remembered hearing a figure as a child and it was too low. I fixed it so that it's statistically accurate now. Thanks guys!

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mymassive264 karma

Have you worked on your roars and growls? Or whatever t-rex's do. I personally have no idea. It does sound fun though

cuteliltrex287 karma

This i my favorite question so far! Yes. I've worked on my t-rex strut and my sexy t-rexy snarls.

mymassive115 karma

You're a cute girl. I bet it's hilariously adorable for those around. Haha. Keep on with the positive outlook, it is refreshing.

cuteliltrex246 karma

Thanks! That's really sweet of you. I don't think of myself as a positive person particularly, I've just had to pick my battles. Life is too short to waste on feeling sorry for myself and finding reasons to tear myself down. As Tyrion Lannister wisely said, " Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."

mymassive30 karma

You seemed to be pretty upbeat in your video, as well as the replies here. Very pleasant indeed. When was your last surgery? Do you have any others that are predicted down the road?

cuteliltrex38 karma

Thanks! My last surgery was when I was 14. I have none on the horizon, but you never know. I'm pretty happy with my hands as they are.

mymassive14 karma

That's awesome. Makes it easier to focus on the future without known burdens of an operation to hinder you. Care to share any of your art/illustrations?

Malzair25 karma

Somebody with T-Rex arms draws nicer than me, I really need to step up my game...

cuteliltrex2 karma

Haha. Show me yours? T-rex hands are a super power. Of course I can draw well!

cuteliltrex21 karma

Sure! This is my silly etsy shop. I went through a phase where I was drawing pictures of my favorite authors. I'll see if I can find a picture of one of my children's book illustrations.

edit link

sushipusha4 karma

Life's too "short"

Sorry. I'll just let myself out. (BTW great sense of humour you seem to have)

cuteliltrex7 karma

I like the cut of your giblet.

bestnamesweretaken3 karma

T-rex arms or not, you're cute and seem delightful. would date.

cuteliltrex8 karma

Thanks. I am a delight. What are your selling points?

bestnamesweretaken3 karma

Meaning what do I offer, or what about you makes me say that I would date you?

cuteliltrex6 karma

What can you offer me!

Wishyouamerry178 karma

(1in 9 is not fairly rare at all. There would be about 30 kids with it in an average elementary school with those odds. Are you sure it's not something like 1 in 9,000?)

How hard is it to do your hair every day? Are you able to put it in a ponytail or braid it, or do you need help with that?

cuteliltrex119 karma

Hmm. I think I'll need to look that up. I'm going off of a statistic that I remember hearing during my childhood. You might be right.

I have no trouble doing my hair. I once cut it all off to try a "simple pixie" cut and cried until it grew back. However, I do kind of think it's great and soothing when someone brushes my hair. Like Jack Donaghy said; braiding a woman's hair is romantic and fun. Lol.

JF_Kay19 karma

30 rock reference! I went from ambivalent to full on on fan of cuteliltrex!

40b4five3 karma

She had a quote from jack donaghy and tyrion lannister she's obviously pretty cool

cuteliltrex4 karma

That or I'm a tv watching vegetable.

Dr_Jerkface171 karma

How do you masturbate?

cuteliltrex424 karma

You have no idea how often I'm asked this question. I'll first say that I can reach. Then I'll be a bit more specific. I am very talented at thinking myself off. With a little concentration, i can achieve orgasm without needing to touch myself. Other than that... it's always nice to have a little help from friends. <3

StakeMeOutTonight59 karma

This intrigues me. I expected you'd get asked this on reddit, but your answer suggests people ask you this IRL. Frequently. Really frequently.


cuteliltrex83 karma

You'd be surprised by what people feel comfortable asking when you're friendly and open about yourself.

GrimResistance3 karma

Hmm, that's why I'm always bitter and aloof, so no one asks me any uncomfortable questions.

cuteliltrex3 karma

Life wouldn't be as much fun if it was all superficiality and pleasantries.

cablecore44 karma

i can achieve orgasm without needing to touch myself.

i... wish i could do that too.

cuteliltrex70 karma

ehh... practice?

Thorgil32 karma

you should do an Ama on that

cuteliltrex7 karma

I'll consider teaching seminars!

My50cal3 karma

This answer makes me want to be your friend.

cuteliltrex11 karma

There is a rigorous application process. We'll let you know in 2 to 5 weeks.

Prettyoblivious106 karma

Sorry bit of a funny question, does your disorder make it easier to get on floor and do the dinosaur?

cuteliltrex39 karma

It would if I knew what that was!

3_Mighty_Ninja_Ducks57 karma

What kind of adversity did you face in school growing up, from going about your day, to the other kids attitude toward you?

cuteliltrex131 karma

Hey mighty ninja ducks! I can answer that in two parts. First, I was home schooled with my twin sister. My parents were too afraid that I would have had a dismal school experience. In many ways that was a good call on their part. It allowed me to develop my own sense of myself without any outside or negative influence.

Ok, second part... one of my most vivid memories was of a neighborhood boy, a friend (I thought), gathering together a group of older kids and chasing me around the neighborhood with iron bars because I was different. I imagine that they had just read Frankenstein! I took two very important lessons away from that experience. One, never trust anyone named Andre! Two, you never really know what another person thinks of you (so you'd better know exactly what you think of yourself). When I was finally cornered by the kids, I remember telling Andre that he was "just so sad." Then my mother found us and eviscerated the entire group of 10 to 13 year olds. Oh, I was seven years old.

That_guy_1585 karma

I've learned to never trust someone named Andre from watching The League.

cuteliltrex36 karma

Ha. That's awesome.Great show.

jableshables36 karma

eviscerated the entire group

So your mother is an actual t-rex? That explains it.

cuteliltrex12 karma

cuteliltrex6 karma

My mother is the hottest t rex around.

Heat_Induces_Royalty54 karma

So... Are all your selfies really close up?

cuteliltrex64 karma

Actually, a lot of them are. It's like asking which came first. The chicken or the egg. My arm is shorter so I tend to take picture closer to my face, which often cut my arms out of the picture.

Heat_Induces_Royalty18 karma

You're an amazing person. Thank you for answering, and having a sense of humor :)

cuteliltrex23 karma

You're amazing! Thank you. I'm pretty lowest common denominator. There is nothing super special about me.

Gameofmoans6916 karma

I wonder if she could get the selfie stick declared a medically necessary device?

cuteliltrex31 karma

The day i'm prescribed a selfie stick is the day I kill myself and much of society.

iWant_To_Play_A_Game45 karma

Hi Erin, has this ever become an advantage for you in some way or another?

PS. You're really cute. I'd play a game with you.

cuteliltrex72 karma

This is very important. Please answer carefully. WHAT KIND OF GAME?

This is a really good question. It actually ha been good for me in some ways. I was home schooled and kind of isolated throughout my childhood. Both my sister and I were. Now, she doesn't have radial club hands. Her physique is normal. Because of our isolated, sensitive upbringing, and because we were both naturally shy, home schooling kind of messed us both up. I really think that, because I was different, it challenged me to identify myself and to decide who I was and who I wanted to be. I had to form my own idea of myself before other people could do it for me. So, as a result, I am much stronger than my sister. It gave me steel on the inside.

Lets see... it's benefited me in some other ways too. Apparently, this kind of thing can be a fetish. Interesting!

iWant_To_Play_A_Game41 karma

Idk, monopoly, trouble, saw, something fun for the both of us.

And that's awesome to hear. I'm glad you were able to become stronger and enjoy life to the max. Saw can be crossed off my list because of that.

cuteliltrex29 karma

I love monopoly and risk. I also used to game pretty heavily. My favorite games are mind games though. Or Pictionary!

iWant_To_Play_A_Game20 karma

So pictionary date this Friday?

cuteliltrex31 karma

I'm game.

iWant_To_Play_A_Game20 karma

Hehe I see what you did there.

cuteliltrex51 karma

Thanks. I'm super clever.

professional_giraffe7 karma

This t-shirt was made for you! I've wanted it for the Jurrassic Park reference.

cuteliltrex3 karma

Can I please have that? Please?

Flight7142 karma

Apparently, this kind of thing can be a fetish.

You have two great advantages for fisting: small hands, and greater angular maneuvrability at the ends of your arms.

cuteliltrex6 karma

I want you to truly believe me when I say that I find absolutely nothing about that appealing.

datcrazybok28 karma

This has been one of the best AMAs I've read. What made you decide to do it? I mean... I imagine you hear a lot of the same questions with your condition. Do you ever get tired of explaining or answering the same questions?

I think you're fantastically awesome. I wish I was able to be so positive. You've uplifted me, just with this short video and reading your answers. Thank you for sharing your story and your amazing personality with us.

cuteliltrex70 karma

Datcrazybok. Thank you. Seriously. I've been trying to reply on my iPhone and keep deleting it! Argh! Trex problems. White, privileged, trex problems. Being positive is a tricky thing. Sometimes you just have to fake it until you feel it. But don't beat yourself up for not being mr sunshine all the time.

Axeloblivion22 karma

Do you get strange looks or stares in public? How do you react if you do?

cuteliltrex82 karma

And, actually, here is a dirty little secret of mine... I really love shaking people's hands when I meet them. I like to see the recognition on their faces and watch how they'll react to me!

silverskull3941 karma

Reminds me of one of my financial aid counselers in college. He always wore long, baggy sleeves. When he met someone hed go to shake their hand and-- surprise! He had a little squished hand missing fingers. Hed grin at you when he saw the reallization set in, wink and say "gotcha!". Funny guy, had a good sense of humor about it.

cuteliltrex31 karma

That's awesome! I am not one to wear clothing that conceals. I love my body and I would much rather be comfortable than hide anything about myself.

xubax8 karma

You're very attractive and confident, which adds to the attraction!

cuteliltrex2 karma

Hey, thanks!

quiteintriguing10 karma

a friend of my dads is missing two fingers and I never noticed until my dad told me. The guy is very adept at keeping it hidden, but he doesn't explicitly hide his hand.

cuteliltrex14 karma

That's cool. I actually met a girl online who tried everything to hide her arm. It was really sad to me because she was so uncomfortable with her body.

Bornsalty18 karma

Well, to be fair, you ARE attractive. Not that anyone should be ashamed of who they are/what they look like, but it's incredibly common for unattractive girls/women to be insecure without some kind of physical alteration as it is.

cuteliltrex23 karma

You're very right. Also, thank you. I'm insecure about funny things. Not my arms. I'm insecure about my crooked teeth. My perpetual under eye dark circles. My height. I have normal girl insecurities. Growing up with my sister, I could never look at her insecurities and struggles and go, "why are you insecure?! What do you have to be upset about?" Her insecurities were just as real as mine, despite her having a normal physique.

timg5555 karma

I think you have pretty eyes.

cuteliltrex5 karma

Thank you. I bet you have pretty eyes too!

Melody11x5 karma

Last year I learned never to trust anyone named Chris. The guy was suppose to be my best friend for the last 7 years. One day he snapped for no reason and slammed my hand in the door as I was leaving. Only missing the end of my middle finger at the first joint close to the nail on my right hand. I've been struggling with it ever since and hide my hand from everyone. If I'm not wearing a sweater to cover my hands, I'm holding my hand in a fist and using my left hand for everything. I know it's ridiculous and I shouldn't be but I'm working it it...

cuteliltrex2 karma

Chris is the name of someone I trust immensely. However, that is awful and sad and sick. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Are you still in any pain? Also, if people ask just say you were in the yakuza or some other cool excuse.

lunchbox38 karma

I have a terrible confession that I feel could fit here. When I was about 12 I ripped the tendons in my hand. I was (and still am) incredibly squeamish. I was waiting on my own in the medical bay, trying not to faint (it didn't even hurt that much but the idea of it made me very woozy- pathetic I know!) Well in comes the nurse to put my bandage/cast thing on. He rolls up his sleeve and I notice that he is missing three fingers and had one he didn't have control over. Unfortunately noticing that coincided with me losing the battle for consciousness and I fainted and fell off my chair. I felt so so awful. I hadn't told anyone I felt faint before this so this guy clearly just thought I saw his hand and passed out! When I came around I had a different nurse... I was really embarrassed and didn't explain to anyone what had happened. I have always hoped he didn't take it personally and guessed it was a coincidence but who knows!

cuteliltrex8 karma

Oh, hon. You were a child who was being pretty brave during an injury. Fainting is normal.That being said, if i managed to make a person faint just by seeing my hands... I would consider it a personal victory.

fat_ass_mcgee3 karma

It's inspirational of you to have such a positive spin

cuteliltrex4 karma

hey thanks! I don't think I'm all that positive, but I can't imagine shrinking away from who I am and hiding. That just isn't an option. I'm really grateful that my family never let me do any of that.

cuteliltrex17 karma

I do sometimes get strange stares. When I was a little kid it was a bit different. I remember, vividly, that older women who who foreigners (Indian, Chinese, Mexican) would stop my mother and I in grocery stores to weep and hug me. They actually thought that I was in pain though. Nowadays, I don't have such strange interactions with people. Kids stare. I actually love it when a child will ask me questions about it. I love how direct kids are.

Thomas900220 karma

I'm surprised that this wasn't asked yet: have you ever cosplayed as a T-Rex?

cuteliltrex3 karma

Oddly, no!

Thomas90024 karma

You could try this:

cuteliltrex2 karma


regularfella19 karma

Anybody ever tell you that you look like Liv Tyler?

cuteliltrex24 karma

Insanely. Flattering. My ego! Oi! Yes. It's happened once before.

badluckdragon18 karma


cuteliltrex52 karma

Yup! Being the silly young person that I am, I got a tattoo from one of my favorite children's books. It says "once you are real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." From 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Margery Williams.

badluckdragon9 karma


cuteliltrex8 karma

I love it too. One of my all time favorite books.

mankind_is_beautiful16 karma

I wish I had a meaningful question that wasn't condescending in some way or something nice that wouldn't be seen as patronizing or whiteknighting.

So, pink or black?

Anyway, best of luck to ya.

cuteliltrex25 karma

Aw! Mankind is beautiful. Don't be shy. Try asking anything that comes to mind. I promise not to be offended or to judge you. I'm here to answer questions. Always black!

mankind_is_beautiful17 karma

Alright, here goes.

I think if it wasn't for your arms you'd be getting guys left right and centre - is it hard for you to find somebody who'll keep not caring or am I not giving guys enough credit? Because I'm not sure I could get into you being the superficial scumbag that I am.

cuteliltrex55 karma

I like your honesty. That wasn't so hard (that's what she said), right?! I actually get a fair amount of attention, both wanted and unwanted, from the sturdier sex. I keep myself in shape and I've been told that I have a body like a 1990s fly girl or a 16 year old french girl (whatever that means). I think it's a two way street. I have pretty high standards and I'd never be with someone who wasn't ok with me exactly as I am. I have not had a problem keeping someone interested. What has been tricky is getting people to see past it enough to realize that it's not a huge part of who I am physically.

mankind_is_beautiful19 karma

Yeah I kinda figured. I mean, if my girlfriend lost a leg tomorrow I honestly couldn't care less, but I don't believe I'd go for a girl with one leg... I would feel sorry that it happened and shitty that she'll have to live without it, but it wouldn't change anything. Also there was a choice of words in my previous comment that was totally unintentional and I changed them after I realized.

cuteliltrex23 karma

You never know. That's what I've realized. Attraction is far more of a visceral, emotional thing than what you assume it to be. Let' just say that ol' Erin has had a specific type pretty much her whole life. Recently, I met someone who was so far away from that type that it was almost a farce. Now I can't imagine being as attracted to anything else.

LadiesLoveBackHair15 karma

This just happens to be my fetish. Are you single?

cuteliltrex17 karma

Ha! I just mentioned that in another answer. I'm in an "it's complicated." But I am soon moving, so it's even trickier.

LadiesLoveBackHair8 karma

Well there is definitely nothing unattractive about your condition. I can't imagine a guy or girl caring about it.

cuteliltrex22 karma

Thank you! There are all kinds though. Some people assume I'm going to be super grateful for the attention. It's pretty strange sometimes!

Selppaekili13 karma

12 surgeries? How was that overall experience @[email protected], did you get used to it after awhile?

cuteliltrex13 karma

Luckily, most of the surgeries were really before I can remember them. That being said, I got really used to regular doctor visits. Pain and blood don't phase me much at all.

zeimcgei12 karma

Hey Erin, thanks for doing the AMA.

What are you doing with your life?

cuteliltrex33 karma

Hey, zeimcgei! That's a great question. I currently teach ESL to Korean high school students with my friend's company (shout out to NYECO!). I also wait tables in a local restaurant. I majored in English Literature and regret in college. Lol. It's kind of funny that I have such a social job, but it's kind of what I wanted for a while. I gave myself a crash course in presenting myself to society. Ultimately, my goal is to be a writer. I'm working on two books right now. I also illustrate and I'm looking for a collaborator for a children's book.

zeimcgei8 karma

Very cool! I hope to read your work one day!

cuteliltrex18 karma

Thank you! I'm actually thinking of doing a kickstarter to help with my project, but I'm really nervous that it would seem like straight up "I'm different so give me charity!"

PookaProtector3 karma

If you need an editor, I'd be down to help. (I am a writer, too, and was born with VACTERL Association - but only one of my 2 arms has no radius)

cuteliltrex4 karma

Hey! That's awesome! What kind of things do you write?

PookaProtector3 karma


cuteliltrex3 karma

What's very cool. I'd love to read your stuff and to share mine. I write essays. Short stories. I'm working on two different children's books and a novel that keeps becoming too personal.

cuteliltrex30 karma

I'm actually in the process of packing everything up and moving to NYC to try and make my dreams come true.

truthm0de11 karma

What do you like to do for fun?

cuteliltrex95 karma

I like stomping around, leveling forests and eating moderately sized creatures. You know, t-rexy things.

I enjoy hanging out with friends. Pretty average stuff. I love to draw. I love to read. I am all about cooking. I love working out. I am a huge music fan and I love going to live shows. My parents are great musicians and I grew up around music and art. I really wish that I had any of the musical talent that they have. Alas!

WockaWockaSK87 karma

Are you able to lift weights or is that too much stress on your arms? If so, is your arm strength on par with your sister/peers?

Do you run, if so, do the shorter arms have an ill effect on your stride?

Last two questions, somewhat unrelated, do you have a special desk for using a computer? Are you able to drive? If so, do you need to disable the airbags?

I'm late to the party, but really interesting AMA, you're a super cute girl, too.

cuteliltrex2 karma

I love lifting weight. I don't know though. My sister is not very into fitness.

I have no special equipment at all. Sometimes I scale furniture if I need to reach something. I can drive, but I have an appallingly bad sense of direction. NYC is the only city that I've found simple to navigate.

I hate running, but I do force myself to do it. Ugh. It's the worst. I don't have any balance issues, luckily.


gosh_dangit9 karma

i think i'm in love with queston: whats your favorite movie of all time? edit: i watched the youtube but the sound on my tablet is horrible, is the 3 fingers a result of the operations or was that the way you were born?

cuteliltrex10 karma

Ha! That's really sweet. I'm sure I'd like you if I got to know the real gosh_dangit. Maybe! I was born with four fingers and zero thumbs. The surgeons took my pointer fingers and created my cute lil thumbs.

nathgroom989 karma

Hey Erin! My question is: how old were you when you could use your thumbs ?

cuteliltrex15 karma

Hi nath! I actually don't remember a time when I couldn't use them. Of course, I learned to crawl while wearing casts on my arms. I think that I kind of adapted around the issue. Sometimes when I do things like eat using chopsticks or write by hand for a long time, I notice that I switch to a method of holding that doesn't put as much pressure on my thumbs. I don't have a conscious moment where I was like, "eureka! I can use thumbs!"

DexRogue9 karma

Do you own one of these shirts?!

On a more serious note, have you considered prosthetic extensions?

cuteliltrex3 karma

I must have that.

I haven't because I haven't had any trouble using the paws that i do have.

sexi_squidward7 karma

Can you lick your elbows?

cuteliltrex5 karma

One damp elbow later Yes, apparently.

hock3y_guy6 karma

How do you clean yourself after number 2?

cuteliltrex40 karma

I'd say I clean myself the same way that you do, but that might be presuming a higher level of cleanliness on your part. Sorry! Told you I would make fun.

ReverendEarthwormJim5 karma

Does this limit your actions? Driving, tying shoes, lifting packages, bowling?

cuteliltrex18 karma

Nope! Not so far as I've noticed. I can do all of those things that you mentioned, and I like lifting heavy objects. I can bowl, but I do use both hands. I recently went bowling and bowled a decent game until I fell on my butt while doing a victory dance.

jessupgmanning4 karma

are you typing with your nose?

cuteliltrex20 karma

astutely deduced! I'm actually typing with my eyelashes. My nose got tired and bent out of shape.

mmmeh4 karma

Do you ever get manicures?

cuteliltrex11 karma

Yes! I love a good manicure. Sometimes I haggle the price down though. ;)

Mordactis4 karma

How are you at dealing cards?

cuteliltrex4 karma

Super terrible, mordactis.

Keifer774 karma

Was your twin also born with the same T. rex arms?

cuteliltrex6 karma

Nope! It's kind of like I was raised in a controlled experiment. We're identical except she has normal arms and hands.

Rotten_InDenmark4 karma

Have you ever used this to pull a prank on people? Pulled the old switch-a-roo? I feel like this would be a just for laughs gag.

cuteliltrex9 karma

Ha. yeah. If someone asks me "what happened?" I usually respond that it was a tractor accident. Or a fight club or something. I've actually dressed as a zombie who'd lost her hands before. I wish I could find that pic. If I do I'll be sure to post it!

unplugged893 karma

Great AMA, really enjoying reading your answers!

Do you ever get bored of being called an inspiration? I can only imagine if I was in a position to be called an inspiration for simply getting on with my life as normal it would sort of bug me.

cuteliltrex5 karma

It actually doesn't come up much, thankfully. I think I'm too much of a spazz to be inspirational. Plus, my goals are a dreamers goals. If I was a surgeon, now that would be crazy inspirational.

cuteliltrex2 karma

and thanks!

cohbe33 karma

How do you feel about Greenland?

cuteliltrex4 karma

Well, it's green. So I'm against it. Their politics are alright, I suppose.

67thou3 karma

I don't really have anything to ask, but i have to ask a question per the rules. What's your favorite song?

Mainly i just wanted to say hi! I think it's very cool how much confidence you have and how open you are about yourself and your unique skeleton! There are so many people who have been blessed with good genes, and they still manage to find things to hate about themselves and life. Its so cool to see you taking life head on with a big smile, you are emblematic of the fact that happiness comes from within. I hope more people can be like you. Thanks for sharing your story!

cuteliltrex8 karma

Congratulation! You've asked the hardest question so far. I can't really choose just one. But "don't let me down" by the Beatles comes to mind.

Thank you. Happiness is a struggle, just like everybody else. I like to think that i'm very well adjusted and I love life, but i'm not an intrinsically happy type of person. Too in my head!

joeykip3 karma

Oh my god this is my favorite Beatles song. I love you.

cuteliltrex2 karma

I love you too.

MMAPokerActionQuake22 karma

How are you even typing right now?

cuteliltrex3 karma

With my fingers?

adueppen2 karma

Do you think that this could cause trouble with finding jobs? Also, what is your dream career?

cuteliltrex7 karma

I think that it probably has had a bit of an impact because of people's misconceptions about my abilities, but once given a chance to prove myself, I'm a very hard worker.

My dream job is to be a successful (if only enough to make a living) writer and illustrator.

Seldain2 karma

Hi there. Can we get a pic of that gnarly sounding grandfather clock?

cuteliltrex2 karma

Ha! Imgur It's the church across the street from my apartment.

Shark47602 karma

Have you ever tried to play the ukulele? And have you invested in a selfie stick?

cuteliltrex2 karma

My grandmother played the ukulele. I never picked it up. And, no. Just no.

Riggs1092 karma

Is there anything you would say you can do better than someone who is "normal"?

cuteliltrex4 karma

Nah. I do think I have a different perspective and I'm a pretty good judge of character, but there's nothing because of my arms that I can do especially better than anyone else.

Fuzzywuzzywazabear2 karma

Hot Wheels or Barbie?

cuteliltrex7 karma

Barbie. I built super elaborate doll's houses and dioramas as a child. It was more doll house than bedroom!

StarbuckPirate2 karma

Are you going to University? Can you believe Duke took the NCAA title? Good March Madness this year..

cuteliltrex7 karma

I'm not currently in school, no. Interesting that you should mention that game though! I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm a U of L fan though. Kind of happy Duke took the title.

StarbuckPirate2 karma

Right on! Louisville is awesome place!

cuteliltrex2 karma

Oh! Are you from Louisville too?

tjf02222 karma

It affects maybe 1 in 9 American kids.

Is that a typo?

cuteliltrex2 karma

Actually, it was a not well thought out misconception from childhood. I fixed it.

Mental_Illness2 karma

Have you ever been in a fist fight?

cuteliltrex11 karma

Not yet. But I would kick the shit out of my opponent. Literally!

MisterWonka2 karma

You've mentioned that you'd like to be a writer/illustrator. Have you ever considered writing a children's book loosely about your experience? I would imagine it would be inspiring for kids in similarly tough situations to not only read about it but then find out that the person in the story grew up to be the author!

cuteliltrex7 karma

Yes! That's a terrific idea, MisterWonka. I have thought about it and I'm working on a short version right now.

MisterWonka16 karma

I'm working on a short version

I would expect nothing less! 😉

cuteliltrex10 karma

Well played

cuteliltrex6 karma

That being said, I feel like there are so many wonderful children's books that already touch on what it's like to be different, and they do it really well. It's a daunting genre.