My short bio: I study computer science, second year and I currently work for a заложна къща in Stolipinovo, Plovdiv. You can ask me anything about my work, life or anything else you can come up with.

My Proof: Edit: Didnt expect this, thanks everyone. Thank you for the gold I will spend it wisely

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mrfizzle11461 karma

What % of customers are wearing track suits?

goatstrike1354 karma

Hahha not many, most of our clients are pretty slick. They wear fake italian designer clothes like Versache D&G, Armany

HenryHenderson740 karma

What is your favourite video game and why isn't it Burnout 3: Takedown?

goatstrike809 karma

Im a huge fan of Dota2 have alot of fun whenpaying Civ 5 also

grackychan289 karma

What are your thoughts on Russian players? Cyka

goatstrike398 karma

I have alot of fun with them, ez to make them rage. I prefer russian to bulgarian player though

Daskice88 karma

Ruski's are getting better. The influx of players coming from the Middle-East worries me more.

goatstrike134 karma

Say that to Smail

Libertyreign97 karma

Dude. Civ 5 all the way. If you are into longer games like that and by chance like city builders, you should check out Cities: Skylines. I've stuck so much time into it without even noticing. It's great.

EDIT: I syuck at English apperently

goatstrike65 karma

my friend is tring to recrute me to play it, will givee it a try

freakedmind2 karma

DOTA 2 REPRESENT!Who's your favorite hero?!

goatstrike6 karma

Dont have one, currently i enjoy bashing pub games with lina

frozen_barbie_head643 karma

What would be the weirdest transaction you have ever had? Both buy & sell?

goatstrike1066 karma

My colleague recently bought an Urn where they put your ash when you get cremated, I am pretty sure it was used. But other than that we only deal with items that can sell quick, like gold, silver, laptops, cellphones etc. Weirdest item we are sellin right now is a horse seat worth like 3k

Ejaculating_weiner1301 karma

I can't imagine spending 3k for a horse seat, can't it just sit on the ground?

goatstrike2629 karma

what kind of animal cruelties are in your head sir? a horse sitting on the ground without a seat, what kind of monster are you

goatstrike140 karma

One of us, One of us!!

Gingembr119 karma

Horse seat = saddle?

The_Sloppy_Tugger206 karma

Equine throne

DaveFromPrison119 karma

The one all the horses of Westeros are fighting over?

They neigh or they die.

goatstrike408 karma

valar horseatus

lostpatrol603 karma

Did you ever get offered sexual favors as payment?

goatstrike1354 karma

More often we get the offers for free.

really---wrong-72 karma

call me a hater but this guy's boring af....

u work in the run of the mill pawn shop from what you've told us, you don't buy or sell anything weird or cool, and i don't give a fuck that you probably slept with every hooker in the red light district.

is it me or is this Ama pathetic lol

goatstrike36 karma

Nah dont hate the guy, I am telling you information first hand of a buissiness that is often misunderstood. Here is an Upvote, hope you are happy

wgeist1506 karma

Did you ever have to deal with a robbery? If so, how did you handle it?

Note: I hope you didn't or ever do, I'm just curious.

goatstrike858 karma

Robbery no, the pawn shop is pretty secure and if someone robs it we will find him really quick. Everyone knows everyone here. The biggest robbery we had was 1 month ago, an employee stole like 3 grand and dissapeard.

Devout1121 karma

if someone robs it we will find him really quick

an employee stole like 3 grand and dissapeard

goatstrike868 karma

By robs i meant people come armed and take whatever they can take. The employee who stole from us, dissapeared and left town. The police has all his data and are going to find him eventually.

ls3095472 karma

Cool. How do you like Plovdiv? I met a girl on vacation last year who studies in plovdiv. We still talk to each other about every day. She talks about going to sunny beach all the time wherever that is

goatstrike685 karma

Plovdiv is the best place to live in Bulgaria, in my opinion. People are warm, funny and the weather is great. And sunny beach is the shitwhole of Bulgaria, great party destination for tourist because of cheap alcohol and drugs.

ls3095394 karma

Lol what's the best part of Plovdiv? Something I can ask her about.. I wonder if she would be familiar

Edit: she said, "who is this gipsy"

goatstrike572 karma

Ask her about Plazma, if she goest there your mate is a junkie

ls3095397 karma

Haha she said she's been there but its boring for her because shes not "drug peoples"

goatstrike473 karma

Good creature, old town is realy nice if you are in Plovdiv visit it.

turbonegro81063333 karma

What are you doing to make it the 3rd biggest ghetto?

goatstrike584 karma

drive buys

Dovahkiin42236 karma

So you purchase cars?

goatstrike497 karma

Of course we purchase cars, dont you watch Pawn Stars?

spermwhalejail264 karma

What are the dangers in your area of Stolipinovo? How happy are people you meet, in general? How respectful or disrespectful?

goatstrike550 karma

The area is populated with gypsies and since most of them are unemplyed they pawn their gold in order to make ends meet. So far my observation gives me the idea that they are pretty happy, although they are poor as mice. In cultural aspect they are pretty far behind but they are generally good people. They are respecfull to our institution becase we give them money, other than that i dont reccomend you walking at night in Stolipinovo.

spidersnake207 karma

So they're alright if you're actively giving them money, just don't go out at night of you'll still give them money?

goatstrike453 karma

one way or another they get the cash

TasteLevel240 karma

What is Viktor Krum like in real life?

goatstrike341 karma

Head he became a total douche after the hp movie

ClintHammer190 karma

Are you like American pawn shops that almost never do pawns, or do you do a lot of actual loans?

goatstrike294 karma

Good question. we mostly do loans because it is more profitable. People get misguided because of the show Pawn Stars because they buy unique items, but without the consult of speciallist most pawns shops deal only with elecronics and gold

ItsNotSherbert170 karma

Do you have anything similar to American laws wherein you cannot accept stolen items? Do you require an identification for transactions?

goatstrike251 karma

We usually avoid getting stolen goods because the police checks pawn shops for them. But its a risk, you have to ask the person the right questions if the items doesnt have the neccesary paperwork

BrutallyHonestDude162 karma

Your English is good. Is English standard in the Balkans? Can all the young people read, write and speak it?

goatstrike333 karma

Cant tell you about all the balkans, but in bulgaria most young people speak and write english well. I myself have studied in a foreign languadge high school .

Bris_Throwaway147 karma

1) It's been a few years since you guys joined the EU. Do you think life is better or worse?

2) What would be an average wage for someone working in a coffee shop versus someone working in an office job?

3) What's the best or worst thing about living/working in Stolipinovo?

goatstrike180 karma

1)Cant really rember what was like before joining EU, but everyone says that life was better. 2)Depends who and where you work for. A waitress job differs between 400-800lv, office job is about the same. Bigger cities offer higher payment. 3)Worse thing is you are woring in the dirties neighbourhood in town, best thing is i get to know how minorities live in bulgaria from first hand.

sadman81109 karma

that's $220-440/month

goatstrike150 karma

Thats the average salary, not are the many privilaged to it. There are people living with 60$ a month here

Bris_Throwaway31 karma

It's interesting you provide figures in LEV rather than EUR. Do you deal with both currencies on a day to day basis? Also, as a basis for comparison, what is the local price for a Big Mac meal?

goatstrike60 karma

Only in Levs. All our offices have Moneygram and Western Union but the foreign currencies get transfered to lev

jsdratm107 karma

I was in Bulgaria last year to climb Musala and visit the Rila Monastery as well as Sofia. I thought it was a very beautiful country and never encountered anything that made me feel unsafe. I was thinking about coming back sometime, what would be the best places to visit? What places should be avoided?

goatstrike117 karma

Go to Veliko Turnovo, beutifull place. Or if you are into Mountain climbing and tourism walk the Kom-Emine path, crosses all of Stara Planina

GrooverMcTuber87 karma

Are gypsies as bad as they say?

goatstrike234 karma

Even worse, but thats how they are raised and thats how they are treated by others, they live day for day and are happy. I have high hopes for younger generation, because they have started to get more intigrated with modern society.

snapsticks86 karma

Do you get robbed often? Also, what's the grossest thing anybody ever tried to sell you?

goatstrike270 karma

A desk PC, on the outside the box looked pretty good. Great parameters and everything, but when i opened the PC it was filled with rubbish, dust and dead animals. Felt like Deadmau5. Edit : never been robbed, hope it stays that way

snapsticks61 karma

Heh, gross. Did you try to salvage it?

goatstrike195 karma

Ofcourse, cleaned it up, worked fine, sold it few days later

Dubyassdubyass83 karma

So what's life in Bulgaria like?

goatstrike233 karma

Can answer the question becasue you have to come and see. Life here is sweet. There are many beutifull palces, beutifull women and people are free to do whatever they want without any harsh punishment. But also life here sucks hard, due to poverty, coruption and many more.


What was the most profitable transaction you've ever made?

goatstrike165 karma

sold some drilling eqipment with 300% profit

xelested70 karma

How are the police around there? Good, bad, ugly, corrupt?

goatstrike314 karma

The po po doesnt come in this part of town


What are the most common items that you reject.

What is the funniest/most interesting item you rejected?

goatstrike136 karma

Old beatup phones with cracked displays, its so funny when people try to convince you nothing is wrong with them

AussieDefect51 karma

What kind of market do you put on items?

And if you offer loans, How often do they get paid off?

goatstrike84 karma

Depends on the items. If it is some kind of electrical item we find out the price of it second hand and we give 50 % of it. But we often offer our regular clients more money in order to keep them coming. The price of gold depends on the market, our policy is to offer the best prices and lowest interests, so that our clients dont loose their items. I can give you rough information that 30% of pawned items dont get paid off

NicoHollis43 karma

define ghetto?

goatstrike253 karma

elliellellen54 karma

Shit man, what's with the pink crib on the path?

goatstrike138 karma

do you mean the school ?

BlasianBettiePage12 karma

They were talking about this.

goatstrike34 karma

Shhh, the baby is sleeping

goatstrike19 karma

Nope, pretty sure that the owners have bought them legit.

Sixty-to-Zero39 karma

Favorite thing there (ever) that came in.

Any cool guitars?

Funniest thing someone tried to pawn/sell.

goatstrike136 karma

This girl came once with her pet turtle. Didnt take it

_Paolo31 karma

I have a question, since Bulgaria is in the EU, do you feel like a lot of skilled people are leaving the country for greener pastures?

goatstrike73 karma

Not a feeling, this is 100% true. Doctors, teachers every profesion that shapes society what it is is dissapearing in bulgaria. Every young will grab an opportunity to leave Bulgaria for a better wage somewhere in Europe or Us,

Glip_Glorp_Glop21 karma

I was in Plovdiv a few years ago, while recovering food poisoning(fuck you Istanbul). I remember it as a pretty nice place. My question is; to what level is organized crime involved in day to day businesses like yours? Everyone would always joke about the mob having to do with everything, but I never knew how much of that was true.

goatstrike109 karma

The mob has evolved, way beyond pawn shops and dept collectors. They run the country now.

antichristreboot4 karma

Jock Palfreemans case is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice. How was it portrayed in Bulgaria?

goatstrike2 karma

Never heard of it, but accidents like that happen all the time in Bulgaria.