Hi all, Brian Wilson here.

My new Capitol album 'No Pier Pressure' is out April 7th (you can pre-order it here ) and I'll be heading out on tour in June (dates at http://brianwilson.com).

‘Love & Mercy,’ a film about my life starring John Cusack and Paul Dano, and co-starring Elizabeth Banks and Paul Giamatti, will be in theaters on June 5th (http://loveandmercyfilm.com).

I was lucky enough to go to the film’s U.S. premiere last Sunday at SXSW in Austin.

I'm at the historic Capitol Records building in Hollywood, ready to answer your questions. AMAA!

PROOF https://twitter.com/BrianWilsonLive/status/578647361494347776

** Hey guys I'm out of time thanks for all the great questions. Hope you like my new album No Pier Pressure, hope you go see 'Love & Mercy', and hope to see you out on tour! - Brian

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bidet_mate1513 karma

What did you think the first time you heard the Barenaked Ladies song, "Brian Wilson?"

officialbrianwilson2085 karma

I was honored that they would use my name but it embarrassed me a little bit because I was lying in bed a lot haha

aliceinwonderbread1439 karma

How was it filming with the cast of Full House? For some reason that's one of the only episodes I remember!

officialbrianwilson2474 karma

I've never been on Full House

joshywins1025 karma

What's your favourite band?

officialbrianwilson2442 karma

The Beatles

Eternally65897 karma

A lot has been written about a rivalry between you and Lennon/McCartney, particularly about their desire to compete against Pet Sounds. I know it's a long time ago, but did you feel the same level of competition with the Beatles?

officialbrianwilson1577 karma

There was mutual admiration, competitiveness not a rivalry. 'Pet Sounds' inspired 'Sgt Pepper.'

LG6809 karma

What's under Mike Love's baseball cap?

officialbrianwilson1673 karma

A bald head.

milligna719 karma

What does it feel like to have a number one record on the charts?

officialbrianwilson851 karma

It's a great feeling it's a great honor it's an achievement

lsda699 karma

If you could give any advice to yourself at age 18, what would it be?

officialbrianwilson1930 karma

Don't take drugs!

dooj88672 karma

if I were Brian Wilson and you were me, what would you ask?

officialbrianwilson1015 karma

I would ask you What does it feel like to have a number one record on the charts?

mshecket466 karma

Could you tell us the name of your favorite vegatables?

officialbrianwilson685 karma


yeah_at_work_so464 karma

Hi Mr. Wilson,

I bought my first Beach Boys album at a yard sale in the early 70s. I've been a fan since then. Do you remember the first album/record you bought?

officialbrianwilson864 karma

The first album I bought was Four Freshmen and Five Trombones. It changed my life.

duddersj430 karma

Hi Brian, what's your biggest fear?

officialbrianwilson1007 karma


That5Guy416 karma

Love your work Brian! Do you still maintain contact with Paul McCartney? He's always listen "God only knows" among his favourites

officialbrianwilson679 karma

I talk to Paul about once a year. We get caught up on music & family.

BWPS1389 karma

How do you like your steak cooked? What's your favorite flavor of cake?

officialbrianwilson723 karma

Medium rare with ketchup on top and my favorite flavor of cake is cheesecake

ExtraAndroid370 karma

Who was your most memorable fan?

officialbrianwilson856 karma

When I was in Washington DC about 8 years ago receiving the Kennedy Center Honor, President Bush and I met - I said "Nice to meet you" and he said "I'm one of your fans." I was thrilled

puzzlednerd349 karma

What is your favorite movie?

officialbrianwilson1146 karma

The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock because it had a sense of humor. Some guys car blew up and he got killed and it made me laugh for some reason running from the birds.

WhooRadley327 karma

You had a very well publicized battle with depression for a part of your life. What do you credit with helping you break out of it and getting your drive to make all that great music back?

Many thanks for all that music, Brian.

officialbrianwilson642 karma

My doctor turned me on to exercise, running was what helped break me out of my depression and get me back to songwriting. That among other things.

ChrisPJMartin318 karma

Mr Wilson, Brian, sir, or however you prefer to be called - hi! I’ve been a massive Beach Boys fan ever since I was the age of 4 (I’m 21 now). I grew up in Cornwall (UK) around the surf and as a youngster loved the obvious pop hits like Surfin’ USA, California Girls and Kokomo but since I hit my late teens and adult life where I’ve suffered with depression at times, ’Til I Die is a song that I’ve fell in love with. So I thank you dearly for writing that song.

What I wonder is what made you decide to be so open and honest within the lyrics and the way you wrote ’Til I Die?

officialbrianwilson395 karma

Because I was being humble when I said "I'm a rock on a landslide, I'm a cork on the ocean..." It's a very humbling song.

highonnoopept291 karma

What one thing do you most want to say to the whole world?

officialbrianwilson1001 karma

Good vibrations to you all!

jpfdeuce273 karma

Brian, what is your favorite track from the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album? I mean, I realize you were in competition with the band at the time and things became very troubling around then... But it's a question I've long wondered.

Thank you, sir. You're a legend.

officialbrianwilson630 karma

A Little Help From My Friends because of Ringos performance and John Lennons chords and melody

Moonburner264 karma

What does it take to keep your voice in such amazing condition after years of singing amazingly?

officialbrianwilson475 karma

I sing at my piano and I practice every 2 or 3 days singing Beach Boys songs and thats how I keep my voice in good shape

funnymann3261 karma

Hi Brian, what's been your favorite part about seeing Carnie and Wendy achieve their own success in the business?

officialbrianwilson425 karma

I'm most proud of their sound. They sing like angels

eggopm3234 karma

How did you feel about seeing John Cusack and Paul Dano portraying you on film? Is it weird to see aspects of the life that you really lived acted out by others?

officialbrianwilson401 karma

Well..the movie is on my life and when I saw it it took me back to where I was back in the '60s and '80s. It took me back to when I was young and all different places. It was a thrill to see John and Paul portraying me, they did it very well.

-deviljho-232 karma

What advice do you have to offer to new songwriters? And do you have a favorite Bob Dylan song?

officialbrianwilson483 karma

Blowin' In The Wind i like the lyrics. I met Bob Dylan in an emergency hospital in Malibu..he accidentally had his thumb broken. It was a cool place to meet him. I'm a fan of his for sure

IKEA_samurai_sword218 karma

I'm sure you still often get recognized by fans when out in public. How do you feel about fans approaching you?

officialbrianwilson473 karma

A little bit paranoid to be honest but I'm proud to be recognized

thetussin990214 karma

Could you describe your most vivid childhood memory? Musical or otherwise?

officialbrianwilson618 karma

The first time that my brothers and I saw the ocean. My dad brought us there. That was the most memorable part of my childhood.

Walrus_Songs174 karma

I'm a young songwriter and you're a huge inspiration to my songwriting. I have 2 questions:

1) When writing some of The Beach Boys songs, specifically Pet Sounds/SMiLE era, did you have a melodic structure to follow or did the songs just come to you sitting on a piano or out of nowhere?

2) Do you have a favourite key to play/sing in? Any favourite chords to play/sing with?

officialbrianwilson320 karma

The songs came to me sitting at a piano and out of nowhere and came down from my brain and onto the keyboard. My favorite key is B, the song "Darlin'" is in B. No favorite chords, but I like Major chords.

suaveitguy165 karma

You are the greatest. What musicians do you admire that have come along in the next generation? Anyone that would surprise people?

officialbrianwilson241 karma

Al Blaine because of his great drumming. He played on "California Girls."

suaveitguy139 karma

Any other Smile's sitting in your closet waiting to be released?

officialbrianwilson321 karma

No, Smile was a one of a kind.

redsox6125 karma

Hi Brian! What songs or albums would you recommend to someone trying to get into the Beach Boys?

officialbrianwilson216 karma

Darlin with Carl on lead and California Girls would be the two

Shoezn22121 karma

50 to 100 years from now, what do you want people to take from your legacy of music?

officialbrianwilson276 karma

The timelessness of "California Girls" and "Surfer Girl," maybe who knows?

Joelio13121 karma

Hi Brian, you're the absolute best.

Question: What's one little-known fact about you or your life that you'd like people to know?

officialbrianwilson340 karma

That I'm deaf in my right ear and that I used to do transcendental meditation at my house. Most people don't know that.

CodaHall113 karma

What do you miss most about the 1960's?

officialbrianwilson323 karma

I miss the spirit of competition and all the cool restaurants and places we used to hang out.

Derren_Browns_Parrot111 karma

Hi Brian,

I like The Beach Boys. 'Get Around' is my favourite and I have fond memories of an holiday on The Isle of Wight listening to it.

What's your favourite ice cream?

officialbrianwilson169 karma


Lelsubreddit94 karma

Have you ever met John Lennon?

officialbrianwilson249 karma

He's the only Beatle I never met but I admire him, very much so. I've spent time with both of his sons Sean and Julian.

outtakes90 karma

since this might be your last tour, will you consider coming to the UK?

officialbrianwilson159 karma

Well...as I've said before this could be my last tour but of course I will try to get to the UK.

outtakes87 karma

what is the greatest advice you have been given?

officialbrianwilson324 karma

Follow through with my songs and don't stop halfway through the song. Write the whole song.

Timmy2Toast81 karma

how did you come up with the title "do you like worms"?

officialbrianwilson178 karma

Van dyke came up with that title. I thought it was a strange strange title.

Xwhom71 karma

Favourite place to go in London?

officialbrianwilson161 karma

Picadilly Square

PieMaster6471 karma

On your favourite hamburger, what toppings are on it?

I really hope to see your show in Toronto, I saw your show in Ottawa 4 years ago on the George Gershwin tour and it was delightful.

officialbrianwilson140 karma

Ketchup mustard onions and cheese

Heywood_Floyd63 karma

Hey Brian! What is your favorite song from the Love You album?

Thank you for all your music and I’m really looking forward to your new album and movie!

officialbrianwilson137 karma

"Ding Dang" because I like my brother Carl's vocal

suaveitguy61 karma

What makes you cringe when you hear a bad tune? Any cliche's that bug you?

officialbrianwilson185 karma

It bugs me when people sing flat

lurbuk1256 karma

What song on No Pier Pressure do you enjoy the most?

officialbrianwilson111 karma

Sail Away because of Blondie's performance

Jimet40949 karma

Mr. Wilson, are you a TV game show fan? Which one would you like to a contestant?

officialbrianwilson153 karma

Wheel of Fortune I love game shows. I watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy everyday. I would love to go on but I don't think I'd be very good haha

outtakes44 karma

What do you consider the best songs on Dennis' solo album?

officialbrianwilson102 karma

You and I that's my favorite because I liked his vocal. Great vocal

RebozoNixon32 karma

Do you have a favourite concert venue that you like performing in the most?

officialbrianwilson72 karma

Royal Festival Hall in London because of the crowds and the sound of the room

YungBlaccBrotha28 karma

Wassup Brian! I met your lookalike at a 7/11 in the Valley, I thought it was you and it turns out he knew you personally.

Pet Sounds is one of 5 albums I've heard which I consider to be a "perfect album" to my highly subjective ears (the others being Nick Drake's Bryter Layter, Prince's Sign O' The Times, Beck's Sea Change and Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City).

"Surf's Up" is my favorite song of all time.

I proudly own a physical copy of SMiLE. Don't know where I kept it though. Songs I also love from that album are "Vege-Tables", "Wind Chimes" and the "Good Vibrations" remix.

I love the cover of Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made To Love Her" off of Wild Honey.

My two questions to you are:

When did you discover your fascination with Gershwin?

What are your favorite songs or albums by black artists?

You are the greatest!

officialbrianwilson73 karma

When I was about 27 or 28, a friend of mine taught be how to play the pretty part of Rhapsody In Blue. It brought me back to when I first heard it when I was 3 years old.

Stevie Wonder is the best, the album is "Music Of My Mind" of 1972

soxmaniacnd15 karma

Hey Brian! Just want to say thanks for making some of my favorite music.

What do you look at as your greatest accomplishment? You've done so much so it would be interesting to know what you're most proud of.

Also: Pancakes or waffles?

officialbrianwilson49 karma

Recording California Girls as well as Good Vibrations. Pancakes for sure.

sweetdudejim13 karma

Hey Brian, what made you make the decision to get back in touch with Blondie Chaplin? Personally I think it's a great reunion and I can't wait to hear all of "Sail Away" and see you guys on tour!

officialbrianwilson25 karma

Blondies voice was the only decision we needed he adds so much to the songs he's on. Can't wait to go on tour with him!