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Hey Will, PLEASE Two serious questions. I loved your performance in “Stranger than Fiction.”

  1. Which movie/tv character is more true to who you are when you're not in front of an audience?

  2. Do you have any desires/future projects that are less comedic and more dramatic coming up?
    On a side note thanks for the rib hurting laughs. Thanks.

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What does it take to keep your voice in such amazing condition after years of singing amazingly?

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Mr. Chevy Chase,

Is it true that you were not really a big fan of The Three Amigos? What about it made it such a challenge?

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Whether you realize it or not, you’ve immortalized yourself in history. My big question is…how do you think this will change, not just the U.S. but the world?

Also, do you see any future unintended consequences good/bad coming from this? Thanks so much!

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Sir Attenborough,

What do you feel has been your biggest personal sacrifice that you've made for your work?

Was it worth it? Thank you for efforts. The worlds is better for it.