Have fun with it!

Victoria is helping via phone.

Edit I would like to say that I love you all, and hope you continue to support THE NEIGHBORS and future of my projects, and I would say thanks a lot, I hope to see you at next screening of THE ROOM! Think positive! And also, I love you all! And of course, see THE NEIGHBORS on Hulu and write to your TV station, because we want to present THE NEIGHBORS on TV.

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Dorian1822835 karma

So Tommy, how is your sex life?

RealTommyWiseau3040 karma

I enjoy it erryday!

another-cheap-writer2284 karma

Was Jonny truely her favourite customer?

Edit: my highest rated comment is about the room, my life's complete

RealTommyWiseau2382 karma


cmallard20112269 karma

Oh hi Tommy.

In The Room, it’s pretty clear that the character of Lisa was meant to symbolize temptation and the evil that jealousy between friends and lovers can create. Could you elaborate more on what Lisa’s actions in the film say about our society and the moral degradation of America as a whole?

RealTommyWiseau2233 karma

GREAT Question!

First of all, you can compare Lisa to Eleezabeth Taylor, to when she did CLEOPATRA. The ladies, they don't have to wear jeans, they can wear dresses to be very powerful.

So Lisa's character is very powerful. She represents American society.

So that's my answer. Move on, next one!

Vettelaw1949 karma

Mr. Wiseau,

I am getting married in the near future and already have plans to throw a football around in an alley with my groomsmen. Any pointers on how to keep the game moving and to elicit the best awkward laughs from my groomsman for the videographer to pick up? Also, how can I best avoid injury?

Thanks for all you do.

RealTommyWiseau2076 karma


I encourage you to do that number 1. And don't call me Mr. Wiseau, I hate that, but I wish you luck in new direction in my life, and play football before you to go bed, and play football before you drink, before you get tipsy.

ABSOLUTELY - be the first one! Send me the clip! Absolutely! An invitation maybe! I wish you luck!

gabzz1031353 karma

Ohai Tommy, other than yourself, who do you think had the best performance in The Room?

Also, why do you think that Denny was buying drugs from Chris-R to the point that he owed him a significant amount of money?

RealTommyWiseau2354 karma

I think everybody did a good job. All the actors were extremely dedicate. We had researhsal, I encourage peopel to actually think about twice before re-writing, bashing actors, because all the actors did a very good job. In the media, they said they didn't know what they were doing, but we had regular rehearsal, six months before, so everything was done very professionally, and actor did very good job. So I think everybody did good, equally well.

The reason for it was because he want to sell it, he want to make money you know?

Look at today's society. Everything you see in the Room is related to real life.

NotSureHowThingsWork1101 karma

Oh hi Tommy,

What was your favorite room when you were a kid? Mine was the fish-tank room in the back of the pet store... something about the aquarium lights in the darkness soothed me.

RealTommyWiseau1559 karma

Mine was actually a little basement, actually. Hehehehe.

Notmychairnotmyprobz1091 karma

Oh hai Tommy! If you could play catch with one person, alive or dead, who would it be?

RealTommyWiseau1641 karma


Somebody would hear this would probably be laughing, but Joe Montana, hahaha!

suaveitguy1064 karma

Any news on the James Franco film of the making of The Room? Have you met with him? What do you think of that project?

RealTommyWiseau1950 karma

Aw, I support him 100% perfect. He is very cool guy. But at this time, we have agreement, I cannot talk about it. He is very dedicate actor. We have a lot in common James Dean for example. Next question!

ScottFromCanada983 karma

Tommy, I can not see The Neighbors in Canada, I can naught!! When will it be available in Canada? Will it be on Blu-Ray soon? Keep the AMAZING work, man!! You are a true original!

RealTommyWiseau835 karma

Awww thank you very much! In Canada, I believe, maybe we will release in Canadian TV, so I am very happy people have this question. Yes, I am going to see Canada in a couple months! So...

suaveitguy931 karma

What do you make of the mystery around your origins? Are you surprised?

RealTommyWiseau2169 karma

Well, you know, we're all curious. We all live in America, and we are all curious bout people, who they are, where they come from. I'm very private person, I keep that way, that's my choice. I am America, I keep that way. Thank you for asking that.

GrnApricorn867 karma

Did Claudette recover from her breast cancer?

RealTommyWiseau1349 karma

Yes, she survived.

velvet_doublet810 karma

Hi Tommy! I'm a big fan of The Room.

In Greg Sestero's book, he mentioned that in early drafts of The Room you wanted to include a scene with a flying car, but it was cut because it was too difficult to film. Can you tell us about some of the ideas you had for The Room that, for whatever reason, didn't make it into the final version of the film?

Thank you!

RealTommyWiseau924 karma

That was the whole fantasy. The flying car did not exist, it was a joke. First of all THE ROOM was a drama slash comedy. That's what we had there. So flying cars is incorrect statement. Yeah, we had a shot behind the scenes you can see it. You see the blu-ray and DVD, some of the shot we did not put it in. Like basketball, Chris R playing basketball in the corner instead of in the alley. You can see very clearly what we did not use.

Republican_Atheist783 karma

How did you make your millions Tommy?

RealTommyWiseau1794 karma

Okay! That's good question!

Well first of all - if you look at background, you work hard, you make money. It's no secret, okay? You work VERY hard, you make money.

Well I work very hard, 24/7, several days a week, okay?

And the specific how I make monies will be in book. THE DISASTER ARTIST by Tommy Wiseau, when I write it soon. Yes.

GeniusAmongFools781 karma

Hi Mr. Wiseau, thank you for being here today! My question is, are you planning to make any form of prequel/add-on to The Room?

RealTommyWiseau1692 karma

Yes. We are doing sequel. And also 3-d, eventually.

nelfichu743 karma

Tommy, are you going to cameo in The Disaster Artist movie? Perhaps as the flower shopkeeper, so you can tell yourself that you're your favorite customer?

RealTommyWiseau828 karma

First of all, it's a good question. And agaaaain, I'm part of production, but I can't talk about it. So that's all I can say right now.

JamesCameronScholar725 karma

What's your favorite James Cameron film?

RealTommyWiseau1392 karma

I'm - listening - THE ROOM, next question!

hotslaw670 karma

Dear Tommy, First and foremost let me thank you for bringing me such joy. I have seen the Room easily over 500 times. Seeing it so many times I have a theory about your movie. While your movie addresses seemingly random major issues I have tied them together in a theory. When I watch your film I imagine Johnnys job at the "bank" to have ties to the Mafia. Mark too as he said he was very busy while waiting in the car wearing sunglasses probably waiting on a hit. His character is clearly a hitman. The scene on the rooftop with Chris R being suddenly "taken to the police" happened too quickly.

I theorize that Johnny and Mark disposed of him.

As for the conversations between Lisa and her mother I believe that she lives in a close apartment that johnny helps pay for because she has dementia. Several years prior she had breast cancer and has since been cured hence Lisa's calm and untroubled reassurance when she brings it up. While Lisa and Claudette are close the stress of caring for her ailing mother and the line of work cause her to feel lonely having Michelle as her only close friend to confide in as her boyfriend Mike is also in involved in the mob. She is also worried about Denny who is like a son to her becoming involved in the same shady line of work because of his love and admiration for Johnny. Peter the is too who as a psychologist runs drugs. Chris R was cutting in on their turf .

Lisa sees Mark as her only escape from her lonely reality but is filled with mixed emotions about her codependant relationship with Johnny. While Lisa and Johnny love each other Johnny does in fact become abusive off screen. The reason he doesn't usually drink is because he also takes anxiety medication due to his high stress job and blacks out when he drinks. I theorize he did in fact hit her perhaps that's the reason it is not shown on screen as the movie is centered around Johnny and his perception. This is supported also at the end of the movie when Lisa lies and says shes pregnant. As Johnny is celebrating and drinking champagne she is afraid of him hitting her and lies in hopes of avoiding a beating. Johnny does in fact get in a violent altercation with his best friend mark twice that night.

In the end Johnny is a victim of the high stress involved in being a loving caring friend pursuing love the American dream. That's about it. What do you think of my theory Tommy? Am I the only one who truly recognizes your genius?


TLDR: Conspiracy theory The Room is actually a complex coherent movie with extensive subtext.

-Johnny and Mark have mob ties

-Lisas mom has dementia

-Tommy Wiseau IS AN EXPERT!!!!!

Edit: Whoa thanks for the gold kind stranger. If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place.

RealTommyWiseau821 karma

We see this.

This theory is completely untrue.

But it's good writing. I give you credit for that. Move on next question.

mega-shark659 karma

Have you ever heard the speculation that you're DB Cooper? If so, where did you hide the 727?

RealTommyWiseau815 karma

Uh... neowww, but what people speculate is incorrect referencing. Not familiar with that. Looking right now, they are wrong, let's put it that way.

er1c1996657 karma

What's your favorite line from any of your works? Mine has to be the "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"

RealTommyWiseau992 karma

Well, we on the same page.

I love this quote.

And also, "WHAT A DAY!" I like that one. It's from Charlie, in THE NEIGHBORS.

And also, I see across America, people quoting me. "OH, WHAT A DAY!"

RealTommyWiseau988 karma

Victoria, I'm a very positive person. So give me negative questions, fine.

MsBluffy433 karma

Thanks for being willing to address some of the tough questions Tommy. We appreciate you and your willingness to talk to the fans! Much love!

RealTommyWiseau274 karma

Yes. Thank you. Ask me any questions you'd like to ask.

doormatanddoormat656 karma

Hi Tommy. Do you have a special lady in your life?

RealTommyWiseau1002 karma

Yes I do.

sp00kyscary568 karma

I touched your arm briefly at a screening of The Room in NYC. Do I get your special powers now?

RealTommyWiseau886 karma


The answer is yes. I am very spiritual guy, so as you guys kneow, we give away anniversary tag - we have screening in San Francisco - and yes you will have special power. Now we are connected.

RealTommyWiseau667 karma

And also I want to say THE ROOM connects the way THE NEIGHBORS connects.

I want you guys to have fun with it! To enjoy it! Exaaaactly. And we have great support from Hulu.

SungTongs349 karma

I arm wrestled him at the screening in SF. No special powers here, except for chuckling to myself every time I remember that moment... huhuhuhu

RealTommyWiseau637 karma

Oh yeah, that's true yes! It's correct. Yes. And I won one time and you won once too.

amandatonnessen536 karma

Where does your accent originate from?

RealTommyWiseau1038 karma

I speak two languages. I have no idea, to be honest with you.

It is what it is.

crochunter100524 karma

How are you and Greg these days? Are you guys still good friends?

RealTommyWiseau1008 karma

Well, we talk, but actually, probably, we just released a script, original script, available, THE ROOM, original one, because there was a lot of controversy, agin, I'm sorry for some of you guys in America we call "douchebags" - I've been filming the past 20 years, shame on you who are bashing THE ROOM as well as the actors in THE NEIGHBORS. It is new entertainment, and people reallyreally enjoy it. That's all I'm gonna say, moveonnextquestion.

benadreti524 karma

Tommy, what country were your born in?

RealTommyWiseau1103 karma

I was born on Planet Earth.


And I'm American, and proud of it.

MarkMc1977514 karma

Hi Tommy! I bought and received my copy of "The Room" script the other day and "Tommy Wiseau" boxer shorts. There was one of your long, black hairs on the front of the script. Does everyone that buy a copy get a free hair or was I just one of the lucky ones to own a piece of you? Thanks for being a legend! Mark M in the UK...

RealTommyWiseau553 karma

Oh no, hahaha! I don't know how this happens!

48454c4c4f574f524c44485 karma

Who was the new client at the bank?

RealTommyWiseau953 karma

Oh, that's a big secret.


You will find out in prequel.

ElderCunningham491 karma

Prequel??? When can we expect to see this???

RealTommyWiseau398 karma

Well... as I said before, hopefully next year, MAYBE.

idrinkyour-milkshake484 karma

Oh hi Mr. Wiseau, big fan here.

Are you in any way going to be involved in James Franco's film adaptation of The Disaster Artist?

RealTommyWiseau987 karma

The answer is yes.

I am involved, 100%.

I am part of it. Whatever, that.

the-thiiird476 karma

The Neighbors feels like a pornographic film at times. Were you inspired by the genre or is this just a coincidence?

RealTommyWiseau694 karma

Yeah, first of all, you can ask whatever you like. That's what this show is about. To respond to your question, NO. THE NEIGHBORS relates to our culture, it change. When we casting actors, I don't ask them about their private life. They are good people, they do the job we ask them to, and as you know, people like THE NEIGHBORS.

Heyy_Brother458 karma

Hey Tommy, whose doggie was that in the flower shop scene?

Also, would you ever consider pairing up with the good people over at the iRobot Corporation to make the first ever "Tommy Wiseau's 'The Roomba'"?

RealTommyWiseau575 karma

Neoow! Actually no! I said this a few minutes ago, I don't know if you write this or not, but it was the owner's dog. It made a hundred bucks. It was a very unique dog. It was funny, again, this is funny experience that we have - to use the flower shop lady, she was very kind- and for some of you, eating breakfast cereal, they think we go to flower shop - these people were under contract. We are very professional people, let's put it that way.

Why not? Maybe we should do it, yes.

paperfisherman354 karma

it was the owner's dog.

Was it real thing?

RealTommyWiseau660 karma

Oh yea, ABSOLUTELY yeah! That was a real dog! My goodness, is real dog! It was a little sleepy!

MountCydonia397 karma

Tommy, your work has been life-changing for me. A lot of people just like to watch The Room for a laugh, but entering the crazy, weird and hilarious community that surrounds The Room is helping me fight severe depression. Every time I watch your film with friends, I can forget about the world and be transported to a magical realm of red roses, spoons and American footballs, so I thank you so, so much for that.

My question is: If you could give all of politicians of the world just one piece of advice, what would it be?

RealTommyWiseau585 karma

Eeef a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live.

The advice I would give? Be nice to each other basically.

MsBluffy353 karma

Hi Tommy! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. My question is, if you could go back in time and re-do "The Room", start to finish, is there anything that you would do differently? (PS thanks for the underwear that come with The Room scripts!)

RealTommyWiseau628 karma

Yeah, well, thank you for the script, yes. We sell the script with undewerear. I design the underwear. Not just the leather jacket, but to respond to your question, definitely - definitely the aspect of what we are doing is entertainment. That's what we do. That's all I want to say.

UKbigman333 karma

You running Bay to Breakers this year?

RealTommyWiseau327 karma

No, not this year.

harryguini332 karma

Oh hi tom!

What do you like on your pizza?

RealTommyWiseau695 karma

Canadian bacon and pineapple.

It's delicious.


swissch33z300 karma

Oh hi, Tommy.

About five years ago, you showed up for a screening of The Room in Phoenix. You'd mentioned something about having dinosaurs in your house? What did you mean by that?

Also, why was there a doggy in the flower shop?

ALSOALSO, do you have any intentions of returning to Phoenix?

Thank you!

RealTommyWiseau591 karma

They were all dinosaurs, you know? I mean, it's always something weird. I have little dinosaurs in my house, yes.

Plastic ones.

I love dogs. And by the way, that was a real dog, from the owner of the flower shop! And I want to clarify this, the dog made $100. The dog was under contract.

I love animals.

Yeah! We actually have new screening coming. Actually in Philadelphia, Phoenix, we will be back in Phoenix soon, probably this year.

King_of_Fife268 karma

Do you plan on making any more films in the future?

RealTommyWiseau494 karma

Yeah, I am working on new project, it's called THE FORECLOSURE, we will be casting soon, we have already soon, and we have a vampire movie. And THE NEIGHBORS, we have 12 episodes of THE NEIGHBORS.

suaveitguy207 karma

How does one get cast in your film?

RealTommyWiseau472 karma

Send in the headshot, and then we... consider it. So send out the headshot first, and then see what happens.

sirdaveyboy248 karma

Oh hai, Tommy.

What started your obsession with ordering warm glasses of water at restaurants? Is it still a recurring order you place when dining out today?

What was your writing process like as far as The Neighbors and The Room went? Did you have a direction in mind, or did you write during/between filming?

RealTommyWiseau380 karma

Yes absolutely. And it's also misleading, because several articles, they say I don't drink it, I do drink hot water. It's very refreshing.

I do order, yes! Absolutely!

Well, THE NEIGHBORS we actually developed a different situation. THE ROOM is based on 800 page novel I never published. I condensed everything from play to script, again, this is the thing I am very proud of, I am very proud of THE ROOM, I'm very proud that people enjoy it. Yeah, absolutely, THE NEIGHBORS, I wrote it 7 years ago, you can still see proof on YouTube, some of the clips, courtesy of Wiseau films, I "let it go" as you say, and Ceecee, I think THE NEIGHBORS relate to American culture. It's too bad that some people don't understand entertainment... I hear the stories that some people are very negative, but I'm very proud of it.

Ochobobo354 karma

Tommy please publish your The Room novel! I can pay top dollar because we just got a new client at the bank, we make a lot of money

RealTommyWiseau75 karma

Eventually, we will. Eventually, I will.

kingofspoonerisms237 karma


Thanks a lot for doing this! I have a few questions for youuuu! Jusssst a lil something..

1) In The Room, why was Johnny’s first date with Lisa an interesting story?

2) When Johnny buys Lisa a dozen red roses from the flower store, why does he hold them upside down?

3) Why did you, as the director, re-use shots from both of Johnny’s sex scenes with Lisa?


You are my favorite customer, anyways how’s your sex life?

RealTommyWiseau382 karma

1.) Well, okay, let's... okay. It just WAS because she paid for DINNER, that's the interesting story. Next question.

2.) Oh, because that's a typical situation.

RealTommyWiseau343 karma

3.) First of all... we have variation in ROOM 1-4, it's not the same shot, at all.

4.) Why is Mark so busy? Why so busy!??! Because of business, like everybody else, hehehe!

run-by-fruiting235 karma

Hi Tommy, my husband and I are huge fans! Thank you for doing this AMA. Can you share one of your favourite memories from your time working on The Room? Also, what is your favourite food?

Edit: Big thank you to whoever it was who gave me the gold!

RealTommyWiseau350 karma

Memory? I enjoyed any minute in THE ROOM, and you can see behind the scenes of THE ROOM on DVD as well as blu-ray. Again, some of the statements people made about THE ROOM - I always enjoyed my work.

I like all kinds food, I like everything, you know?

I like Chinese food, too!

Favorite, like Italian food.

the_neighbors_rocks216 karma

Are you going to write an autobiography? (The neighbors is awesome)

RealTommyWiseau502 karma

Yes, I am, because as you probably kneow, DISASTER ARTIST is not 100% correct, and some people - again - are very disrespectful of my lief. How dare you to bash me, to say negative things about me and my life when you don't even know me? Shame on you.

So yes, absolutely, you know. We in America, you know, we have very dedicate people, from New Orleans, and some of the function that people have are completely disrespectful. Shame on you if you blast my project. We are very dedicated to our art - shame on you, I would say, again! You know who you are!

And also you can add, about script, how dare you say that was not the script on the production of THE ROOM. How are you have powers to criticize someone you don't even know? When you say it's not a camera, or we have only this one camera, or this one or that one? Shame on you.

Move on, next question.

ericabetter198 karma

Tommy! I am a HUGE fan – I’ve seen The Room upwards of 30 times and I’ve seen you each time you’ve come to DC since 2010.

I was lucky enough to see a screening of The Neighbors the last time you were in DC. Which character was more difficult to play – Charlie or Ricky Rick? Will we see more of the chicken?

Love you – keep up the GREAT work.

PS – Love my Tommy Wiseau brand underwear. Especially the secret pocket ;)

RealTommyWiseau201 karma

I see your questions, on the big screen! I LOVE your question! I love character Ricky Rick! We actually have a jacket, dedicate to Ricky Rick, so if you like it, you can go to or, and you can buy it!

Dickdickdicks49161 karma

Hey, Tommy. Is the character Denny from The Room based on anyone from real life? And what about Claudette?

RealTommyWiseau359 karma

Oh yeah, we have many Claudettes in the country, with cancer - again, one of the things I like it when people ask why we don't talk about it, yeah, is because someday we have a cure for it.

Because it's a very private thing, you know? Many Claudettes in America relate to cancer.

RealTommyWiseau349 karma

Many Dennys, many Johnnys, many Marks, because everything is coming from life, real life.

THE ROOM is a red flag for society, for people to do better, to be better to each other basically. I've been doing this for 12 years, saying that.

ThelwellJamie158 karma

So when fans meet you during screenings of The Room, are there any quotes you are being asked to say by fans?

RealTommyWiseau302 karma


I say, you can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don't hurt each other. It's up to them what they want me to say, you know? I enjoy, move on next question.

Redditfan11111116 karma

Would you consider playing a third character in The Neighbors?

RealTommyWiseau251 karma


RealTommyWiseau295 karma

No, I already two characters. That's enough for me right now.

Patrick_B8man111 karma

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

RealTommyWiseau124 karma

Yeah, I do, actually!


ScottFromCanada104 karma

Hey Tommy, what advice do you have for a writer who is just starting and would like to get into the movie business?

RealTommyWiseau200 karma

That's good question.

I would say, think about 20% FIRST before you get to 100%. If you think about 20%, you will get to 100%. With original material, if people say negatives about you, let it go, move onto something else.

mega-shark99 karma

I know you're the favorite customer at the Flowers and Gifts shop, but are they your favorite destination for flowers and/or gifts?

RealTommyWiseau175 karma

Ohmmm... many places in the world. Move on next question.

sevvii90 karma

Hi Tommy, I'm a huge fan. My question is how much did the red dress actually cost?

RealTommyWiseau177 karma

That's a good one, hahahaha!

A lot of money, hahahaha!

Move on, next question!

turtlesweater85 karma

Hi there!

I was fortunate enough to see the screening of The Room at The Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak where you were in attendance. You had two belts on-one at your waist and another one slightly above your knees. I'm curious-what is the purpose of that second belt?

RealTommyWiseau211 karma

You know... the idea is... I like to wear it, and everyone should try it.

It's for guys only, okay?

birdman64780 karma

Biggest film inspiration?

RealTommyWiseau165 karma

Well, I find myself - I like - James Dean, Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor and Clint Eastwoods.

I think Clint Eastwood's a hero of mine.

The same way people can learn from me.

Redditfan1111178 karma

Where can I buy the underwear????

RealTommyWiseau167 karma

ABSOLUTELY. Thank you for asking that, first of all, i want to say I designed the underwear NUMBER ONE.

If you go to double-u-double-u-Tommy-Wiseau-dot-com - or if you go buy THE ROOM movie direct. That is best way to buy. We have all sizes, I am very proud, you will like it, probably.

A lot of people like underwear.

And also you can go to

I designed it with a secret packet. We are only one underwear company that specializes in secret packets, so...

rmbiss9274 karma

Tommy, do you think one day we will be watching The Room and Neighbors on Mars?

RealTommyWiseau128 karma


Yes! I have some ideas, you know? We want to put the DVD on Mars!

RealTommyWiseau138 karma

We may do a Kickstarter campaign, you know.


RealTommyWiseau162 karma

It takes millions of dollars, but... why not?

ranchdepressing70 karma

Is it true you paid doggy $100? If so, could you pay me $100?

RealTommyWiseau89 karma

Yes - that's correct!

russmbiz56 karma

Would you please ask my how my sex life is? Please?

RealTommyWiseau80 karma

How is your sex life? Hopefully you doing well.. hahaha

____DEADPOOL_______37 karma

Are you a vampire?

RealTommyWiseau72 karma

No. I'm just a human being like everybody else. But I belieeeve in certain, let's say... destiny. And vampires to a certain degree.

So no, I am not a vampire. But I relate to it. Something like that.

ElderCunningham7 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

RealTommyWiseau22 karma

I can do both.