Hi guys. I'm an actor. I've been in a number of movies and television projects, most recently Vince Gilligan's show BATTLE CREEK airing Sundays at 10/9 c on CBS, on which I play Special Agent Milton Chamberlain.

Victoria's helping me out over the phone tonight. AMA.


Edit: Tune in Sunday to BATTLE CREEK - I promise you won't regret it. And if you do, you can have your money back. Sorry, but i gotta go feed my kid! It's dinner time.

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JustinPatient219 karma

Please give me a quick written ending to the show "Vegas". Or... How do you picture the show with a real ending? And then we can all just forever pretend that's what happened :)


JoshDuhamelHere226 karma

A quick ending to the show VEGAS?

I would say that it ended with Danny and Delinda had a little baby named Eddie. And moved in with her father, Big Ed Deline, and still live in his basement!

Slickwats4125 karma

My wife would like to know if you'll marry her? I'm not sure how I feel about that though.

JoshDuhamelHere135 karma

Wait, his wife wants to marry me?


Tell her sorry, I'm taken.

Ribelin200063 karma

What was kissing Katherine Heigl like?

JoshDuhamelHere166 karma


mooj12350 karma

Hi Josh! Because Youtube has archives of everything, I recently came across an old clip of you on All My Children along with a young Elizabeth Banks as a waitress! Was it total coincidence that you two ended up filming the James Gunn sketch in Movie 43 together, or had you kept in touch since All My Children?

JoshDuhamelHere76 karma

No, that was an absolute coincidence. And we both laughed about that. Because it was literally my first day on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN, and she was just starting out herself - I still remember her name was Rosalee, and I was trying to scam her into giving me a free lunch! And then all those years later, you know, she's become wildly successful and an amazing actress and I'm really really proud of her. And we have a laugh about that every time we see each other.

2paclovesbubblebaths45 karma

Hi Josh. Thanks for doing this AMA! What's your favorite song of your wifes? And do you two still go through taco bell drive thru, raw as hell?

JoshDuhamelHere69 karma


Yes, we do still go to Taco Bell. We're very glamorous. My favorite song by hers is one that I think she's about to release. She's keeping it very secret, even from me! I think it's going to be her best one yet.

fuckswithducks36 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! In Life as We Know It, I noticed there a strong duck theme throughout the movie (toy ducks, duck-themed cakes, etc). Do you know if that was part of the script or if there is more of a story behind it?

JoshDuhamelHere49 karma

You know, I don't remember, but I do remember there being a lot of ducks. I think it was just a little quirky thing that Greg had as a running theme. I can understand it because we have ducks all over our house too - for whatever reason, when you have a kid, people think they need to buy you rubber ducks.

beernerd29 karma

How much fun did you have blowing shit up in Transformers with Michael Bay?

JoshDuhamelHere63 karma

It was amazing.

Working with Michael was something I'll never forget. He's like a big kid with a giant playbox of the coolest toys. Some of the stuff that you see on that set - you just don't see! It's such a massive production - whether it's jets flying over, or giant explosions, or guys flying out of the sky in suits - all that stuff, you feel like a tiny cog in a giant machine on his set, but it's fun to sit back and watch it all.

In fact, I remember one day when we'd been working all day, on Michigan avenue in Chicago, it looked like Armageddon, and I was exhausted, and I went up to my room, and down below you could see where the set was - my hotel room faced Michigan Avenue. And I started watching from up there, because they were still working and people were watching from the buildings all around - people would bring coolers, and lawn chairs, and sit and watch the fireworks. It was truly a sight to see.

lmi625 karma

Hi, Josh! What's surprised you most about being a father? Also, what's your favorite place that you've traveled to, and what are some of your favorite movies? Thanks!

JoshDuhamelHere57 karma

What surprised me the most about being a father... I would say just the fact that - how quickly they actually develop, and become walking, talking little human beings that are suddenly living with you until they're at least 18!

Favorite place that I've traveled to? I love Brazil... I was in the Italian Riviera one time, that was really cool...one of my favorite places in the world is Pebble Beach, California, Monterrey, Carmel, and I would say my favorite movies... gosh! Let's see: ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST... I would say STAR WARS... I would say DUMB AND DUMBER... and WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON!

courtiebabe42017 karma

Hi Josh, thanks for joining us today!

Can you tell us how you first got started in the entertainment industry, and who's the one person you'd still like to work with that you haven't yet?

Enjoy the AMA!

JoshDuhamelHere26 karma

Well, I got my start - it was a long and bumpy road, but you know, ALL MY CHILDREN really gave me my start in the business. I'd been floundering, trying to get work as an actor for quite a while in LA, and then after I got ALL MY CHILDREN, I got more and more confidence, I ended up landing VEGAS and everything else has sort've happened since then. It started with TV commercials and things like that. It look a lot of convincing to get my agent to send me out to actual acting gigs.

As far as someone that I would want to work with... I wish I could've worked with Jack Lemmon! He's one of my all-time favorites.

andreafergbep16 karma

Hi Josh, Would you like to come to Peru?

JoshDuhamelHere35 karma

I've been to Peru. Accidentally. I was flying out to Brazil, to surprise my wife, and my flight to - where was it - my flight to Sao Paolo was re-routed to Peru, so I had to go LA ->SF-> Peru -> Sao Paolo.

I wanna go back. Isn't Machu Picchu in Peru? That's one of the places that, before I die, I will see Machu Picchu.

Frajer15 karma

What was Topher Grace like to work with?

JoshDuhamelHere28 karma

He was great. Topher and I are still friends. He's a really talented dude, and very specific, you know? He comes ready to go, you know? He thinks a lot about his work. And I love that. Because whenever you've got someone who comes in with as many ideas as he does, it only makes it that much better.

Vanceldore14 karma

Which power ranger would you tattoo on your ass AND WHY? Answer me, Duhamel.

JoshDuhamelHere14 karma

I would tattoo the... yellow one. Because it wouldn't stand out so much, hahahaha!

SlightlyStable12 karma

Do you have any good James Caan stories from the set of Las Vegas?

JoshDuhamelHere44 karma

Yes, but I'm afraid I might end up with a horse head in my bed if I tell you.

Power-Girl12 karma

What's your favorite color?

JoshDuhamelHere22 karma

My favorite color...I'd say green.

echos_in_ether10 karma

I gotta say..... I love your battle creek character. Do you find it difficult to jump from character to character? How do you prepare for such a thing? (I mean getting used to playing one persona and suddenly having to take on a character that could be completely opposite) Also you have some serious eyebrows...... does that effect the roles you are offered? I don't mean that in a bad way, but you kinda sport the tough guy look, are you only offered that kind of role?

JoshDuhamelHere10 karma

My eyebrows?! That's hilarious. I've never heard that, but I'll take it, thank you.

Let's see... well, a lot of it depends on how much time you have to spare. But that to me is one of the most fun parts of what I get to do -preparation, getting ready, why it is that this character does and says the things they do and say. So a lot of it, like I said, depends on the time you have. I'm about to start this character that I've been working on quite a bit, the character of Bill "Spaceman" Lee, that I'm starting on Sunday, so I feel ready because I've had a lot of time to get ready for it, but then I jump right into another one after that, so I have to prepare for that one while I'm working on this other one. So...

mstagl10 karma

When are you planning another trip to minot??

JoshDuhamelHere22 karma

I'm coming back to Minot very soon. Depends on when I get a break from work. I miss my mom's cooking.

breeeeeeeto10 karma

Hi Josh! I'm a little late to this I suppose, but do you ever miss Minot? Also, my aunt (who used to lifeguard with you) says hi!

JoshDuhamelHere9 karma

I always miss Minot. And yes, I did lifeguard at Oak Park Pool!

Farah19929 karma

Hey josh I'm Farah from Syria I wanna tell you that all Syrian people loves you !! And I wanna ask you How u imagine yourself after 10 years ? :D

JoshDuhamelHere13 karma

Where do I see myself in 10 years? Coaching baseball...and hopefully making great movies or great TV. Happily married, coaching baseball, and making great movies or TV.

paleperson9 karma

Hey Josh! Looking forward to seeing Battle Creek as i'm a Michigander myself :) Is the show actually filmed there? What's your favorite thing about Michigan and/or Battle Creek specifically?

JoshDuhamelHere13 karma

We actually shoot the show in Los Angeles, which is difficult because there are a lot of palm trees in California. I'm hoping, if the show's successful, that we do get to go to Battle Creek and shoot, because I think that would make the show that much more rich. My favorite thing about Michigan is -- the air is really clean there. I like that a lot.

NorthMed8 karma

Knowing that you've been in a variety of movie genres from Bay's explosions to Sparks novel adaptations, sort of role do you feel the most comfortable playing? Or rather what comes most naturally when you play a character?

JoshDuhamelHere8 karma

You know, I think it just depends on the character and the story, you know? The better the writing, the easier it is to sort've become that character. It isn't necessarily a comedy or a drama. It's how well it's written. That's why I think I have so much fun on BATTLE CREEK, because this character is so hard to pin down - there's something mysterious about him. Is he this character that he's perpetrating to be, or is he pretending? They do a really good job writing, so that the viewer can't really tell, so that makes Milton really fun to play. He's really fun to play, because he is so undefinable - it leaves it wide-open for me, so there isn't a specific way I have to play anything.

Chefsteve327 karma

What is your favorite food? Praying for you and your family. Stay safe

JoshDuhamelHere11 karma

First of all, thank you for the prayers.

My favorite food... my mom makes meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy that's just unbelievable.

DewPw7 karma

Hi josh, it's almost 4 am here in Kuwait and I have to get up early tomorrow to study for an exam. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing actor and a sweet person! I love you! Loved seeing you back on television!... My question is: What do you like more, to appear on television or in movies?... I love seeing you in both! :D

JoshDuhamelHere8 karma

First of all, good luck on your test!

And you should be in bed, getting rest!

Hopefully you're up studying. And what do I like more? You know, I don't know. I had a really good time shooting BATTLE CREEK, I really did, and i like the idea of getting to be home, it feels a little bit more stable, you go to the same place to work every day. But movies are like adventures, every day is an adventure. So if I could keep doing both, that would be ideal.

ImperialFuturistics7 karma

What is your favorite kind of pie?

JoshDuhamelHere11 karma

My favorite kind of pie?

I would say... my grandma's pumpkin pie.

fergrocks7 karma

What was the funniest thing that the baby Axl ever done?

JoshDuhamelHere15 karma


Oh man... he's doing funny things, every day he's doing something funny.

Let me think... what did he do that's funny? He just does so much. It's hard to pick just one.

I think the other day I accidentally said a swear word- and he looked up at me and said it with those big innocent eyes and I was thinking Woops! guess I can't say that around him anymore. Oh yeah, what a great father.

DaintyWaldo6 karma

What's the biggest difference before you became famous to life as it is now?

JoshDuhamelHere14 karma

I don't really take fame that seriously, to be honest? I don't feel it's that real. I don't do it for that reason. There are some great benefits to it, but at the end of the day, I'm truly no different than I was when I got into this business.

ArianaSampaio955 karma

Hey Josh, can you tell me what is your favourite car?? :-)

JoshDuhamelHere9 karma

My favorite car?

Uh... a Corvette. Is it the '64 or '66 split window? The '64 Split Window Corvette. Black.

Beautifulderanged5 karma

Who's better looking; your next door neighbour or Adam Sandler?

JoshDuhamelHere12 karma

Who's better looking?

Adam Sandler.

DjPiZdEtZ4 karma

Hey Josh,

You were awesome in transformers, it sucks you weren't in the newest one! any chance you will be coming back? Would you be open to it if asked?

Any funny interesting moments on set? Hows working with Shia?

Have you ever challenged Fergie to a Dance off?

JoshDuhamelHere6 karma

I had a lot of fun doing that. It would depend on what he was doing. It would depend on the character, really. But I would love to work with Michael again.

Any funny moments from the Transformers set...? Let's see... well, working with Shia is awesome. He's a really smart, talented kid. I would say one of the things that he did one time that I thought was pretty funny was Michael didn't want us eating sunflower seeds on the set, since they got all over the place, so Shia went and poured an entire bag of seeds into Michael's cooler. I thought Michael was gonna be pissed, but he actually laughed about it!

0823dorisc3 karma

would you like your baby to be in tv or do music like mommy and daddy?

JoshDuhamelHere6 karma

I'm not going to push it on them. And if he does, I'd rather he go through school and live a regular life before he gets into it. He'll know that when he gets a little bit older, but for now, I just want him to be a regular kid.

zannro3 karma

When's the last time you were on skis or a snowboard?

JoshDuhamelHere2 karma

Whew! Last time I was on a snowboard? It's been a while. I used to go skiing ever year, in Montana, but I haven't been skiing for years. I plan to start again, when my boy is old enough to go. But I'll wait until then.

Megan232453 karma

Hey Josh, which movie could you watch over and over without getting bored? :)

JoshDuhamelHere17 karma

DUMB AND DUMBER, hahaha! I just love that movie. It's probably not what you wanna hear, but...

Rhrobertson2 karma

I'm from Battle Creek and I was wondering what was your favorite part of visiting the town?

JoshDuhamelHere5 karma

My favorite part about BATTLE CREEK was I got to meet the undercover cops unit there, the guys that work the streets there, and I got to meet the police chief. It reminded me of home a lot. It's just a really cool group of people that live there. I wasn't there long enough to see that much, but one of my favorite things while I was there was that there's an actual BEACH there, on this lake. So I had some time to kill, so I went out to the beach with my towel.

robynjj142 karma

I just recently saw you at the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. What made you get into golf? Is that your favorite hobby?

JoshDuhamelHere3 karma

I got into the tournament several years ago, when I got the invite to play. And I've played I think 5 times since? It truly is one of my favorite things to do every year, just because it's so beautiful. And is it my favorite hobby? It probably used to be, because I played a lot more before I had a kid. But now I'd rather spend 5 hours of time with him than playing golf, to be honest.

Shandastorm2 karma

Growing up were you ever subjected to bullying? Or how about now, is there an idiot out there now that would dare try it? 💕 And admire you and your work!

JoshDuhamelHere5 karma

Yeah, yeah I was bullied when I was a kid. There wasn't an awareness about it back then like there is now. So I really like the fact that there's a lot more attention put on anti-bullying campaigns and things like that, because it really does affect kids and how they grow up.

Whalenrr2 karma

Happy Friday Josh! What's your favorite song to crank up and sing in the car?

JoshDuhamelHere5 karma

My favorite song to crank up and sing in the car?

Uh... I would say... "Here I go Again" by Whitesnake. But I like all kinds of music.

JoanG12 karma

Just wanted to say that I so enjoyed keeping score for you at Pebble Beach on Valentine's Day. What is your best round of golf ever? Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

JoshDuhamelHere3 karma

My best round of golf EVER was the 4th round at the AT&T Pebble Beach tournament several years ago - I think I shot a 77, which is one of my best rounds. And no, I've never had a hole in one.

I've been close though.

SookieSook2 karma

Where would you live if you weren't living in L.A. and do you miss snow? Thanks for doing this AMA...and all the best to your family & with your new show...I love me some Battle Creek! <3

JoshDuhamelHere2 karma

Thank you!

Let's see... where would I live, if I wasn't living in LA?

Maybe Northern California, or Central California. Either Solvang, or San Francisco, or Carmel. I would love to live in Carmel. It's a great town.

adoringduhamel2 karma

How is Battle Creek Different from Breaking Bad? :)

JoshDuhamelHere3 karma

The biggest difference, I would say, is - BATTLE CREEK is a much more offbeat, quirky - I hate to use the word "quirky" but there's something strange about the way the crimes that these guys solve happen. BATTLE CREEK is more of a procedural, while BREAKING BAD was more of a drama. There's a lot of intensity at times in BATTLE CREEK, and it's unpredictable. I think those are similarities.

JoshDuhamelHere6 karma

I think tonally, it's different - because BATTLE CREEK is funnier. It's a funny show. If anything, because these crimes happen in a town like Battle Creek as opposed to a big city, there's something more personal about it. Even the criminals are 3-dimensional.

Did you ever see TWIN PEAKS?

It's got a strange - there's something strange about these people. Not that the people of Battle Creek are strange, but there's something strange about the tone of the show that makes it the most interesting.

adoringduhamel1 karma

Out of all the 13 episodes of Battle Creek which one would you say is your favorite one to film & what was the most challenging part about filming them? :D

JoshDuhamelHere2 karma

My favorite episode is the last one, number 13, called "Sympathy for the Devil," because you finally get to see who Milt really is, and why he ended up in Battle Creek. I'd been anxiously awaiting the reveal of who this guy really was, and you get a good idea of who he is in the last episode. The hardest episode to film was also the last one, because it was really intense. It's a really - there's a lot of very complex dialogue in the show, so it's a lot of work - you really got to be on point, because the writing is so good, you have to give it your best shot.

emman19931 karma

Trashy question, but just curious, were you once offered to play the role of Christian Grey?

JoshDuhamelHere6 karma

No, I wasn't. And I'm a little upset about it.

Fox2481 karma

What's your favorite book?

JoshDuhamelHere2 karma

HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL. I'm about to start the movie based on that book on Sunday.

dame_disney1 karma

Are you a sci-fi fan, considering some of your movies I'd hope so, if so did the canceling of Firefly break your heart?

JoshDuhamelHere5 karma

I'm a fan of realistic sci-fi movies, like OBLIVION, and PROMETHEUS, and INTERSTELLAR. Those are my favorite type of sci-fi movies, the ones that feel realistic. So yeah! If I were gonna do one, that would be the type of movie I'd try to do. I was devastated when FIREFLY was cancelled.

quizzicalquow1 karma

Hi! What's your favorite type of cheese?

And... if you weren't filming, what career would you have pursued?

JoshDuhamelHere7 karma

My favorite type of cheese?

Monterey Jack.

It would've had to have been something creative, because I wasn't very good at crunching numbers. I would say... an artist of some sort, like a cartoonist or something along those lines. Probably a cartoonist.

Fox2481 karma

What's your favourite animal?

JoshDuhamelHere8 karma

My favorite animal?

The 3-toed sloth.