Hi guys, back again on reddit for another AMA.

My latest project, 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale is a cinematic experience where you can join a team of renowned marine biologists on a real-life quest, braving the dangers of the open ocean to find Lonely Whale, also known as the 52 Hertz Whale ("52”), who is believed to have spent his entire life in solitude, calling out at a frequency that no other whale can understand.

Our mission will also be to study hybrid whales by tagging them with hi-tech sound techniques for the first time EVER! Giving us a chance to know how man-made ocean noise could be effecting communication amongst sea creatures, such as our hero the Lonely Whale. NO ONE HAS EVER ATTEMPTED TO DO THIS, until now, until YOU!

You can check the campaign here, with 13 days to go: lonelywhale.com

I'm going to be joined for my AMA today by Jackie Savitz, Vice President for US Oceans at Oceana, expert on ocean noise pollution, and marine biologist, who's working to help protect the world's oceans.

Victoria's helping us get started.

Go ahead and ask away!



Hey everyone. Thanks so much for being a part of this with me. I am super passionate and to see your enthusiasm reflecting back at me is so inspiring. We are all #teamLonelyWhale. I have to run to the city, but will check back in on some good questions I might have missed. But please do donate, doesn't have to be much, to give the scientist a chance to do their important world. I suggest a $7 donation (5+2) for 52, lonely whale :)

oh and I'll leave you with a joke: What do you do with a blue whale...? Cheer him up ;)

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suntan45108 karma

Are you still Queens Boulevard?

adriangrenierAMA73 karma

And always will be.

relata47 karma

Hey Vince - Mandy is single again. You got this.

adriangrenierAMA37 karma


JayCatler33 karma

Adrian, Did Jason Momoa ask you if he could be Aquaman?

adriangrenierAMA45 karma

no sir. That was a whole side deal. I'm excited to share the role with him. He can be in the movie, and I'll do work for the ocean in real life with lonelywhale.com - hope you join the adventure.

candleboy9529 karma

Hey Adrian thanks for doing this! All five of you (You, Kevin, Jerry, Jeremy and Kevin) on Entourage look like you have great chemistry with one another. Was it hard recreating that after four years away or did it all come back naturally?

adriangrenierAMA49 karma

It was like riding a bike.

geauxjeaux22 karma

Adrian, super excited for the Entourage movie this summer. Your bromance with Ari is one of the all time great loves on TV.

Do you and any of your castmates actually hang out off the set and who is most like their character on the show?

adriangrenierAMA30 karma

You mean is there an off-set bromance happening? Hahaha. It's like a family. We don't hang out all the time (I live in NY) but we will never loose the affinity that we have for each other.

sjk1420 karma

I have been supporting lonely whale from the beginning. I have been trying to spread the word around as much as possible! I support it 10000% and I wish you guys the best of luck reaching your kickstarter goal. My question is..

What is the plan once the team finds the whale? I understand you want to do research but anything specific?

Also, would you mind taking a look at this link? It is a fundraiser to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. In honor of my Papa I created a team for the MS walk in Boca Raton on March 15. He passed away from this horrid disease almost 3 years ago and would be grateful if you could take a look.


adriangrenierAMA19 karma

Yes will look at the link. I'm supporting 20-30 fundraisers to show solidarity for the crowdfunding community. Reciprocity is how we make the world better.

There is so much we will learn on our quest. That's why we will be filming it, so it can be part of the film. We want to learn as the scientist learn. And there is a lot of cool science gear that we will highlight and feature.

jamaicanjesus16 karma

Hey Adrian, what was it like working with Sasha Gray?

adriangrenierAMA17 karma

She's a really cool person. Very sophisticated and sensitive. She's a big supporter of @lonelywhale too.

ptg3315 karma

Hey Adrian, Ive met you at the Louisville Airport in 2009 and again a few weeks ago at the Super Bowl. My question is, are you my best friend? Fellas

adriangrenierAMA6 karma

I don't believe in best friends. But we are all family ;) we can all be best friends with @lonleywhale

EtaKuramNaSmekh12 karma

Your character of Vince seems so different from the real you (based on your various documentary pursuits). What was it like playing that character for so much of your career?

adriangrenierAMA28 karma

I am so proud of having had an opportunity to play such an iconic character, on a era defining show. It has also giving me an opportunity to continue to pursue my passion for film making and documentaries. I hope that all the love that entourage gets, translates to my work in documentaries and for the oceans. Lonelywhale.com needs an entourage too after all.

mbecerra959 karma

Adrian, is it true you are in the startup tech scene? Have you ever worked with any companies before that we would know about? For example, Crewmix app (www.crewmix.com) totally reminds me of HBOs Entourage where people have a crew they go out with and have adventures. PS Huge long time fan and I'm rocking the same hair style as Vinny.

adriangrenierAMA9 karma

I am certainly keeping up with what's happening in tech. I am so curious to see how we will advance and have been doing small investments in some cool companies.

ruffian709 karma

♥ Welcome Adrian! About The Lonely Whale project (which I love)....will it be fairly easy to find the whale based on the frequency? And do you know he is still alive?

adriangrenierAMA18 karma

This quest is going to be very difficult. Any work on the open ocean is dangerous and difficult. We may not be able to find him, but we will definitely be able to acoustically tag hybrid whales, which has NEVER been done before, and get some real data on why lonelywhale.com may be speaking a different language. Could be because of man made ocean noise. He is still alive, and we heard him recently, but will need to triangulate his position and that requires some hard core calculations from our team of scientist.

bigfootblake9 karma

Hi, from Australia (4 in the morning here, probably earliest I've woken up voluntarily!)

I was wondering in the scene with Martin Scorsese in Entourage on the phone did you actually speak to him? And if so who speaks faster and is more intimidating, Scorsese or Woody Allen? (When you did 'Anything Else'). And lastly what do fans call you the most: Adrian, Vince, Vinnie or Aquaman?

I can't wait to see the Entourage film, and you're awesome, goodluck with your new project, sounds thought provoking :)

adriangrenierAMA13 karma

Hey thanks. haha.

People switch between all the names. I am not just Adrian anymore, I'm Vince, Aquaman and "that entourage guy"

currysuri9 karma

Favorite sports team?

adriangrenierAMA7 karma

the Chicago whales. ;)

Dreamxtreme8 karma

Hi Adrian . Im a massive fan of Entourage (I have the boxset and watch it once at year). Given that Gatsby and Aquaman are now out in real life which films from Entourage would you also like to see come to life?

adriangrenierAMA13 karma

the new one, from the entourage movie. Can't wait for you to see it.

relata8 karma

Hi Adrian! Do you play any video games?

adriangrenierAMA21 karma

I like monument valley. a smart phone app.

ashockey777 karma

Adrian, pancakes or waffles?

adriangrenierAMA18 karma

pancakes. hands down.

dimplejuice6 karma

How long do you go between haircuts?

adriangrenierAMA39 karma

I don't have a schedule, or a method. I am a dude, I don't think about it.

RyVsWorld6 karma

Can we expect anymore trailers or teasers from entourage? Doug Ellin is killing me with the silence concerning the movie. Anything at all please.

adriangrenierAMA14 karma

ha, I'm sure there will be, but be patient. I think I know where you would have come out on the marshmallow test. haha

nonoriginalname5 karma

How do the behavioral characteristics of a lone whale differ from those in a pod?

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

We know so little about hybrid whales (who are increasing in number, and what Lonelywhale is believed to be) so that is one thing our scientists are looking to understand better. We know less about the oceans than we do the surface of the moon.

brownboy137 karma

What's a hybrid whale?

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

a cross between two species of whale.

pmaher935 karma

Adrian, Do you know if any links have been made between the whales frequency and frequencies used by navy operations? Can't wait for the film by the way.

adriangrenierAMA8 karma

There is so much to study. Certainly all of man made ocean noise, military, oil exploration and commercial shipping (yea, it's a lot now with all the imports from China) have an effect on marine wildlife. Our scientists are going to get to understand better all of this. But we need to give them the financing to do it. Thanks, great question.

JayGardner5 karma

What is the main goal of Lonely Whale? If best case scenario happens, what does this organization hope to learn?

adriangrenierAMA13 karma

We want to make a film about @lonelywhale and his history, how we discovered him and what he has to say to us humans, about being human. We are also funding a real life scientific quest to understand better the effects of ocean noise pollution on the way marine mammals are able to communicate. We are drowning out their call, and disrupting their ability to connect. We can relate, because we know how important it is to connect with others of our own species.

thisisyourdestiny3 karma

Is it possible that this whale is another species? I heard about this story years ago and am so glad it's finally getting noticed. It's absolutely outstanding.

adriangrenierAMA7 karma

I'm glad too :) poor guy finally getting some friends. Scientists speculate that he could be a new species, or perhaps a dying species. We will get to the bottom of it.

ruffian703 karma


  1. Do you know for certain if 52 is male?
  2. Is there a team of divers and photographers that will capture his image and sound under the water when you find him?
  3. If he has mated (miraculously!) could his offspring now have his same 52 Htz frequency?

adriangrenierAMA8 karma

  1. we do know that he is a male, because only males sing...Yea, I didn't know that either.
  2. Yes, we will be filming the quest, including underwater footage. Shawn Heinrichs is our cinematographer and he is incredible. However, we may not see lonley whale, because it is very difficult to find a single whale, but we will certainly film and tag acoustically lots of hybrid whales. which has never been done before.
  3. That is an interest possibility, We shall see.

anonymizeme3 karma

My questions:

  1. Who was your favorite on-screen kiss?
  2. What's your favorite thing you purchased in the last 3 months for $100 or less?
  3. What's your current biggest goal?

adriangrenierAMA6 karma

I don't kiss and tell I love breakfasts. I usually don't buy a lot of things I can't eat. My biggest goal is to make @Lonelywhale a global symbol for ocean health. Please help, join the quest .... lonelywhale.com

IFLE3 karma

What inspired you to do Lonely Whale?

adriangrenierAMA7 karma

The minute I heard the story i was moved to help. I can relate to @lonelywhale - I was a bit of an outcast when I was younger, so I know what it's like to be lonely. I think he inspires people to be kinder to others, even if they seem different. empathy and compassion is what his message is.

masshamacide3 karma

What's your favorite cocktail to have while relaxing?

Also, fabulous job with the music your company has been picking up!

adriangrenierAMA9 karma

I'm a tequila guy.

Thanks. We have some cool stuff planed at SXSW. You going?


UnoriginalNickname3 karma

I thought Shot In The Dark was great. It was a really deep movie. I give you credit for putting all that stuff out there. How have things been with John Dunbar since the movie?

adriangrenierAMA5 karma

Hey, thanks. That means a lot to me. I just talked to my dad the other day. I am glad that I did that. I think documentaries are such a great way to explore a subject and get to understand the world a little better.

icecoldcore2 karma

Hey Adrien! I don't mean to sound insulting.. but how did you get associated to this? Are you interested in Marine biology, or did something happen to associate you to this project? Also, how cool is Jeremy Piven? He seems like such a super chill guy!!!

adriangrenierAMA5 karma

hey, I have been an avid diver and ocean lover. I've seen first hand how man has negatively effected the oceans. At this rate we won't have oceans to swim in or enjoy in the next 25 years. No joke.

I have also been making documentaries for the past 15 years. i believe it's important to tell the stories that transform us, hearts and minds.

ps-thatsme2 karma

Hey! Yesterday at Soho House, would you have thought it was weird if someone came up to you to tell you they're a big fan instead of awkwardly staring at you?

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

either works ;) but what i really would have loved is if you came up to me and said "hey, love @lonelywhale, just donated" ;)

katrinald2 karma

I would like to know more about this whole. Are there any others or is this the last of his kind? Where in the area of the world would he live?

adriangrenierAMA4 karma

We do too! that's why we are doing this project and looking for the community to come on this quest of discovery. We want to understand better all of these things. No one has dared to support scientists to do the work they have been asking for.

Steve_ie2 karma

Hey Adrian! My questions are how did you personally get into this project? Do you have any pets of your own? Thank you!

adriangrenierAMA7 karma

I don't have pets. i travel too much unfortunately. But I always imagine when you come home to a dog, who's been alone all day and how happy they are. So i know that @lonelywhale must desire connection, even if he is not human.

ruffian702 karma

What are things as a society that we are doing that is drowning their call? Oil drilling, etc?

adriangrenierAMA3 karma

man ocean noise can get as loud as the equivalent of 100,000 jet engines. Because of the density of water, the temperature and depth, sound can travels thousands of miles and tends to subsist. So when all the noise begins to merge and continue to grow, it can get really bad. I'll ask /u/jackiesavitz to give some more details.

Universu2 karma

What is your favorite book?

adriangrenierAMA4 karma

White noise by delillo

shooter_mcgav2 karma

Let me say before I ask this question I mean this with zero disrespect and its something I thought of while watching Entourage (one of my favorite shows of all time).

As an actor playing an A list celebrity, did you ever find yourself thinking you might be bigger off screen than you actually were? Did it effect you in any way? I just always found it ironic that if I were an actor my goal would be to be a top 10 name/star, so playing one on screen would be strange.

adriangrenierAMA5 karma

Every performer has to deal with insecurities or feeling of inadequacies. But ultimately I'm have pretty stable ego, and that's because of the documentary work and environmental work I do. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how famous you are, more important to give back to the world.

hungbyhangers2 karma

I am a PADI diver from Sarasota, FL and am so pleased that you have a campaign for the Lonely Whale. I'm enjoying the 'education' about whales and their communication from your posts. What other fundraising methods are you using? You may wish to make a custom branded Lonely Whale hanger to give as gift with donations. They are made in FL and recycled. We are a family start up biz so please let us know if we can help! http://www.hung-by.us

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

I like how your thinking. We have big plans to make @lonelywhale a household name.

ruffian702 karma

I think if you don't find Lonely Whale you could film, tag, photograph and NAME other whales you find along the way. Let people fall in love with them and have a personal kinship with them. Describe certain ones and their characteristics...?

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

I love this idea. And you are right, it's not only @lonelywhale that we will be searching for. We are going to acoustically tag hybrid whales to better understand and monitor them.

suaveitguy1 karma

In general, what is the value of 'exposure'? Films like Blackfish illustrate it at its very best, but it was pretty exceptional. By in large, the light gets shone and moves on - whether it be on artists, causes, ideas...

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

With lonely whale we have lots of long term ocean support initiatives planned. We will work with our partners, like Oceana.org who is doing real legislation work to make sure the oceans are protected. So awareness is the first step, and than diligent work to change things must continue.

Mystalic1 karma

Adrian, it's Ben Parr! You're huge into music and even manage a few artists. So Who are your favorite acts to watch live?

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

Yo, what's up Ben. I like bob Marley and the whalers haha.

Gallego1 karma

Hey Adrian! What are your favorite chips?

adriangrenierAMA2 karma

salt & vinegar

claudiabeth221 karma

Hi Adrian. Once funding is met, when do you all plan to start your quest and do you know where you will look first?

adriangrenierAMA4 karma

We need to meet our goal in order to make our window in late summer. That' s when scientists believe @lonelywhale will be close enough for us to reasonably attempt to triangulate his location. And also where the hybrid whales will be migrating.

DeepFreezeDisease1 karma

How did you find your passion with the Lonely Whale project? Seems like a great partnership, and love the work you put into the cause.

adriangrenierAMA4 karma

I am passionate because the @lonelywhale has spoken to me, like so many others. He is a hero worth following. He is a symbolic figure that is inspiring a movement.

nutella4prez1 karma

Hey Adrian I really appreciate your pursuit to bring more awareness for the noise pollution in our oceans. The story of 52 is pretty sad as there are people out there who can relate to it in some kind of a way. What I want to know is, what really pulled you to such a project? What are you planning to achieve (other than awareness) with the completion of the documentary? Thank you.

adriangrenierAMA4 karma

Awareness is key. Then we have some other things planed like an art exhibit, the biggest singular whale related exhibit ever, with all art created by the community. to name one of many goals we have.

CptMortos1 karma

What's your favorite pokemon?

adriangrenierAMA6 karma

I'll go with the vince of pokemons: Pikachu