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I heard while doing a ride along with the LAPD for End of Watch you witnessed a murder. What was that like? Did it affect your approach to the role?

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I’m huge fan of yours and Epic Rap Battles of History. I love when you’re on and as a Whovian I especially loved you as the 4th Doctor. So my questions are: What is the whole experience of working with EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter like? And do you guys collab on the lyrics, do you write them or just perform what they write?

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Domhnall, I’m a huge fan of both you and your father. Calvary was one of my favorite movies of 2014, and of course I love the Harry Potter movies. So my question is what is it like working with your father on these movies? Does he give your pointers on the set?

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Have you seen the episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang tries to do their own Extreme Makeover? What’d you think of it?

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He didn't answer. We should send Elliot with a phone in his pocket to investigate...